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Links for Young Gifted Kids

Young Kids love the Internet, too, and there's tons of fun places for them to visit.  Here are a few favorites...

bulletABCya Recommended Educational games and activities for grades K-5
bulletThe Animated Internet Discover how the Internet really works, in 50 clicks or less
bulletAstroKids Astronomy Magazine's kids' site...
bulletBookPop Read, hear, or even print books by Stephen Cosgrove
bulletBrainPop Recommended Health, science, technology, math, English and more... (some free, some subscription)
bulletChildhood Reading Classic stories for children of yesterday and today
bulletChildren's (Vinyl) Record Series free MP3s of some of our favorite children's story records, including A Child's Introduction to the Orchestra, Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales told by Danny Kaye, and many more!
bulletClassics for Kids listen to current and past shows, and the music that inspired them, play games, check the composer time machine, and more!
bulletClay Animation build and animate your own characters!
bulletCool Math Just what the name says...
bulletCool Science for Curious Kids invites curious kids to explore biology...
bulletEcoKids! Earth Day Canada's environmental education site for youth who care about the planet
bulletEnchanted Learning from butterflies to explorers and tons more...
bulletInsects at Enchanted Learning insect lore for the youngest child
bulletEnergy Quest energy education website of the California Energy Commission
bulletFEMA for Kids how to be prepared for disasters and prevent disaster damage, learn what causes disasters, play games, read stories, and become a Disaster Action Kid
bullet Hurricanes, Tornados
bulletTsunamis, Volcanoes
bullet Earthquakes, Wildfires and more...
bulletFetch Games WHOAHler Coaster, Dish It Out fun with balls and ramps, Dog Ears word game, and more...
bulletFigure This! Math challenges for families...
bulletFilm Street explore, and create your own animations!
bulletFunBrain Recommended tons of games with numbers, words, universe, culture, and more!
bulletFunschool Games for preschool through 3rd grade...
bulletGettyGames Art games from the Getty Museum
bulletHighlights Kids Recommended same great content from our childhood, now online
bulletIKnowThat.com Learning skills for life (preK-6) with great virtual experiments and more! (registration optional)
bulletInventNow Patent Wizard lets you create your own inventions, store and share them!  Games, too...
bulletJackson Pollock paint like Jackson Pollock - an interactive canvas
bulletJunior Master Gardener Service learning, plus the Kid Zone!
bulletKids Genetics DNA, genes, heredity, diseases, plus a heredity game
bulletKids web Japan Geography, culture, cooking, language, kids' life, and more...
bulletLil' Fingers Storybooks for toddlers, plus great games and fun
bulletMath Cats Cool math stuff in an interactive "blackboard" style, including Tessellation Town, Encyclogram, and more!
bulletMath Dictionary for Kids from abacus to zero, full color and graphic definitions of lots of math!
bulletMeet Me At The Corner virtual video field trips for kids, filmed around NYC! 
bullet Moving Man experiment with motion, velocity and acceleration (Java)
bulletMr. Picasso Head just drag and drop your abstraction
bulletNASA Kids' Club Pick your skill level, and have fun in space!
bulletNational Geographic Kids Recommended stories, games, newsletters, and more...
bulletNGA Kids Art Zone Recommended National Gallery of Art! Interactive art plus art and art history. 
bulletOLogy OLogy means "the study of." Explore your favorite ologies here, and meet over 100 different Ologists, from Arachnology to Ornithology, and more.  Don't miss Bioluminescence, in Marine Biology
bullet Owl & Mouse Maps downloadable and on-line games
bulletPBS Kids Recommended a variety store of games, music and coloring based on popular PBS show characters...
bulletThe Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! games, printables, videos and more!
bulletCyberChase games... math is everywhere, everyone can be good at it, and it's fun!
bulletKids Island Raising readers offers kids ages 2-5 and their teachers and caregivers immersive pre-reading fun (English or Español)
bulletPoisson Rouge Recommended interactive games - write your own music, and play it back - alphabet where the xylophone really plays - visual brain teasers - and lots more!
bulletRainforest Maths fun interactive math activities K-6
bulletRandom House Kids games and activites based on Random House characters, including Richard Scarry's Lonely Worm, Dr. Suess, P.D. Eastman and lots more
bullet RoboPacker pack the geometric shaped robots into the oddly shaped luggage (tangrams, levels K-6)
bulletSan Francisco Symphony Kids' Site Explore the instruments, create a tune, basic music reading, more
bulletScholastic Family Playground Recommended games, stories and coloring based on popular Scholastic book characters...
bulletMagic School Bus Go on an adventure with Ms. Frizzle!
bulletClifford the Big Red Dog...
Show Me United Kingdom's National Virtual Museum
bulletSoil-net Discover what soil is, the teeming life in soil and about the many environmental threats facing soils...
bulletStarfall.com Where children have fun learning to read!
bulletSeussville Recommended games, videos and more Seussian fun!
bulletWeather Wiz Kids learn about the fascinating world of weather...
bulletWhiteHouseKids.gov ABC's to America's Dream Team
bulletWindows to the Universe learning the Earth and Space sciences, for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students
bulletWonderopolis Recommended Where the wonders of learning never cease... what are you wondering?
bulletWonderville Ever wonder why...? Click and find out!

Last updated December 01, 2020

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