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Publishers Specializing in the Gifted

My favorite place to browse is the halls of the demonstration floor at the National Association for Gifted Children annual conference.  Row after row of booths, each full of books, workbooks, software, products... that I can examine and try out for myself.  While a web page cannot duplicate the smell of freshly-published books, or the feel of those great learning toys as I build with them, it can give all those great vendors a home.

Also visit Educational Products, popular with both gifted children and their teachers, Internet Investigations for free curriculum libraries and individual units right from the Internet, Materials for Gifted Classrooms, terrific (free!) educational materials, Smart Toys, perennial favorites of gifted kids, and Movies, featuring gifted kids (and adults) in a positive light

Acorn Naturalists
science books, pamphlets, puppets (the entire Folkmanis line), skulls and specimens, and other science goodies
ALPS Publishing
Books and resources pertaining to educating the gifted and talented, plus an Annual Conference on the Autonomous Learner Model for informative sessions and networking with other educators of the gifted
Earth's Biggest (discount!) Bookstore, search on "gifted" to find hundreds of books. Make your purchase from Amazon.com to give a small percentage of your purchase proceeds to Hoagies' Gifted Education Page through Amazon's Associates program -- Thanks!
Visit Hoagies' Gifted Education Books page for lots more books about gifted children, and Hot Topics! pages of books for gifted children.
Arlie Books
A variety of books and videos on gifted topics, plus open-ended stories
Much more than SAT / ACT study guides, Barron's offers full lines of children's books, art books, and of course study guides and test preparation, and more.  They also bring us "...the Easy Way" titles...
Corwin Press
Solutions for those serving the field of K-12 education, ranging from very practical, experiential-based manuals to more reflective or research-based books
The Critical Thinking Company
We design critical thinking into our reading, writing, math and science lessons so students carefully analyze what they are learning. Deeper analysis produces deeper understanding...
bullet Building Thinking Skills
bulletWord Roots (books available from MindWare or Amazon)
bullet Reading Detective
bulletMath Detective
bullet Science Detective
Cuisenaire - ETA Cuisenaire
Maker of Cuisenaire® Rods and lots more
Shop at the Discovery Channel Store. Discovery Channel Store
Real-world entertainment on video and DVD, globes, telescopes, and great toys and educational products for kids from birth to ... us!
Educators Publishing Services (EPS)
Reading, vocabulary, critical thinking, spelling, English, and learning differences resources for grade K-12 (primarily grades K-4)
Engine-Uity, Ltd
Independent study guides for literature for kids K-8
Free Spirit Publishing
Self-help books for kids, including The Gifted Kids Survival Guide (For Ages 10 and Under) Recommended and The Gifted Kids Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook Recommended and lots more!
Foundation for Critical Thinking
The Foundation and Center for Critical Thinking aim to improve instruction in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. We offer conferences and professional development programs, emphasizing assessment, research, instructional strategies, Socratic questioning, critical reading and writing, higher order thinking, quality enhancement, and competency standards
Geography Matters
Home school families, providing practical science, history and geography resources, including great maps
Gifted Education Press Books and periodicals on educating gifted
Great Potential Press
Books, including "Guiding the Gifted Child", and "Gifted Children and the Law" and lots more great books on gifted, homeschooling gifted, and more!
Bright, engaging math books (they're really texts, but don't tell the kids - they look fun!), including...
bullet Math to Learn (grades 1-2)
bullet Math to Know (grades 3-4)
bullet Math at Hand (grades 5-6)
bullet Math on Call (grades 6-8)
bullet Algebra to Go (grades 8+)
bullet Geometry to Go (grades 8+)
Kendall Hunt
Publisher of many of the William & Mary curriculum units.  Use promo code Hoagies for free shipping
Publisher of Miquon math series
Key to...® Workbooks Key Curriculum series
Includes Key to Algebra, Key to Geometry, and more
Kiwi Kids (click on Kiwi Kids on left, and click Search)
Great educational books, tools and posters, including Euler's theorem, Equal Parts, Fibonacci, Pascal's Triangle, and more...
The Mathman - Don Cohen
Publisher of Calculus For Young People  and lots of related math materials...
McGee-Keiser Academic Enrichment Programs
Unique in-school gifted and talented curricula for primary, intermediate, and middle school. Both grade-specific and multiage curricula are available for primary and intermediate students.  Science enrichment curricula is also available for primary and intermediate grades 1 - 5
Mind Vine Press
Real-world independent projects for gifted students
award-winning creator and distributor of brainy toys, games and activities for kids of all ages
Jam-packed with a variety of science kits and art kits, anything from art history games, papermaking kits, astronomy project kits and robotics, and lots more - check out both the Art and Science catalogs...
N L Associates
Stories with Holes, and more...
Patrick's Press, Inc
Quiz bowl materials...
Pieces of Learning
Activity Books to improve student thinking and questioning skills, encourage creativity in the language arts, promote critical thinking in math and science, explore character education, present research skills and provide enrichment in social studies. Teacher Resource book topics include differentiation, assessment, achievement, motivation, and teaching strategies...
Innovative education for technology and science classrooms, with challenging, hands-on products and activities
Don't miss Pitsco LEGO Dacta for great educational opportunities with LEGO, robots, simple machines and more!
Using literature and literary analysis as a reading and writing program, grades K-8
Prufrock Press Supporting Gifted Education
On-line catalog, free trial issues of Creative Kids, Gifted Child Today, and our favorites Logic Problems Recommended, Analogies Recommended, William & Mary's Center for Gifted Education Curriculum Units, and more.  See Gifted Books, Curriculum Resources and Hot Topics Reading List: Puzzle Books for more of their great titles!
Royal Fireworks Press
Books for gifted children, plus all of Michael Clay Thompson's popular Language Arts series...
Social Studies School Service
Workbooks on people, cultures, countries, simulations, plus atlases, maps, charts & posters, for all grades
Smarty Pants Educational Toys
Great educational toy collection for kids from birth to age 6 and beyond!
Teacher Created Materials
Time for Kids, WriteTime, TFK Exploring Nonfiction, and more...
Source for many gifted education products, including Cuisenaire and Miquon materials
Touchstones Discussion Project
A non-competitive learning environment in which students learn to communicate with and learn from one another. It helps build a classroom community in which students work with others, develop respect for multiple perspectives, and build academic and social skills based on self-evaluation and listening...
William & Mary's Center for Gifted Education Curriculum Units
Science, Language Arts, and more curriculum units for gifted students, including "Acid, Acid Everywhere" and "Electricity City."  Check the Literature Web and Resource Guide to Mathematics Curriculum for High Ability Learners in Grades K-8  (requires Adobe Reader) Or purchase individual units published through Prufrock Press:
bullet Beyond Base Ten (Mathematics, grades 3–6)
bullet Spatial Reasoning (Mathematics, grades 2–4)
bullet Water Works (Physical Science, grades K–1)
bullet What's the Matter? (Physical Science, grades 2–3)
The Writing Company
Carefully selected reading, writing and journalism resources for all grades, plus Shakespeare!
Zephyr Press
Titles emphasize teaching that uses multiple intelligences theory and brain-compatible learning environments...
Last updated December 01, 2020

Barnes & Noble

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