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Math Links

۞ Albert Einstein ۞ M. C. Escher ۞ Fractals
۞ Math... ۞ Math Problems

Don't miss Brain Teasers for great math, logic, and other puzzles! 
Multiplication for links in Multiplication, and Programming for cool free programming and free compiler links! 

Albert Einstein

bulletThe 1905 Papers the first paper formed the basis for much of quantum mechanics; the second is today called the special theory of relativity, and the third provided convincing evidence for the physical existence of atom-sized molecules
bulletGeneral Theory of Relativity
bulletAlbert Einstein Quotes

M. C. Escher

bulletEscher and the Droste effect How to create Escher-esque drawings...
bulletEscher for Real many of the so-called 'impossible' drawings of M. C. Escher, realized as actual physical objects
bulletInspirations a short movie inspired by Escher
bulletM.C. Escher Official Website Picture Gallery of all his works, plus bio, interview, and more...
bulletThe Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher a platonic realms minitext... far more interesting than it sounds!
bulletWorld of Escher Learn about Escher's art, plus Penrose's puzzles, and submit your own or vote for your favorite modern tessellations! 


bulletChaosPro a freeware fractal generator for Windows...
bulletChaoscope a 3D strange attractors rendering software
bulletCool Math Tessellations, fractals, dampening functions, careers in math and cool links, too
bulletFractal Geometry a great collection of pages, a first course in fractal geometry
bulletFractals a fractals unit for elementary and middle school students (that adults are free to enjoy)
bullet Fractint (PC) Fractal generator software, plus lots of fractals right on the pages...
bulletHistorical Fractals in Art & Architecture antennas to cabinets, architecture to suburban subdivision...
bulletThe Infinite Art of Janet Parke fractal art, abstract images which reflect the beauty of mathematics
bulletThe Unravelling of the Real Mandelbulb the 3D equivalent to the 2D Mandelbrot set


bullet+Plus Magazine introduces readers to the beauty and the practical applications of mathematics
bullet1-100 Factored and other posters for our visual-spatial kids, you have to see this one to believe it!
bullet The 20 Greatest Equations Maxwell's, Euler's, Pythagoras', Einstein's...
bulletThe Abacus the art of calculating with beads, from its history, to its use today
bulletAbsurd Math Pre-algebra from another dimension...
bulletAlgebasics Recommended An online Algebra course in 16 chapters, with great instruction and examples! (Flash enabled)
bulletalgebra.help a collection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets to help students...
bulletAlgebra Lessons from Absolute Value, to the Quadratic Formula, to Vertical Line Test...
bulletArthur Benjamin does "Mathemagic" a TED Talk you have to see to believe!
bulletArt of Problem Solving For avid students of mathematics, including the largest, most active online problem solving community in the world, USAMTS Talent Search, Math Jams guided improvisational problem solving sessions, and more!
bulletBabylonian Mathematics Our first knowledge of mankind's use of mathematics comes from the Egyptians and Babylonians
bulletBeatCalc Beat the Calculator, with this weekly trick (mailing list, type "subscribe" in message body)
bulletBeatCalc BeatCalc archives with over 400 math tricks!
bulletBob - Penrose Tiling Generator and Explorer (downloadable software)
bulletBrainPop Recommended Health, science, technology, math, English and more... (some free, some subscription)
bulletCalculus 'Thrift Shop' Parody: Teens' Hilarious Macklemore Cover For School Project
bulletCan you solve Franklin's puzzle? Benjamin Franklin stumps us once more!
bullet Change Maker the Cash Register Game
bullet Cinema Fiction vs. Physics Reality, or The Geometric Progression of Vampires
bullet Classic Fallacies several proofs that 2=1, and more...
bulletclickmazes, unique interactive puzzles and mazes, including Oskar's collection
bulletCMS Math Projects for Science Fairs
bulletCogito.org Recommended news and features, questions and answers, even mentors, in math and science!
bulletConvert-me.com Units conversion / metric conversion online
bulletCool Math Tessellations, fractals, dampening functions, careers in math and cool links, too
bulletCyberChase fun interactive arithmetic games
bullet Encyclogram explore harmonograms, spirographs, and lissajous figures
bulletEPGY K8 Puzzle Page although only EPGY students can compete, these are still great puzzles for everyone!
bulleteTutor Graphing Calculator a great tool for math students of all ages!
bulletEven Number proof even zero is an even number!
bulletExploreMath.com Advanced math concepts, tons of interactive activities...
bulletFermat prime numbers Fermat (1601-1665) conjectured that every number of the form 22x+1 is prime...
bullet Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section Fibonacci's show up everywhere!
bulletFranklin Institute Online: Educational Hotlist from Art to Math to Music to Science and more...
bulletGirls Go Tech discover careers and explore games in math, science and technology... especially for girls!
bulletHex a simple, yet elegant, board game, invented by John Nash (and independently by Piet Hein) - can you find your path? (Java)
bullet How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs an amazing experiment that actually works!
bullet I Will Derive Just a fun little song (parody of "I will survive") for all of us who've taken calculus
bulletIf the IRS Had Discovered the Quadratic Formula for our mathies, especially those old enough to have filed taxes (requires Adobe Reader)
bulletIlluminations Activities interactive math from Illuminations
bulletInteractives from Annenberg Media Learner...
bullet Geometry 3D Shapes
bullet Statistics
bulletand more...
bulletIt slices, It dices an introduction to the ʃ of calculus
bulletJuggleMaster download, and create your own juggling patterns!
bulletKaleidoscope Painter A mesmerizing site!
bullet Kenny's Math and Physics Help Great explanations for good questions in math and physics
bullet KnotPlot Site knots and links, viewed from a (mostly) mathematical perspective, including free KnotPlot program download
bulletLure of the Labyrinth digital game for middle-school pre-algebra students, with a wealth of intriguing math-based puzzles wrapped into an exciting narrative game in which students work to find their lost pet - and save the world from monsters!
bullet MacTutor History of Mathematics archive mathematician biographies, math history, and more... and it's interesting!
bulletMake-a-Flake Create your own interactive snowflakes - great art, great symmetry...
bulletMastermind choose 2 to 6 colors, and play!
bulletMath Apprentice Math is the path to anything you want to be... skateboard through town and find out!
bulletMath Baseball from FunBrain, Score runs with your math skills
bulletFunBrain.com Click here for other FunBrain activities
bullet MathCandy! "I make pictures with candy and math. You get to look at them!"  But it's far more than that...
bulletThe Math Circle a program of courses designed for students who enjoy math and want the added challenge of exciting topics that are normally outside the school curriculum...
bulletThe Math Dude Quick and Dirty Tips Recommended Simple answers to tricky math questions, from Addition and Subtraction to the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci!
bulletMath Forum from Drexel, including these and more...
bulletAsk Dr. Math answers to any question you might have, plus mail in support!
bulletMathMagic monthly math challenges K-8
bullet Math Problems & Puzzles tons of great puzzlers
bulletMath Tips and Tricks and puzzles
bulletProblems of the Week bi-weekly problems in Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry
bullet Math Forum Problem of the week podcast
bulletMath in the Movies Oz, Die Hard, Bedazzled, and more...
bulletMath Open Reference: Volume 4 Plane Geometry great interactive applets demonstrate ellipses, tangents, and much more!
bulletMath Playground Interactive math puzzles, including Rubik's Cube and the Towers of Hanoi, among others
bulletMath Riddles Great problems and puzzles, with a live teacher supporting your answers!
bulletMath-Mate hundreds of free math tutorial lessons filled with explanations and handy hints
bulletMath, Physics & Engineering Applets Oscillations and Waves, Acoustics, Electricity and Magnetism, and lots more!
bulletMathematical Quotations Server "Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics"-- Sim鯮 Poisson
bulletMathematics with Alice for anyone interested in learning more about Mathematics, but who find Math textbooks too dry
bulletMathematics is Everywhere poster campaign featuring the ever growing importance of Mathematics in modern society...
bulletMathMovesU an interactive world of math fun! (middle school level+, by Raytheon)
bulletMathNerds.com Free, discovery-based, mathematical guidance via an international, volunteer network of mathematicians...
bulletMathPlayground Logic Games Creative logic puzzles for all ages! Check out Civiballs, Factory Balls and more...
bulletMaths is Fun tons of fun, from basic math to data, geometry, money, algebra and more.  Don't miss the games...
bulletMega Mathematics from Hotel Infinity to Graphs and Knots to Map Theory, tons of great math!
bulletMudd Math Fun Facts  Divisibility by Seven, Math and Calculus Limericks, Goldbach's Conjecture, Wallis' Formula and more from our friends at Harvey Mudd
bulletMurderous Maths The books, the extra bits, games, hints, tricks, puzzles... they're all here!
bulletMystery Master Logic Puzzles logic puzzles, with printable solving grids
bulletNational Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics Pre-K to 12th grade virtual manipulatives...
bulletNegative Exponent Intuition a quick video with an "Aha!" message (YouTube)
bulletnrich free mathematics enrichment resources for pupils of all ages, online resources including discussion forums and mathematics thesaurus...
bulletNotes on Prefixes the Système International d'Unités or SI.  yotta, zetta, exa, peta...
bulletNational Security Agency/Central Security Service Kids and Youth Peer into the secret world of cryptology...
bulletNUMB3ERS Math Education Program the math used in each episode of NUMB3ERS!
bullet Numbers, constants and computation π, e, log2 and other constants, binary splitting, Newton's iteration and other algorithms, counting primes, and more...
bulletOctave GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations...
bullet π Day a song for your favorite holiday!
bullet semi-annual periodical promoting mathematics, designated for high school students
bulletPaper Models of Polyhedra platonic solids, Archimedian solids, uniform polyhedra, compounds, literally hundreds of paper models
bulletPHI: The Golden Ratio or Golden Section in Nature, Art, Science and Religion
bulletPlanarity Game Recommended Arrange the vertices such that no edges overlap
bullet Platonic Solids (a.k.a. Dice Shapes) 5 regular solids are also called the 5 Platonic solids... (or try Wikipedia)
bulletThe Prime Glossary your Internet guide to the terminology of prime numbers
bulletPurplemath Algebra Resource, with lessons and self-evaluation
bulletPuzzle Parlor Recommended interactive GamePuzzles
bulletThe Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections Stewart Coffin's book, now on the web
bulletRainforest Maths fun interactive math activities K-6
bulletSAT Math Pro learn math concepts and problem solving strategies, real video solutions, improve your confidence!
bulletScience (and Math) Help On-line help with any science or math w/ NASA consultants (Yahoo group)
bulletSimpsons Math The Simpsons is one of the most literate TV programs on the air, containing many references to subject matter and scholars!
bulletSlide Rule (often nicknamed a "slipstick") is a mechanical analog computer...
bulletThe Sliding Block Puzzle Page Recommended tons of great interactive sliding puzzles!
bulletThe Sound of pi a concert of huge proportions!
bulletThinking Blocks interactive math tool to help students learn how to solve challenging word problems
bulletSolveIt! University of Delaware's Math Enrichment Program by mail
bulletStephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies Logical fallacies are errors of reasoning, errors which may be recognized and corrected by prudent thinkers. This site indexes and describes all known logical fallacies...
bulletTessellations Lots of them!
bulletTessellation Town create your own tessellations, interactively
bulletTotally Tessellated comprehensive introduction to tessellations, with history, math, and of course, Escher!
bulletTrachtenberg Speed System of Arithmetic far superior to the current arithmetic taught in schools and it has been found to increase self confidence and concentration...
bullet Understanding Statistics flash demos...
bulletUnizor rigorous mathematical topics addressed usually by those high school teachers and advanced students who strive to deepen their understanding of principles and concepts of mathematics...
bulletViHart Recommended Amazing math and doodle videos that make math concepts simple, fun, and exciting!
bulletVirtual Manipulatives pre-k to 12th grade, numbers, algebra, geometry, and more - great interactive fun!
bullet Visual Algebra An exploratory of algebra [I and II] through the eye
bulletWatchKnow videos to learn from, organized... check the leaderboard, by topic, or search for whatever you need
bulletWebSudoku Number puzzle, but no math required... trillions of puzzles!
bulletWolfram | Alpha computational search engine... solves anything mathematical!
bulletWolfram MathWorld The web's most extensive mathematics resource!
bulletWomen and Mathematics Monthly posters about the life and work of a woman who has made a contribution to the mathematical sciences...
bulletYour Age on Other Worlds how does the revolution of our planet affect your age?  How old would you be on Mercury...?
bulletZomepad Modeling Software Recommended with models to follow, examine and build a new challenge every month!
bulletContributed Models great fun to build

 Math Problems

bulletAGMath Hundreds of Algebra, Geometry, and Puzzle worksheets, plus problem sets and lessons for MathCounts and the American Math Competition (AMC) (requires Adobe Reader)
bulletAlcumus Recommended Over 7,500 problems with solutions, many from major national math competitions:  MATHCOUNTS, MOEMS, the American Mathematics Competitions, and the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing competitions
bulletArt of Problem Solving Pre-Algebra Videos ~300 problem solving videos!
bulletAunty Math Math Challenges for K-5 Learners
bulletBedtime Math A nightly math problem to get kids fired up about math in their everyday lives. Questions with each real-life problem for wee ones through late elementary / middle school
bulletColumbus State University Problem of the Week 4 levels: Problem of the week, Algebra in Action, Middle School Madness and Elementary Brain Teaser...
bulletFigure This! Math Challenges and more
bulletIntelligent Child a blog of weekly problems that sharpen the problem solving and critical thinking skills of elementary kids
bulletMacalester College Problem of the Week accessible to first-year college students, a mathematics problem to his students every week since 1968!, or subscribe with the words "subscribe macpow" in message body
bulletMath Forum Problems of the Week bi-weekly problems in Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry
bullet Math Forum Problem of the Week podcast A new problem and it's solution weekly!  Download to your iPod or listen on the PC...
bulletNick's Mathematical Puzzles deceptively simple, or elegance of solution, a new mathematical problem each week...
bulletPrime Puzzles and Problems Collection An anthology of the most interesting prime problems...
bulletPrinceton Friends Problem of the Week great problems, at various difficulty levels each week...
bulletProject Euler a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems that will require more than just mathematical insights to solve. Although mathematics will help you arrive at elegant and efficient methods, the use of a computer and programming skills will be required to solve most problems...
bulletPurdue University Problem of the Week to stimulate and cultivate interest in good mathematics, especially among younger students, send solutions by snail mail...
bulletSuper-Impossible Math Questions even a ten year old could understand them, but it would take more than a nuclear scientist to solve them!

Also visit Multiplication for links in Multiplication and other arithmetic, and Programming for programming and free compiler links!

Last updated December 01, 2020

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