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What's New in 1999?

December 1999

bulletUniquely Gifted: Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Twice Exceptional Students, in Twice Exceptional and Books
bulletRoger's Connection magnetic construction system
bulletStartRight penmanship program
bulletALPS Publishing, in Publishers
bulletAnother new one, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletStupidity like this hurts our children, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletAcademic Programs
bulletIs Distance Education any Good? - a collection of articles and research
bulletTalentEd Virtual Enrichment Program (TEdVEP)
bulletAphelion, school without walls
bulletThe Trent Schools
bulletMake Shapes 1, 2 and 3, by Gerald Jenkins, in Hot Topics!
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletAurora Borealis section, Albert Einstein section, Society of Young Magicians (S.Y.M.) in Variety Shop, Chandra X-ray Observatory
bulletAdded the list of applicable states for each United States talent search, in Talent Searches
bulletThe Iron Giant, in Movies
bulletIt must be the season for Stupidity!, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletEarly College
bulletNational Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering (NAASE) at the University of Iowa
bulletGeorgia Academy at University of West Georgia
bulletGet Out of Jail Free... list of concurrent enrollment and early colleges for gifted kids, U.S. and Canadian!
bulletEliminate Age Discrimination in Our Schools - Now! and in Kids Speak Out and Advocacy
bulletAnother new one, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletMentorship: The Essential Guide for Schools and Business, in Mentors and Books
bulletCapsela, and more, in Products
bulletUniversity of North Texas (also available on-line!), in Continuing Gifted Education
bulletISEF2000 - Detroit, Michigan - May 7-13, 2000, in Contests and Awards
bulletThe Mega Foundation, in Organizations
bulletHere's a good one!, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletHot Topics!
bulletA Tour of the Subatomic Zoo : A Guide to Particle Physics
bulletFrom Zero to Infinity : What Makes Numbers Interesting
bulletThe Elegant Universe : Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory
bulletEnder's Game
bulletEnder's Shadow (both in Science Fiction)
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletEarthJourneys, Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids, Space links, SAT Question of the Day
bulletLessons & Ideas for K'nex, Legos, Lego Mindstorms, & Capsela, also in Internet Investigations!
bulletTwo new Amazing Space units, in Internet Investigations!
bulletTAGPDQ mailing list for parents discussing radical accommodations, in On-Line Support
bulletUpdated Space Camp Brightest Stars link, in Summer and Saturday Programs

November 1999

bulletMetaphorically Speaking - many different analogies for giftedness..., in Highly Gifted and Young Children and Identification
bulletDon Cohen - The Mathman, publisher of Calculus by and for Young People, and lots more math materials, in Publishers
bulletIn Girls and Books and a new section in Hot Topics
bulletGirls and Young Women Leading the Way: 20 True Stories About Leadership
bulletGirls and Young Women: 20 True Stories About Inventors Plus How You Can Be One Yourself
bulletGirls and Young Women Entrepreneurs: True Stories About Starting and Running a Business Plus How You Can Do It Yourself
bulletGutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare
bulletA common but amazing stupidity, plus several more, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletAnother new one, plus an older kids' section, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletZome Systems, Binary Arts puzzles, Quiddler and Five Crowns
bulletMusings on our report card (bring a tissue), in Highly Gifted and Young Children and Identification
bulletReading Lists for Kids (now separate from Kids Magazines)
bulletSmithsonian Magazine Notable Children's Book Lists, and EagerReaders.com
bulletRecognizing, Nurturing, and Respecting the Potential that is Giftedness, Columbia, MO March-April 2000
bulletJim Delisle speaking in San Diego, CA, January 2000
bulletAnnemarie Roeper Symposium, September 2000
bulletNew Jersey Association for Gifted Children 9th Annual Gifted Conference, March 2000
bulletAdvocacy for Gifted and Talented Education in New York State XXIV, October 2000
bulletNebraska Association for the Gifted, February 2000 and February 2001
bulletNew section, Biographies, in Kids and Teens Links
bulletDavidson Young Scholars Program, in Organizations
bulletMy Mockingbird, by Ruthie, in Success Stories
bulletIEPs According to Dr. Seuss in A Lighter Note
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletEagle School, Madison WI
bulletThe Odyssey School, San Mateo, CA
bulletThe Peabody School, Charlottesville, VA
bulletWeb site for Rocky Mountain School, CO
bulletWeb site for Nueva School, CA
bulletHot Topics!
bulletA History of Us, by Joy Hakim (11 volumes)
bulletYoung Oxford History of Women in the United States (11 volumes)
bulletMetropolis: Ten Cities: Ten Centuries (a big hit with the Visual Spatial types!)
bulletCommunication: its impact on self-esteem and underachievement in the gifted child, in Social Emotional
bulletSET (Study of Exceptional Talent) Academic Competition list, in Contests and Awards
bulletMore information on Hollingworth conference, Newton (Boston) MA, May 2000, in Conferences
bulletNew mailing list for parents of gifted children in Tennessee, in On-Line Support

October 1999

bulletArguments from the Other Side
bulletPromotional intelligence - the real research behind Goleman's Emotional Intellegence
bulletThe Bell Curve
bulletUpdated Rhoades School in CA, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletDiverse Populations of Gifted Children: Meeting Their Needs in the Regular Classroom and Beyond, in Books, ADD / ADHD and Highly Gifted
bullet"Supporting the Affective Needs of Your Gifted Child," October 23rd, Williamsburg VA, in Conferences
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletEPGY K8 Puzzle Page
bulletHarry Potter Crossword Puzzle!
bulletPine-Time Boy, in Hoagies' Kids Speak Out!
bulletBall State University in Muncie, Indiana, in Continuing Gifted Education
bullet2001 Colleges and Scholarships - links to all 9 college scholarship searches, in Early College
bullet"And the skylark sings with me", also in Home Schooling and Highly Gifted
bulletUpdated The Gifted Child's Survival Guide
bulletHow to Handle a Hard-To-Handle Kid, also in ADD / ADHD and Highly Gifted
bulletUpdated Dreamers, Discoverers and Dynamos : How to Help the Child Who Is Bright, Bored and Having Problems in School (was The Edison Trait)
bulletTeam awaits launch of student-designed satellites, in Gifted Girls
bulletGrade Skipped and Successful in Academic Acceleration and Frequently Answered Questions
bulletThe Virtual School, in Academic Programs
bulletSmart Kids, in Curriculum Adjustments
bulletUpdate to The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), to include the citation from Dr. Wechsler himself as to why his test is inappropriate for gifted children, in Testing and Measurement
bulletIn Conferences
bulletOATAG's (Oregon) Second Annual Fall Mini-Conference, October 23 1999
bulletThe Maryland State Gifted Education Conference, October 15-16 1999
bulletBeyond Giftedness VII, March 3 2000
bulletUpdated dates for Montana 2000 Conference
bulletExploring Intelligence (Scientific American Special Issue), in Readings
bulletLet's Get Real (PA only), in Contests and Awards
bulletMiraca Gross' Exceptionally Gifted Children, available directly from publisher
bulletBringing Out the Best: A Resource Guide for Parents of Young Gifted Children, also in Young Children
bulletBecoming a Master Student
bulletGender and Mathematics Education Research, in Gifted Girls
bulletEquity in Restructured Schools, in Gifted at Risk
bulletStart Exploring Gray's Anatomy: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book, in Hot Topics!
bulletChildren Above 180 IQ by Leta Hollingworth, in Don't Miss!
bulletA Call for Understanding, in Highly Gifted
bulletThe Explore Test (a FAQ), in Talent Searches
bulletUpdated Nysmith School in VA and Quest in IL, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletOn Education, a poem, in Social Emotional
bulletTests of Intelligence, in Testing and Measurement
bulletDon't Throw Away the Old Binet, and Current Use of the Stanford Binet, Form L-M, in Don't Miss!

September 1999

bulletThe Many Faces of Giftedness: Lifting the Mask, in Books and Twice Exceptional
bulletIn Hot Topics!
bulletMysteries, plus two new series of Science Fiction / Fantasy
bulletNew section of Young Historian's books
bulletIn Testing and Measurement CTB/McGraw Hill
bulletOfficials say testing company had early warning on botched results
bulletTest-Scoring Error
bulletISTEP+ scoring errors
bulletMiscalculation on Scores Shows a Weakness of Tests
bulletThe Tea and Terrorist Society by Monique Lloyd, in Advocacy
bulletA new section for gifted kids to publish their own work... Hoagies' Kids Speak Out!
bulletwith poems by Dolphin and Winnifred
bulletAnother new Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletTalent Searches
bulletCentre for Gifted Education at the University of Calgary Talent Search
bulletOffice of Precollegiate Programs for Talented and Gifted (OPPTAG) Talent Search, Iowa State University
bulletFixed Dear America link, in Kids and Teens Links
bulletWisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted, in Regional Organizations
bullet1999 WATG Fall Conference - "Weaving the Strands of Giftedness" October 7-8 1999
bulletActivating Potential: Developing Your Child's Talent at Northwestern CTD, October 23 1999
bulletThe Wizard of Pasedena, in Highly Gifted and Early College
bulletAcademic Programs
bulletMathematical Olympiad, Science Olympiad
bulletNorthwestern CTD AP Courses and AP Course Reviews, Clonlara School Compuhigh
bulletFixed Accelerated Reader title search in Grade Levels of Reading Books
bulletMerely bright or brilliant?, in Identification
bulletOctober Don't Miss articles - Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom, in Don't Miss!
bulletCollege of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), in Twice Exceptional
bulletFixed MIT's RSI program link, in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletDealPilot.com replaces ACSES, in Books
bulletWithin-Class Cluster Grouping and Related Stratagies: Brief Summaries, in Cluster Grouping
bulletThe Three-Ring Conception of Giftedness, in Educational Theories
bulletGender Issues in Gifted Education, Women and Mathematics, in Gifted Girls
bulletMinorities and Mathematics, in Gifted at Risk
bulletNew page, Middle School and Gifted, located under Traditional School
bulletHigh End Learning in the Diverse Middle School: Investigating the Possibilities
bulletGifted Learners and the Middle School: Problem or Promise?
bulletDifferentiating Instruction for Advanced Learners in the Mixed-Ability Middle School Classroom
bulletGifted Education and Middle Schools, an ERIC Mini-bibliography
bulletCurriculum Adjustments
bulletDifferentiation: Definition and Description for Gifted and Talented
bulletTalent Development for Everyone: A Review of Developing the Gifts and Talents of All Students in the Regular Classroom
bulletPlanning Science Programs for High-Ability Learners - ERIC Digest #546
bulletNCTM 1998 Draft Mathematics Standards
bulletUnderachieving Gifted Students: A Mother's Perspective
bulletGifted and Learning Disabled: Twice Exceptional Students, (already in Twice Exceptional)
bulletPreaching to the Choir: TV Advisory Ratings and Gifted Children, in Parenting
bulletTwice Exceptional
bulletDual Exceptionalities - ERIC Digest #574
bulletTwice Exceptional
bulletDistinguishing Myths From Realities: NRC/GT Research, in Identification
bulletWhiz Kid Worries, in Early College
bulletCorrected Discanner's URL in Readings
bulletExpert Testimony: Dr. Howard Gardner speaks out..., in Educational Theories
bulletRegional Organizations
bulletNebraska Association for the Gifted page
bulletTennessee's TAG-TENN web page
bulletPsychologist Blames Stress for Gifted Students' Misbehavior, in Social Emotional
bulletcorrected bad links, in Explore Test and Twice Exceptional
bulletAnother new Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletWhy does a perfect score on a standardized test sometimes convert to a National Percentile that is less than 99?, in Testing and Measurement
bulletResearch Should Inform Practice, Testimony of the NAGC, Testimony of the NNFGC
bulletNAGC 2001 in Cincinnati, Ohio
bulletAustralian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented, Brisbane, July 2000
bullet10th Annual SAGE Conference, Edmunton, Canada, October 1999
bulletAEGTC Gifted Ed '99 - 21st Annual Conference, Vancouver, B.C., October 1999
bulletBright Horizons Conference, Vancouver, B.C. October 1999
bulletCEC Conference, Sun Valley, Idaho, October 1999
bulletThe 2nd Annual Bright Beginnings Conference, Mankato, Minnesota, October 1999
bulletMinnesota Educators of the Gifted and Talented (MEGT), Brainerd, Minnesota, February 2000
bullet20th Annual TAG-TENN Conference
bulletRemoved Rockhurst links from Visual Spatial Learners page - no longer available
bulletYoung Mr. Smith Goes to College, in Highly Gifted and Early College
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletMath comics
bulletVisual Basic for Kids
bulletNot for kids only: Give Pokemon a Chance!, by one of our own list kids
bulleth.i.p. Pocket Change - history through U.S. coins
bullet3RD Circuit decision for gifted/ld students (PA), in Twice Exceptional
bulletInternet Investigations!
bulleth.i.p. Pocket Change - history, language arts and mathematics (grades K - 8) through U.S. coins
bulletOASIS science and math units (grades K - 12)
bulletContests and Awards, a new page (split off Kids and Teens links...)
bulletAmerican Mathematics Competitions, Canadian Mathematics Competition, Canadian Computing Competitions, MathLeague, MATHCOUNTS
bulletSurviving school, a veteran's experience, in Highly Gifted
bulletA Gifted Afterschooler's Journey, in Home Schooling
bulletGreat new item, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletSchonell Reading Test, in Testing and Measurement and Grade Levels of Reading Books
bulletFixed all ERIC links, plus a few TAGFAM, Parenting, and HoagiesGifted links...
bulletWon Educating.net Top Site award!

August 1999

bulletDealing with the Stereotype of Underachievement
bulletFrom Overt Behavior to Developing Potential: The Gifted Underachiever
bulletDon't Miss!
bulletAdded 24 Game and ZomeTool products
bulletAdded Is It A Cheetah? by Stephanie Tolan
bulletSeptember - Basis of Practitioners' Objections to Acceleration
bulletUniversity of South Florida online Masters Degree in Gifted Education, in Continuing Gifted Education
bulletMore information on Louisiana mandates, in Mandates
bulletAsynchrony: Homeschooling an Exceptionally Gifted Child, in Home School and Highly Gifted
bulletFixed links to "Stay out of the way and let them learn..." and "On the Wrong Track", in Curriculum Adjustments
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletBeatCalc - the weekly Beat the Calculator trick, and the archives of over 190 tricks...
bulletremoved bad Pokemon link
bulletNational Network of Families with Gifted Children (NNFGC), in Organizations
bulletUpdated links for Exceptionally Gifted Children by Miraca Gross - it's still available!
bullete-compare, book and software price comparison site
bulletTwo schools for the gifted in the Atlanta Georgia area, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletAdded a section of Science Fiction Favorites, in Hot Topics!
bulletContinued improvements, including Amazon.com links, to Movies featuring gifted children and/or adults
bulletWhat If We Ended Social Promotion?, in Early (or late) Kindergarten
bulletAdded the new Kids and Teens resources, in Guide for First Time Visitors
bulletRushmore, in Movies

July 1999

bulletThe 24 Game, in Products
bulletAdded July Don't Miss articles - for parents of Twice Exceptional children, in Don't Miss!
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletSmarterKids.Com, giving away free Websters Encyclopedia 1999
bulletThe Difficult Child, in Books and ADD / ADHD
bulletAssetts, Honolulu HI, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletHot Topics!
bulletThe Book of Numbers
bulletCalculus by and for Young People (Ages 7, Yes 7 and Up), and coordinating worksheets
bulletHorrible Science:
bulletBlood, Bones and Body Bits, Chemical Chaos, Disgusting Digestion, Fatal Forces, Nasty Nature, Ugly Bugs
bulletMore Horrible Science (Amazon.co.uk.co only):
bulletBulging Brains, Evolve or Die, Frightening Light, Sounds Dreadful, Vicious Veg
bulletLots more Horrible Histories (available from Amazon.co.uk only) in History Hounds
bulletMovies featuring gifted children and/or adults
bulletA Sense of Self : Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls, in Home Schooling and Gifted Girls
bulletMore information on British Columbia mandates, in Mandates
bulletAlberta Associations for Bright Children, Edmonton Chapter, in Regional Organizations
bulletOAGC Fall Conference, plus Sandra Kaplan seminar, in Conferences
bulletLemelson-MIT Program's Invention Apprenticeship, in Kids and Teens Links
, in On-Line Support
bullet Moved to our own domain! https://www.hoagiesgifted.org 
bulletHistory Hounds!, in Hot Topics!
bulletPA final version of Chapter 16 on Gifted Education, in Mandates
bulletExistential Depression in Gifted Individuals, in Social / Emotional
bulletGreat new items, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletAnother stupidity, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bullet Organizations
bulletGifted Canada, Gifted Resource Center of New England
bullet Kids and Teens Links
bulletNOVA On-Line, TerraQuest, African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning, Destination: Himalayas, The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, Annenberg Exhibits..., Amusement Park Physics, Medieval or The Middle Ages, The Renaissance or "Rebirth", The Virtual Cave
bulletOrson Scott Card site
bulletOn-Line Quest, including AsiaQuest, GalapagosQuest, but removed MayQuest (no longer available on www)
bulletBill Nye Labs On-Line, Newton's Apple Teachers' Guides, Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors Awards Program in Contests, Richard Feynman, the hero of physics geeks everywhere!
bulletNew section Art and Artists, including Leonardo Davinci
bulletNew section of Contests
bullet Internet Investigations!
bulletNewton's Apple Teachers' Guides, Scholastic, Franklin Institute's Science Activities
bulletSaxon math and phonics placement tests, in Testing and Measurement
bulletKadon Enterprises, my family's favorite puzzle manufacturer, in Products
bulletRaven Days, including gifted students stories of bulling, in Bullies
bulletFree Stuff for Kids and Teachers - Software, in Products and Software Favorites
bullet2 new Dr. Brain titles, in Software Favorites
bulletSuperKids Educational Software Review, in Parenting
bulletHighly Gifted and the Press, in Highly Gifted

June 1999

bulletShould we tell them they're gifted? Should we tell them HOW gifted? by Draper Kauffman, in Frequently Answered Questions
bulletAcorn Naturalists, in Publishers
bulletAcademic Programs
bulletMath League, and University of Missouri Center for Distance and Independent Study
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletHarry Potter book site, Yellowstone National Park, The Biology Project, and Genetics (from The Biology Project)
bulletLearning Disabled and Books
bulletThe Out-Of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping With Sensory Integration Dysfunction
bulletThe Writing Dilemma: Understanding Dysgraphia
bulletThe Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Special Ed. Child, in IEPs and Books
bullet"Mathematics for All" Must Include High-Ability and Highly Motivated Students, in Curriculum Adjustments
bulletUpdated Roeper Review URL, in Magazines
bulletHandwriting Without Tears, in Learning Disabled and Products
bulletGATE/AP ChatBoard for Teachers, in On-Line Support
bulletWhat is Purple?, a new poem by Dolphin, in Kids and Teens Links
bulletQuestions and Answers about Exceptionally Gifted Children, Highly Gifted
bulletPokemon, including PC emulators and informational sites, in Kids and Teens Links
bulletNew section of Legal Resources, under Special Needs
bulletNew section of Gifted Students at Risk, under Special Topics
bulletDyslexia Online, in Twice Exceptional
bulletAfter school activity? Try College, in Early College Entrance Programs
bulletHot Topics!
bulletA Gebra Named Al: A Novel
bulletThe Chemy Called Al: A Novel
bulletSpaghetti and Meatballs for All: A Mathematical Story
bulletThe King's Chessboard
bulletFractals, Googols and Other Mathematical Tales
bulletAfterwards: Folk and Fairy Tales With Mathematical Ever Afters
bulletA web page for Vermont Council for Gifted Education, in Regional Organizations
bulletPlus a web page for their New England conference, in Conferences
bulletUpdated the page design, to make subjects easier to find... Please don't hesitate to comment on any bugs you find!
bulletNew page on Impostor Syndrome under Characteristics
bulletDyslexia, a new model, in Twice Exceptional
bulletStruggling to Teach the Very Brightest, in Acceleration and Highly Gifted
bulletAsimov's Law and Advocacy, by Toni Goodman, in Success Stories
bulletTwice Exceptional, in Twice Exceptional
bullet"Genius" teen-agers got PEGS up in program for advanced students, in Schools for the Gifted and Acceleration
bulletA new poem, What is Purple?, by Dolphin, in Lighter Side
bulletFixed New Zealand Association for Gifted Children's link, in Regional Organizations
bulletSensory Integration Disorder (SID) list, in On-Line Support
bulletFixed Grouping: A Short, Data Based Primary Journal Research Sources Bibliography link, in Bibliographies
bulletAdded June Don't Miss articles - for parents of Highly Gifted children, in Don't Miss!

May 1999

bulletPennsylvania no longer mandates gifted education under special education, nor provides for state monitored compliance, in Mandates
bulletMinnesota still has no gifted mandate, but at least they have a web site!, in Mandates
bulletAdded a list of all Recommended recommended items on the site to Don't Miss!
bulletFixed link and description for A to Z Home's Cool (was Mining Company HS site), in Home School
bulletUniversity of St. Thomas, Twin Cities MN, in Continuing Gifted Education
bulletTalenta School in Zurich, Switzerland, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletKnee Deep in Paradise, in Books and Highly Gifted
bulletParents Active for Vision Education (PAVE), in Twice Exceptional
bulletThirteen Days of Radical Acceleration, in Academic Acceleration and Lighter Side
bulletEmotional Sensitivity in Gifted Children
bulletGuidelines for Handling the Dark Side of Emotional Sensitivity in Gifted Children
bulletAcceleration: Strategies and Benefits, in Acceleration
bulletSiblings, 14 and 15, prepare to enter MIT, in Acceleration and Early Entrance College
bulletAnna Quindlin's Commencement Speech, Mount Holyoke College, in Perfectionism
bulletHome School
bulletRemoved link to Helping children learn to teach themselves, article is no longer available
bulletAdded Talking About Independent Learning, from the same source, http://www.life.ca/nl
bulletSuperKids Educational Software Review, in Software Favorites
bulletDandy Lion Publications, in Publishers
bulletChildren of High Intellectual Potential (CHIP) in Australia, in Regional Organizations
bulletNew Programming section of Kids and Teens Links including
bulletMSW LOGO, Logo Foundation
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletAnderson School for the Gifted and Talented, TX
bulletQuest Academy, IL
bulletA Century of Physics (23 foot poster sequence!), in Hot Topics
bulletAll Children Are Gifted, in Arguments for the "Other Side"
bulletTheory of Relativity - Not!, by Cynthia, in Success Stories
bulletTwo new books for the youngest Physicists, thanks to Cynthia's Success Story, in Hot Topics
bulletMississippi Association for Gifted Children (MAGC), in Regional Organizations
bullet...and the MAGC conference, in Conferences
bulletHigh-ability list in U.K., in On-Line Support
bulletInclusion, a PAGE Bulletin, in Curriculum Adjustments
bulletFixed link to Bright Child vs. Gifted Learner, in Identification
bulletRemoved link to Students with Exceptional Potential until www.eddept.wa.edu.au gets their gifted site fixed...
bulletRemoved Lewis School in NJ from Schools for the Gifted; they report themselves solely as a school for children with learning disabilities
bulletBeth Crother's Educational Sweets, in Internet Investigations!
bulletGifted Kids at Risk: Who's Listening?, in Social / Emotional
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletHow Stuff Works Recommended
bulletBrain Food, Investing for Kids
bulletAmerican Hyperplexia Association, and Hyperplexia Discussion Group, in Twice Exceptional and On-Line Support
bulletSummer and Saturday Programs
bulletGATEWAYS Summer School, CA
bulletThe Talcott Mountain Academy of Science and Mathematics, Avon, CT
bulletSummer Enrichment Camp in Mathematics, Missouri University, MO
bulletInstitute for Gifted Children / Towson College for Kids, MD
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletUniversity Hill Secondary at University of Vancouver, Canada
bulletTalcott Mountain Academy, Avon, CT
bulletNysmith School, VA
bulletCorrected San Diego schools Cluster GATE vs. Seminar programs
bulletA teachable moment, You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletBeth's Arsenal for EG/PG Advocates, in Highly Gifted
bulletGifted Children Feature, many new articles, in General Readings
bulletKent State University OH, in Continuing Gifted Education
bulletHot Topics!
bulletFixed link for The Man Who Counted
bulletThe Periodic Kingdom: A Journey into the Land of the Chemical Elements
bulletThe Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics
bulletCorrected information on San Diego schools Cluster GATE vs. Seminar programs
bulletUnicorns Are Real, in Books and ADD / ADHD
bulletNext year's Conferences
bulletHollingworth Highly Gifted, Montana AGATE 2000, Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE)
bulletKeirsey Temperament Sorter, in Testing and Measurement
bulletUnder 18, at college and loving it, in Acceleration and Early Entrance College
bulletDavidson Institute for Talent Development, in Organizations

April 1999

bulletA new feature Don't Miss! A list of resources on our site that you really don't want to miss
bulletChildren Above 180, Stanford Binet, in Books
bulletGrowing up brilliant: Some bright children find their place - at the UW, in Acceleration and Early Entrance College
bulletIn Schools for the Gifted
bulletSir Karl Popper Schule - Vienna, Austria
bulletSchilling School for Gifted Children, Cincinnati, Ohio
bulletFixed Wisconsin School for Gifted Learners
bulletGifted schools in Kansas
bulletSycamore School adds a web page
bulletTeaching Kids Programming, in Software Favorites and Hot Topics
bulletFixed TexasTag list, in On-Line Support
bulletIn Conferences
bulletSENG Canceled
bulletSecond Annual Annemarie Roeper Symposium on the Intricate World of the Gifted Individual, Chicago, IL USA
bulletBowling Green SU, OH, in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletHot Topics Book Lists for Math Nuts, Science Scouts, Physics Fiends, Poetry Patriots, and more!
bulletThe Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) Recommended, in Testing and Measurement
bulletVirtual Stock Exchange, in Kids and Teens Links

March 1999

bulletMathgym - check out the Mathgym ArcadeRecommended for great drill program, in Kids and Teens Links
bulletThe Study of Intelligence, in Testing and Measurement
bulletMaking it Work, by Natalie Thomas, in Success Stories and Home Schooling
bulletKeizer Honors Academy, in Academic Programs
bulletIn Kids and Teens Links
bulletBrain Food!, Kaleidoscope Painter
bulletAre Homeschooled Children Social Retards?, in Home School
bulletScience Training Programs (all over the country!), in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletDriven to Distraction, Answers to Distraction, and Myth of ADHD, in Books
bulletStruggle, Challenge and Meaning: The Education of a Gifted Child, by Valerie Bock, in Frequently Answered Questions
bulletAn Ameli Anomaly: Parenting a Twice Exceptional Girl, by Kiesa Kay, in Success Stories and Twice Exceptional
bulletIn Conferences
bulletFixed Hollingworth Conference location
bulletThe Emotional Journey of the Gifted Child, Calgary, AB, Canada
bulletHighly Gifted Children, in Magazines
bulletSchools for the Gifted Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Washington state
bulletHedgerow School of Gifted Programs, Bethlehem PA, in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletYou Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When..., you've GOT to read the one about the conversation in McDonalds!
bulletNational Network of Families with Gifted Children (NNFGC) list, in On-Line Support

February 1999

bulletSchools for the Gifted in Illinois and Colorado
bulletOregon Association for Talented and Gifted new web site!, in Regional Organizations
bulletFixed URL for The Israeli Virtual Gifted Center, in Regional Organizations
bulletTAGT Annual Professional Development Conference, Houston TX, in Conferences
bulletIn Conferences
bulletDeveloping America's Talent: A New England Response, Killington VT
bulletPALS Keystone Workshops, Sarasota FL
bulletDabrowski's Overexcitabilities - A Layman's Explanation by Stephanie Tolan, in Parent to Parent and Sensitivity
bulletGrade Levels of Reading Books - How Can You Tell? by Carolyn K., in Parent to Parent
bulletPerfectionism and the Highly Gifted Child by Shaun Hately, in Parent (actually young adult!) to Parent and Highly Gifted
bulletSchools for the Gifted in Maryland and Colorado
bulletGrand Valley State University MI, in Continuing Gifted Education
bulletMore great items for You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When..., in Lighter Note and Parent to Parent
bulletIn Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletWisconsin Center for Gifted Learners, Milwaukee
bulletCollege Gate / College Academy, MA
bulletNational Youth Science Camp
bulletAdventures in Learning, Oregon State University
bulletAcadia Institute of Oceanography, Maine; Challenge '99, New Rochelle NY
bulletPA Homeschoolers AP Online Courses, in Academic Programs
bulletIn Twice Exceptional
bulletOnline Aspergers Syndrome Information and Support (OASIS)
bulletPay Attention! (CAPD)
bulletNew section on Stocks and Bonds, in Kids and Teens Links

January 1999

bulletUniversity of Oregon, Eugene, in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletSpanish organizations, including a personal page of all Spanish resources, in Regional Organizations
bulletVoice Recognition Software, in Software Favorites
bulletDragon Systems Naturally Speaking
bulletLernout and Hauspie's Voice Xpress
bulletFunderstanding: About Learning, in Educational Theories
bulletGifted Readers and Reading InstructionRecommended by Dr. David Levande, in Curriculum Adjustments
bulletIn Software Favorites
bulletMy First Amazing World Explorer by DK, in Geography
bulletUltraKey, Jump Start Typing
bulletBrodurbund Living Books
bulletNew section: Programming Software!
bulletA frightening addition to the Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletGiftedness in Adults by Linda Silverman, in Identification
bulletSalt Lake County Library System Graded Book Lists, in Reading Lists
bulletThe Children on the Hill: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, in Books
bulletUpdate TAGKIDS mailing list, in On-Line Support
bulletIn Home School
bulletHomeschooling Gifted Kids, Homeschooling Guide @ The Mining Company
bulletCAG Communicator, in Magazines and Journals
bulletIn Kids' and Teens Links...
bulletThe Peter Rabbit Web Site, Treaure Island, Calvin and Hobbes, Cells Alive!
bulletAwarded Pacific Bell Education First Blue Web'n Library of Learning Sites!
bulletIowa Acceleration Scale, in Academic Acceleration and Books
bulletNew section called Sensitivity, including Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities
bulletIn ADD / ADHD
bulletADHD versus Overexcitabilities
bulletBrain Chemicals and Modern Life
bulletAttention Deficit Disorder Often Points To Gifted Children
bulletThe Explore Test, by Linda, in Frequently Answered Questions
bulletIn IEPs
bulletSpecial Education Rights and Responsibilities
bulletThe Special Ed Advocate
bulletUnderstanding Tests and Measurements from The Special Ed Advocate, in Twice Exceptional and Testing and Measurement
bulletIn Schools for the Gifted
bulletThomas Jefferson School in St. Louis MO
bulletAdded URL for Winston Academy in FL
bulletIn Summer and Saturday Programs, too many to mention - check the whole list!
bulletNew section, Talent Searches
bulletNLDline (Nonverbal learning disorders), in Twice Exceptional and Books
bulletIn Conferences
bulletAGATE NY's Annual Conference
bulletGifted Development Center's "We Can Do It!" parent advocacy conference
bulletHow to Raise A Gifted Child, by Dr. Julia Osborn
bulletAdded dates for Montana AGATE conference
bulletGifted and Talented Edufest, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and Edufest '99 in Boise in July
bulletSweetwater Union School District (San Diego County) Distinguished Lecture Series
bulletRespecting the Self of the Gifted Child, Palo Alto, CA
bulletFixed AGATE links, in On-Line Support
bulletJoy and Loss: The Emotional Lives of Gifted Children, in Social / Emotional
bulletUpdated Free Spirit Publisher's wonderful books to link directly to them, in addition to Amazon.com links
bulletCorrelation between ADHD and gifted children, in ADD / ADHD
bulletThe Secret Weapon: mental age by IQ vs. physical age and grade, in Testing and Measurement
bulletIn Books
bulletThe Edison Trait: Saving the Spirit of Your Nonconforming Child
bulletManaging the Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted: A Teacher's Survival Guide
bulletHow Rude!: The Teenagers' Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out
bulletBookFinder.com, search engine for new, used, rare and hard to find books
bulletAdvanced Book Exchange, used and hard to find book search engine
bulletHome Schooling - A Family Affair by Suzy, in Success Stories
bulletIn Academic Programs
bulletFIRST Robotics and Junior Robotics Competitions, Virtual School for the Gifted
bulletIn Conferences, all featuring Linda Silverman...
bulletParents of the Gifted Informational Forum, MS
bulletWestern New York Gifted Education Consortium, March 23-24
bulletChristchurch Association for Gifted Children (C.A.G.C.), April 15-16
bulletOther Conferences
bulletThe Pretenders: Gifted People Who Have Difficulty Learning
bulletABC Conference, Ottawa, Canada
bulletKAGE 19th Spring Conference, Lexington, KY
bulletUpdated Wisconsin WCATY URL
bulletIn Kids' and Teens Links...
bulletHouse of Cards, Science Whatzit, I Spy!
bulletTwo new sections: Science Fair Project Ideas and Science Museums
bulletNew web site for Georgia's gifted mandate, in Mandates
bulletSchools for the Gifted, a new page of information for parents, in Academic Programs
bulletHomeSchoolZone, for state home school laws and more, in Home School
bulletIn Internet Investigations!
bulletThe pH Factor, Air Travelers (Hot Air Balloons!), Forest Puzzles
bulletGifted students need help, too!Recommended, in Curriculum Adjustments
bulletIn Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletFIRST Discoveries Science Day Camps, Boundary Waters Computer Camp, Camp Invention, Saturday Sage, Access to Careers in the Sciences Camps, CATS Summerstars '99 Comprehensive Theatre Workshop, Galveston Island Adventure,Rice University Summer School, Sea Camp, Sea World Expedition, Shake Hands With Your Future, University for Young People, Youth Adventure Program, Concordia Language Village, Center for Talent Development
bulletTaking the Bully by the Horns, in Bullies
bulletUpdate information (and lots of new lists) for OZ-Gifted, in On-Line Support
bulletUpdated URL for Hollingworth, in Organizations
bulletProceedings of the 7th AAEGT (Australian) Conference, in Regional Organizations

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