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What's New in 2001?

December 31 2001

bulletWhen Gifted Readers Hunt for Books, in Reading Lists
bulletThey Say My Kid's Gifted, Now What?, in Gifted Books and Parenting
bulletA couple new Smart Toys for the younger set
bulletTarata balancing animals, in Smart Toys

December 29 2001

bulletGDC Speakers Bureau updated, on Parents

December 24 2001

bulletStudyWorks Online! Puzzle of the Week (math!), in Math Links
bulletStudyWorks Explorations, in Science Links - there's something here for everyone!

December 22 2001

bulletHoagies' Kids and Teens (nearly all of it) moved to under Hoagies' Gifted Education Page...
bulletYour child is gifted even when he...., in You Know You're the Parent Of...
bulletNerd Alerts (TAG Trades), in On-Line Support
bulletNew York Times Learning Network, in Internet Investigations
bulletTreasures of the Earth Club, in Educational Products
bulletScience Friday, in Science Links

December 17 2001

bullet Movies
bulletRemember the Titans
bulletEmpire of the Sun 
bulletBilly Elliot

December 15 2001

bulletHarry Potter and Pokemon, in You Know You're the Parent Of...
bulletNew science sources, in Educational Products

December 13 2001

bulletNew Stupid Thing, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletA really cute one (if a little sad), in You Know You're the Parent Of...

December 12 2001

bulletNew page, Smart Toys, Educational Products are still available...
bulletNew page, Movies (from Hoagie's Kids and Teens) full of Movies featuring gifted kids and teens (and even adults) in a positive light!
bulletLots of new Binary Arts puzzles on Smart Toys

December 11 2001

bulletGreat puzzles, in Smart Toys
bulletNerd Shirts finds a new home on Hoagies' Page

December 10 2001

bulletIntel Play QX3 Computer Microscope, in Smart Toys and Educational Products
bulletThey really get you!, in You Know You're the Parent of a Gifted Child When...

December 8 2001

bulletThe Explosive Child, in Gifted Books, ADHD and Parenting

December 5 2001

bulletWhat Can We Say to the Children?, in Sensitivity and Social / Emotional
bulletUpdated version of What We Know About Gifted Children, in Identification and Highly Gifted
bulletHail to Our Heroes, in Parenting
bulletA new Stupid Thing... from a Doctor!, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today

November 30 2001

bulletMore holiday suggestions, in Smart Toys

November 25 2001

bulletLots of great holiday suggestions, in Smart Toys

November 24 2001

bulletRe-Forming Gifted Education: Matching the Program to the Child, in Gifted Books and Don't Miss!

November 22 2001

bulletMassachusetts Association for Gifted Children (MAGE), in Regional Organizations

November 20 2001

bulletMore and more... Ridiculous Things I Heard Today...
bulletFunny but serious article on English pronunciation and spelling, in Lighter Note
bulletLegacy International's Global Youth Village, in Summer Programs
bulletFrancis Virtual School, in Distance Learning
bulletMinnesota's MEGT and MCGT, in Regional Organizations
bulletProfessional Perspectives on the Assessment of Profoundly Gifted Children, in Testing and Assessment

November 14 2001

bulletPAGE 2002 Conference (and call for proposals!), in Conferences
bulletNASA Explores (K-12), in Internet Investigations

November 5 2001

bulletPyramid Power, in Smart Toys

October 29 2001

bulletGiftedNet - WA, in On-Line Support

October 25 2001

bulletMindware, in Smart Toys
bulletEvaluation of the Effects of Programming Arrangements on Student Learning Outcomes, in Gifted Programs

October 21 2001

bulletIt's All About Identity, in Gifted Adults
bulletCoping Through Awareness: Gifted Adults
bulletGiftedness and Academic Underachievement: What lies beneath, in Underachiever
bulletNew page, Counseling the Gifted, including
bulletAn Overview: Understanding and Assessing Suicide in the Gifted
bulletExceptional Children Require An Exceptional Approach 
bulletThe Gifted Identify Formation Model
bulletHomeschooling Benefits: Children less preoccupied with peer acceptance, in Homeschooling

October 18 2001

bulletThinking in Pictures, in Visual Spatial Learners
bulletMy Mind is a Web Browser: How People with Autism Think, in Twice Exceptional

October 8 2001

bulletIn College Success, Highly Gifted and Don't Miss!
bulletParents' Perspectives of Early College Entrance For Profoundly Gifted Children: Readiness Issues and 1st College Class Options Recommended
bulletParents’ Perspectives on Early College Entrance for Profoundly Gifted Children: Testing for Admittance and Choosing Enrollment Options Recommended

October 6 2001

bulletYou have to read it to believe it..., in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today...

September 2001

bulletThe Charms of Cincinnati, in Highly Gifted
bulletNew Early Graduation from High School... What's Next? page... full of stories from early graduates
bulletArizona Association for Gifted and Talented (AAGT) 28th Annual Conference, in Conferences
bulletArizona Association for Gifted and Talented (AAGT), in Regional Organizations
bulletSmart Boys: Talent, Manhood, and the Search for Meaning, in Gifted Books
bulletNew Mathematically Gifted page, under Special Topics
bulletThe Structure of Abilities in Math-Precocious Young Children: Gender Similarities and Differences
bulletParents' Observations of Kindergartners Who Are Advanced in Mathematical Reasoning, and in Young Children
bulletIn Social / Emotional
bulletFriendship Patterns in Highly Intelligent Children
bulletSelf-Concept, Self-Esteem, and Peer Relations Among Gifted Children Who Feel "Different"
bulletFeeling Boys and Thinking Girls: Talented Adolescents and Their Teachers, in Social / Emotional and Gifted Girls
bulletNew Gifted Programs page, under Educators
bulletGifted Program Evaluation in Progress
bulletDavid C. Baird's Gifted Children Web Site
bulletGifted and Talented Programs in America's High Schools: A Preliminary Survey Report
bulletAttention Deficit Disorders and Gifted Students: What Do We Really Know?, in ADD
bulletUsing Gifted Education Strategies With All Students, in Curriculum
bulletSuicide Among Gifted Adolescents: How to Prevent It, in Social / Emotional and Perfectionism
bulletThe Emotional Journey of the Gifted and Talented Adolescent Female, in Gifted Girls and Social / Emotional
bulletNew Musically Gifted page, under Parents
bulletBay Area Gifted list, on On-Line Support
bulletFoothill College Academically Talent Development Program, on Summer Programs
bulletIQ Comparison Site, in Testing
bulletNew Education Quote...
bulletKids, Parents, and Power Struggles: Winning for a Lifetime, in Gifted Books
bulletEpiscopal High School, VA
bulletDa Vinci Academy, IL
bulletCoastside EPGY Alternative FAQ, in Academic Programs
bulletNew in You Know You're the Parent Of...
bulletNOVA middle school, WA, in Schools
bulletSusan Sontag, writer, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletWelcome to Holland, in Identification and Young Children
bulletRenzulli's Schoolwide Enrichment Model, in Educational Theories
bulletDrew Carey, in Grade Skipped and Successful

July 2001

bulletThe Gifted Brain, in Readings
bulletAssertiveness and Effective Parent Advocacy
bulletLearn to Ask Questions, Get Services
bulletCooperative Learning at it's worst, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today...
bulletA great new one on You Know You're the Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletFLAG/PALS (Florida) 2001
bulletWest Virginia 2001
bulletIAGC (Illinois) 2002
bulletKAGE (Kentucky) 2002
bulletNAG (Nebraska) 2002
bulletOklahoma 2002
bulletNJAGC (New Jersey) 2002
bulletCAG (California) 2002
bulletNorth Carolina 2002
bulletRegional Organizations
bulletIllinois Association for Gifted Children
bulletWest Virginia Association for the Gifted and Talented
bulletOklahoma State Department of Gifted and Talented
bulletThe Academy of Greater Cincinnati, in Schools
bulletGifted Adults
bulletI realize now that I am highly gifted!
bulletOptimum Intelligence: My Experience as a Too Gifted Adult... Recommended
bullet Products
bulletMath Art Fun
bulletWait, wait! Don't Learn Now, in Early College
bulletMy Profoundly Gifted Boys - Bundles of Contradictions, in Highly Gifted
bulletWilliam Thompson, Lord Kelvin, and Daniel Schorr, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletFixed University of Texas Distance Education Center and Westbridge Academy links in Distance Learning
bulletSAT Conversion Chart (from old SAT to new SAT-I scores) in Testing
bullet9th Annual New England Conference in NH, 2003, in Conferences
bulletUpdates to Reading Levels
bulletSensory Integration International, on Twice Exceptional
bulletFitting in and Speaking Out, on Twice Exceptional
bulletMany new articles on Learning Styles...
bulletAGATE XXV (New York), in Conferences
bulletStanford-Binet IV, of Course! Time Marches On!, in Testing and Highly Gifted
bulletFactors in the Social Adjustment and Social Acceptability of Extremely Gifted Children, in Highly Gifted and Social Emotional
bulletPG CyberSource Recommended, in Highly Gifted and Don't Miss!
bulletGrad, 10, tunes his IQ to college, in Acceleration
bulletBeyond IQ: Paradoxes and Oxymorons in the Lives of Highly and Profoundly Gifted Children, in Conferences

June 2001

bulletYoungest Grad, in Acceleration
bulletCollege is next step for Venango 10-year-old, in Acceleration
bulletAdvocates Say Bill Leaves Gifted Students Behind, in Gifted Education
bulletNew Education Quote
bulletNational Excellence: A Case for Developing America's Talent, the Marland Report, in Readings
bulletKid on Campus, in College Success
bulletAdvanced Development Journal, in Journals and Gifted Adults
bulletArousing the Sleeping Giant: Giftedness in Adult Psychotherapy, in Gifted Adults
bulletUpdates and additions to Psychologists

May 21-31 2001

bulletTwo 13-Year-Old Girls Earn College Degrees, in Early College Success
bulletBoy genius set to become youngest-ever grad of Independent Study High School program, in Acceleration and Highly Gifted
bulletProfessional Books, under Educators
bulletWayland Academy, in Schools
bulletSilver Swans, in Gifted Adults
bulletGinOR for parents of gifted in Oregon, in On-Line Support
bulletSandra-Leigh Sprecker in Marlow, New Hampshire, in Psychologists
bulletEarly College Success
bulletNineteen-year-old earns doctorate in physics
bulletChild geniuses enrolling early at U.S. colleges
bulletRuth Gruber, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletGifted Girl Heads to College At Age 12, in Early College Success
bulletAn Updated Overview of ADA, IDEA, and Section 504: Update 2001 in Legal Resources

May 3-13 2001

bulletGifted Adults
bulletCenter for Highly Sensitive People
bulletGifted Women / Gifted Adults
bulletGifted Lives
bulletThe Rocamora School
bulletI Noticed Your Child..., a letter to give folks who appear to have highly, exceptionally, or profoundly gifted children
bulletTeaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom, a new ERIC digest, in Young Children
bulletCluster Grouping of Gifted Students: How to Provide Full-time Services on a Part-time Budget: Update 2001, in Grouping
bulletNew women in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletWilliam & Mary Center for Gifted Education, in Readings
bullet8th Annual New England Gifted Conference, MA, in Conferences
bulletHINT Nederland, in Regional Organizations
bulletGreat new ones on in You Know You're the Parent Of...
bulletYet more Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletWoman and Talent, on Gifted Adults
bulletNew pages under Early College: College Success and Scholarships
bulletTons of new scholarship options, on Scholarships
bulletMusical Prodigy to Graduate, in College Success
bulletEducational Products
bulletCarolina Supply Company
bulletWordly Wise
bulletMuggins Math
bullet7th Annual New England Conference on Gifted and Talented Education, Portland ME, in Conferences
bulletThe Einstein Factor, in ADD
bulletVermont Council for Gifted has its own website, on Regional Organizations
bulletExchange City, in Academic Programs
bulletNew page, Gifted Adults...

April 2001

bulletCrofton's Creative Chaos, in Gifted Education
bulletRadical Possibilities for the Profoundly Gifted, in Success Stories and Home School and Acceleration
bulletThe On-going Dilemma of Effective Identification Practices in Gifted Education by Joyce VanTassel-Baska, in Identification
bulletDiagnosis Questions by Betty Maxwell, in ADD
bulletOn Hoagies' Kids Page, a new reading list: Books for Children Featuring Gifted Children, by Linda Silverman
bulletFrom "the saddest sound" to the D Major chord: The gift of accelerated progression by Miraca Gross, in Acceleration and Social-Emotional
bulletImplemented user suggestions: Search and other buttons at the top of each page, etc.  Comments always accepted!
bulletNew page, Distance Education, with
bulletUniversity of Nebraska Independent Study High School
bulletUniversity of Texas Distance Education Center
bulletBasic Educational Options for Gifted Students in Schools by Joyce VanTassel-Baska, in Acceleration, Curriculum Adjustments, and Grouping
bulletMove Continuing Education to under Educators
bulletA new one on books and ideas, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletSeveral great new ones on in You Know You're the Parent Of...
bulletNurturing the Life of the Mind, in Gifted Education
bulletAuthor of Mad Magazine Harvey Kurtzman, and former Secretary of State Warren Christopher, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bullet12th Annual SAGE Conference, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
bulletEdufest 2001, Boise ID
bulletIllinois web page reference, in Mandates
bulletSay What?, in Twice Exceptional
bulletAustralian School Listings, in Schools
bulletSummer Programs
bulletSatori Camp, Cheney, WA
bulletIEA Apprenticeship Program
bulletIEA Yunasa Summer Institute for the Gifted, Camp Miniwanca, MI
bulletUniversity for Youth, Denver, CO
bulletUsdan, Long Island, NY
bulletCompu-Camp, TX

March 2001

bulletWashington Association of Educators of the Talented and Gifted (WAETAG), in Regional Organizations
bulletUniquely Gifted, a website, in Twice Exceptional
bulletTennessee TAG Conference
bulletWAETAG Annual Conference
bulletMichigan Alliance for Gifted Education Annual Conference
bulletITAG 2001, IA
bulletWATG 2001 Fall Conference, WI
bulletMinnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT) Annual Conference
bulletNinth Virginia Conference for the Gifted
bulletTAGT 24th Annual Conference, TX
bulletNebraska Association for the Gifted Annual Conference

February 2001

bulletGeneral Omar Bradley, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletNational-Louis University Center for the Gifted, IL, in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletPI Team Chess - a really cool game for players at all levels!, in Products
bulletZome Geometry: Hands-on Learning with Zome Models manual, in Products
bulletWeb site for Community School for the Gifted, Littleton CO in Schools for the Gifted
bulletChallenge Math, in Products and Books
bulletI can't believe I didn't have this one in here all along..., in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...
bulletHow Much High School Is Enough? Some Students Benefit by Leaving After 10th Grade, Some Educators Contend, in Early College
bulletAlexandra Swann, in Grade Skipped and Successful
bulletThis could go here, or in Ridiculous Things I Heard..., in You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When...

January 2001

bulletBeyond IQ: Highly and Profoundly Gifted Children (accepting speaker proposals now!), in Conferences
bulletSENG 2001 Conference, in Conferences
bulletClassic Words, in Products
bulletUtah Association for Gifted Children, January 25-27, in Conferences
bulletCamp America, PA, in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletBelin Blank Talent Search now includes grade 7 to 9, in Talent Search

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