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Frequently Answered Questions

"...one of the most frustrating things I've learned is that, in spite of the fact that thousands of such children exist today and many thousands have been educated, miseducated, or driven away by our system in the past, each of us confronting the problem is faced with reinventing the wheel." Stephanie Tolan, Stuck in Another Dimension
Acronyms, Terms, and other things we need to know... Recommended collected by Carolyn K.
My hg ds is si and v/s...  Translation, please?
'Harm' and the Gifted Student Recommended by Todd McIntyre
For a gifted student, harm occurs over time. Parents must understand that their child can be in a 'pretty good, not that bad' gifted educational situation which causes harm. Parents must come to recognize that harm can occur. Harm may be the unintentional result of a well-intentioned system. To prevent harm parents must participate...
I never wanted to be one of THOSE moms Recommended by Barbara Cooper
I don’t want to sound like one of those horrible stage mothers – frankly, I was in denial about all this. But my oldest daughter is a pretty special child. I mean, ALL children are special but she’s special in a quantifiable way.  But...
And then there is The Apology.  Why do we feel we have to apologize for what our children are, for what we are?

The Least-Worst Educational Option Recommended by Carolyn K.
As parents, we are faced with many choices regarding our children.  What's the best choice?  Sometimes it's easy - one choice is clearly "better" than another.  But many times, the choice is not so obvious...
Optimum Intelligence: My Experience as a Too Gifted Adult... Recommended by Carolyn K.    
I know too much. I remember too much. I learn too quickly. I make people uncomfortable. And it's hard to hide these things. I try. But it's hard to spend your life hiding...
Plateauing Recommended by Draper Kaufman
They tell me that my child has "hit a plateau" and his learning pace has leveled off, and the other kids will now "catch up." What does this really mean?
Reading Levels of Children's Books: How Can You Tell? Recommended by Carolyn K.
What is the reading level of this book my child is reading? The answers may confuse you...
Role Models...Recommended collected by Carolyn K.
bulletGrade Skipped and Successful Individuals who skipped one or more grades, and are successful in their fields... from scientist to actress to Nobel Prize winners...
bullet Notable Homeschoolers So many children throughout modern history have been home schooled, and then become highly successful members of our society...
bullet2e = Exceptional Squared! Successful people who have capitalized on their exceptional learning styles!
A September Secret Recommended by Wenda Sheard
Dear teacher, I’m writing you because I want to tell you a secret about me... the letter our kids wish they could send each year before school
Staying Home From School Recommended by Lynn Schnaiberg
"A new breed of home-schooler is emerging, motivated ... by more practical concerns ranging from school violence to poor academic quality to overzealous peer pressure."
Struggle, Challenge and Meaning: The Education of a Gifted Child Recommended by Valerie Bock
What do we want from the education of our gifted children? An eloquent answer...
What Do the Tests Tell Us? Recommended by Carolyn K.
Many parents arrive in the world of gifted education with a report full of tests results, supposedly defining their child as "gifted."  But more often than not, parents have more questions than answers upon receiving those test results.  And just as often, the short answers from the psychologist, the school, the teachers, and other parents do more to confuse than clarify...
What is Highly Gifted? Exceptionally Gifted? Profoundly Gifted? And What Does It Mean? Recommended by Carolyn K.
The question is often asked, is my child highly gifted, or exceptionally gifted, or profoundly gifted? What does his score mean? What does her level of giftedness imply?
What Parents Want Teachers (and Professionals) to Know Recommended Compiled by Sarah Sheard
Many parents of highly or profoundly gifted children talk about teachers or other adults who either “get my child” or “don’t get my child”.  But what is “it” that they need to "get"? 
What We Have Learned About Gifted Children 1979-2009 Recommended by Linda Kreger Silverman
Linda Silverman's summary of 17 now 28! years of observations, including "Parents are excellent identifiers of giftedness in their children," "the ideal age for testing is between five and eight years," and "When parents fail to recognize a child’s gifts, teachers may overlook them as well," " Gifted children are asynchronous," "Gifted children have better social adjustment in classes with children like themselves; the brighter the child, the lower the child's social self-concept in regular classrooms,"...
Why should I have my child tested? Recommended by Carolyn K.
Intelligence tests, ability tests, achievement tests, test young, test older, use this test, use that test... we all hear tons of tidbits of information about testing, from the schools, from other parents, from mailing lists, from professionals.  Here are all those tidbits, distilled into a comprehensive guide to testing our gifted children...
Why do my child's test scores vary from test to test? Recommended by Carolyn K.
Why do children's test scores, on both IQ and achievement tests, vary (sometimes dramatically) from test to test?  There are so many reasons, and most do not have anything to do with the child's intelligence or ability...
Why Memorize Math Facts? Recommended by Aimee
Kids need to be independent enough that they can choose their brain over the calculator as the most effective tool for the job, as it frequently is...
Check out the scientific data behind the facts... In Praise of Automaticity by Fernette and Brock Eide
The 10 most commonly asked questions about highly gifted children by Kathi Kearney
Who are the highly gifted?  How many are there?  How do I know??  These and many other questions answered...
Advocating for a Grade Skip: A Portfolio of Research by Sandy
What to put in a portfolio for successful advocacy: tests, articles, and more...
After all these years, I am starting to realize that I am highly gifted! by Howard L.
All my life I have agonized over what could have gone so very wrong during my childhood. I am 42 years old, and it is only now--after all these years--that I am starting to realize that my only "problem" was that I am highly gifted!
Answers to Common Questions about Ability Grouping by Mary Ann Swiatek
Does ability grouping increase the academic achievement of gifted students? Should the curriculum vary by ability group? Are gifted children who are NOT exposed to ability grouping at risk for problems?  These and more questions answered...
Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities - A Layman's Explanation by Stephanie Tolan
Dabrowski talked about OE's - over-excitabilities, and how the gifted were extremely sensitive in a variety of areas
Do I Stay or Do I Go? by Meredith Warshaw
It is important that we teach our children both lessons - that when things get tough, we try to fix the situation, and that when the situation is unsalvageable, we look for other alternatives and make the best choice we can.
Early Graduation from High School, Then What? a collection by Carolyn K.
"What will she do after she graduates?"  This is a question often asked of parents of young high school students (or even earlier, when they are in elementary or middle school).  It's a valid question.  And it has a great variety of answers.  Here's a collection of just a few different experiences for early high school graduates, told by the graduate themselves, or their parents...
Education Quotes and Gifted Education Quotes collected by Carolyn K.
Here are some great quotations on educating our gifted children...
Enabling Our Children by Deborah Thorpe
"The teacher says I am enabling him to be the way he is," Parents of children with invisible disabilities are constantly being blamed for their child's difficulties
On EPGY... by Draper Kauffman, Kit Finn, Trindel Maine and Carolyn K.
Four gifted children's experience with EPGY K-8 and Pre-Calc math programs...
The Explore Test: A Talent Search by Linda
Questions and answers about the Explore Test, a commonly used Talent Search identification test
Flamingos by Barbara Cooper, author of so the thing is
...together we can create a sanctuary where our fragile, exotic, little flamingos can grow and thrive out in the open, but away from those who would deny them that basic right. Which seems like a dream as big as the whole world but now that I think about it, it’s not really asking so very much
A Gifted Afterschooler's Journey by Ruth Raymond
I am the mother of a 13 year-old son who was identified in kindergarten and thereafter as extremely gifted. I wish that we had started the homeschooling much earlier.  The main point in all of this is that if you are going the school route, sometimes you have to provide an outside challenge...
Gifted Mandates, by state or province... collected by Carolyn K.
Does your state or province mandate gifted education? Gifted IEP's? Dual enrollment? Who can you contact for more local information?
Horizontal "enrichment" vs. vertical "acceleration" by Draper Kauffman
or Why does the school want K. in 1st grade next fall when he already knows more than the 2nd graders?
How can I choose a school for my gifted child? by Carolyn K.
Choosing a school for the gifted child is never easy, and varies for every child, every family, every school, state, and more.  But there are specifics that every school decision should consider...
How Can I Prepare My Child for Testing? by Aimee Yermish
There are some important things that kids should know about the tests before they take them...  Here are some ideas to prepare your child for the experience of taking an individualized IQ or achievement test...
How Squid Got Skipped: The Book of Squid by Marjorie
The preparation, the meeting, the decision, and the "Book of Squid"... one parent's successful advocacy story
How to Become an Educational Advocate by Carolyn K.
There are two ways to do everything. The easy way, and the hard way.  Everyone who knows me, knows I can never do anything the easy way...
How To Request a Teacher by Kelly D.
Here's a few "pointers"...
How to Use the New IQ Tests in Selecting Gifted Students, executive summary of the Symposium on Assessment Techniques in the Identification of Gifted Learners hosted by the World Council for Gifted Children 16 th Biennial Conference in New Orleans, Linda Kreger Silverman
20 recommendations for using IQ tests in the identification of gifted students, along with research references for each recommendation. 1. Individual IQ tests provide better information for high-stakes decision making for gifted students than group tests. Group IQ tests are best used for general screening purposes. 2. Gifted students are a special needs population...
I Know My Child is Smart; Why Does She Need Testing? by Linda Kreger Silverman
Early detection of children’s learning deficits is vital, as early intervention is essential for optimal development. A well-kept secret is that the same developmental rule applies to children who are unusually advanced. Early detection and intervention are also essential for optimal development of gifted abilities. Testing can prevent problems from occurring down the road...
I Noticed Your Child... by Wenda Sheard
A letter to a friend, whose child has caught your attention as potentially highly, exceptionally or profoundly gifted...
I Remember... by Wendy
Why identification of gifted children is SO important!
Is Gifted Education Elitist? by Carolyn K.
People advocating against gifted education claim that gifted education is elitist.  And you know what?  Sometimes they're right!  But it shouldn't be...

Metaphorically Speaking: Metaphors for Gifted Education
Many excellent metaphors for gifted education, and responses to the perpetual myth, All Kids Are Gifted. All might come in handy when explaining giftedness to those around you...
Musings on our report card by Hilary Dale
An IQ score this high is surely not a predictor of first grade success. "You see, we don't think he's really all that smart. Those silly tests are meaningless."
Never Say Bored! by Carolyn K.
Educational hot buttons to avoid when you're talking about academic acceleration...
One Thing We'd Like To Tell The Teachers Of Our Gifted Children... collected by Carolyn K.    
If you could tell teachers one thing about working with gifted kids, what would it be?    Watch the light in his eyes.
Perfectionism and the Highly Gifted by Shaun Hately
Suggestions for parents to avoid or alleviate the perfectionism and depression often experienced by the highly gifted child, written by a highly gifted young adult
Private School and the Profoundly Gifted by Catherine Arnott Smith
Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in the very highest ranges of intelligence often demonstrate very specific characteristics. A recent developmental study of 241 profoundly gifted children between 160 and 237+ IQ (Stanford-Binet Form LM) found that...
Professionals familiar with the Gifted compiled by Carolyn K.
Need an audiologist, educational therapist, developmental optometrist for your gifted child?  These professionals have been recommended by other parents and professionals...
Psychologists familiar with testing the gifted compiled by Carolyn K.
So many of us are looking for the 'right tester', someone familiar with gifted children, test ceilings, supplemental use of the SB-LM test, twice exceptional children, and more...
A School Year in the Life of a Gifted Child by Lee Anderson
Every year you have a child who can't wait to start the school year, anxious in anticipation that this year will be different. This year "I will learn something!"
Schools for the Gifted collected by Carolyn K.
A partial list, those schools mentioned on any of the gifted mailing lists as being exclusively for gifted children
Short answers for why our children are grade accelerated by Carolyn K.

Should we tell them they're gifted? Should we tell them how gifted? by Draper Kauffman
The common wisdom is that gifted kids know that they are gifted. But do they?
Should Your Child Skip a Grade? by Marissa K. Lingen
Getting out was the best thing I ever did in the public school system. I skipped my junior year of high school, and I have never once regretted it-- something that seems to disappoint all the people from my home town who predicted it would be "a big mistake."
Snappy comebacks for grade accelerated children by Carolyn K.

Testing and Counseling Interview Questions by Institute of Educational Advancement
What questions should I ask when interviewing a professional to assess or counsel my gifted child?  When inquiring about services for your child, it is important to be candid regarding your motives for seeking professional assistance...
Time to Start Thinking About Summer!
“Do I really have to think about summer?” Yes, if you haven’t made plans already for your child, the longer you wait, the fewer options you’ll have.
What I Feel Sorry About... collected by Carolyn K.

What should I look for in a psychological evaluation? by M. Warshaw

Who Are the Gifted Using the New WISC-IV? by Linda Kreger Silverman, Barbara Gilman, and R. Frank Falk
Studies conducted to date on the WISC-IV suggest that two of the four indices, the Verbal Comprehension Index and the Perceptual Reasoning Index, provide the best measures of giftedness...
WISC-III and/or WPPSI-R vs. SB L-M Scores collected by Carolyn K.
This new table of over 50 students shows that... no conclusions can easily be drawn from WISC-III or WPPSI-R subtests ceilings to indicate how MUCH higher a gifted child who hits the ceiling on a Wechsler IQ test may score in supplemental testing on the SB L-M, but they nearly all DO score higher...
A Parent Wish List for Educators compiled by Jean Schweers

Last updated December 01, 2020

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