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Internet Investigations

Also visit Free Online High School Courses, Educational Products, terrific educational materials, Publishers specializing in the gifted, (Free) Materials for Gifted Classrooms, terrific educational materials, Smart Toys, perennial favorites of gifted kids, and Movies, featuring gifted kids (and adults) in a positive light.  Enjoy!

Online Bargain Basement: Free High School Courses ...explains how to select and use an online course for your student, and offers samples of a variety of the best free online high school courses. Also get the handout, Using the Online Bargain Basement (Word).  Presented at NAGC, Charlotte

Online Bargain Basement Returns: Free K-12 Enrichment ...updates our 2006 presentation, this time including resources for K-12 and beyond, for both acceleration and enrichment, with interactive courses for individual students and robust curriculums to be used with an entire group or class... all FREE!  Presented at NAGC, Minneapolis, November 2007


Also visit Kids & Teens: Links which include interactive enrichment units for a variety of grade levels, in more subjects than you can think of!

Lesson Plan Collections Individual Lesson Plans

Collections (grades K-12 unless specified)

Annenberg Learner 
Instructional series for college and high school classrooms and adult learners.  Subjects include Arts, Education, Foreign Language, Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies & History, and more...  Available via digital cable channel, purchased videos, broadband simulcast, or video on demand (broadband)...
Also includes grade K-12+ Interactives interactive curriculum units, including strategies, content and activities...
bulletCinema (grades 9-12)
bullet Geometry 3D Shapes (grades 6-8)
bullet Collapse (grades 9-12)
bulletMetric Conversions (grades 6-8)
bulletDNA (grades 9-12)
bulletand many more, in Math, Science, Arts, Language, History...
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Research and curriculum development in Mathematics teaching and learning, with the aim of unifying and enhancing mathematical progress in schools and colleges...
Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (CSMP) Preservation Project  
Entire K-6 math curriculum, including masters and workbooks...
A rapidly growing collection of free scholarly materials...
Crayola Central
Lesson plans for grades 1-12 in language arts, math, science, social studies and visual arts
Economics and personal finance curriculum for K-12. From Supply and Demand of Toys, to filling out the 1040EZ for teens, to the lessons of the Boston Tea Party... economics past, present and future!
EDSITEment from the National Endowment for the Humanities
The Best of the Humanities on the Web... Art & Culture, Literature & Language Arts, Foreign Language, and History & Social Studies
Flinn Scientific
Science activities in Chemistry, Biology, Physical and Earth Sciences...
Free Online Language Courses from Ainu and Albanian to Welsh, Wollof and Xhosa
Including more mundane languages like Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and more!
Free Reading literacy development for grades K-3.
Hundreds of research-based lessons and materials that users can download and use for free, including printed materials, videos and audios...
The Global Schoolhouse
Clearinghouse of more than 900 online collaborative projects, organized by topic, grade, and project date. Find partners or join projects from around the globe...
Rich in-depth exploration of a wealth of topics through Web-based video programs of the highest calibre; Harvard@Home enables you to experience some of the exciting teaching, cutting-edge research, and noteworthy events that define and distinguish the University today—right from your desktop. Subjects range from the arts to social sciences, from history to current affairs, from literature to science and math...
Heartland Truly Moving Pictures F.I.L.M. (Finding Inspiration in Literature and Movies) Project
Movies featured here include downloadable curriculum guides, encouraging viewers to read the book, watch the movie, and experience the adventure!  Over a dozen F.I.L.M. projects are available so far, including Ratatouille, Charlotte's Web, Amazing Grace, Nancy Drew, August Rush and more...
Highlights for High Schools from MIT
MIT OpenCourseWare materials that are most useful for high school students and teachers...
Illuminations principals and standards for school mathematics
From Amazing Attributes – Sorting and Organizing Objects to Modeling Orbital Debris Problems, lesson plans for math from K-12 and across grades
iTunes U the campus that doesn't sleep
Search thousands of audio and video files from schools across the country.  Already, more than half of the nation’s top 500 schools use it to distribute their digital content to students — or to the world...
Online school for weather, by the National Weather Service.  From the atmosphere to oceans, global circulations to synoptic metrology, tropical weather to remote sensing, and much more...
Khan Academy Recommended
1000+ YouTube videos covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, chemistry, biology and finance...
The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge
To help artists, teachers, and students gain access to and/or share information, resources, and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area
Mathematics Enhancement Programme (variety of grades K-12)
Complete years 1-8 and high school, plus A-level mathematics courses, available in combination of interactive and pdf format on the 'net...
Microsoft Education: Lesson Plans
Hundreds of full lesson plans for grades K-12, subjects include Arts, Mathematics, Philosophy, Science, lots more
MIT OpenCourseWare (college level)
Free, searchable, access to MIT's course materials for educators, students, and self-learners around the world!  Master Course List
NASA Educational Materials Finder (grades K-12 plus higher education)
Express lessons and on-line resources!  Check out Telescopes from the Ground Up (grades K-4), World Wind 1.4 (grades 5-8) - visit any place on earth in 3-D, or Exploring Space through Algebra (grades 9-12) plus higher education and lots more...
NASA Quest (grades K-12)
NASA Quest allows educators, kids and space enthusiasts to share the excitement of NASA's authentic scientific and engineering pursuits like flying in the Shuttle and the International Space Station, exploring distant planets with amazing spacecraft, and building the aircraft of the future.  Visit the archives for even more!
National Geographic Lesson Plans
Geography, Social Studies, Science, and more! (grades K-12 and family activities K-12), plus X-peditions and more...
Newton's Apple Teachers' Guides
9 seasons of PBS' hit show's teachers' guides, try-its, and more...
New York Times Learning Network (grades 3-12)
Lesson plan of the day, plus archives; daily news quiz, word of the day, science Q&A, and lots more...  "Connections for Students, Teachers, and Parents"
Nova Recommended Science Programming On Air and Online
From America's Stone Age Explorers (Anthropology), to Decoding Nazi Secrets (Physics & Math), to Animal Hospital (Health) and many more... Check the TV schedule, borrow the video from your public library, or watch the show online, and explore the corresponding website.  Teachers and parents, visit Nova Teachers for teacher resources...
Nova ScienceNow Recommended
Help satisfy your scientific appetite.  And for more fascinating science, subscribe to Nova Podcasts!
NRICH enriching mathematics
Thousands of our free mathematics enrichment materials (problems, articles and games) for teachers and learners from ages 5 to 19 years, including monthly puzzles, teacher guides, and more!
Open Courseware Consortium (OCW)
Universities working together to advance education and empower people worldwide through OpenCourseWare.  Includes major universities in 19 countries, including Johns Hopkins, MIT, UC Irvine, Harvard Law, Tufts, Notre Dame, and UMass Boston in the U.S., University of Southern Queensland in Australia, and many others...
OpenLearn, supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, will make educational resources freely available on the Internet, with state of the art learning support and collaboration tools to connect students and educators.  Location should be no barrier to a desire to learn
Open Yale
Yale courses online, from departments including Astronomy, English, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology and Religious Studies...
PBS Teachers
Vast array of resources, including: resources by curricular subject, topic and grade level and standard; in-depth online professional development through PBS TeacherLine; details on PBS station outreach activities; tips on how to effectively teach with technology; PBS programs with extended taping rights for educators; recommended books and Web sites; interdisciplinary teaching suggestions; free electronic newsletter highlighting new TV and online programming from PBS; and more...
Proquest K-12 Standards Based Learning Activity
Collection methods for integrating use of eLibrary resources into classroom instruction
Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts education
Science NetLinks
A wealth of resources for K-12 science educators, your guide to meaningful standards-based Internet experiences for students
Scholastic Internet Field Trips
Language arts, science, social studies, math, and a special K-2 section, with a tour of good internet sites for each topic.  Wonderful World of Whales (K-13), Folktales on the Web (elementary), and many more...
Smithsonian Education
Great teaching materials, hundreds of online resources, and access to everything the world's largest museum complex has to offer...
Smithsonian History Explorer
Great teaching materials, hundreds of online resources, and access to everything the world's largest museum complex has to offer...
Teachers @ Random
Book discussion guides for hundreds of Random House titles, from K-12...
TED Ed Recommended
New in 2012, use these engaging videos to create customized lessons. Learn how!
Previously known as MarcoPolo, the home to both curriculum units and on-line professional development courses for teachers...
ThinkQuest! Library Internet educational sites awards program
Award winning Internet based projects, created by students!, on subjects from Volcanoes to DNA, Literature Cafe to Music Magic, Arts & Entertainment to Science, Society and Culture, and LOTS more!
UC Berkeley Webcasts or UC Berkeley on iTunes
Webcasts and/or podcasts of current UC Berkeley courses on, biology, psychology, discrete event simulation, nutrition, non-violence, and more.  Download and watch on your PC or IPod!
VisionLearning peer-reviewed learning modules written by professional educators and scientists
Lessons in General science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and more, even Toxicology & Pharmacology.  Also includes MyClassroom, a customizable course management system... (also en español)
University of the People Tuition-free online University
Currently, University of the People offers four undergraduate degrees: Associate and Bachelor degrees in Business Administration, and Associate and Bachelor degrees in Computer Science, and is only available to high-school graduates 18 and up.  But it bears watching in the future!
Young Epidemiology Scholars
Epidemiology Teaching Units for the High School Classroom, in Biology, Social Science, Math, Environmental Science, Health, Statistics, English and Chemistry...

Lesson Plans

Access Excellence (high school)
Interactive mysteries, with science-based clues...
bulletAngry Red Planet
bulletTwo Forks, Idaho
bulletYellow Jackie
bulletThe Blackout Syndrome
bulletRiver of Venom
Advanced Light Source
Classroom activities on electricity, magnets, and polarized light created for that workshop, and several other fact sheets about the ALS (requires Adobe Reader)
bullet Puzzling Polarizers
bullet Moving Electrons
bullet Inside the ALS
bullet Ideas for Using the Poster "Inside the ALS"
bulletThe Electromagnetic Spectrum
bulletVirtual Reality Tour of the ALS
Also... Micro Worlds Electrons racing at nearly the speed of light? Find out how and why...
bullet Finding the Space Between Bunches
bullet Constructing Crystal Models
bulletPolymer Modeling Activity
bulletPolymer Fiber Orientation Activity
bullet Hydrogen Bonding Activity
bulletMore Hydrogen Bonding Demonstrations
bulletSelective Absorption Activity
bulletIs There Se in Your Vitamins?
bulletSoil Flushing Activity
bulletCreate Your Own Marsh!
bulletHow About a Glass of Diffused Vegetable Dye?
Algebra Lessons (Algebra I)
Subject modules, including practical tips, hints, and examples, and point out common mistakes; some modules contain "quizlets" to help check understanding
Amazing Space (all grades, especially high school)
NASA's home for interactive science and math teaching activities and other instructional materials on comets, galaxies, stars, the Hubble telescope and more...
Anatomy of a Murder: A Trip Through Our Nation's Legal Justice System
The events of a CRIMINAL PROSECUTION as they would actually unfold...
AstroVenture (grade 5 to 8)
Search for and design a habitable planet...
Bens' Guide to Government (four different levels from K-2 through 9-12)
Branches of government, elections, how laws are made, and lots more!
Book Adventure (K-8)
Free reading motivation program for children in grades K-8 (similar to AR)
C.O.O.L. Classroom from Rutgers Marine and Coastal Sciences Center (middle & high school)
The Coastal Ocean Observatory Laboratory room (aka COOLroom) is where a group of scientists are collaborating to develop a three-dimensional understanding of the ocean over time...
Chickscope EggMath (K-12)
A collection of web modules (including many interactive applets) covering different topics in mathematics related to eggs...
Choices and Consequences by Court TV
Learning materials and curriculum provided by Court TV for guided discussions on... Violence, Shoplifting, Smoking, Drinking, Pranks, and more
Color Mixing
Mixing colors using different colors of light, and using different colors of paint, what happens, what's different, what's the same?
Computer Science Unplugged
Teach computers & programming with fun games & exercises, no computer required!
DESIGNit BUILDit Fidget Recommended by PBS Kids
A game, a design tool, teachers' guides, more... check it out!
Detectives in the Classroom (6-12)
Epidemiology curriculum in math, science and health.  Why are students getting sick?  Why are students having back pain?  When is risk acceptable?  and other questions are evaluated...
Developing Self-Understanding and Resilience in Gifted Students: A Unit for Upper Elementary and Secondary Gifted Learners by Heather Danforth
Gifted students have particular affective needs, partly because of their different developmental patterns and partly because of the mismatch between their development and the expectations in schools and other places that cater to the developmental norm. A good gifted program will incorporate affective instruction to help students to deal with their particular needs in productive ways, so that they can feel happy and successful. This unit is designed to provide gifted teachers and counselors with one possible way to address these needs... (TeachersPayTeachers requires free registration)
DNA Interactive from Dolon DNA Learning Center
DNA! Online teaching community, includes 15 lesson plans, teachers guides, student worksheets
Lessons are available as part of the OCS Weather Series. Most materials are aimed at the middle school grade level, but many can be modified as desired. The lessons typically require environmental data and many can be used with recent or real time data...
What is the stock market? How can it work for you? Plus real-time stock simulation!
Exploratorium Science Snacks and more!
Hundreds of easy to do science experiments, from Anti-Gravity Mirror to Whirling Watcher, plus new Snacks including the Condiment Diver and Seeing Your Blind Spot. Great for science fair projects, too!
Explorers of the Millennium
Discover the greatest adventurers of the past 1000 years, including Hernando Cortez, John Glenn, Sacagewea, Leif Eriksson, and lots more
Forensics in the Classroom by TruTV (high school, and now middle school science)
Developed as part of a continuing educational partnership with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.  Each unit includes at least two different lab activities...
Forest Puzzles
What happens in forests, why do we need them and how should we manage them? Explore these questions in the Pacific Northwest
Franklin Institute's Science Activities
Science activities for grades K - 12, in subjects from bioscience to communications to energy to transportation...
h.i.p. Pocket Change (grades K - 8)
History through U.S. coins... covering history, language arts and mathematics
IMAGERS (Interactive Multimedia Adventures for Grade School Education Using Remote Sensing) (grades K-8)
NASA's comprehensive Earth science education resource for the introduction of remote sensing and satellite imagery to children in grades K-8. IMAGERS consists of two multimedia web sites: Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon and Adventures of Echo the Bat, both designed to captivate children at an early age in Earth science through multimedia adventures...
Indigenous Peoples
There are an estimated 300 million indigenous people in more than 70 countries worldwide. Indigenous peoples are the inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures and ways of relating to other people and to the environment. Indigenous peoples have retained social, cultural, economic and political characteristics that are distinct from those of the dominant societies in which they live...
Inside Art
In this unique Web adventure, students get sucked into a Van Gogh painting and must climb their way out of his masterpieces by completing mini-lessons on color, brushstroke, style, and more
Internet4Classrooms (i4c)
Interactive enrichment activities for kids from K-8 in math, reading, and language mechanics (click on the purple arrows to move up a grade, or scroll to the bottom and select a grade)
Journey of Democracy Jamestown Virginia 1607-2007
Official curriculum website of America's 400th Anniversary marking the founding of the first permanent English settlement in America at Jamestown in Virginia in 1607
Living & Learning With Overexcitabilities by Cindy Strickland
a teaching unit for gifted middle school students, full of teaching aids, and ready to roll
MATHManiaCS (variety of grades K-12)
Engaging, "hands-on" educational activities that focus on discrete mathematics and foundations of computer science, including lessons on binary numbers, Boolean logic, minimum spanning trees, and lots more...
Merlin's Science Academy (high school +/-)
The Academy currently offers three courses - Principles of Alchemy (Chemistry), Principles of Astronomy and Principles of Genetics (currently 1/4 of each course is free, the rest is available at small charge). Also enjoy the FREE web-based, self-learning minicourse in evolution
Mount Everest Expedition
In honor of climber Ed Hommer, the first double amputee to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, follow this expedition's climb through activities including Math Mountain, Reading Trail, Science Summit, and Social Studies Trek
Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies (grade K-12)
Probability, integers, understanding percents, number theory, circumference & area of circles, perimeter & area of polygons, and more...
Music Composition (middle school)
Covers elements of rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic composition (9 week unit, click on "view full lesson" for each individual lesson)...
Mysteries of Deep Space Based on PBS series (high school)
Lesson plans: To the Edge of the Universe, Exploding Stars and Black Holes, The Search for Alien Worlds
National Ocean Service (NOS) Discovery Classroom
Lessons based on the major thematic areas of the National Ocean Service (NOS), with hands-on activities using on-line data resources, correlated to National Science Education Standards.  Topics include Coral Reef Conservation, Marine Protected Areas, National Marine Sanctuaries, Ocean Exploration, and more...
Odyssey Online
Explore Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and sub-Saharan African cultures; make your own discoveries through cool puzzles, games, and worksheets
Patterns of Communication (upper elementary)
Begin to recognize more clearly that codes and symbols are used in our everyday lives, and realize how these codes assist in communication and living...
Philosophy for Kids (elementary)
Ever thought of using children's literature to teach elementary school children philosophy?
The pH Factor (elementary and middle school)
Excite Explore Explain Expand Extend Exchange Examine...
Quest by classroom connect
bulletAsiaQuest, IslandQuest, GalapagosQuest, and more...
bullet MayaQuest Follow the quest this fall...
Peace Corps Language Lesson
Podcast or computer audio based introductions to a variety of languages...
bullet Jordanian Arabic
bullet Kazakh Russian
bullet Bambara in Mali
bullet French in Mali
bullet Mandarin Chinese
bullet Thai
bullet Ukrainian
The pH Factor (elementary and middle school)
Excite Explore Explain Expand Extend Exchange Examine...
Rainforest Maths (K-6)
Fun interactive math activities that add up to a full K-6 math curriculum!
Read·Write·Think Writing tools elementary to middle school
bullet Acrostic Poems
bullet Bio-Cube - biography
bullet Timeline
bullet Webbing Tool - graphic organizer
bullet Printing Press - create newspapers, brochures, booklets, flyers
bullet...and many more!
Scholastic's Teacher Features
Visit Teachers' Internet Field Trips, and Ready-to-use Reproducibles for good low elementary science, math, and other curriculum features
The Science Learning Network
bulletHurricane: Storm Science Understand hurricanes from the inside out
bulletWind: Our Fierce Friend Explore this natural phenomenon and build your own wind-powered machine
bulletStructures Around the World Explore structures, scale, and build your own
bulletMonarchs and Migration Monarchs, butterflies, and the mystery of migration
SEGway (K-12)
Science Education Gateway (SEGway) is part of the Center for Science Education (CSE) at Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL), University of California, Berkeley.  Includes space, sun/earth, solar system and other lessons for kids K-12
Shakespeare Learning Commons secondary
Study and teach about Shakespeare's work and their cultural effects.  The first course is designed around 'Speare: The Literacy Arcade Game, including Shakespeare Trivia, Timeline, Romeo & Juliet in Space, and lots more...
Shodor Education Foundation
Interactive activities and instructional materials for students, educators, and parents, to advance science and math education through the use of computational science, modeling and technology...
Dynamic, interactive stock market simulation, where students create their own companies, research each others' companies, and trade shares to influence prices (free for a limited time)
Spaghetti Book Club (elementary and beyond)
Pick a title, read the book, and visit the Clubhouse to discuss it!
  • Starfall.com Where children have fun learning to read!
  • Take a trip to the online planetarium or movie theater, and learn about about stars, black holes, the sun, and more
    Stars: A Mystery of Space (12 and under or 13 and over)
    Take a trip to the online planetarium or movie theater, and learn about about stars, black holes, the sun, and more
    Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies
    Logical fallacies are errors of reasoning, errors which may be recognized and corrected by prudent thinkers. This site indexes and describes all known logical fallacies...
    Teaching 9/11
    For those grappling with the challenge of helping their students to confront, and make sense of, the horrific events of that day
    Teaching History
    National History Education Clearinghouse. Lesson plans, reviews, websites, more...
    University of Minnesota Calculus Initiative (Engineering Calculus Sequence)
    Rainbow Lab, Numerical Integration Lab, Beams, Bending, and Boundary Conditions Lab and Modeling Population Growth
    U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Learning Web
    bullet USGS Educational Resources For Primary Grades Grades K-6
    bulletCaves and Caverns
    bulletFossils and Earth History
    bulletMap Adventures
    bulletand more....
    bullet USGS Educational Resources For Secondary Grades Grades 7-12
    bulletLand Use History and Changing Landscapes
    bulletNatural Hazards
    bulletGroundwater and Floods
    bulletand more...
    bullet USGS Educational Resources For Undergraduate Education Community Colleges and Universities
    bulletAstronomy and Astrogeology
    bulletPlate Tectronics
    bulletand more...
    Virtual Skies (high schools and flight technology programs)
    Explore the exciting worlds of aviation technology, air traffic management, and current aviation research...
    Water on the Web (WOW) (high school and college)
    Understand and solve real-world environmental problems using advanced technology.  WOW is a complete package containing two sets of curricula, data from many lakes and rivers nationwide, extensive online primers, data interpretation and Geographic Information System Tools, and additional supporting materials...
    World Builders
    Have you ever wanted to build your own world?  From choosing (or creating!) your solar system,
    WW2010 Online Guides University of Illinois
    bulletMeteorology Guide including modules on Light and Optics, Air Masses and Fronts, Hydrologic Cycle, and more
    bulletRemote Sensing Guide with modules on Radars and Satellites
    bulletReading and Interpreting Weather Maps with modules on Coordinated Universal Time, Temperatures, and Surface and Upper Air Observations
    bulletPlus... Student projects and activities in the atmospheric sciences

    Last updated December 01, 2020

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