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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Social Issues

Gifted social issues, including friendships, bullying, understanding introverts, finding intellectual peers, and anything else you would like to talk about concerning the social issues surrounding giftedness at every age.

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If you'd like to read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for all our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Where in the World is Your Carmen Sandiego? Collecting clues along our way through life by Kathleen Casper in One World Gifted
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego operated on one premise that reverberates throughout our lives- that every person we ever talk to has an important message for us. It may not make sense now. It may not even seem to ever make sense. But everything we hear and see is giving us clues about life and even when we don't specifically know what acted on us, each interaction is making us who we are...
Amazing Things Happen When You Find a Friend! by The Grayson School
Understanding the power of friendship and the positive influence a best buddy can have on our lives, parents begin looking for kids their child can hang out with even before their child starts talking. The hope is, of course, that friends will equal birthday party invitations, play dates and hours of shared experiences. But, finding friends for a gifted child can sometimes be difficult...
Is your gifted teen socially isolated? by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
Parents typically worry about their socially active teens - out with friends, going to parties, running off to do who knows what. But what happens when your child seems socially isolated or withdrawn? Gifted teens, in particular, may struggle to fit in and find their niche; they may withdraw after years of feeling different from peers, unable to find friends who truly understand them...
The PYHI Project by Jo on Sprite's Site
Now that Sprite’s Site has been declared a neutral sanctuary zone. Sprite has realised that there needs to be a few rules to ensure that the residents and their visitors are all safe and being respectful to each other.
She sees that Sprite’s Site is a microcosm of the larger world and that the problems that afflict the world at large could become problems in her world unless wise steps to prevent them are put in place...
Be-Attitudes of Gifted Elders - A Social Legacy by Joy Navan, ongiftedelders
My last few blog posts explored goal setting and how gifted elders might plan their remaining years in such a way that they feel a sense of satisfaction with lives of creative productivity. In the next several posts, we move from goals to dispositions. The term disposition connotes a particular temperament, stance, and internal impetus to action that reflect the character and values of an individual. I choose to think of them as Be-attitudes...
Relational Aggression and Learning by Emily VR, The Fissure
Unfortunately, when anti-bullying programs focus on a narrow definition, adults may miss opportunities to both foster empathy and address harmful behavior – which can negatively affect the learning environment. What exactly is relational aggression, and how does it impact education?…
Giftedness and Social Issues by Adventures of Hahn Academy
Being gifted is not easy. Giftedness comes with all kinds of challenges like asynchronous development, overexcitabilities, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and pressure from others. All of this can lead to a variety of social issues. Here 10 things to keep in mind when trying to understand the social issues that gifted individuals face...
I'm afraid of sharing too much with friends by Jen, repurposed genealogy
It was July. My friends and I were at the lake, sitting in the sand, near the shore. I wasn't surprised by their looks as I finished talking. All three women stared at me. At least one in the group had her head cocked slightly. I know that baffled, twenty four degree angle, head tilt well. It was followed by puzzled wrinkles forming above her eyebrows. There was silence as my last phrase was left hanging mid-air.

I heard crickets chirping...
Goodbye To Your Impostor Syndrome -- Hello To Your Authentic Self by Paula Prober, Your Rainforest Mind
If you really were an impostor, you wouldn't be worrying that you're an impostor. Think about it. There are people we all know who do not worry about this. They firmly believe that they have all of the answers and that they are very smart. They do not worry that they are impostors. Kind of like a narcissist doesn't worry that he's a narcissist because he's a narcissist.

You, on the other hand, well, you worry. You have the depth, sensitivity and intelligence to know that there are no easy answers or quick solutions...
Giftedness and the Impact of Trauma by Gift-Ed Connections
If you're a news hound, it's been a summer of scary news stories from all parts of the globe. My iPhone has made it really easy to find these stories as they emerge...just one swipe to the right and there it is...a deadly accident, acts of terrorism, an environmental disaster and wait..."First shot, new target, led the assault..." No worries. Just a metaphor for a story on pipeline negotiations but it got my attention.

If I'm not careful I can start to have a view of the world that not only frightens me but raises by anxiety levels as I wonder about the future for my children and the children that I work with...
Social Self-Esteem and Gifted Kids by Institute for Educational Advancement
I have only been at IEA for six months, but in that time one of the most frequent struggles I have heard from parents is how their child does not fit in socially. This is no surprise, due to the asynchronous development many gifted children experience, which causes them to develop at a different level socially than they do emotionally. This can cause kids to feel “different” from their peers, leading to low social self-esteem.

Low social self-esteem is not just a problem for gifted children, but it can manifest differently and more intensely in them...
A Dark Day: Social Issues in School by Sarah Reeder, guest blogger for Hoagies' Nibbles and Bits
We're in the thick of winter rains when I pick my daughter up from school. She's been crying. Something happened at school today.

Instead of this isolated incident, her explanation is told as a lifetime of hurting. Even the children who like her often can't stand her bossiness, her rules , her sense of fairness, her inflexibility and sometimes uncontrolled crying. She is mocked for reading constantly, for reading multiple books at once...
Social Issues in Asynchronous Children by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, My Little Poppies
This was our normal, and it was only when we were out in public that we would realize it was not normal for everyone else. Our little guy's big vocabulary and fund of knowledge would draw stares and spark awkward conversations.

There was the time my 3-year-old explained defense mechanisms to an awe-struck elderly woman in a checkout line after she had asked how his day was going. Another time, at a restaurant, he informed our server that cuttlefish often change gender for mating purposes. And then there was the time we were at a playdate and he decided to liven up the potty humor by adding the words feces, scat, dung, manure, droppings, and guano.

He was three...
Why it Stinks to be Gifted in Schools Today by Colleen on Raising Lifelong Learners
I’ll never forget the day that the educator in me was devastated by the very institution that I had so strongly supported for so long. It was the day I realized that the system had failed my family.

My child.

"I don’t ever want to go back to school, again. My teacher hates me, Mom. Really hates me. I just don’t want to learn anymore. I’m too dumb.” My sweet first grader burst into tears and ran to his room.

And I stood there, shocked and speechless. He wasn't dumb at all. He was brilliant. He was creative. He was articulate and inquisitive...
Who Do You Think You Are? by Julie Creech in The Gifted Interior
Sitting in front of me, this dynamo of a woman, a woman I felt honored to be talking to, who has accomplished so much I dream of doing, who glowed with an energy and brilliance that filled the air around her, said “When I was writing this book, sometimes I still heard that little voice asking ‘who do you think you are?'”...
Online Bullies: When Your Kid Trolls by Alessa Giampaolo Keener in Everyday Learning
Maybe you’ve played the Grammar Troll, who snarkily points out a critical misspelling that actually makes the original troll’s comment a joke on them? Or the Expert Troll, inserting a citation to some not-so obscure reference that destroys the premise of the original troll’s entire argument (no matter how trivial the argument may be). Perhaps you’ve even engaged as the Humor Troll, deftly making a play-on-words to derail a conversation.

Taking Trolling Too Far...
Healthy Families by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
How far we have come in our knowledge of the needs of children, including gifted children. Instead of being told, “You’re too sensitive,” I would have loved to have been told, “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. I will try to do better in the future.” Instead of being laughed at when I banged my head on the floor, I would have loved to been shown an appropriate way to express anger. Instead of feeling frustrated...
Smart or Popular? Empowering Gifted Girls by Jen G in One Small World
Knowing this, I sometimes wonder about my daughter. Sure she is doing great right now but, I see how important her friends are becoming. And I know that although progress has been made, we still live in a society that subtly encourages woman to downplay their abilities.

When my daughter discovers there is a social penalty for being a smart girl, will she be strong enough to defy it? Will she be secure enough not to hide her abilities, like so many other gifted girls and women eventually do? I wasn’t...
If you'd like to read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

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