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What's New in 2000?

December 2000

bulletTexas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD), in Academic Programs
bulletLots of link updates in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletHighly and Profoundly Gifted Children: Beyond IQ, April 2001!, in Conferences
bulletGifted Grownups: The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential, in Books
bulletI Was an Accelerated Child, in Academic Acceleration and Home Schooling
bulletHoberman Sphere Expandgon sets
bulletFolkmanis Puppets
bulletLEGO My Bots Invention System
bulletSingapore Math
bulletSome of My Best Friends Are Books: Guiding Gifted Readers from Preschool to High School, in Books

November 2000

bulletTurn Off the TV - a source for unusual games
bulletNew Binary Arts puzzles
bulletGamePuzzles terrific puzzles
bulletTriology from SET
bulletNew Zome System kits
bulletLego Mindstorms
bulletLego Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Set
bulletPitsco LEGO Dacta
bulletA new page of Nerd Shirt companies!, Nerd Shirts
bulletCollege Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth, in Early College and Books
bulletNew quote, in Education Quotes
bulletMany new..., in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletMore..., in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletDr. Cheryl Ackerman, Developmental Clinic, Thornhill, Ontario, in Psychologists familiar with testing the gifted
bullet2nd Annual PAG Conference in the Phillipines
bulletSENG, CA
bulletHollingworth, location to be announced
bulletAcademic Programs
bulletFederal Way school district, Washington for online classes
bulletDistance Education and Training Council
bulletUniversity of California Extension Online
bulletSummer and Saturday Programs
bulletNebraska Association for the Gifted Student Opportunities list
bulletFree Summer Programs for Talented Teens
bulletCurriculum Adjustments
bulletCurriculum Compacting: A Systematic Procedure for Modifying the Curriculum for Above Average Ability Students
bulletCurriculum Compacting: A Necessity for Academic Advancement
bulletResearch Should Inform Practice
bulletAn Independent Study Model for Secondary Students
bulletGifted and in the Middle: Addressing the Needs of Gifted Middle School Students, in Middle School
bulletInventive Differentiation, in Technology
bulletMentorship at Its Best, in Mentors
bulletGifted Students at Risk
bulletThinking and Writing Skills in High Ability, Ethnic Minority, High School Students
bulletExtraordinary Gifts Often Come in Plain Brown Wrappers
bulletValuing, Identifying, Cultivating, and Rewarding Talents of Students From Special Populations
bulletBuilding a Bridge: A Combined Effort Between Gifted and Bilingual Education
bulletTeacher Bias in Identifying Gifted and Talented Students, in Identification
bulletA Parent's Guide to Helping Children: Using Bibliotherapy at Home, in Parenting
bulletCHIP in Melbourne, Australia, in Psychologists familiar with testing the gifted
bulletGifted Education Communicator, in Magazines and Journals

October 2000

bulletUnderachievement and Learning Disabilities in Children Who Are Gifted, in Twice Exceptional and Underachievers
bulletIQ Test Labs intelligence test, on A Lighter Note...
bulletA Gifted Child discussion group, in On-Line Support
bulletMore..., in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletNew quotes, in Education Quotes
bulletWeird Al Yankovic, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletNew..., in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletScience and Arts Academy, IL
bulletAvery Coonley, IL
bulletMultnomah Highly Gifted Magnet, L.A. CA
bullet"Maximizing Potential: Reversing Underachievement," MA
bulletBeyond Giftedness VIII, CO
bulletKGTC Annual Convention, KS
bulletGAM conference 2001, MO
bulletOnce Upon a Mind: Stories and Scholars of Gifted Child Education, in Books
bulletGifted Parent Groups: The SENG Model, in Parenting and Books
bulletCool Colleges: For the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different, in Early College and Books
bulletHelping Gifted Children Soar: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers, in Parenting, Curriculum Adjustments and Books
bulletMaine state gifted education information, in Mandates

September 17-28 2000

bulletCurriculum Compacting, in Curriculum Adjustments
bulletInvent Iowa, in Academic Programs
bulletVirginia state gifted education information, in Mandates
bulletSad update to A Civil Rights Action for Gifted Children, in Advocacy and Highly Gifted
bulletDr. Douglas Kutner in Portland Oregon, in Psychologists familiar with testing the gifted
bullet2001 Roeper Symposium, Illinois, in Conferences
bulletMore great new ones, in both young and older kids - they never fail to amaze us!, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletGraduate School Directories, in Continuing Gifted Education
bulletSummer and Saturday Programs (Thanks, Michael!)
bulletBelin-Blank summer programs in Iowa
bulletMissouri Scholars Academy
bulletThe Scholars Program, Aurora University, Illinois
bulletSummer Institute for Gifted Children, Virginia
bulletBlount County Schools Summer TAG Academic Camp, Tennessee
bulletCheekwood Summer Program for Children, Tennessee
bulletFranklin Special Schools Young Scholars Academic Camp, Tennessee
bulletMiddle Tennessee State University Summer Academic Camp for Kids, Tennessee
bulletThe Renaissance Center, Tennessee
bulletTennessee Governor's Schools, Tennessee
bulletVanderbilt University Program for Talented Youth, Tennessee
bulletThe Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students (SCATS), Kentucky
bulletThe Summer Program for Verbally and Mathematically Precocious Youth (VAMPY), Kentucky
bulletSuper Saturdays, Kentucky
bulletTravel/Study Programs, Kentucky
bulletMU High School distance learning program, in Academic Programs
bulletIndiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletDr. Morelock's moved from TN to NY, in Psychologists familiar with testing the gifted

September 1-15 2000

bulletWho Am I?, a brief description of me, Carolyn K., webmistress of Hoagies
bulletAcademic Programs
bulletLet's Get Real (no application fee!)
bulletDestination ImagiNation
bulletGAGC Parent Day at NAGC Conference, Georgia, in Conferences
bullet6th Annual New England Conference on Gifted and Talented Education, Rhode Island, in Conferences
bulletPolaris Program at Crofton, CO, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletAdventures and Challenges : Real Life Stories by Girls and Young Women, in Girls and Books

August 2000

bulletGiftedness - Nature or Nurture, in Identification
bulletShe can't take that level math - she didn't get 100% on the pre-test!, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletGifted Children with Disabilities: A Closer Look, in Twice Exceptional
bulletUnconditional Love, a legacy for Jonathan, in Parenting and Don't Miss
bulletPhillips Exeter Academy, NH, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletLife In The Asynchronous Family, in Parenting, Identification and Highly Gifted
bulletGiftedness: The view from within, in Highly Gifted and Social / Emotional
bulletHobart Gifted Conference, Tasmania
bulletUpdate on the Annemarie Roeper Symposium
bullet20th Annual TAG-TENN Conference, Tennessee
bulletTennessee Gifted Conference 2000, Tennessee

July 2000

bulletArticles from the Center for Applied Motivation, in Underachievers
bulletMissouri contact information
bulletOhio and New Jersey contact information
bulletSelf-test on giftedness (for adults!) in Identification
bulletEarly College
bulletResidential Honors Program (RHP), University of Southern California, Los Angeles
bulletThe Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO
bulletTexas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities (TALH)
bulletI Think in Pictures, You Teach in Words: The Gifted Visual Spatial Learner, in Visual Spatial Learners
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletChoate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT
bulletSt. Paul's School, Concord, NH
bulletThe Asheville School, Asheville, NC
bulletInterlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, MI
bulletThe Governor's School, Richmond, VA
bulletMeeting the Challenge of Constructive Discipline, in Parenting

June 2000

bulletSome great new ones, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletThe Sophomore: Hoops, Calculus, World Peace on Agenda for 11-Year-Old, in Acceleration
bulletThe Smartest Kid in America, in Highly Gifted
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletAdded web site for Illinois Math & Science Academy
bulletSatori School, Tucson AZ
bulletYou Know Your Child is Gifted When...: A Beginner's Guide to Life on the Bright Side, in Identification, Young Children and Books
bulletSophia's Story, in Acceleration and Success Stories
bulletTeach the child to twiddle his thumbs, literally!, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletBullying: A Series, in Bullies

May 20-31 2000

bulletYoung Children
bulletSimple Joys for a Gifted Baby
bulletThe Importance of Being Early: A Case for Preschool Enrichment
bulletActivity Books for Youngsters
bulletHome Schooling
bulletHome Education
bulletTranscript Kit
bulletQuestions Parents Should Ask Schools
bulletPromoting Gifted Education in Your Community
bulletStimulating Children's Creative Thinking With the Invention Process, in Technology
bulletTesting & Measurement
bulletI.Q. Tests and your Child
bulletUniversal Nonverbal Intelligence Test (UNIT) and Comparative Features with Major Nonverbal Intelligence Measures
bulletThe Tracking and Ability Grouping Debate, also in Curriculum Adjustments
bulletThe Conceptual Model of Nongraded Schooling
bulletA new IQ test, in A Lighter Note
bulletFinishing College When Most Begin, in Early College and Acceleration
bulletIdaho contact information, in Mandates
bulletThe athletic scholarship for clutzy kids, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletSome great new ones, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletAlabama Association for Gifted Children 5th Annual Conference, in Conferences
bulletAlabama Association for Gifted Children, in Regional Organizations

May 1-19 2000

bulletMany Gifted Girls, Few Eminent Women. Why?, in Gifted Girls
bulletOne size fits all? Age based tracking versus ability grouping in elementary school mathematics, in Grouping
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletMetrolina Regional Scholars' Academy, NC
bulletLouisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts
bulletHow Much High School Is Enough? Some Students Benefit by Leaving After 10th Grade, Some Educators Contend, in Early College
bulletUpdated Georgia Academy of Mathematics, Engineering, and Science, in Early College
bulletMinnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT) Annual Conference, in Conferences
bulletMinnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT), in Regional Organizations
bulletAnother one, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletSomething 'puny', in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletUpdate to Nebraska contact information, in Mandates
bulletSocial / Emotional
bulletIf You're So Smart, Why Do You Need Counseling?, by Deborah L. Ruf
bulletSocial & Emotional Needs of the Gifted (Adults and Children)
bulletOne Profoundly Gifted Kid's Story, in Highly Gifted
bulletThe Dos and Don'ts for Raising Gifted Kids, in Parenting

April 16-30 2000

bulletWTAGT Symposium 2000: Giftedness for the Future
bulletGifted and Talented Edufest, ID
bulletChallenging the Gifted, PA
bullet2001: A PAGE Odyssey, PA
bulletMichigan Alliance for Gifted Education and Big Rapids EXCEL Regional Conference
bulletMontana Institute for Gifted and Talented Education
bulletThe Underachieving Gifted, Woodbridge, Connecticut
bulletAdelle McClendon Gifted Girls Conference
bulletGifted Girls Conference, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
bulletUpdated Annemarie Roeper Symposium, Chicago, Illinois
bulletGAM conference 2000, Missouri
bulletMichigan Alliance for Gifted Education Annual Conference
bulletSocial/Emotional Issues for Gifted, KAGE, Kentucky
bulletTAGT 23rd Annual Conference, Texas
bulletWATG 2000 Fall Conference, Wisconsin
bulletITAG 2000, Iowa
bulletCalifornia Association for the Gifted 2001 Annual Conference
bulletGAGC 2001, Georgia
bulletKAGE 2001, Kentucky
bullet2001 NCAGT/PAGE Conference, North Carolina
bulletNew mailing list for Idaho GT, in On-Line Support
bulletIdaho Engineering Science Camp, in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletIn Legal Resources and Books
bulletGifted Children and the Law: Mediation, Due Process and Court Cases
bulletGifted Children and Legal Issues in Education: Parents' Stories of Hope
bulletGifted Children and Legal Issues: An Update
bulletParenting Successful Children, a video, in Parenting and Books
bulletReversal of Fortune: How Parents Unintentionally Undermine A Gifted Child's Self-Worth, in Parenting
bulletConnecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG), in Regional Organizations
bulletNew quotes, in Education Quotes
bulletNew Hoagies' Gifted Education Page topic: Advocacy!
bulletLots more!, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletGreat new stupidities, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletA School Year in the Life of a Gifted Child, in Frequently Answered Questions

April 5-12 2000

bulletEnabling Our Children, in Twice Exceptional and Frequently Answered Questions
bulletUniversity of Seattle, in Continuing Gifted Education
bulletWisconsin Gifted and Talented Programs Under Fire (but it could be your state, too!), in Advocacy
bulletFixed link to Women and Talent, and added Teens and young adults, in Gifted Girls
bulletIEPs mandated in Ontario!, and IEPs under Special Ed in Alabama, in Mandates
bulletMentor, the National Mentoring Partnership, in Mentors
bulletNature's Gambit, in Books and Don't Miss
bulletTemplate for grade skip disclaimer added to Portfolio for a Grade Skip
bulletRose Fitzgerald Kennedy, in Grade Skipped and Successful

March 8-30 2000

bulletThurgood Marshall and Sally Ride, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletBrenau Academy, GA
bulletThe Winston School, TX, for Gifted/LD students
bulletList of LD schools in the U.S.
bulletNew link for Raven Days, in Bullies
bulletTwice Exceptional
bulletLearning Problems at School: Whose FAULT Is It?
bulletView from the Top: How Principals View Learning Problems
bulletMore..., in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletTeaching the Gifted Student, in Arguments from the Other Side
bulletGet Off My Brain, in Books and Underachievers
bulletThe Teenage Liberation Handbook, in Books and Home Schooling
bulletThe joke is on them!, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletFixed links on Identification, Grouping and Acceleration
bulletWebsite for Educational Options MN, in Psychologists familiar with testing the gifted
bulletNew quote in Education Quotes
bulletGifted Children: Are Their Gifts Being Identified, Encouraged, or Ignored? by Julia Osborn, in Identification
bulletEarly college in Maine
bulletUpdates in Georgia
bulletResearch Synthesis - Prof. Karen B. Rogers updates (1999) her 1991 research synthesis regarding gifted education provisions, in Curriculum Adjustments and Acceleration
bulletSAGE Conference, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
bulletGifted Girls Conference, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
bulletSaturday Learning Sampler at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, TN, in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletYour Gifted Child: How to Recognize and Develop the Special Talents in Your Child from Birth to Age Seven, in Books and Young Children
bulletA new daily distraction from SET... Quiddler Solitaire!, in A Lighter Note
bulletFixed links, in Social-Emotional and Summer and Saturday Programs

February 18-28 2000

bulletGifted children with AD/HD by Dee Lovecky, in Gifted and ADD / ADHD
bulletIn Regional Organizations
bulletAction for Bright Children (ABC) Calgary Society, Canada
bulletUpdated Virginia Association for the Gifted
bullet2000 CEC Annual Convention, Vancouver, British Columbia
bulletConference on Gifted Education, University Center at Adelphi University, Long Island, New York
bulletThe Second Virginia Seminar, Williamsburg, VA
bulletWilliam & Mary's Fifth Annual National Curriculum Network Conference, Williamsburg
bulletABC Family Conference 2000, University of Toronto at Scarborough, Canada
bulletThe Association of Educators of Gifted, Talented and Creative Children in B.C. Conference, British Columbia, Canada
bulletSAGE Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
bullet2001 Australasian International Conference on the Education of Gifted Students, Australia
bulletUpdated PAGE conference
bulletIn Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletUpdated University of Virginia summer program
bulletTime Travelers, University of Scranton, PA
bulletThe list so many have been waiting for... Psychologists familiar with testing the gifted
bulletNew quote from C.S.Lewis on Education Quotes
bulletAcceleration for Gifted Students, in Acceleration
bulletLink for Eagle School, WI, in Schools for the Gifted
bulletImportant Lessons for Advocates, in Advocacy
bulletNew topic: Homeschooling
bulletNew mailing lists for Florida parents and teachers, in On-Line Support

February 4-12 2000

bulletIn Social / Emotional
bulletReversal of Fortune: How Parents Unintentionally Undermine A Gifted Child's Self-Worth
bulletGifted Children: Youth Mental Health Update
bullet"Proper Mindset" Needed for Effective Advocacy, in Advocacy
bulletParenting Young Gifted Children: How to discover and develop their talents at home, Young Children
bulletIn Parenting
bulletStimulating Children's Creative Thinking With the Invention Process
bulletWhere Have All the Flowers Gone? by Linda Silverman
bulletNew mailing lists, in On-Line Support
bulletGifted Ohio Homeschoolers (GOHome)
bulletA2Allies, supporting gifted children in the Ann Arbor (MI) area
bulletThe Oz-Gifted-A (OGA) list for Australian teachers and parents with accelerated students or children
bulletIf Gifted = Asynchronous Development, then Gifted/Special Needs = Asynchrony Squared, in Twice Exceptional
bulletCharles Schultz (of Peanuts fame!), in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletNew page: Education Quotes, in The Lighter Note
bulletHoagies Kids have their own domain - www.hoagieskids.org!
bulletAssessing Gifted Children Recommended by Julia Osborn, in Testing & Measurement
bulletYoung Children and Identification
bulletYoung Gifted Children
bulletSome ideas on parenting gifted preschoolers
bulletInstitute for Educational Advancement, in Organizations
bulletHomeschoolers' Treasures, in Home School
bulletHollingworth 2001 Conference, MA
bulletGifted Association of Missouri Conference
bulletAmana 2000 Conference/Workshop, IA
bulletGifted Association of Missouri (GAM), in Regional Organizations

January 16-30 2000

bulletFixed link for Parent Advocacy For TAG Students, in Advocacy
bulletHot Topics!
bulletThe Cartoon History of the Universe / Volumes 1-7
bulletThe Cartoon History of the Universe II / Volumes 8-13
bulletThe Cartoon History of the United States
bulletThe Cartoon Guide to Statistics
bulletThe Cartoon Guide to Physics
bulletThe Cartoon Guide to the Environment
bulletThe Cartoon Guide to Genetics
bulletWomen and Numbers, Biographies of female mathematicians
bulletWestbridge Academy, in Academic Programs
bulletSchools for the Gifted
bulletPine View School, Osprey FL
bulletweb page for Mackintosh Academy, CO
bulletSamuel Morse Middle School, Milwaukee WI
bulletThe Evergreen School, Seattle WA
bulletOpen Window, Bellevue WA
bulletThe Seabury School, Tacoma WA
bulletSeattle Country Day School, Seattle WA
bulletSoundview, Lynnwood WA
bulletUniversity Child Development School, Seattle WA
bulletUpdated Puzzlemaker link, in Kids and Teens Links
bulletArt Linkletter and Neil Armstrong, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletMathias Mathy - great math T-Shirts!, now in Nerd Shirts
bulletA Parent's Experience, added to Review of Iowa Acceleration Scale
bulletMore new ones, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletA great new bunch, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletTennessee mandate update
bulletIndiana information link update
bulletInternet Investigations!
bulletNational Geographic Lesson Plans (and maps, and more) in Geography, Social Studies
bulletOdyssey Online, a journey to explore Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and sub-Saharan African cultures
bulletSpaghetti Book Club, an on-line book discussion group for kids
bulletInside Art, Stars: A Mystery of Space, Explorers of the Millennium, GlobaLearn Expeditions...
bulletRegional Organizations
bulletIndiana Association for the Gifted
bulletUpdated Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE)
bulletUpdated Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education
bulletIndiana Association for the Gifted Annual Conference
bulletGeorgia Association For Gifted Children
bulletKAGE 20th Annual Conference
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletSpace Science News
bulletFigure This!
bulletReview of Iowa Acceleration Scale, in Books
bulletUpdated APEX AP Courses over the Internet, now featuring an AP Exam Review course, in Academic Programs

January 1-14 2000

bulletPizza! and Dreams and Nightmares, in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletA Civil Rights Action for Gifted Children Recommended, in Advocacy and Highly Gifted
bulletKids and Teens Links
bulletGeology On-Line, including Virtual Earthquake and more!
bulletVirtual Fly Lab, in Genetics
bulletMath Mountain, Women's History Project
bulletScience Help, Science Newsletter
bulletPowers of Ten, in Hot Topics!
bulletA teacher's story!, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletIn Publishers
bulletGeography Matters, Smarty Pants Educational Toys
bulletGifted Children At Home, in Home School and Books
bulletEducation Place (look around the H-M stuff, lots of good resources!), in Internet Investigations!
bulletKansas, Michigan and North Carolina mandate updates, in Mandates
bulletWisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY), in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletVery Young, Smart and Restless, in Early College
bulletMr. Holland's Opus, in Movies
bulletI am ... What I dream, by Keegan, in Hoagies' Kids Speak Out!
bulletIn On-Line Support
bulletPAGElist, new Pennsylvania gifted list
bulletNew location for giftedtn, the Tennessee gifted list
bulletThe Flynn Effect as it doesn't apply to highly and profoundly gifted, in the Riverside Publishing Letter, in Testing & Measurement
bulletPandora's Box, in Software Favorites
bulletMrs. Glosser's Math Goodies, in Internet Investigations!
bulletPart-Time Home Schooling, in Home Schooling
bulletNational Gifted Children's Fund has a website!, in Organizations
bulletI Remember... by Wendy, in FAQ and Identification
bulletNew folks, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletQuantum Education Systems: General Physics Course (and more coming soon!), in Academic Programs and Internet Investigations!

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