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Early Reading
A Family Affair
Making It Work
Montessori Success
My Mockingbird
Part-Time High School
Radical Possibilities
Theory of Relativity
A Road Taken
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Success Stories in Gifted Education

"More than anything else I wanted Joshua to grow up happy and enjoying life. I don't think he would have if we had not let him go to college early. I can't even imagine... People used to ask if we were making a mistake. They don't even ask anymore. Joshua's life, accomplishments, and joy speak for themselves." Samantha Q. Whiggins, in Probably the best thing I have ever done...

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Advocating for a Grade Skip: A Portfolio of Research by Sandy Mixson
A parent's recipe for successful advocacy!
An Anomaly: Parenting a Twice Exceptional Girl by Kiesa Kay
She's been diagnosed as a profoundly gifted girl with sensory integrative dysfunction... a parent's story
Asimov's Law and Advocacy by Toni Goodman
Asimov's Law: "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by ignorance or stupidity." Perhaps one of the most difficult principles to be mindful of...
Asynchrony: Homeschooling an Exceptionally Gifted Child by Hilary Cohen
Exceptionally gifted children are so different from their age mates, they often do not fit in school situations...
Benny and Me: A Father Sees Himself Through his Aspergers Son Recommended by Mike Postma
A father's story, Asperger's through the unique view of a gifted and talented educator and his son...
The Best of Both Worlds by Carol Danz, California Association for the Gifted, 1999
Imagine being granted the opportunity to provide enrichment for your gifted children at home one or two days a week, while they continue to receive the benefits of their public school experience... (requires Adobe Reader)
Early Reading by Jaye Lester
I knew what a problem being far ahead of other kids could present in school so I decided not to teach my son to read.  My son figured it out entirely by himself...
Home Schooling - A Family Affair by Suzy
Instead of making me stressed and crazy, it brought enormous calm and peace into our family. No one was more surprised than I was!
How Squid Got Skipped: The Book of Squid by Marjorie
The preparation, the meeting, the decision, and the "Book of Squid"... one parent's successful advocacy story
I'd Much Rather be Here Than in High School An Interview with Carwil James, an Early Entrant to Northwestern University
Carwil's advice to students considering early entrance...
Life In The Asynchronous Family Recommended by Kathi Kearney
From asynchrony within the gifted child to asynchrony in the family to asynchrony in the larger society, from the "early empty nest" syndrome to schooling and other bureaucracies, a great summary of life with the gifted child!
And the follow up to the "Life with Max" article quoted in Kathi's article, More Life with Max by Patti Estes
Making it Work: Homeschooling while Working at Home by Natalie Thomas
Homeschooling is a wonderful lifestyle choice for us. But how can I do this as a work at home Mom?
A Montessori Success Story by Bev
My son's Montessori story shows what can be accomplished by a school that respects the individuality of each child and emphasizes respect for all children
My Mockingbird by Ruthie
Some well-meaning professionals shoot at our mockingbirds. Parents of twice-exceptional kids are told that our kids are too smart for the special education services they need -- and in the same breath, that they don't achieve enough in the classroom to receive the instruction they need
One Profoundly Gifted Kid's Story by Deborah L. Ruf
Although there are important social and emotional issues to be considered..., I will concentrate on how we found the academic fit that kept Eddie at least moderately challenged while giving him the social opportunities we felt he needed
Part Time High School by Jill
We have to accept that we can't plan more than a year ahead...
Probably the best thing I have ever done... by Samantha Q. Whiggins
More than anything else I wanted Joshua to grow up happy and enjoying life
Radical Possibilities for the Profoundly Gifted by Gay
"My son, age 10, whom we've home schooled since he was 6, started taking a 2nd year Spanish class at a local community college last fall at age 9. He will be enrolled at a local university this coming fall."
Raising My Twice-Exceptional Children... Not What I Signed Up For! by Sarah Garrison
Our homeschooling adventure began abruptly, when we realized that a bad preschool situation had become intolerable.  Every day, it seemed, Origami left school either in a rage or in hysterics.  Removing Origami from school produced an immediate positive change in his behavior and in his state of mind...
Raising Robert by Rachel Waugh
Recently my son won the weekly math competition at school. The question was, “What place in the Fibonacci series does the seventh root of the number 1,522,435,234,375 hold?”* It’s the kind of question that makes most grown-ups hyperventilate, but Robert, 6, did it on the bus that morning for fun. Since that Friday was also pajama day, he received his prize (a book of math puzzles) wearing his Curious George pj’s... With college classes looming closer than puberty, we are facing some uncharted territory...
A Road Taken: One Family’s Journey Through an Educational System by Patsy Kumekawa
Our 12-year-old 8th grader took the bulk of his courses at the local high school. To maintain contact with his age peers, he was bused to the middle school two days a week to eat lunch with his friends, practice in the school band, and take gym and health classes. This was part of a succession of unique acceleration strategies...
Susan and Goliath: A Seventh-Grade Girl's Skipping Odyssey Recommended by Mary Reed, NAGC Parenting for High Potential
This was an odyssey in the true sense of the word with many twists and turns. We all felt dizzy by the time it was over. The key for us, as a family, was to make sure that this was what Susan wanted and that she was both emotionally and mentally ready. Now that Susan’s second year of high school is nearly finished, we feel vindicated. Susan did slay Goliath—not with a stone, but with her intelligence and maturity.
Taking TAKS to task by Jenny LaCoste-Caputo, San Antonio Express News
When Kimberly first decided to take a stand against standardized testing by boycotting the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, critics from all sides begged her to change her mind.  Kim said her parents stood behind her decision to boycott the test, even if it jeopardized her college chances. ... She said she hopes she's proven a point.
The Tea and Terrorist Society - Parent Advocacy at the District Level by Monique Lloyd
Many parents feel powerless when dealing with their public schools; this is especially true of parents with highly gifted children
Theory of Relativity - Not! by Cynthia
A parent's greatest success ... as the child gets ahead of the parent!

Last updated December 01, 2020

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