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Hoagies' Blog Hop: All Things Science

All things Science! Summer is a great time for playing around with science. What are your favorite approaches to hands-on science? Curriculum? Enrichment? Reading? STEM? STEAM? Robotics? Let's talk science!

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If you'd like to read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for all our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

10 Ways to Expose Your Kids to Science by Elgarmummy
3. Watch TV programs – Competitions
Apart from cartoons, there are game shows involving children or teenagers. One that I have watched with my children is Lab Rat. They conduct interesting and wacky experiments and hold competitions to challenge the students. Sometimes the students are given challenges to explain concepts. These are more suitable for older children who could benefit.
4. Watch TV programs – Documentaries
National Geographic and Discovery channels...
The Science of Who Gifted People Will Be When We “Grow Up” by Kathleen Casper in One World Gifted
Regardless of the answers to any of those hypothetical questions, it seems reasonable that we can look at certain things to see what areas of study someone may succeed in, or what kinds of work might be interesting or satisfying to certain people. So there is some science to career choice and interpreting the path of one's potential. And it seems much easier to look backwards at possibly connected events in order to try to see how certain things impacted the way things turned out...
15+ Superb Books for Young Scientists by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, My Little Poppies
Our family's favorite science and nature books
Carefully selected, high-quality read alouds are the spine of our homeschooling. By sharing great books with my children, I am able to cover a variety of subjects. We love to read science and nature books. Here are some of our family's favorites...
Summer of STEAM by Adventures of Hahn Academy
You do not have to have a kit to create STEAM experiences. In fact, the best STEM/STEAM kits are the ones that are open-ended or one that is easy to add-on. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to “hack” a kit or mix kits to expand on the experience. Our son is notorious for hacking almost every single kit or gift he receives. In addition, you can combine any science kit with books and additional materials to go more in depth. Remember...
All Things Science by Jo on Sprite's Site
Sprite has always loved Science especially Astronomy.  She loves to visit...
The Science of Summer by Gift-Ed Connections
In my heart, I am still a farm kid. As a result, science in the summer is as much about family traditions as it is about learning and knowing the important science behind feeding your family. Much of my early scientific learning didn't feel like science at all, it was about daily life-like eating and getting your chores done. There was a lot of "science" that happened in the summer without conscious intention that has become part of my family's summer learning (fun)...
Lego Robotics by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
I have been teaching Lego robotics in the summer for almost a decade now and I never tire of teaching it. The new students start by learning the name of the parts and what they do, as well as a simple program using the computer-graphical interface. They quickly advance to programs with loops, sensors and parallel processing. My classes this summer included students who went ahead on the first day because of previous knowledge. They used the sensors, which give input to the main brick, or "brain," to make decisions in the program. To keep them challenged after that, I also threw out daily challenges...
Women, success, and harnessing inherent strengths by The Grayson School
Student directed, project-based learning activities stress hands-on learning and immersion in the discovery of new information. Because we know that gifted students learn best through actively gathering the information necessary for problem-solving and then articulating what they have discovered through various media like a journal, artwork, or video, I created a unit about space travel by planning “A Mission to Mars” for our students.

My goal was simple...
10 Tips for Raising Science Loving Kids by Planet Smarty Pants
My daughter is turning 10 this fall. Ever since she was in preschool, she wanted to be an engineer or a scientist - currently she is divided between neuroscience and astronomy. I love her enthusiasm about all things science and want to share a few tips on guiding little scientists from the cradle all the way through elementary school...
If you'd like to read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

Barnes & Noble

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