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Mentors for Gifted Students

"One of the most valuable experiences a gifted student can have is exposure to a mentor who is willing to share personal values, a particular interest, time, talents, and skills." Sandra L. Berger, Mentor Relationships and Gifted Learners
Mentorship: A Guidebook Recommended by Davidson Institute for Talent Development
A guide to help parents and students interested in developing a mentorship. The guidebook will help you answer such questions as: Is a mentoring partnership appropriate? How do I locate a mentor? What kind of relationship is most beneficial? Use as an information guide to help establish, maintain, and conclude a mentorship... (requires Adobe Reader)
Amazing Kids
Website dedicated to inspiring excellence in children, by uncovering the potential within each child providing them with the tools to nurture their unique talents, including access to a mentor, and inspiring them to pursue excellence in their endeavors and to become lifelong achievers.  Includes Amazing Kids! of the Month program...
Beyond testing: Applying a mentor model for young mathematically talented students
Diagnostic Testing Prescriptive Instruction (DT→PI) is a beyond-level model  developed for use with talented junior high and high school students...  The DT→PI method can be adapted for effective use with elementary students who are extraordinarily talented in mathematics, using a mentor...
"But You're a Man!!!" Exploring the Role of Identification in Role Model and/or Mentor Relationships commentary by Jonathan Plucker
To what degree should an advocate, role model, or mentor's physical and intellectual characteristics match that of the person with whom they are working? The answer carries implications for people in a variety of fields, especially those who are attempting to serve as role models and advocates for other underachievers and/or provide equal educational opportunities to other special populations...
Discovering Interests and Talents Through Summer Experiences (ERIC Digest #491) by Cindy Ware
Talent Search summer and Saturday programs offer gifted children a chance to meet other gifted children, and work side by side with an adult mentor studying their favorite topic in great depth...
E-Math E-Mail Based Volunteer Programs
Telementoring programs in mathematics, science, and technology, plus other electronic programs
How to Find a Mentor by Amber Hess
The vast majority of winners at top fairs have a mentor/advisor, AND the vast majority of students have to find their own mentors.  Where can you find a mentor?  A great step-by-step guide...
IEA Apprenticeship Program
Each summer for a two-week mentoring experience gifted high school students work alongside an expert at one of many different locations. The students travel to the mentor's workplace, whether it is a laboratory, a university or an organization, and work with other students on a specialized project culminating with a final presentation. At the end of the session, the students have the option of  developing a yearlong project that can be completed with the guidance of the mentor via online resources
The Magic of Mentorship by Jeanne Purcell, Joseph Renzulli, Betsy McCoach and Heather Spottiswoode
A mentorship is a potent, sometime life-changing, experience that catapults a student to the frontiers of a field
Mentor The National Mentoring Partnership
Find a mentor, be a mentor, and more...
Mentor Center @ Shodor
Program to ensure that students are prepared to enter into computationally intensive scientific research fields through appropriate mentorships by active scientists (North Carolina)
Mentor Relationships and Gifted Learners (ERIC Digest #486) by Sandra L. Berger
A mentorship is a dynamic shared relationship in which values, attitudes, passions, and traditions are passed from one person to another and internalized. Its purpose is to transform lives
Mentoring by David Farmer
Mentoring is achieved by linking the student with an experienced person from the appropriate field of endeavour...
Mentoring and Your Child: Developing A Successful Relationship by Julia Roberts and Tracy Inman
Gifted kids need and want contact with people who are interested in their ideas for their own sake.  A parents guide to choosing a mentor... (requires Adobe Reader)
Mentoring Undergraduate Research Projects Developed by Carolyn Ash Merkel and Shenda M. Baker, Council on Undergraduate Research
"How to" developed by Includes Mentoring Q&A, and the handbook How To Mentor Undergraduates
Mentors on the net: extending learning through telementoring by Del Siegle, in Gifted Child Today ($)
One of the fastest growing areas of mentoring is telementoring, also known as virtual mentoring, e-mentoring, or iMentoring.  The general goal of most telementoring programs is to provide individualized academic, motivational, and emotional support by using technology to bring adults into children's school experiences...
Mentorship at Its Best by Nancy Lashaway-Bokina
The Implementation of Mentoring, a teacher's perspective
Mentorship of the highly creative by Don Ambrose, Jon Allen and SaraBeth Huntley
This mentorship is a three-way partnership in which the mentors gain as much as they give. The partners in this mentorship certainly inspire one another. It is important for mentors to provide emotional support and encouragement, particularly when the protégé has had some difficulty adjusting to the educational system. Different mentors can serve different needs for the protégé...
Mentorship: The Essential Guide for Schools and Business by Jill M. Reilly
This book describes a highly successful mentorship program in 'how to' terms that are easily applied and adaptable to a variety of situations.
Mentorships: A Guidebook by The Davidson Institute Team
Designed to help parents and students interested in developing a mentorship. The guidebook will help you answer such questions as: Is a mentoring partnership appropriate? How do I locate a mentor? What kind of relationship is most beneficial? What will the connection entail? Ideally, this guidebook is to be used as an information guide to help establish, maintain, and conclude a mentorship... (requires Adobe Reader)
NASA G.I.R.L.S. Giving Initiative and Relevance to Learning Science
Women@NASA has created a virtual mentoring project that offers a one-of-a-kind experience to middle school girls across the country. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens, grades 5-8 or home-schooled equivalent, have access to the internet and a video chat program, and willing to commit to the full 5-week program...
"QuarkNet brings high school students and teachers to the frontier of the 21st century research that seeks to resolve some of the mysteries about the structure of matter and the fundamental forces of nature."  Centers currently in California and Switzerland; 60 centers expected within two years!
QuestLeadership part of the QuestBridge
Free mentorship and leadership-training program for exceptionally bright, low income students with interests in higher education, leadership, and professional careers. QuestLeadership begins with a five-week summer residential program on the Stanford campus for high school students entering their junior and senior years. Its support continues...
TeleMentor Program by Hewlett Packard
Making a difference in math, science, communication skills and career planning
Promote girls’ interest and skills in science, technology, and engineering through multi-faceted programs, as well as to develop resources for teachers, role models, families and partners, for Girl Scouts in grades 5-12. Also check out the free Techbridge Family Guide, Science: It's a Familiy Affair (English / Chinese / Spanish) for great projects for families!
Through another's eyes: the pinnacle project by Rena Subotnik, in Gifted Child Today ($)
Seven highly gifted adolescents participated in a weeklong mentorship program designed to cultivate their extraordinary talents. Each of these young scholars worked individually with an established master in his or her field of interest...
WEST (Women Entering and Staying in Tech) Mentorship Project
Enables 1:1 mentorship for women in the early- to middle-stages of their technology careers. Sign up today to be notified of 2015 Application schedule and process...
Young leaders: growing through mentoring by Sandra Manning, in Gifted Child Today ($)
Describes a model for implementing a cross-age mentoring strategy such as the one described above. The goal of this strategy is to provide leadership enhancement opportunities for gifted learners in the general or gifted education classroom. This article also offers a brief review of the literature on leadership and mentoring as they relate to gifted and talented students...
updated December 01, 2020

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