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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Gifted Relationships

Gifted Relationships. How does giftedness affect our kids relationships, with their peers and teachers, with their siblings, with their parents and grandparents?  Do gifted kids prefer real life or online relationships?  Why?

And how does our giftedness affect our relationships? More than we'd like to admit!

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Relationships Require Work by Adventures of Hahn Academy
Being gifted also does not make relationships easy but us living in a transient global community makes it much harder. There are perks of learning about so many cultures, but there is also more work required to make friends and to keep friends. It’s worth it for the long term as it teaches adaptability and that relationships require work...
Finding and Forging Gifted Friendships by Catie, My Little Poppies
I always find myself wondering what folks did before the internet. I have found so much solace in the friendships I've formed through several online gifted communities. I think I would be lost without this support and I am grateful for it each and every day...
Friends and Relations by Jo on Sprite's Site
Great Aunt Hashtag was visiting the Tweet family again.

Retweet was trying to make the visit a positive experience by declaring that as part of their NEST Ed activities for the week they would be researching their family tree as Great Aunt Hashtag was very knowledgeable about Tweet’s family history.

“I am glad to see you are doing that.” said Great Aunt Hashtag. “In MY day we knew how to respect our ancestors and relatives!”...
If I'm So Smart, Why Am I So Lonely? by Paula Prober, Your Rainforest Mind
Relationships can be tricky when you have a rainforest mind. Have you noticed?

You think you're explaining your ideas quite thoroughly and clearly. But your listeners aren't listening. They're lost in your creative leaps and poetic language. Or they don't really care about the future of the electric car. Or they think your enthusiasm for mycelium is weird.

That you are weird...
Sisterhood Of Mothers With Gifted Children by Elgarmummy
Once upon a time, you could just show your video of how excited you are about your young child who could type at age 2. After a few more videos of interesting discoveries as your child gets older, you start to notice how your friends (with children of the same age are not doing the same thing), and the crowd have strangely grown silent. This is when you realise you have ventured into unknown territory, where people think you are showing off or hothousing your child, but you are actually at a loss on what to do with your child...
Gifted Relationships. The Silver Lining in the Gifted Storm by Crushing Tall Poppies
For us, advocating for our youngest gifted child became a lonely, devastating storm which caused pain and isolation. But, the storm also brought opportunities and realizations which enriched our lives and showed us we were not alone in our efforts to advocate for our son. We were not alone in the storm. There were others and we all seemed to naturally cling together with a shared understanding of the hardships we all shared, helping each other through this storm full of the ups and downs we all shared.

These intelligent, sensitive and understanding people, some I’ve met in person, some who have become life-long friends and some I have only met online are all gifts to me...
Gifted adults and relationships: Ten patterns that may cause problems by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
Gifted social/emotional traits and intellectual strengths don't during adulthood. Gifted adults still think outside of the box, grasp information at a faster pace, and hunger for intellectual stimulation. They also may have retained some of the social quirks and defenses that developed during childhood and adolescence. All of this can lead to patterns that create problems in adult relationships.

Here are some behaviors and feelings that may put a strain on relationships...
8 Tips for Successful Group Work: Relationship Dance Is Not Always Easy by Planet Smarty Pants
Smarty is not an introverted child. In fact, she is very outgoing… with adults. It’s a different matter with kids. I think she is seeking a deeper personal connection with her friends and therefore she strongly prefers 1:1 interaction. She can connect to almost any kid during a playdate..., and she enjoys group games organized by adults, but she hates (her word) group projects in school and she rarely joins group games during recess where kids self-organize into a game. Instead she and her best friend prefer to spend time playing together and rebuking attempts from others to enter their “circle of friendship”... I worry that Smarty will end up more and more isolated from the mainstream of her rather small island of friendships...
Gifted and Struggling with Relationships? The Virtues are a Good Place to Start by Gift-Ed Connections
Gifted or not, relationships can be difficult. Much of my research in my masters thesis focused on the impact of relationships on learning and the focus of three years of intense study into curriculum along with interviewing teachers confirmed that yes, relationships are difficult. In a school setting, there are many things that contribute to these difficulties...
Intensity X2 by Aurora Remember
After seven years of single parenthood, I'm moving back into the world of marriage again when I wasn't sure I ever would. If I've learned anything from my years of relationships and dating it's this - drama is not the same as passion or an inevitable outcome of two intense people meshing and compatible communication styles save a lot of drama. Also, until you completely accept yourself, it will be difficult to find someone who completely accepts you. If you do, and it's mutual - treasure that!
It Isn't Easy Being Smart by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
How many friends does your child have that love to read? My son and his best friend would have reading contests to see who could read the most pages in five minutes. He got plenty of exercise, btw, and has carried his drive for extreme sports into adulthood with stair climbing. Most children are outside on summer days, riding their bikes or swimming, but it is harder if parents work. Some are crafting worlds in cosplay or online...
Five Relationships Any Gifted Kid Needs by Braver than you believe
And, while those regular relationships can sometimes fill these roles, it’s often even better to look beyond the normal circle for others who may bring fresh perspective. Who fills these rolls for your gifted kid, or you, gifted parent?

• Role Model...
7 Tips to Help Your Child Build Healthy Friendships by Up Parenting Creek
As a parent, I want to help my kids build these kind of healthy friendships. Despite what my husband says, building healthy friendships doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. Our kids sometimes need support and coaching, because let’s face it – friendships can be hard....
The Power of Special Connections: Gifted/Special Needs Friendships by The Fissure
Experts frequently discuss students’ need for friendships with other gifted students, with older intellectual peers, and with adults.

There is another relationship, however, which has been equally important to our family: friendships with students who have special needs. A few sources mention these connections, but I hope to see them explored further, both in G/T resources and school programs....

Updated December 01, 2020

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