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Online Professional Development

"Our primary goal must be mathematical power for all students. We speak often about providing rich opportunities for disadvantaged students. But among the students we have in our mathematics programs are some that have either high abilities or high interest, or both. Our programs must include opportunities for these students as well. These students are likely to become significant users of mathematics as our future scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, technologists, and researchers. They deserve programmatic attention just as students with other kinds of special needs do." Glenda Lappan, president NCTM, "Mathematics for All" Must Include High-Ability and Highly Motivated Students

Also visit Gifted Continuing Education Programs for certificates and degrees in gifted education.

HP Catalyst Academy Recommended Professional Learning Network for Teachers
A fresh approach to professional development that will accelerate professional learning among STEMx educators, providing personalized and powerful learning experiences that inspire and transform teaching practices. Catalyst Academy mini-courses are practical, designed for busy teachers. Professional online learning experiences for teachers and faculty, led by proven STEMx innovators... Read the announcement, HP Catalyst Academy

Developing Mathematical Talent: They Don't Have to Be Bored to Tears by Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik, director of the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary and Secondary Students (C-MITES)
Beginning with the common myths, and moving to identification and programming, Lupkowski-Shoplik offers a comprehensive in-service for teachers of math-gifted students K-12... (requires Adobe Reader) Watch and listen to Dr. Shoplik's entire presentation "live" via Illuminate Live!  Visit PAGE online professional development...
Books referenced in Dr. Shoplik's presentation:
Developing Math Talent: A Guide for Educating Gifted and Advanced Learners in Math Recommended by Susan Assouline and Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik
Educators (and parents) guide to educating the math-gifted child...  Also available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca
Iowa Acceleration Scale Manual; A Guide for Whole-Grade Acceleration Recommended by Susan G. Assouline, Nicholas Colangelo, Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik, Jonathan Lipscomb, Leslie Forstadt
For schools or parents, the Iowa Acceleration Scale provides a systematic and thorough approach to considering and implementing academic acceleration for gifted and talented students in grades K-8; read Hoagies' detailed review.  Also available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca


Gifted Education Professional Development Package Recommended by Miraca U.M. Gross, Caroline Merrick, Ruth Targett, Graham Chaffey, Bronwyn MacLeod, Stan Bailey
Research-based essential information teachers need; definitions; levels and types of giftedness; subjective and objective identification procedures; social and emotional characteristics and needs; underachievement; teaching strategies and methods of curriculum differentiation to enhance the learning in the mainstream classroom; practical strategies for establishment and monitoring of ability, achievement or interest grouping in classes, and the many forms of accelerated progression through schooling.  Offered for three instructional ranges; early childhood, primary and secondary grade levels. Don't let the Australian byline distract you; this is international professional development at its best!
Books referenced in Dr. Gross's presentation:
Exceptionally Gifted Children Recommended by Miraca Gross
If you have an exceptionally gifted child, Read This Book! A fascinating study of a small group of exceptionally gifted (IQ>160) children, Gross follows these children over 20 years, and includes extensive details about their interests, family background, progress through school, and social and emotional as well as academic status. Gross shows that when these children are not allowed to learn at an appropriate pace and level it places them at serious risk.  Also available from from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca
Exceptionally Gifted Children First edition, occasionally available used, contains more of the research methods than the new version...

Talented and Gifted Students: Early Childhood Recommended by Gifted and Talented Branch, Department of Education, West Australia
Resource to assist classroom teachers in the Early Childhood phase of development to: identify gifted and talented students, provide appropriate curriculum for gifted and talented students, monitor the progress of their gifted and talented students, evaluate the success of their programs...

UC Irvine Extension Gifted and Talented Education Webinar Series UC Irvine Distance Learning Center
Four-part webinar series specifically designed to help participants better understand and more effectively support gifted students both at home and in the classroom. Now, more than ever, teachers, administrators, and parents must work together to meet the needs of the gifted. Offered for free every February...

Introduction to Gifted Education - What you must know to affect change by Davidson Institute Educators Guild
This introductory course gave teachers of K-12 an overview of gifted education in their area, and in the nation, as well as the various issues gifted students, schools and parents face and how to effectively make change to improve the challenges they encounter. Offered in late 2006, it's presentations are available online anytime...

Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind presented by Deborah Ruf
Described how the ability range within the gifted group is huge with each level requiring different educational treatment and she touched on how gender and personality issues contribute to individual achievement and classroom performance. A portion of the session featured a Q & A segment where participants had the opportunity to ask specific questions of Dr. Ruf regarding both her "Ruf Estimates of Levels of Giftedness" handout article and her book, Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind. Dr. Ruf also led a discussion on how schools can make important, low cost structural changes in order to meet these diverse needs...

Book and article referenced in Dr. Ruf's presentation:

5 Levels of Gifted: School Issues and Educational Options by Deborah L. Ruf
Using gifted children as examples, Ruf illustrates five levels of giftedness, which parents will be able to estimate in their child by comparing developmental milestones... Previously titled Losing Our Minds: Gifted Children Left Behind
Ruf Estimates of Levels of Giftedness by Deborah Ruf
A general summary of the Ruf Estimates of Levels of Giftedness.  There is overlap in each of the levels, and inner qualities – qualities that can sometimes change over time due to environmental circumstances – are often the factors that make the difference among several Levels...

Online Bargain Basement: Free High School Courses (PowerPoint) by Kathi Kearney and Carolyn K.
Explains how to select and use an online course for your student, and offers samples of a variety of the best free online high school courses. Also get the handout, Using the Online Bargain Basement (Word).  Presented at NAGC, Charlotte, November 2006. (requires PowerPoint Viewer)
Online Bargain Basement Returns: Free K-12 Enrichment (PowerPoint) by Kathi Kearney and Carolyn K.
Updates our 2006 presentation, this time including resources for K-12 and beyond, for both acceleration and enrichment, with interactive courses for individual students and robust curriculums to be used with an entire group or class... all FREE!  Presented at NAGC, Minneapolis, November 2007. (requires PowerPoint Viewer)

Last updated December 01, 2020

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