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All Children Are Gifted
All Kids Are Gifted
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Dr. Seuss had a Gifted Child
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Middle School ADHD?
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On A Lighter Note...

"Us Pink Monkeys have a tough time finding one another.  The trouble is that we all learn to wear our Brown Monkey suits to avoid being attacked, which means that we not only can't really relate to the other Brown Monkeys, we have a hard time identifying the other Pink Monkeys."  retold by Cici Clovis, in Legend of the Pink Monkey

All Children Are Gifted Recommended by Michael Clay Thompson
Originally printed in Our Gifted Children...  Haven't we heard this before?
The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List Recommended by Deborah Markus, from Secular Homeschooling
We don't look horrified and start quizzing your kids when we hear they're in public school. Please stop drilling our children...
Education Quotes and Gifted Education Quotes Recommended collected by Carolyn K.
Here are some great quotations on educating our gifted children...
Geocaching: The sport for gifted kids of all ages Recommended
By popular demand, the sport that is sweeping the World! Follow Hoagies' Gifted Education Page guide to getting started in Geocaching.  Step by step, it's easy.  You can do it!  Alone, with your spouse, your family or your scouts or students, geocaching is a sport that has something for everyone
bulletGeocaching 101: How to find your first cache 
bulletGeocaching Acronyms learn all those abbreviations you see in logs and caches...
bulletGeocaching 102: More fun with Geocaching! learn about different kinds of geocaches, including multis, events, puzzles, earth caches and more...
bulletGeocaching 103: Puzzle Caches how in the world am I supposed to figure out that puzzle cache?
bulletGeocaching 104: Creating and Placing Your Own Geocaches take the next step in Geocaching... place your own cache!
bulletGeocaching 105: Using Geocaching Premium membership features learn about statistics, pocket queries, Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) and more...
Gifted Children's Bill of Rights Recommended by Del Siegle, on NAGC
You have a right... ... to know about your giftedness, ... to learn something new everyday, ... to be passionate about your talent area without apologies, and more!  A great poster, post it this wherever Gifted Children work and play!
I never wanted to be one of THOSE moms Recommended by Barbara Cooper
I don’t want to sound like one of those horrible stage mothers – frankly, I was in denial about all this. But my oldest daughter is a pretty special child. I mean, ALL children are special but she’s special in a quantifiable way.  But...
And then there is The Apology.  Why do we feel we have to apologize for what our children are, for what we are?
If This is a Gift, Can I Send It Back?: Surviving in the Land of the Gifted and Twice Exceptional Recommended by Jen Merrill, author of Laughing at Chaos (or from Gifted Homeschoolers Forum)
Join Jen on her journey of discovery, acceptance, and understanding, as she brings humor and wit to the challenges that only the gifted and twice exceptional can create... read this yourself, or read it aloud to your parenting partner, but whatever you do, do NOT read this in a quiet waiting room!
Legend of the Pink Monkey Recommended retold by Cici Clovis
"Us Pink Monkeys have a tough time finding one another..."
Metaphorically Speaking: Metaphors for Gifted Education Recommended
Excellent analogies and metaphors explaining gifted education, and the ever-present myth, All Children Are Gifted"...
Music for the Gifted Mind Recommended a Hoagies' Page collection
Eclectic Music Selections for folks faced with the daily realities of the world, including kids music that won't drive parents batty, teens music that won't offend, and more!
No Dentist Left Behind Recommended by John S. Taylor, Superintendent, School District of Lancaster, South Carolina (previously titled Absolutely the Best Dentist)
"Did you hear about the new state program to measure the effectiveness of dentists with their young patients?" I said.
"No," he said. He didn't seem too thrilled. "How will they do that?"
"It's quite simple," I said...
Also read No Child Left Behind: The Football Version
Not On the Test Recommended
A new song that sings close to home for gifted kids... by Tom Chapin
Official Home Page of the PG Cult Recommended
Are you a member?
Please don't give my child an "A" Recommended by a gifted parent
The lament of every gifted parent!
Raisin' Brains Recommended by Karen L.J. Isaacson
A humorous look inside the home of 5 very gifted children... from the mom's point of view.  Prepare to have your funny bone tickled!  And now the sequel... Life in the Fast Brain: Keeping Up With Gifted Minds.  It's not only rip-roaringly funny, but full it's of great ideas, some of which you do NOT want your kids to find out about!
rolling eyes Ridiculous Things I Heard Today Recommended edited by Carolyn K.
All the collected 'wisdoms' imparted on us by the "professionals" and the parents!
Role Models...Recommended collected by Carolyn K.
bulletGrade Skipped and Successful Individuals who skipped one or more grades, and are successful in their fields... from scientist to actress to Nobel Prize winners...
bullet Notable Homeschoolers So many children throughout modern history have been home schooled, and then become highly successful members of our society...
bullet2e = Exceptional Squared! Successful people who have capitalized on their exceptional learning styles!
Snopes Recommended Urban Legends Reference Page
Not specifically about gifted, but debunks all those myths that tug our heartstrings... or occasionally confirms them!  If you don't believe Snopes, read XKCD's perspective on Snopes...
Tony Recommended by Kaye Starbird
A great poem about a gifted young child. Tony could be your child or mine!
Top Kid Recommended 1985 Australian TV drama for children (YouTube, in 5 parts)
This movie has helped more than a few gifted children self-identify and begin the path to self-understanding...
Well, Thank You Recommended by Taylor Phillips
YouTube video of a Taylor performing her excellent poem for gifted kids... don't miss it! (text of Well, Thank You)
William Tell Overture for Moms Recommended by Anita Renfroe
Feeling like a broken record?  Listen to this one!
You Know You're The Parent of a Gifted Child When... Recommended edited by Carolyn K.
Other parents of gifted children will understand...  Also read More You Know You're the Parent of a Gifted Child When...
13 Days of Radical Acceleration by Michael
On the first day of high school, my classmates said to me, "How can you be in high school when you're so young?"
The Chaos by Gerard Nolst Trenité
The greatest compilation of crazy English pronunciation and spelling I've ever seen!  Originally printed by New River Project in 1993...
Harry Chapin Lyrics Time and again, parents of GT kids recognize their children's stories in Harry Chapin's lyrics...
bulletFlowers Are Red "There's no need to see flowers any other way than they way they always have been seen"
bulletTangled Up Puppet "Don't you know that you don't need to grow up all alone?"
bulletWhy Do Little Girls? "The boys were taught to tumble, the girls told not to fall"
bulletand related, Cat's In the Cradle "And he was talking 'fore I knew it, and as he grew, He'd say, "I'm gonna be like you, dad."
College Application Follies: A Cautionary Tale by Valerie Bock
A timeline, for your amusement, and for those of you who have yet to experience this, a cautionary tale...
Dilbert by Scott Adams
Often right at home for gifted engineering types...
Does Our Middle School Have ADHD? by Lynn Ayers
In the middle of the night, having devoted most of the evening to extracting an acceptable one-page essay from a brilliant twelve-year-old, I was struck by an astounding revelation. I think it’s highly likely that our school may have ADHD!
Dumont-Willis Extra Easy Evaluation Battery (DWEEEB)
For when all the testing and results are just a little too much to deal with, a battery that's sure to give results...
A Fable? printed in The Instructor, April. 1968
One time the animals had a school. The curriculum consisted of running, climbing, flying and swimming, and all the animals took all the subjects.  Or view the beautifully animated version at Raising Small Souls...
Flamingos by Barbara Cooper, author of so the thing is
A Rare Sighting "...together we can create a sanctuary where our fragile, exotic, little flamingos can grow and thrive out in the open, but away from those who would deny them that basic right. Which seems like a dream as big as the whole world but now that I think about it, it’s not really asking so very much."
Check out the long awaited new Flamingos column, A Rare Update "As for me, I wrote the first Flamingos column and then I went straight into denial. I didn’t want to write this column and I didn’t want to be the mother of a gifted kid and I didn’t..."
Frazz This kid sounds SO familiar...
bullet A Yellow Slip for Being on an Adult Level...
Gifted Needlework
Patterns and links for gifted knitters, or the knitting gifted, or... includes all sorts of other needlework, quite popular with gifted folks!
Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut (1961)
Vonnegut's famous story; consider whether Nietzsche wasn't on to something when he criticized the naive idea of human equality...
HeroicStories Restoring Faith in Humanity... One Story at a Time.
Diverse, international voices around the world - reminding us that people are good, that individuals and individual action matter
How to Spin a Pencil Around Your Thumb (a corollary to how to twiddle your thumbs)
IEPs According to Dr. Seuss Author unknown...
I Will Derive
Just a fun little song (parody of "I will survive") for all of us who've taken calculus
If Dr. Seuss had a gifted child.... by Mary Beth Northrup
A terrific poem about our gifted kids, written in traditional Seuss-ian style
Intelligent Life in the Classroom: Smart Kids & Their Teachers by Karen Isaacson & Tamara Fisher
Written to assist teachers in their journey teaching gifted children, Isaacson and Fisher combine humor and insight to offer teachers tons of ideas on dealing with gifted children's' curiosity, intensity, asynchrony, sense of humor, creative and divergent thinking, and many more traits...
Internet IQ tests. Just for fun, use at your own discretion...
bulletDrunk Men Work Here a new kind of IQ test, with only one unique solution...
bulletEuropean IQ-test Measures up to 174, in English, Czech, Finnish and other languages
bulletIQ-test Ceiling of 170 for adults, 230 for children under 16...
bulletIQ Test Labs intelligence test Ceiling of 150?, no age consideration...
bulletIVilliageHealth  Ceiling about 240 (at age 6) or 173 (adult 16+), time is considered, but only to a point...
bulletMega Test Just for fun, on-line IQ test measures up to 190+. One in a million...
Literature Abuse by Michael McGrorty
Once a relatively rare disorder, Literature Abuse, or LA, has risen to new levels due to the accessibility of higher education and increased college enrollment since the end of the Second World War. The number of literature abusers is currently at record levels...
The Lobotomized Weasel School of Writing by Crispin Sartwell, Dickenson College
Today's educational establishment is making actual illiteracy look good, like an act of humanity and rebellion. If your no-child-left-behind funds depend on your test scores, you will teach your kids to write essays that move a computer to tears. But the idea that computers can grade essays in the first place is one that could only have occurred to people who have no idea how to write or how to read...
... are gifted too!  Unfortunately, I live with this one...
No Child Left Behind: The Football Version
This will create a New Age of sports where every school is expected to have the same level of talent...
Also read No Dentist Left Behind by John S. Taylor, Superintendent, School District of Lancaster, South Carolina
OuiGIEP Board by Todd McIntyre in AppliedGiftedEd
Paranormal Technology, Extraordinary Results!  The OuiGIEP Board is a tool that gives the GIEP Team nearly instant access to the finest minds in gifted educational theory and practice.  The OuiGIEP Board saves both parents and districts time by providing nearly instant answers to the crucial need of establishing present levels. No more expensive, timewasting trips to the school psychologist or independent evaluator... (requires Adobe Reader)
Ozy and Millie Where did they find two gifted kids for this strip??
bulletThe Harsh Realities of Non-conformity
Quiddler by SET Enterprises
Word card game, extraordinaire.  Check out Quiddler Solitaire, new puzzle each day!
The School Life of a Gifted Child by Dawn Meier
Light reading, on a serious subject...
I wrote this to let others know where I went wrong. I should have fought from the very beginning with a different attitude. I should have trusted my instincts. Please, parents, always trust your instincts...
A School Year in the Life of a Gifted Child by Lee Anderson
Every year you have a child who can't wait to start the school year, anxious in anticipation that this year will be different. This year "I will learn something!"
dd SET check out the Puzzle of the Day!
The Shrub Who Stole Learning by a teenager
The Shrub hated the schools! Every little last part!
Now, don’t ask ME where his issues took start.
It could be the schools didn’t make him much money.
It could be that English teachers all said he talked funny.
Quite possibly it was that learning is a thing hard to chart --
Or that the Shrub, quite frankly, was not very smart...
The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher by John Taylor Gatto
Teaching means many different things, but six lessons are common to schoolteaching from Harlem to Hollywood. You pay for these lessons in more ways than you can imagine, so you might as well know what they are...
So the Thing Is... by Barbara Cooper
Not intentionally about gifted kids and families, but Oh, So Familiar!
A TAG Parable by Laurie McVicar
Ever been irritated by those stereotypes about gifted kids? Here's the same story, with a new twist
To Realize The Value of Time...
It's all in the perspective...
What Would Happen If... by Virginia M. MacDonald
We Ran Our Football Teams As We Do Our Classrooms? or We Ran Our Classrooms As We Do Our Football Teams?
Wondermark an illustrated jocularity
A library after my own heart... So Many Books...
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.  Sound like anyone you know?

Last updated December 01, 2020

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