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Links For the Love of Words...

Also visit Books and Authors!


bulletBehind the Name the etymology and history of first names
bulletEtymologic! the toughest word game on the web
bulletOLogy OLogy means "the study of." Explore your favorite ologies here, and meet over 100 different Ologists, from Arachnology to Ornithology, and more...
bulletOnline Etymology Dictionary Explanations of what our words meant 600 or 2,000 years ago

Foreign Languages

bulletBBC Languages exploratory and beginner level language instruction in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese & Greek.  Tools include video instruction, mp3 phrase downloads
bulletDigital Dialects fun language learning games in 60 different languages!
bulletLearn Greek Learn Greek, 105 audio lessons covering introductory, intermediate and advanced Modern Greek
bulletLearn Spanish Learn Spanish free online - 12 lessons (sign in as username: kids, password: spanish32)
bulletLomir. . . ! ! . . .לאָמיר Learn a shmek yidish (a little Yiddish)
bulletFrench for Beginners Learn French through newsletters, on-line pronunciation, and more...
bullet Oggi e Domani Latin 1 online audio course
bulletWillkommen! Beginners' German with text and audio

Other Languages

bulletAmerican Sign Language (ASL) browser video of thousands of ASL signs...
bulletDo You Speak American? Words that shouldn't be, and more...
bulletD-PAN interpretation of "Waiting on the World to Change" (in ASL)...
bulletEsperanto the international language, with an on-line course at Languages Made Clear
bulletHandspeak a collection of sign languages, including ASL and Animal Speak
bulletKlingon For those longing to learn Warf's language...
bulletThe Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs & Body Language Cues from Adam's-Apple-Jump to Zygomatic Smile...
bulletOmniglot explore writing systems and languages of the world!

Mind Mapping

bulletBubble.us Brainstorming made simple... online
bulletFreemind Mind mapping software - map your thoughts into words! (free download)
bullet Webbing Tool graphic organizer from Read·Write·Think Writing tools

Spelling / Pronunciation / Grammar

bullet28 Rules for English Spelling all the rules, with their exceptions...
bulletApostrophe Me How to use an apostrophe... seriously!
bulletThe Chaos Recommended Which rhymes with enough - Though, through, plough, or dough, or cough?
bulletThe Free Dictionary play games, answer questions, or even look up a word!
bulletGuide to Grammar and Writing from adjectives to writer's block, apostrophes to unbiased language, all you ever wanted to know!
bulletNational Punctuation Day "A celebration of the lowly comma, correctly used quotes, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons, and the ever-mysterious elipsis."
bulletOWL (Online Writing Lab) Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling handouts, exercises, even a presentation...
bulletPhonetics the sounds of spoken language - animated libraries of phonetic sounds of English, German and Spanish... (Flash)
bulletRedefining the dictionary a TED talk by Erin McKean What will the Dictionary of the future look like?
bulletScripps-Howard Spelling Bee including word lists and local competitions
bulletTen Words You Need to Stop Misspelling from the Oatmeal... also available in a poster
bulletWatchKnow videos to learn from, organized... check the leaderboard, by topic, or search for a whatever need
bulletNot links, but really cool books by Karen Gordon...
bulletThe Deluxe Transitive Vampire: A Handbook of Grammar for the Innocent, the Eager and the Doomed
bulletThe New Well Tempered Sentence: A Punctuation Handbook for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed


bulletAntagonyms a single word that has meanings that contradict each other
bulletBlind Men and The Elephant Poem check out this vocabulary!
bulletDaily Buzzword a new Buzzword every day!, or subscribe
bulletDaily Grammar
bulletDictionary.com Word of the day and Archive
bulletEtymologic! the toughest word game on the web
bulletMy Encounter with Iktho Greek & Latin words in English....a story and some quizzes
bulletNumber2.com the Internet's first source for for absolutely free test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE)
bulletPuzzlemaker Make your own word searches, cryptograms, and more...
bulletSAT Question of the Day fun, and good practice!
bulletSuperKids Vocabulary Builders word-of-the-day, pick upper elementary, junior high, or PSAT / SAT prep...
bulletTest Prep Review free practice test questions for students, including SAT-I, ACT, GED, GRE, MAT, MCAT, and more...
bulletTextTwist Recommended Addictive! Rearrange the letters and make as many words as you can
bulletVocab Minute Recommended catchy tunes to hum while you build vocab skills for success, in Junior or Senior level (podcast)
bulletVocabulary Quizzes over 1,000 activities to help you study English as a Second Language
bulletVocabulary Web Games Improve your vocabulary...
bulletVocabulary University® The most important SAT words. Check out old versions, just as good 1, 2, 3 with tons more words and puzzles, plus Puzzles
bulletWordSmart Challenge click on WSChallenge on the pull-down, then "click here" to get to the game...
bulletWord Game of the Day! Play Definition Demolition, Flip Flop, Transform Brainstorm, Match Maker or Highbrow Lowbrow - new round each day!
bulletWord Images - illustrated approaches to a bigger and better vocabulary
bulletWorld Wide Words about International English from a British viewpoint... includes Weird Words

Word Fun

Wordle: Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
bullet2006 Year-End Google Zeitgeist most popular searches?  where is?  who is?  events?  milestones?  are you curious...?
bulletInternet Anagram Server a.k.a. I, Rearrangement Servant... anagram anything!  Part of Wordsmith.org
bulletLinguistics Challenge linguistics puzzles from easy to extra-hard!
bulletPalindrome Connection Lists, links and anagrams too!
bulletShakespearean Insults Thou odiferous clapper-clawed popinjay!
bulletWell, Thank You Recommended by Taylor Phillips (text of Well, Thank You)
bulletWordCount the 86,800 most frequently used English words, ranked in order of commonality
bulletWordle generates “word clouds” from text that you provide

Word Games

bulletCodeBreaker Crossword a daily new-fangled crossword, without clues...
bulletCrossword Puzzle Games Enter up to 20 words and hints (clues) below to create your own puzzles...
bulletFree Rice a robust definition quiz that donates rice through the UN to end world hunger!  Now far more than just vocabulary, including languages and other subjects...
bullet New York Times Learning Network Crossword Puzzle Archive topics including American History, Civics, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and more (Java for interactive, or print for paper solving)
bulletTextTwist Recommended rearrange the letters and make as many words as you can
bulletWord RacerTM up to 8 players compete by creating words from various grids made up of letters...
bulletWord Sandwich Recommended guess the mystery five letter word, by narrowing it down in the "word sandwich"...

Also try Brain Teasers: Plexers / Rebuses / Wacky Wordies / Frame Games...


bulletThe Dancing Dove kid-friendly (pg-13 or younger) fanfic board based on Tamora Peirce's novels
bulletInterrobang a rarely used, nonstandard English-language punctuation mark intended to combine the functions of a question mark and an exclamation point
bulletfigment share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors. Whatever you're into, from sonnets to mysteries, from sci-fi stories to cell phone novels...
bulletFreemind Mind mapping software - map your thoughts into words! (free download)
bulletKids are Writers Recommended Are you a kid who loves to write? Are you needing a challenge? Inspiration? Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? You have come to the right place!
bulletJobsPage for high school journalists, careers, interviewing, scholarships, and writing!
bulletNational Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Recommended write 50,000 words of fiction between November 1 and November 30th... you wrote a Novel!
bulletNaNoWriMo Young Writers Program
bulletOne Word - 60 second writing prompt get a word, type for a minute. Go! Then see how others have answered the same prompt...
bulletRead·Write·Think Writing tools, including tools for Acrostic Poems, Bio-Cube (biography), Timeline, Webbing Tool  (graphic organizer), Printing Press (newspaper, brochure, booklet), and more!
bulletScribe and Quill online society, not only for writing, but for support, encouragement, friendship and counseling of you and your writing...
bulletTeen Ink Written by teens, for teens, a print magazine, website and books...
bulletThe Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor, poems, prose and literary history... (also available as a podcast)
bulletWriting Resources and Links for kids and adults alike, great resources...
bullet xtranormal Recommended if you can type, you can make movies!
bulletYoung Writers' Clubhouse tips on getting started, getting published, more. Good starting place for aspiring writers
bulletYoung Writers Workshop for really young writers, writing prompts with  pictures...
bulletZigZagZine Electronic magazine by and for kids. We publish stories, poems, and artwork...


bulletBurning Cargo a different, non-boring way to improve your keyboarding skills. Burning Cargo is first and foremost a game, but it features a full-fledged touch typing course
bulletClockWords a different kind of typing program, where YOU pick the words and explore the cartoon adventures!
bulletDance Mat Typing Learn typing from the home row on, with cartoon fun along the way...
bulletEpistory: Typing Chronicles In a story where everything is to be written, ride a giant fox and fight insectile corruption in a beautiful origami world, visually gorgeous (purchase, available for PC, Mac, Linux)
bulletNitroType Worldwide real-time typing competition to improve your typing skills while competing in fast-paced races with typers from around the world!
bulletQuertyTown traditional typing instruction (one month free)
bulletTyper Shark free download typing game (shockwave)
bulletTypeTastic! Play your way into typing. (also for tablets)
bulletTypingClub practice each lesson until you get 5 stars... (free and paid school versions, too)
bulletTyping.com lessons, tests, games
bulletTyping Test check your speed and accuracy. Lessons, too
bulletZ-Type Type to shoot, normal or expert modes... this gets HARD!

Also visit Books and Authors!

Last updated December 01, 2020

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