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Engineering, Physics & Mechanics Links

Also visit Natural Science for links in Biology, Entomology, Genetics, Geology, and Natural Science, and Science for links in Science, including Science Fair Projects, Science Museums, and Space for links on the Moon, planets, and more!

Catapults / Trebuchets

bulletFamily Fun Colorful Catapult quick construction, fun game, or try their rubber band, pencil and shoebox Marshmallow Catapult
bulletPumpkin' Chunkin an annual event in southern Delaware, featuring trebuchets, air cannons and more! There's a kids division, too!
bulletThe Treb Challenge tune your trebuchet for distance, power, and accuracy!
bulletStorm the Castle Catapult Game Craft stick catapults, a castle target and coated foam boulders... fun!
bulletStorm the Castle Popsicle Stick Catapult quick, easy, fun project, using only 32 popsicle sticks, masking tape, and a rubber band...
bulletTrebuchet Simulator Application Input the parameters for your trebuchet, and enjoy the animation. Allows for propped, hinged counterweights, constrained, sliding sling, and gives the range, range efficiency of the design (PC or Mac)
bulletTrebuchet Size Calculator simple calculator to take the pain out of the maths involved in determining how big a frame to build for a desired range and efficiency

Paper Airplanes

bulletBest Paper Airplanes 10 great designs, of varying difficulty
bulletFun Paper Airplanes print & fold 14 beginner, intermediate and advanced designs... (requires Adobe Reader)
bullet Make: Technology on Your Time
bullet Paper airplane flight time record achieved
bullet Paper Flier This glider is the current king of the paper airplane world... (requires Adobe Reader)
bulletPriceless Fun quickie glider from foam egg carton...
bulletStyrofoam® Plate Glider just what it says, with instructions, pattern, and activities (Word documents)

Physics and Mechanics

bulletA Capella Science home to the greatest Physics covers ever, including...
bullet Bohemian Gravity
bullet Rolling in the Higgs
bulletA Century of Physics the history of physics, 1800 to today...
bulletAnimated Engines from four-stroke to locomotive to rose-yoke, engines on the go!
bulletAmusement Park Physics Design your own roller coaster!
bullet Amusement Park Physics From acceleration to buoyancy, evaporation to friction, check out the physics of amusements!
bullet Archimedes Death Ray: Idea Feasibility Testing It really worked!
bulletBigDog The future of animatronics is now... unbelievable!
bulletBuild a Bridge Pick a site, research bridge types, and build!
bulletBuild-It-Yourself monthly mission to create a whimsical toy
bulletCartoon Laws of Physics including Cartoon Law IX: Everything falls faster than an anvil...
bulletContemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP) view, order or (free for teachers and students) print out these great, informative Physics posters
bulletCrayon Physics Deluxe Recommended (and downloadable Crayon) an amazing new game, even in the simple shareware version!
bulletDC Physics Humor Join the Physics Party, and see how many physicists it takes to change a light bulb?
bulletDESIGNit BUILDit Fidget Recommended Can you design the solution for each challenge?
bulletDiscoverEngineering.org most people have no clue what engineers do... find out!
bulletEdHeads interactive virtual knee surgery, weather, simple machines, and the odd machine...
bulleteGFI Engineering Recommended Go For It! All about engineering possibilities, from computer to nuclear, mechanical to civil, and many more engineering options!
bulletEngineering Games Recommended Engineering, physics and logic games, from beginning to very advanced!
bulletEngineering the Pyramids Cast, Poured, or Both?
bullet The Surprising Truth Behind the Construction of the Great Pyramids
bulletEnigma control a marble through mazes and obstacles (PC download)
bullet Aargon use mirrors, prisms, lenses to guide your laser beam to the target (Palm app)
bulletFantastic Contraption Recommended Amazing interactive physics puzzle game
bulletDr. Richard P. Feynman the hero of physics geeks everywhere!
bullet Getting the Physics Right flash demos of Planetary Motion, Pendulum, Projectiles, and more...
bulletThe Great Wind Rush of 99
bulletHow Stuff Works Recommended from UPC bar codes to Chess computers to Power Distribution Grids
bulletHow to Imagine the Tenth Dimension an easy-to-understand video explanation
bulletHow to Make a Hula Hoop Build and then decorate, or build a folding hoop, and then have fun!
bullet Large Hedron Rap Can't beat this rap about the LHC, what it will find, and what it means to you and me! (YouTube)
bulletMake: Technology on Your Time
bullet Lego domino row-bot
bullet Klein Bottles 'r' them
bulletMath, Physics & Engineering Applets Oscillations and Waves, Acoustics, Electricity and Magnetism, and lots more!
bulletThe Messenger Lectures by Richard Feynman 7 videos of Dr. Feynman speaking on Physics at Cornell University in 1964. Project Tuva by Microsoft
bulletMinutePhysics YouTube channel full of great little physics video explanations
bullet Moving Man experiment with motion, velocity and acceleration (Java)
bulletMyPhysicsLab Physics Laboratory Simulations, from single spring to colliding blocks to molecules, and more (Java)
bulletNova Recommended companion websites to PBS Nova episodes, including these and TONS more...
bulletWright Brothers' Flying Machine
bulletFaster than Sound
bulletSuper Bridge
bulletOneMotion watch and play with the art of motion...
bullet Breakdance - use the controls to create your own dances
bulletPlay with Spider - don't let this cute little guy scare you!
bulletSnake Trouble - a flash game to learn the lessons of motion
bulletThe Particle Adventure a tour of the inner workings of the atom and the tools for discovery
bulletPhysics Central learn how your world works, with exploration and experiments!
bullet fun physics videos for every Atom and Eve... (resources for teachers, too)
bulletPhysicsSongs.org Get Perpendicular, Snell's Law Song, Divine Einstein, and TONS more!
bullet Physics Zone lessons and links in physics
bulletPlaying With Time look at how the world around you is changing over many different time periods
bulletRobots and Us investigate motion and more...
bulletSightseerer's Guide to Engineering Engineers turn ideas into reality!
bulletSoda constructor engineering, robotics, artificial motion, physics... start with pre-constructed models, then make your own!
bulletSpaced Penguins Recommended an interactive space flight experience
bullet String Thing Recommended design your own string music with percussion, learn about the science of music too!
bulletTheo Jansen: The art of creating creatures Recommended amazingly lifelike kinetic sculptures! (video)
bulletTryEngineering.org A portal about engineering and engineering careers, to help young people understand better what engineering means, and how an engineering career can be made part of their future...
bullet Water Bridge channel-bridge over the River Elbe, joins the former East and West Germany
bulletWind Energy in California
bullet Wind Farms a Science Learning Network study of Windmills

Rube Goldberg Machines

bulletAudri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap 7yo hypothesizes and then captures the monster! (YouTube)
bulletBaynham & Tyers Contraptions
bullet The Contraption (or unedited Contraption)
bulletThe Contraption II Wake-up call
bulletCog: Honda Accord Ad the most amazing Rube Goldberg machine, two minutes long!
bullet Lights! Camera! Retake! behind the scenes look at the advertisement...
bulletIncredible Machines 13 minutes of various Rube Goldberg machines
bulletRube Goldberg Gallery wacky cartoons which depict the most elaborate and ridiculous devices to accomplish the most mundane tasks...
bulletWorld’s Newest Largest Rube Goldberg Machine Purdue Society of Professional Engineers set out to top their own record for world’s largest functional Rube Goldberg machine

Also visit Natural Science for links in Biology, Entomology, Genetics, Geology, and Natural Science, and Science for links in Science, including Science Fair Projects, Science Museums, and Space for links on the Moon, planets, and more!

Last updated December 01, 2020 

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