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Interactive Games and Puzzles!

For interactive Typing sites, visit Links For the Love of Words...: Typing

bulletclickmazes, unique interactive puzzles and mazes, including Oskar's collection
bulletCodeBreaker Crossword a daily new-fangled crossword, without clues...
bulletCrayon Physics Deluxe Recommended (and downloadable Crayon) an amazing new game, even in the simple shareware version!
bulletDance Mat Typing Learn typing from the home row on, with cartoon fun along the way...
bulletDESIGNit BUILDit Fidget Recommended Can you design the solution for each challenge?
bulletEnigma control a marble through mazes and obstacles (PC download)
bulletAargon use mirrors, prisms, lenses to guide your laser beam to the target (Palm app)
bullet Fantastic Contraption Recommended A fun online physics puzzle game - I can't say it better!
bulletFree Rice a robust definition quiz that donates rice through the UN to end world hunger!
bulletGE Interactive Whiteboard draw on your screen, or invite friends to draw with you!
bulletGeography Olympics Interactive world geography quiz, plus geography facts...
bulletGeosense locate countries on the world map, play alone or against someone else...
bulletHex a simple, yet elegant, board game, invented by John Nash (and independently by Piet Hein) - can you find your path? (Java)
bulletHow well do you know your world map? what's your travel IQ? Countries, capitals, famous places, and more in this fast-paced quiz
bullet Interactive Body Interactive organs, muscles, skeleton, senses, nervous system games, even puberty demo! (requires Flash 5)
bulletJackson Pollock paint like Jackson Pollock - an interactive canvas
bullet Kaleidoscope Painter A mesmerizing site!
bulletThe Lemonade Game See how much lemonade you can sell each day...
bulletMake-a-Flake Create your own interactive snowflakes - great art, great symmetry...
bulletMastermind choose 2 to 6 colors, and play!
bulletMazeWorks download interactive (Java) games, including Fiver, Peg Solitaire, and more...
bulletMemory test your memory, improve your concentration
bullet NationStates create your own country, fashioned after your own political ideals, and care for its people...
bulletNetHack a single player dungeon exploration game that runs on a wide variety of computer systems - computer-type parents will remember this kind of game from their early years!
bulletNetives Marbles, Mahjongg, Gems, Copycat, Plumber Pete and more!
bullet New York Times Learning Network Crossword Puzzle Archive topics including American History, Civics, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and more (Java for interactive, or print for paper solving)
bulletNobelprize.org games and simulations based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements... and they're fun!
bullet Blood Typing Game
bullet Conflict Map Game
bullet Nuclear Weapons
bulletPivot Stickfigure Animator create easy stick-figure animation (download freeware)
bulletPlanarity Game Recommended Arrange the vertices such that no edges overlap
bulletPuzzle Parlor Recommended interactive GamePuzzles
bullet RoboPacker pack the geometric shaped robots into the oddly shaped luggage (tangrams, levels K-6)
bulletssSET, Quiddler and Xactika check out the Puzzles of the Day!
bulletThe New York Times SET Puzzle 4 puzzles a day...
bulletSheppard Software Geography Games interactive games, 10 levels of play...
bulletThe Sliding Block Puzzle Page Recommended tons of great interactive sliding puzzles!
bullet Spaced Penguins Recommended an interactive space flight experience
bullet String Thing Recommended design your own string music with percussion, learn about the science of music too!
bullet TextTwist Recommended rearrange the letters and make as many words as you can
bulletThinkFun Puzzles including interactive River Crossing, Rush Hour, and Tip Over! (requires Java)
bulletThis is sand Recommended click on the grey square for instructions, and don't miss the gallery - wow!
bulletThe Treb Challenge tune your trebuchet for distance, power, and accuracy!
bulletVirtual Keyboard just like the real thing, with sounds, rhythms, chord mode and more...
bulletWebSuduko Recommended Number puzzle, but no math required... trillions of puzzles!
bulletor for a shareware PC game try Sudoku
bulletScroll down for Hoagies' Daily Sudoku Challenge! Come play every day!
bulletWord RacerTM up to 8 players compete by creating words from various grids made up of letters...
bulletWord Sandwich Recommended guess the mystery five letter word, by narrowing it down in the "word sandwich"...
bulletYahooligans Games Live interactive kids games, from Backgammon to Chess, to Arcade games and Knowledge quizzes...


Last updated December 01, 2020

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