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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Community

Community.  What does community mean to you?  How have you found community for your gifted kids?  For yourself?  Why is community so important? What are the characteristics of a good community?  Join our community, and we'll help you find yours!

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If you'd like to read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for all our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Gifted Community by Qiao Li Institute for Educational Advancement
Without a nurturing community, feeling alone, misunderstood, and unchallenged, many gifted and high ability learners get bored, frustrated, or develop bad study habits. Without a community, we are creating a persistent talent underclass.

What is it Like to Have a Community?...
What Community? by Adventures of Hahn Academy
Often, gifted individuals do not always fit. The description of the square peg and round hole is another analogy comparable to the above-quoted reference to a different drummer. Sometimes it takes time for us to find our “tribe.” It is easier for us as adults because we have had more time. But, for some gifted children they need more support. Even some gifted adults need support. And, in some communities parents of gifted need support too.

It is important that we support our society’s gifted children for who they are and help them achieve their goals...
Impostor, Scholar, Procrastinator, Healer -- Your Multidimensional Self by Paula Prober, Your Rainforest Mind
Knowing your Essence is an on-going process. When do you feel peaceful? Joyful? Deeply compassionate? Chances are, at those times, you're in touch with your True Self. Make a list of those experiences. Are you painting, writing, meditating, singing, gardening, hiking, blogging, running? Practice deepening those moments as you gain awareness of your body-mind-spirit. Notice when a subpersonality shows up. Welcome him/her. Sit by the fire for a chat...
Finding Your Community by Gift-Ed Connections
As quickly as I could, I left home to find "my" community. And here is what I learned on that journey:

  1. One community may not meet all of your needs. I have heard many people express a feeling of being "let down" by a certain group because they thought because they shared one commonality, that somehow all their needs for acceptance and understanding would be met there. We are complex and evolving beings and we may be drawn to different communities for a variety of reasons....
Getting to Know the People in My Neighborhood by Jen Campbell, repurposed genealogy
Though gifted people statistically account for about 2 to 3% of the overall population, the more time I spent getting to know the people in my neighborhood, and surrounding community, the more gifted people I found. It was reassuring knowing that we weren't alone.

I found clues about the gifted people in our community...
2E Community Confidential: The Truth About Finding Your People by Jen G in One Small World
You can find your community in both real life and online groups. Personally, I love online groups. You have the opportunity to connect with so many others all over the world. There are usually quick responses to most questions. And in a big group, there is almost always someone who says "me too", to any problem that you are facing. And there's no need to find a sitter in order to attend a meeting.

But for the really tough times, when you need a shoulder to cry on, or a hug, or someone to walk into that meeting at school with you, you can’t beat a real life community for support...
Circle the Wagons by Jen Merrill, Laughing at Chaos
A wagon circle wasn't intended to be a mobile fort to battle Native Amercians and bandits (although it did serve that purpose as well), it was to ensure the safety of the vulnerable. It was a community drawing together for the protection and good of all.

Is it time for the gifted community to circle the wagons?

This week I was reminded once again why finding and being part of a gifted community is so vital to a parent's well-being...
The Search for Compatible Lifeforms by Aurora Remember
I was fortunate that at an early age I grew up in a community that not only accepted my weirdness, but celebrated it!

I'm finding more and more as I connect with communities online, just how lucky I've been. Many excitable, gifted, intense and creative people who don't fit into the "mainstream," struggle to find a place where they really connect.

My parents found connection...
Find Your Tribe ~ The Third Be-Attitude of Gifted Elders by Joy Navan, ongiftedelders
What about our gifted elders? How do they find their tribe? I propose that - similar to younger counterparts - elders may consider their tribe as composed of between one and 7.4 billion individuals. They may prefer a community of one, of a small group, of large groups, or a global community. Allow me to explain...
Changing Perspectives: Are You a Gifted Myth-Buster? by The Grayson School
We can all recall the last time we have read or heard something that has grossly mischaracterized gifted education — and, more importantly, gifted children. As a community, we can help each other to create a greater understanding of the special gifts and talents that define our children and students...
How to Love a Gifted Person by Kathleen Casper in One World Gifted
Gifted people are constantly searching for their tribe, to the point of sometimes looking right through their best and closest support system as if they don't even notice you are there. Gifted people are seekers – they are not easily satisfied and will challenge those that care about them to "step it up" even another notch, and prove their love and commitment over and over again in little ways, as well as some big ones that might take your breath away. They will demand excellence and teach you to fly with them if you show you won't just fall...
Building an "Offline" Gifted Community by Planet Smarty Pants
A great organization... has its own challenges that come with several gifted adults trying to come to a compromise over organization's direction. A couple of the board members were in Lyceum as kids, and they focus more on additional learning opportunities. Newer members, including us, think that we have learning opportunities galore in San Francisco Bay Area and social aspect is a lot more important. There is also an argument about how much volunteering we want every member to do and even how many families we want to have. I hope we will be able to address some of these challenges this year and continue to engage families of gifted learners - helping every family meet needs of their kids and also needs of adults in search of community...
Parents of young musicians: Finding community and support by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
What is it like for parents whose children truly excel in music? In addition to navigating their own reactions and personal anxiety about their child's talents, they often become immersed in the musical experience. They know the music. They know when their child is off-key, playing a poorly phrased passage, or forgets a memorized section during a performance. They weather their child's aspirations and rejections. The power of their child's passionate performance swells in their hearts.

And like parents of intellectually gifted children, they often hide their reactions. They don't want to appear to boast or brag...
If you'd like to read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

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