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Individualized Education Profiles (IEPs)

"The IEP process is the centerpiece, the heart and soul, of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). It is the procedure for devising the "Free Appropriate Public Education" to which every eligible child who has a disability and needs special education is entitled. To fully appreciate the role of the IEP process one needs to review it briefly in the context of the whole IDEA schema." Barbara D. Bateman, Better IEP Meetings 1992-1996 (this quote from a previous version of this book)

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Individual Instruction Menu for Gifted Children Recommended by Joyce VanTassel-Baska
Recommendations are intended for consideration by those who know the child well and can make informed decisions about the relevance and practical application of a recommendation to an individual child's aptitude, interest, and needs...
When Special Ed is Special-er Recommended by giftedguru.com
The question about IEPs and 504 accommodations comes up frequently with regard to gifted learners. Gifted kids can have other conditions as well, so just because your child’s gifted doesn’t mean him/her has no educational issues that may require intervention. IEP vs. 504 accommodations...
Better IEP Meetings by Cynthia Herr and Barbara Bateman
The definitive guide to understanding and writing IEPs. It presents a powerful, three-step process that focuses on the individual student and avoids the all too common routinized approach to program development. [Although written for Special Education students, many states include gifted under special education and/or provide IEPs for gifted students... this is a great reference for all.]
The Complete IEP Guide: How to Advocate for Your Special Ed. Child by Lawrence M. Siegel
The book is written with the lay person in mind in a clear and concise manner. The whole IEP process is spelled out in easy to follow steps that gently glides one through the process.
IEP Common Talk PAGE's answers to Frequently Asked Questions about IEP's
Individual Instruction Plan Menu for the Gifted Child by Center for Gifted Education College of William and Mary
Subject by subject possibilities for individualized student instructional modifications, from Language Arts to Math to Creativity and far more.  "Recommendations are intended for consideration by those who know the child well and can make informed decisions about the relevance and practical application of a recommendation to an individual child's aptitude, interest, and needs."
Know Your Legal Rights in Gifted Education (ERIC Digest #541) by Frances A. Karnes and Ronald Marquardt
Without a federal law to protect the legal rights of gifted children, the responsibility for such mandates rests with the states
LDOnline - the interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and children
bulletIEP Individualized Education Program: The Process*
bulletWriting Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) For Success Barbara D. Bateman
The Special Ed Advocate
Successful advocacy depends on accurate information and knowing how to use it. Great Tactics and Strategy Session: IEP Goals and Objectives
Special Education Rights and Responsibilities
Lots of questions and answers about the IEP process, click on Chapter 4...
Dealing with Schools reprinted from MonTAGe, by Valorie J. King
Several great essays for gifted parents dealing with the schools, including "Gifted? I See No Gifted Children Here!," "What's Really Going On Here?," and "In the Principal's Office"
Parent's Unofficial Guide to Gifted IEPs and Gifted IEP Meetings by Todd McIntyre and Wayne Mery
Although written for Pennsylvania's parents, this detailed essay contains great advocacy information for parents everywhere.  This guide will help you, as a parent, understand your options and prepare you to make informed decisions regarding the direction of that course.  Don't miss Todd's extra credit assignment on Present Levels of Educational Performance (PLEPs)!
Ten Tips for Parents of Students by Monique Lloyd
Common sense tips to help you in dealing with the schools...
Understanding the IEP Process LD OnLine
An IEP give details about the educational supports and services that will help the child with a disability receive valuable instruction in special education. New regulations emphasize that the IEP team must consider a student's strengths as well as areas of weakness when formulating an educational plan
Your Child's IEP: Practical and Legal Guidance for Parents Wrightslaw
To make an accurate diagnosis, the IEP team will need to gather information from many sources. This information will include subjective observations of the child in various environments - including the home environment and the classroom. The information should also include objective testing...
updated December 01, 2020

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