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Brain Teaser, Optical Illusions and Logic Links

Brain Teasers & Puzzlers

bulletBrainBashers brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions, new stuff daily
bullet Brain Binders can you fold this page, into that shape, red on one side, yellow on the other?  Not as easy as it sounds...
bulletBrain Boosters Weekly challenge puzzle, plus great archives
bulletBrain Food Give your mind a work out on our devious collection of puzzles
bulletBraingle over 12,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems, quizzes and mind puzzles...
bulletBrainQuest It's OK to be smart!
bulletTheCase.com for Kids Mini-mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests
bulletConceptis Puzzles free puzzles including Pixel Puzzles, Hashi, and lots more!
bulletEPGY K8 Puzzle Page although only EPGY students can compete, these are still great puzzles for everyone!
bullet The Grey Labyrinth some of the toughest puzzles around, plus archives...
bulletGriddlers.net Recommended paint-by-number puzzles to solve online or offline
bulletKenken a new math puzzle, loved by those who like Sudoku and Kakuro
bulletKnossos Games Terrific brain teasers, featured on Johns' Hopkins Imagine magazine!
bulletKrazyDad's Free Printable Puzzles Recommended choose from 1000's of Mazes in 5 levels, Bridges, Cross Figures, Galaxies, Kakuro (Cross Sums) and loads more!
bullet Labyrinth Make your own mazes, and solve them in 3D!
bulletThe Labyrinth Society Learn to draw a labyrinth, take a virtual labyrinth walk, or find a labyrinth in your area!
bullet Mastermind interactive version of traditional logic game.  Choose 2 to 6 colors, and play!
bulletMazeWorks download interactive (Java) games, including Fiver, Peg Solitaire, and more...
bulletMystery Masters Logic Puzzles puzzles and grids, to solve...
bulletNetives Marbles, Mahjongg, Gems, Copycat, Plumber Pete and more!
bulletPuzzlemaker Make your own mazes, word searches, math squares, cryptograms...
bullet Puzzle Parlor Recommended interactive GamePuzzles
bullet Puzzle Playground great mind benders, with new puzzles every two weeks, courtesy of Thinkfun (Binary Arts)
bulletQuiz Hub interactive games, puzzles, quizzes and more
bulletRubik's Cube Solver by WrongWay sometimes everyone needs a little help.  Solves 2x2x2, 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 cubes...
bullet SAT Question of the Day fun, and good practice!
bullet Scholastic Games & Puzzles
bulletSET, Quiddler and Xactika check out the Puzzles of the Day!
bulletThe New York Times SET Puzzle 4 puzzles a day...
bulletSharpBrains Top 50 Brain Teasers Tease all the bits of your brain: attention, memory, senses and more...
bulletSimon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection Black box, Cube, Bridges, and many other great puzzles!
bullet Sunday Puzzle by Will Shortz on NPR, don't miss these great weekly brain challenges!
bulletTangram Ancient Chinese moving piece puzzle, including history, downloads, links...
bullet Tower of Hanoi interactive version of the traditional puzzle
bullet TextTwist Recommended rearrange the letters and make as many words as you can
bullet WebSuduko Recommended Number puzzle, but no math required... trillions of puzzles!
bulletor for a shareware PC game try Sudoku
bulletWord RacerTM up to 8 players compete by creating words from various grids made up of letters...
bulletXKCD Puzzle page a page of puzzles which appear simple but are fiendishly counterintuitive

Logic & Critical Thinking

bulletConceptis Puzzles Recommended logic puzzles, including pixel puzzles, dot-to-dots, Sudoku, Kakuro, Battleship, and more
bulletKakuro.com Free daily Kakuro puzzle!
bulletLogic Puzzles Interactive logic mazes, from Theseus and the Minotaur to the Starry Night Maze featured on the Games Magazine cover, locations for good Maize (corn) Mazes, and more...
bulletMath Playground Logic Games Creative logic puzzles for all ages! Check out Civiballs, Factory Balls and more...
bulletMission: Critical an interactive tutorial for critical thinking
bulletMystery Master Logic Puzzles traditional logic puzzles, with printable solving grids
bulletSimon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection a collection of small computer programs for one-player puzzle games (PC, Unix, Mac)

Optical Illusions

bullet77 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena Recommended but better than the illusions, are the terrific explanations of each one!
bulletDr. Angry and Mr. Calm an interesting illusion...
bullet Dynamic Optical Illusions intriguing selection of old, new and exclusive optical illusions
bulletIllusionWorks Welcome to the fascinating world of illusions...
bulletInterest Optical Illusion is it moving, or still?
bulletMagic Eye stereograms, construction and more, plus great links!
bulletThe Truth About the Spinning Dancer the illusion, explanation, and hints to see both ways!
bulletThree-dimensional street paintings, various artists (below), plus comments from Snopes...
bulletKurt Wenner, Master Street Painter ex-NASA turned artist, phenomenal three-dimensional street paintings, and more!
bulletJulian Beever's street paintings
bulletWorld of Escher Learn about Escher's art, plus Penrose's puzzles, and submit your own or vote for your favorite modern tessellations! 

Plexers / Rebuses / Wacky Wordies / Frame Games / Punzzles

bulletFrame Games Recommended USA Today's weekly game, plus tons of archives...
bulletGilbert DeBenedetti's Visual Pun Page
bullet Miscellaneous Puzzles including 8 pages of Wackie Wordies
bulletPlexers of the Month
bulletPuzzle Soup dozens of Wordies, sorted by subject
bulletRebuses (annoying sound, but 100 good puzzles)
bulletRebus Puzzle Brainteasers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kid Pages
bulletRebus Puzzles 100 puzzles (with ads, but running Google Toolbar or Windows XP blocks most, and the big ad hides the answers from the page before)
bulletVisual Puns
bulletWhAkY wOrDiEs even movement is important...
bulletWordies on the Web

Last updated December 01, 2020    

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