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Science Links

Also visit Physics and Mechanics, Natural Science for links in Biology, Genetics, Geology, and Natural Science, and Space for links on the Moon, planets, and more!

Periodic Table

bulletChem4Kids Periodic Table and the Elements a great introduction with advanced details...
bulletChemiCool more than complete data on each element...
bulletDavid's Whizzy Periodic Table nucleus and shell views, click and see what happens!
bulletThe Elements Recommended animation of Tom Lehrer's song...
bullet The New Period Table Song (in Order) Recommended same catchy tune, with animation, plus links to iTunes and BandCamp versions, including an instrumental version to practice your memorization!
bulletgoReact! Recommended Combine elements from the Periodic Table to create virtual reactions!
bullet Periodic Table Activity interactive game, with hints, levels, and fun
bulletPeriodic Table of Comic Books just for fun
bulletThe Periodic Table of Periodic Tables "Meta" periodic table, with tables of gases, elements, foodstuffs, earth technologies and more! (some free, some for sale)
bulletPeriodic Table of the Elements not just the facts, but the history and more, from Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division
bulletPeriodic Table of the Elements Wikipedia data on each element
bulletPeriodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures ready-to-print pdf files
bulletThe Periodic Table of Videos videos for all 118 elements, now updating the videos with new stories, better samples and bigger experiments, from University of Nottingham
bulletThe Molecular Videos featuring our favourite molecules and compounds
bulletSpiral version of the Periodic Table of the Elements a different perspective...
bulletVisual Elements Periodic Table picture perfect periodic table
bulletWebElements all you need to know, and lots more!
bulletWooden Periodic Table Table this site is amazing - collected samples (or non-samples) with explanations, stored in a table, and new posters... check out the "Hoagies" poster!


bullet10 Female Rocket Scientists - Women Who Surpassed the Horizon and their achievements in this male-dominated field
bullet4000 Years of Women in Science Women are, and always have been, scientists
bullet50 Ways to Love Your Lever It's a simple machine...
bulletAmerican Chemical Society Science for Kids activities full of scientific fun!
bulletAnnenberg Exhibits Weather, Math, Collapse of Civilizations, Personality, and lots more
bulletBEC Homepage Bose-Einstein Condensation in a gas: a new form of matter at the coldest temperatures in the universe... the 5th state of matter!
bulletBill Nye The Science Guy science fun (requires Flash)
bulletblobs.org Recommended Is science baffling? Struggling to understand? Looking for help?  blobs.org is here to help!  it's really quite clever...
bulletBrainPop Recommended Health, science, technology, math, English and more... (some free, some subscription)
bulletCell Size and Scale from a carbon atom to a flu virus, an X chromosome to a coffee bean and much more, how big are they comparatively?
bulletChem4Kids.com plus Biology4Kids, Physics4Kids and Terrarum - Physical Geography
bulletChemTutor begins with the fundamentals and gives expert help with the most difficult phases of understanding your first course in chemistry
bullet Colors, Colors try the famous Stroop Effect experiment on yourself and your friends!
bulletCogito.org Recommended news and features, questions and answers, even mentors, in math and science!
bullet Discovery.com Science News Daily updates on science past, present and future
bulletDo Try This at Home a YouTube series of experiments to try at home!
bulletDolon DNA Learning Center and it's library of websites...
bulletDNA from the Beginning animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes and heredity
bulletDNA Today a lively discussion of DNA in the news from world-renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory!  Visit the Archive first...
bulletDynamic Gene animated tutorials show how to research and analyze a gene
bulletGenetic Origins use your own DNA "fingerprints" as a starting point in the study of human evolution...
bulletGreenomes plant genetics and genome research...
bulletInside Cancer multimedia guide to cancer biology, from the cell pathway, to diagnoses, treatments and prevention
bulletSilencing Genomes learn about RNA interference and it's effects...
bulletYour Genes, Your Health multimedia guide to genetic disorders...
bulletEdHeads interactive virtual knee surgery, weather, simple machines, and the odd machine...
bulletEepyBird Entertainment for the curious mind, including Mentos and Coke experiment
bulleteGFI Engineering, Go For It! All about engineering possibilities, from computer to nuclear, mechanical to civil, and many more engineering options!
bulletEncyclopedia Smithsonian tons of current and former Smithsonian exhibits and information!
bulletEnergy Quest energy education website of the California Energy Commission
bulletEurekAlert! for Kids Science reporting for kids!  Adults can visit EurekAlert! Science News...
bullet Dr. Richard P. Feynman the hero of physics geeks everywhere!
bulletForensic Science Learn about the science of forensics. Created by student team for 2005 ThinkQuest competition
bulletFranklin Institute Online: Educational Hotlist from Art to Math to Music to Science and more...
bullet Gifted Ice Cream Making (requires parental supervision!)
bulletor use the Zipper Bag Ice Cream method...
bulletGirls Go Tech discover careers and explore games in math, science and technology... especially for girls!
bullet How It's Made ever wonder how common, everyday objects are made?
bulletHow to Make Red Cabbage pH Indicator a great experiment, and the science behind it...
bulletIKnowThat.com Learning skills for life (preK-6) with great virtual experiments and more! (registration optional)
bulletThe Infamous Double Slit Experiment Quantum Physics is amazing!  (from YouTube)
bulletInsights and Inspiration from Nobel Laureates Cutting-edge science and personal stories from the world’s finest minds, by Honeywell
bulletInstructables step-by-step instructions for everything from CD repair to a Harry Potter wand to building a robot to a marshmallow gun to binding a book to LED chemical structure sculpture to...
bullet Interactives from Annenberg Media Learner...
bullet Dynamic Earth
bullet Garbage
bullet Rock Cycle
bulletand more...
bulletInventNow Patent Wizard lets you create your own inventions, store and share them!  Games, too...
bulletInvention at Play Recommended from the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention...
bulletInvention Dimension from M.I.T.
bulletIt's OK to be Smart! Recommended YouTube channel of science, the amazing universe we live in, and how science connects to every part of our life
bulletLight & Color Trivia illustrated guide to various oddities about color and light
bulletMad Scientist Network A collective crania of scientists answering questions in many areas
bullet MicroAngela Electron microscope image gallery, including cells, insects, plankton, and more!
bulletNobelprize.org games and simulations based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements... and they're fun!
bullet Laser Challenge Game
bulletInvar & Steel Alloys Game
bullet Liquid Crystals Game
bulletNova Recommended companion websites to PBS Nova episodes, including these and TONS more...
bulletThe Boldest Hoax - Piltdown Man
bulletWright Brothers' Flying Machine
bulletBalloon Race Around the World
bulletNova Online Five to ten minute video shorts, on subjects from Science to Space, Economics to History and more... (YouTube)
bulletNova ScienceNow Recommended and Nova Podcasts satisfy your scientific appetite!
bulletOn-Line Expeditions Virtual expeditions...
bulletExtreme 2003: To the Depths of Discovery
bullet Canadian Archipelago Throughflow Study
bulletA Black Sea Journey
bulletExtreme 2002: Mission to the Abyss
bulletExtreme 2001: A Deep-Sea Odyssey
bulletExtreme 2000: Voyage to the Deep
bulletOptical Microscopy Primer treatise on Microscopy, including tons of great Java interactive experiments...
bulletOptics for Kids the science of light...
bulletPBS Program companions to many great PBS features including resources, lesson plans, and more...
bulletTesla: Master of Lightening
bulletPut it to the Test Scientific method at work, a They Might Be Giants video
bulletNational Geographic for Kids New features every month! Check the archives for Ghosts, Pirates, Lewis and Clark, and more
bulletNewton's Apple Teachers' Guides
bulletNOVA On-Line travel from Everest to Hawaii to the Kalahari and beyond!
bulletOLogy OLogy means "the study of." Explore your favorite ologies here, and meet over 100 different Ologists, from Arachnology to Ornithology, and more.  Don't miss Bioluminescence, in Marine Biology
bulletPlaying With Time look at how the world around you is changing over many different time periods
bullet Powers of Ten Recommended View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree, then move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons...
bulletRobert Krampf Experiment of the Week favorite science and math experiment videos
bullet Fingerprints
bullet Step through a hole in an index card!
bulletand dozens more...
bulletRudiments of Wisdom illustrated cartoon factoids on everything from animals to transport, biology to religion, brainchild of engineer turned cartoonist...
bulletSally Ride Science for girls grade 4-8 interested in science...
bulletScale of the Universe Recommended scroll through and see just how big... or how small... things really are!
bulletScience (and Math) Help On-line help with any science or math w/ NASA consultants (Yahoo group)
bulletScience Entertainment great science songs, including Gauss' Law for the Electric Field, Solid State of Mind (sung to Billy Joel tune), and more
bulletScience Friday from NPR, new questions answered weekly, plus archives...
bulletScience Jokes more than 2000 scientific jokes
bulletScience Made Simple Why is the sky blue?, What is static electricity?
bulletScience News for Kids weekly newsletter, plus puzzles, games, science fair ideas, and more...
bullet Science Times 25th Anniversary Big Science Questions How Does the Brain Work?, What Is Gravity, Really?, and more...
bulletScience Whatzit Science Q and A for kids of all ages, plus great archives
bulletThe Secret Life of Scientists what happens when the lab coats come off...
bulletSmithsonian Kids From history to worldwide to air and space to science and beyond, plus something new every day!
bulletSteve Spangler Science great experiments, from color to paper, eggs to rocks, and many more...
bulletStudy Starters archive of amazing science facts, from Discovery.com
bullet StudyWorks! Online Explorations From Photography to Baseball Statistics and more... tons of Explorations in math and science and more...
bulletSurprising Studies of Visual Awareness great video experiments...
bullet How many times does the white team pass the ball?
bullet May I have directions...?
bulletAppearing or disappearing objects...
bulletThe Telephone PBS Special, including...
bullet People & Events more on Bell, Gray, Edison and others...
bullet Telephone Gallery photo gallery
bullet Technology Timeline 1750-1990
bulletanother perspective History of the Telephone (History of AT&T) “Mr. Watson, come here, I want you.”
bulletThe T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project wholesome experiments (do not do these without adult supervision!)
bulletVega Science Trust Independent broadcaster of informed scientific visual and audio media (note: advanced content)
bulletWatchKnow videos to learn from, organized... check the leaderboard, by topic, or search for whatever you need
bulletWebexhibits fascinating tidbits of science...
bulletBogus Science How can you recognize questionable scientific claims? Here are seven indicators..
bulletWho Named It? biographical dictionary of medical eponyms...
bulletWindows to the Universe learning the Earth and Space sciences, for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students
bulletThe Why Files? Science behind the News... but it's more than just science, check it out!
bulletThe Yuckiest Site on the Internet Check out Gross & Cool Body, Bug World and lots more yucky stuff!

Science Fair and other Project Ideas

bulletBackyard Brains Neuroscience for Everyone! Experiments for school or home (including educational standards)
bulletCMS Math Projects for Science Fairs
bulletCrest Awards Project Resources hundreds of projects, from Discovery (easy) to Gold (complex)
bulletFun Science Gallery from How to Extract DNA From Fruits to Lexical Analysis of Texts, Electrochemistry to Folk Toys (simple mechanics) and lots more...
bulletGifted Ice Cream Making (requires parental supervision!)
bulletor use the Zipper Bag Ice Cream method...
bulletGLOBE Observer international network of citizen scientists and scientists working together to learn more about our shared environment and changing climate...
bulletHome Experiments
bullet Make: Technology on Your Time
bullet Lego domino row-bot
bullet Dirt Poster
bullet Klein Bottles 'r' them
bulletMath Ideas for Science Fair Projects from The Math Forum
bulletScience Fair Central by DiscoverySchool.com, more than just projects!
bulletScience Fairs Homepage "You never know where a science fair project can take you"
bulletSteps of the Scientific Method with details on qualitative vs. quantitative research, statistical data and more, plus kids' science projects
bulletThe Ultimate Science Fair Resource
bulletVirtual Science Fair created for and by students in grades 3 through 6
bulletZooniverse Citizen science projects for all to participate in!

Science Museums

bulletEncyclopedia Smithsonian tons of current and former Smithsonian exhibits and information!
bulletExploratorium The museum of science, art and human perception, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
bulletSnacks Little tidbits and experiments!
bulletFranklin Institute Online: Educational Hotlist from Art to Math to Music to Science and more...
bulletThe Franklin Institute Science Museum Philadelphia
bulletMiami Museum of Science
bulletOregon Museum of Science and Industry
bulletScience Learning Network
bulletThe Science Museum of London
bulletScience Museum of Minnesota
bulletScience Museum of the National Academy of Sciences great interactive exhibits, including Infectious Diseases, Global Warming, and the Wonders of Science...
bulletSingapore Science Centre
bulletShow Me United Kingdom's National Virtual Museum

Also visit Physics and Mechanics, Natural Science for links in Biology, Genetics, Geology, and Natural Science, and Space for links on the Moon, planets, and more!

Last updated December 01, 2020 

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