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Art, Music, and Theater Links

Visual Arts

bullet African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning An Electronic Exhibition
bullet Animated Bayeux Tapestry one of the most amazing blends of medieval and modern...
bulletThen Create Your Own Bayeux Tapestry!
bulletThe Art of the Brick Recommended by Nathan Sawaya, amazing Lego brick sculptures!
bulletArt Museum Image Consortium works from museums around the world (thumbnails only, but still interesting!)
bulletBryce Create realistic 3-dimensional landscapes and more... (free download)
bulletCartoonster Cool animation tutorial!
bulletThe Cave of Lascaux explore, learn...
bulletChaoscope Gallery a 3D strange attractors rendering software
bulletChinese Watermelon Art Unusual and amazing
bulletClay Animation build and animate your own characters!
bulletCompletely Impossible Pictures Photos that stretch the mind!  Can you create your own...?
bulletDynamic Einstein What would Einstein say to you?  How about Dumbledore?  What would the Dictionary say about you?
bullet Franklin Institute Online: Educational Hotlist from Art to Math to Music to Science and more...
bulletGE Interactive Whiteboard draw on your screen, or invite friends to draw with you!
bulletGettyGames Art games from the Getty Museum
bulletGoogle Doodles love those random Google logos?  See them all here, U.S. and international, from 1998 to today! Don't miss the annual Doodle 4 Google contest for kids K-12
bulletEric Grohe Murals vividly realistic murals transform ordinary spaces into panoramic works of beauty...
bulletExploring Leonardo all about Leonardo and his inventions
bulletFilm Street explore, and create your own animations!
bullet Flying Spaghetti Monster treats with working (and edible!) googly eyes Recommended These little works of art look good enough to eat... and they are!
bulletImpressionism Paintings collected by European Museums... experience or teach...
bulletImpressionism & the Making of Modern Art browse through a series of virtual exhibits designed by Princeton undergraduates
bulletThe Infinite Art of Janet Parke fractal art, abstract images which reflect the beauty of mathematics
bulletInstitute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology tour the artifacts, or tour Egypt itself
bulletInteractives from Annenberg Media Learner...
bullet Cinema
bulletInversions words or names written so they read in more than one way
bulletJackson Pollock paint like Jackson Pollock - an interactive canvas
bullet Learning About Leonardo ... Why is the Mona Lisa smiling?
bulletThe Louvre Visit the Louvre... virtually!
bullet Make: Technology on Your Time
bullet Dirt Poster
bullet Klein Bottles 'r' them
bulletMake-a-Flake Create your own interactive snowflakes - great art, great symmetry...
bulletMakeBeleifs Comix Create your own comic strips, with characters, emotions, conversation or thought balloons, and more.  Now create comics in Spanish, too!
bullet Make Your Own PhotoMosaics take any ordinary digital camera image (and about a hundred other photos), and make a photo mosaic... (includes downloadable software)
bulletMan decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie When Charlie Kratzer started on the basement , he was surrounded by walls painted a classic cream. $10 of Magic Marker and Sharpie later, the place was black and cream and drawn all over...
bulletM. C. Escher enjoy a full gallery of Escher's works!
bulletThe Metropolitan Museum of Art extensive virtual museum, featuring many famous and classical pieces of art, plus learning activities
bulletMinipop Culture 30 pixel tall ... artwork?  Read Mini Madness...
bulletMr. Picasso Head just drag and drop your abstraction
bullet NGAkids Art Zone Recommended National Gallery of Art offers great art-making tools and amazing art history...
bulletOneMotion watch and play with the art of motion...
bullet Breakdance - use the controls to create your own dances
bulletPlay with Spider - don't let this cute little guy scare you!
bullet Sketch & Paint - draw here, or download and run on your PC
bulletSnake Trouble - a flash game to learn the lessons of motion
bulletOur Earth as Art images of the earth, taken by the Landsat-7 and ASTER - beautiful and downloadable...
bulletPBS Program companions to many great PBS features including resources, lesson plans, and more...
bulletAmato: A Love Affair with Opera
bulletAmerican Photography: A Century of Images
bulletPhotoMuse a resource for scholarship in the history of photography...
bullet Picturing America Masterpieces of American art... (EDSITEment lesson plans, too!)
bulletPivot Stickfigure Animator create easy stick-figure animation (download freeware)
bulletPumpkin Gutter sculpting into the rind, for an unusual effect and more interesting possibilities...
bulletRunning the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait Recommended contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics. Visit Chris Jordan's other collections...
bullet Silicon Creatures Gallery Art a computer geek will appreciate...
bulletSketchUp download this free software to draw, model and share 3D drawings! (from Google)
bulletSmithsonian American Art Museum Collections and exhibitions, 1001 days and nights of American art, and more
bullet Smithsonian Kids From history to worldwide to air and space to science and beyond, plus something new every day!
bulletDrawing from Life: Selections of Caricatures & Cartoons from the American Art/Portrait Gallery Library Collection
bulletSmithsonian's Nature's Best Photography Exhibition not a live cam, but oh, so cute!
bulletSnow Crystals guide to snowflakes, snow crystals, and other ice phenomena...
bullet Tate Online over 65,000 works of the Tate Museum Britain...
bullet Young Tate youth art initiative by young adults for young adults, 13 and 25, including artist interviews, podcasts, drawing competitions, and more...
bulletTessellation Town create your own tessellations, interactively
bulletTheo Jansen: The art of creating creatures Recommended amazingly lifelike kinetic sculptures! (TED video)
bulletThis is sand Recommended click on the grey square for instructions, and don't miss the gallery - wow!
bulletThree-dimensional street paintings, various artists (below), plus comments from Snopes...
bulletKurt Wenner, Master Street Painter ex-NASA turned artist, phenomenal three-dimensional street paintings, and more!
bulletJulian Beever's street paintings
bulletTime Life Pictures in News, Sports, or Entertainment...
bulletTime Photo Essays photo essays including people, places, pop culture, etc.
bullet Toothpick Moon Toothpick Sculptures sculptures designed on the orbitals of our planets
bulletUkrainian Egg Gallery Ukrainian pysanky eggs - the gorgeous artistic "Easter eggs"
bulletThe Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery the most thorough and comprehensive Van Gogh resource on the web, including all 873 paintings...
bulletWebexhibits fascinating tidbits of science...
bulletBellini's Feast of the Gods innovations in conservation science have enabled specialists to obtain X-ray, infrared and cross-section data, crucial in dispelling the mystery surrounding this painting...
bulletCauses of Color light is made, lost or moved...
bulletColor Vision & Art vision science and the emergence of modern art
bulletPigments through the Ages how artists have colored our lives
bulletvan Gogh's Letters unabridged and annotated
bulletWebMuseum art from Medieval to Cézanne, plus links to many more art museums around the world
bulletWillard Wigan To see the world in a grain of sand... unbelievable art on the head of a pin, or in the eye of a needle!

Origami and Paper Craft

bulletAmazing Paper Sculptures by Peter Callesen, many from a single sheet of paper!
bulletBotropolis: 50 Awesome Papercraft Robots
bulletBrain Binders can you fold this page, into that shape, red on one side, yellow on the other?  Not as easy as it sounds...
bulletCanon 3D-PaperCraft
bullet Animals & Craftown - build your own town, with vehicles buildings
bulletDon't miss the Cheetah!
bulletLucky Items
bullet Buildings - miniature models of many buildings with great cultural values
bullet Science & Seasonal Cards, Boxes and more
bullet Origami - great designs, plus Chiyogami-Origami papers...
bulletMagic Dragon Illusion video and how-to
bulletThe Making of Mens et Manus (In Origami) Arts & Crafts at MIT, taken time-lapse over 10 hours!
bulletMukerji's Own Folding Instructions and Others' Designs Folding Instructions tons of modular origami, for advanced folders!
bulletorigaminut includes many modular models, and others, with diagrams and videos, too
bulletMysterious paper sculptures Amazing appearances in Edinburgh!
bulletOrigami Yoda & other Star Wars papercraft
bulletPaper airplane that actually flies video tutorial to a unique and flight-worthy paper plane design
bullet A Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean over four years of hard work, complete with electrical lights and a moving train, all made of paper!
bulletPapercraft World a blog of the best papercraft models anywhere!
bulletPaper Models of Polyhedra platonic solids, Archimedian solids, uniform polyhedra, compounds, literally hundreds of paper models
bulletPaper Toys print and fold paper constructions
bullet Pentagon-Hexagon Zig-Zag (PHiZZ) Unit modular origami fold whose locking mechanism is based on an accordion pleat - really cool!
bulletRobert J. Lang Origami amazing models, plus a downloadable Origami Simulation
bullet The Origami Lab: Why a physicist dropped everything for paper folding
bulletSF Movie Paper Craft print and fold paper creations from your favorite sci-fi movies!  The instructions are foreign but the step-by-step photos should do the trick...
bulletShinkansen Adorable train paper crafts for little ones! Select a color, print and fold (instructions in Japanese, so may require some experimentation)
bulletStephen O'Hanlon's Origami Page gallery, diagrams, tutorials, theory... don't miss the diagrams for an entire origami chess set!

Theater and Dance

bulletAmerican Ballet Theatre (ABT) the NYC season, photo galleries, dancer biographies, and more
bulletPlaybill Online from Broadway to off-Broadway to London, plus touring companies and summer stock...


bulletAmazing Video of a Song Composed Entirely of 37 Cello Parts you have to hear and see it to believe it!
bulletChildren's (Vinyl) Record Series Recommended free MP3s of some of our favorite children's story records, including A Child's Introduction to the Orchestra, Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales told by Danny Kaye, and many more!
bulletThe Classical Music Archives the largest classical music site on the web
bulletClassics for Kids listen to current and past shows, and the music that inspired them, play games, check the composer time machine, and more!
bulletEssentials of Music from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century, through Baroque and Romantic, the essential facts of music, including the historical themes, context, style and composers...
bulletFinale Notepad free music notation software download
bullet Harry Partch's Instruments 27 new instruments, in strings, percussion and more, "play" right on the site!
bulletJ.S.Bach learn and listen, discover the subject, countersubject, well-tempered scale, and more! (requires Flash)
bulletMuseScore Free cross-platform WYSIWYG music composition & notation software
bulletMusic and Musicians Database browse by title or composer, artist or conductor, even LA Phil musicians!  Brought to you by LA Phil
bulletMusical Listening Test listen to pairs of tunes and decide whether they are the same or different - how perceptive are you?
bulletNot On the Test Great song by Tom Chapin, on a subject near to our hearts
bulletOneMotion watch and play with the art of motion...
bulletDrum Machine - set up your own rhythms and play!
bulletPandora Internet Radio pick a single song or artist, and Pandora will create an entire radio station for you!
bulletThe Piano Guys  listen and watch the Cello Wars Lightsaber Duel and more!
bulletSan Francisco Symphony Kids' Site Explore the instruments, create a tune, basic music reading, more
bulletSharpsicord like a Giant Music Box you have to see and hear this one! (also visit Sound Sculptor)
bullet String Thing Recommended design your own string music with percussion, learn about the science of music too!
bulletVienna Vegetable Orchestra an excuse not to eat your vegetables.  Listen to the audio, watch the video, admire their instruments...
bulletVirtual Keyboard just like the real thing, with sounds, rhythms, chord mode and more...
bulletWizard Rock a new genre of music inspired by the works of J.K. Rowling
bulletHarry and the Potters the premiere wizard rock band


bulletFind Free Sheet Music free sheet music
bulletMusic Scores free music and more
bulletThe Practice Spot exercises and sight-reading
bulletSheet Music Archive free sheet music

Last updated December 01, 2020


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