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Geography Links


bullet50 States and Capitals State and Territory information...
bulletTheUS50.com State history, facts, and faces...
bulletAtlapedia Online maps, facts and statistics on countries of the world
bulletCountry Reports Anthems, flags, maps, weather, news and the nations of the world
bulletDestination: Himalayas where earth meets sky...
bulletDegree Confluence Project collecting photos of each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world
bulletFranklin Institute Online: Educational Hotlist from Art to Math to Music to Science and more...
bulletGeocaching Recommended the Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site - check the new wave in scavenger hunting!  Also visit Hoagies' Gifted: Geocaching: The sport for gifted kids of all ages Recommended and Geocaching 101: How to find your first cache
bulletGeography Olympics Interactive world geography quiz, plus geography facts...
bullet Geography World Tons of geography links!
bullet GeoGuessr find your location anywhere on Google Earth!
bulletGeoNet quizzes based on the U.S. or World map!
bulletGeosense locate countries on the world map, play alone or against someone else...
bullet The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu virtual tour
bulletLearning together U.S. map, capitals, state abbreviation and presidents quizzes...
bulletLetterboxing North America combine navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a charming "treasure hunt" style outdoor quest, for all ages
bulletLizardPoint geography quizzes of countries all around the world
bulletNational Geographic.com photos, news, and lots more...
bullet National Geographic Kids Geography Games a different kind of geography games, with a variety of levels for kids
bulletNational Geographic X-peditions activities and maps, and expeditions to follow!
bulletNova companion websites to PBS Nova episodes, including these and TONS more...
bulletEverest - take a virtual climb!
bulletInto the Abyss and Descent Into the Ice
bulletPlacefy quiz yourself in geography based on landmarks, museums and more
bulletplaceSpotting a map quiz with hints, based on Google Earth.  Create your own, or solve others' geography riddles
bulletReach the World GeoGames Build planet earth and place her countries and cities (tricky mouse manipulation)
bulletSheppard Software Geography Games interactive games, 10 levels of play...
bulletTerraQuest visit virtual Antarctica, Galapagos, and Yosemite National Park...
bullet TravelPod what's your travel IQ?  fast-paced quiz
bulletVirtual Finland your window on Finland
bulletVirtual Jamestown explore the legacies of the Jamestown settlement and "the Virginia experiment"
bulletWayMarking.com tools for you to catalog, mark and visit unique and interesting locations around the world
bulletWhere's George? Wonder where that paper money in your pocket has been,
or where it will go next? Find out here...
bulletWorld Sunlight Map Watch the sun rise and set all over the world, with accurate cloud cover!
bulletYellowstone National Park Click on 'Visiting Online' for virtual tours of the world’s first national park

Maps and Flags

bulletBlockView Images Amazing photographs (big cities only so far, but increasing content) of actual city blocks!
bulletBoundaries of the Contiguous United States how the boundaries in the US changed from year to year starting in 1615
bulletDrag-and-Drop Map of the Middle East How much middle east geography do you know?
bulletEnchanted Learning Geography Thousands of printable maps and more...
bulletFlags of the World Devoted to vexillology, more than 5900 pages of flag information and more than 11,000 flag images
bullet Globe Genie Click on teleport to visit a spot anywhere in the world... or narrow down your visits to a specific continent.  Ready? Set... Go!
bulletGoogle Earth Recommended combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips, now including the Oceans and Mars!
bulletGoogle Sightseeing Recommended "Why bother seeing the world for real?" The world will never be the same!
bulletLibrary of Congress Map Collection 1500 to 2004, geographic, cultural, explorations, military campaigns, and more!
bullet National Geographic Atlas Puzzles solve these geography jigsaw puzzles!
bulletNational Geographic's Map Machine Physical and political maps, and more
bullet Owl & Mouse Maps downloadable and on-line maps and map games, US states, capitals, plus regions of the world
bulletTerraServer Recommended Satellite photos of (nearly) anywhere in the U.S. plus more! (plus great maps, too)
bulletTheban Mapping Project archaeology and Egyptology, with panoramas and photographs, maps, historical and biographical information
bulletUSGS TerraWeb Terrestrial Remote Sensing (TRS) deals with gathering information about the Earth from a distance; a few meters, an aircraft flying hundreds to thousands of meters, or a satellite orbiting hundreds of kilometers above the Earth. Special Kids section, too
bulletWorldMapper a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest, including land area, births, population, children, elderly, and more...

Last updated December 01, 2020

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