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Educators, Counselors, Psychologists, and Administrators of the Gifted  

If you only knew... To the doctor who sees her when she's well or sick, to the psychologist she talks to about her fears, to the teacher who sees him every day but doesn't really see him, to the grandparents who's expectations were formed in a different generation... What would YOU like to say?  What would you like them to know? What does it pain you not to say out loud?

It doesn't go away when gifted kids grow up.  To the neighbor who only offers small talk, without the depth of meaning you feel?  To the director of the retirement community, who offers only superficial activities but nothing of interest to your parents, or to you? These conversations may never happen in real life, but it's great to to at least articulate among ourselves. Listen and join in!

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Teachers of the gifted are faced with many issues. Is the gifted child identified appropriately? How can I best serve him? What are her greatest needs? What teaching techniques have been shown to work, or to fail, for gifted children? What techniques are best for the individual gifted children I have before me this day, this week, this year?  How can I teach these gifted children and still give my best to the rest of my classroom, especially my low-testing kids?

Gifted Education includes articles and research on gifted education in general. From sources including the American School Board Journal, to research from prominent universities around the world, these references are worth reading. The ERIC Clearinghouse for Disabilities and Gifted Education is now available here. Professional Books includes books for teachers, counselors, and other professionals dealing with the gifted population, on topics from Multiple Intelligences and Differentiating in the Classroom, to Acceleration, to Gifted and Learning Disabled, and more... Counseling covers some of the unique aspects of counseling when it applies to gifted children and adults. Brain Research and Learning Theories offers new and old insights into the gifted mind. 

Every administrator and teacher and parent should read A Nation Deceived: How Schools Hold Back America’s Brightest Students Recommended The Templeton National Report on Acceleration, and the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) reply: Acceleration in Schools: A Call to Action.

In the regular classroom, teachers are faced with a grand challenge: teach the majority of the students in the class, but still allow the gifted child to learn something, too. There are many approaches to this: Differentiation of Instruction and Grouping are the most commonly discussed options. Curriculum Resources for Teachers offers a collection of teacher-tested curriculum resources for gifted students. Middle School is often thought to offer entirely different challenges to all students, including the gifted child. Educational Theories offer some of the recent ideas in the education of the gifted, or all children. Gifted Programs offers sample programs, evaluation techniques, and other program related links. Proficiency Testing sheds light on this controversial subject, while Testing and Assessment covers IQ and other assessment for gifted identification. 

Visit Special Topics in Giftedness including Humanities Gifted, Science Gifted, Math Gifted, Musically Gifted, Gifted Leadership, Creatively Gifted, Technologically Gifted and Philosophy for subject-specific information.  Continue to other important topics: English Language Learners (ESL), Gifted at Risk for socio-economic and other at-risk gifted populations, Gender Issues.

Most teachers of gifted students, whether in the regular classroom, a gifted pull-out program, or a special gifted program, need resources. Academic Programs for children to participate in both face-to-face and distance education, and Internet Investigations is a list of full curriculum units, usually from introduction to activities to test, on subjects that often interest gifted students. Here you might find units on music, art, math, science, and lots more. The kids will love these! Note, the grade levels specified are for the traditional student; for gifted children, you might want to go up a couple grades to get something more at their level.

(Free) Online High School Courses Recommended are full high school, Honors, AP, or college level courses for acceleration or enrichment for gifted students, and Internet Investigations Recommended is full of free curriculum libraries and individual curriculum units available right on the Internet.

Additional resources include Products to use in education, Publishers that dedicate all or part of their resources to serving gifted children. Smart Toys for combined education and fun. And Materials, great (free!) educational materials for teachers!

Continuing Education offers gifted education masters and doctoral programs across the country, for educators interested in furthering their own education. Online Professional Development offers education opportunities for professionals, right on the computer. Gifted Education Resources include additional Bibliographies, Charities, Journals, Legal Resources, Mandates, Products, Publishers, Readings and Gifted History.

Gifted Employment Listings check here for job listings in gifted education and related fields!

Education professionals dealing with the gifted child are not different from parents of the gifted child. Sometimes we are one and the same person. We face the same questions and concerns, and often the same battles concerning the child's education. We are on the same side!  Check out the Parents section of Hoagies' Gifted Education page, as you will find many other issues you find compelling in educating gifted children there... including Identification, Social / Emotional Aspects of Giftedness, Twice Exceptional and more.

Hoagies' Kids and Teens, includes great Reading Lists, Software Favorites, and Magazines, Hot Topics! booklist of terrific books organized by topic, Links to investigate, and lots more, visit Hoagies' Kids and Teens Page.

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Last updated November 06, 2021

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