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November 2015  Blog Hop: Ages & Stages of Giftedness

Giftedness looks unique across the lifespan, yet most of what you find on the subject addresses the K-12 school years. But are we any less gifted as toddlers? As adults? As parents? As senior citizens? Giftedness affects every part of our human development. Join us to explore those ages and stages!

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November 20-21, 2015

bulletNext spring and beyond! in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings...
bulletSouth Carolina Consortium for Gifted Education Annual Conference
bulletHawaii International Conference on Education
bulletSENG Model Parent Group (SMPG) Facilitator Training (VA)
bulletLego Brickfair (AL)
bulletTAGT Gifted Plus Conference (TX)
bulletUtah Membership Symposium
bulletMinnesota Educators of the Gifted and Talented (MEGT)
bulletUC Irvine’s Free Gifted and Talented Webinar Series (online)
bulletPowering GATE Lessons with Student Curiosity
bulletHow do I leverage technology to enhance gifted student learning?
bulletAcknowledging and Supporting the Spiritual Lives of Gifted Children
bulletTeaching Gifted Students Interdisciplinary Concepts
bulletArkansas Gifted and Talented Education Conference (AGATE)
bulletKentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE) Annual Conference
bulletOklahoma Association of Gifted, Creative, & Talented (OAGCT)
bulletInstitute for the Development of Gifted Education (IDGE) (CO)
bulletAGIS Conference (Germany)
bulletIllinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC)
bulletNorth Carolina Association of Gifted & Talented (NCAGT)
bulletNAGC State Affiliate Conference (DC)
bulletNational Curriculum Network Conference (NCNC) (VA)
bulletVanderbilt Gifted Education Institute (TN)
bulletGeorgia Association for Gifted Children (GAGC) Convention
bulletMontana AGATE Spring Conference
bulletOttawa Area ISD Annual Gifted Conference (MI)
bulletNew Jersey Association for Gifted Children (NJAGC)
bulletUNC Wilmington Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Program (NC)
bulletAustralasia 2015 Programme Gifted & Talented Study Day (Australia and New Zealand)
bulletICIE conference on Excellence and Innovation in Education (Croatia)
bulletHormel Foundation Gifted and Talented Education Symposium (MN)
bulletLego Brickfair (MA)
bulletUtah Association for Gifted Children Conference
bulletUniversity of Connecticut's Confratute (CT)
bulletLego Brickfair (VA)
bulletAlabama Association for Gifted Children (AAGC)
bulletAustralian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT) (Australia)
bulletColorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT)
bulletWisconsin Association for Talented & Gifted (WATG)
bulletIowa Talented and Gifted Association (ITAG)
bulletThe Association for Educators of Gifted, Talented and Creative Children in BC (AEGTCCBC) (Canada)
bulletLego Brickfair (NJ)
bulletIndiana Association for the Gifted
bullet2017 World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) (Australia)
bulletIowa Talented and Gifted Association (ITAG)
bulletICIE conference on Excellence and Innovation in Education (France)
bulletNational Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Annual Convention (FL)
bulletGalaxy Trucker Recommended, in Smart Strategy Games
bulletScreen Time = Scream Time Recommended, in Technology and the Gifted Child
bulletIn Smart Paper-n-Pencil Toys, Games & Puzzles and Hot Topics Reading List! Mathematics...
bulletPatterns in the Universe
bulletSnowflake Seashell Star: Colouring Adventures in Numberland
bulletIn Gifted Kids' Success Stories...
bulletHomeschooled with MIT courses at 5, accepted to MIT at 15
bullet2 degrees, flies planes, author, works at NASA. His age? 17
bullet17-Year-Old Builds $3.5 Million IT Company In Little Over 2 Years
bullet15 Black Child Prodigies-Whiz-kids Who Rock!
bulletStudying gifted young people

November 19, 2015

bulletRevo Academy (CA), in Schools for the Gifted Child

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November 1, 2015

bulletIn Blog Hop: Ages & Stages of Giftedness Recommended...
bulletWhat Age Does Giftedness Begin?
bulletI See You, Poppy Parent
bulletThe Gifted Journey: In Two Repetitive Stages
bulletAn Orange in the Apple Barrel
bulletWhy do smart women forego success?
bulletHow to Help Smart and Confused Kindergartners: With Comics!
bulletUncharted Territory: Early Milestones and Educational Planning
bulletSidetracked by Dabrowski
bulletYoung Gifted Children--Reflections From Parenting
bulletThe Magic Years
bulletThe Pressure to be Super Smart at all Times
bulletDifferent Stages of Giftedness In Young Children

October 21, 2015

bulletMIST & Night Cache, in Geocaching Acronyms and Terms

October 20, 2015

bulletIn Smart Board Games...
bulletMice and Mystics, also in Smart Collaborative Games
bulletIn Smart Games for Young Children...
bulletCartoona, also in Smart Family Games
bulletLooping Louie Recommended
bulletIn Smart Card Games...
bulletExploding Kittens
bulletSummoner Wars Recommended, also in Smart Strategy Games
bulletIn Distance Learning Programs...
bulletCollaboratory Zone
bulletMr Gelston’s One Room Schoolhouse
bulletVillage East Gifted (NY), in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletAddressing the Elephant in the Room (CA), in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings

October 19, 2015

bullet Geocaching 103: Puzzle Caches
bulletMorse Code Translator

October 14, 2015

bulletIn Hot Topics! History: Top Secret Files...
bulletTop Secret Files of History: The Cold War: Secrets, Special Missions, and Hidden Facts about the CIA, KGB, and MI6
bulletTop Secret Files of Gangsters and Bootleggers: Secrets, Strange Tales, and Hidden Facts about the Roaring 20s
bulletTop Secret Files of History: Pirates and Buried Treasure: Secrets, Strange Tales, and Hidden Facts
bulletTop Secret Files of History: The Wild West: Secrets, Strange Tales, and Hidden Facts about the Wild West

October 6, 2015

bulletHow legitimate is the Flynn effect for the Gifted? in Myths, Arguments and Red Herrings
bulletYoung Scholars: Finding and Developing Talent in Underserved Populations of Gifted Learners (MN), in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings
bulletPixar in a Box Recommended, in Programming Links

October 1, 2015

bulletIn Blog Hop: Asking for Help Recommended...
bulletThe Oxygen Mask: Gifted and 2e Parenting
bulletThis too shall pass...but in the meantime I'm asking for Help
bulletHelp! Where Do I Get It?
bulletGifted Children and Adults: When is Therapy Helpful?
bulletHow and When to Ask For Help
bulletLearning to Ask for Help (begins with how it's been offered in the past)
bulletWhen You Want to Send the Gift(edness) Back
bulletWhen Your Gifted Child is Struggling in School: Things to Consider
bulletChoosing Help
bulletYes, you need help!
bulletDear Tired Mama of Gifted Kids...
bulletSeeking Help for the Uniquely Normal... or Normally Unique
bulletOpen to Receive

September 30, 2015

bulletGifted Evaluation Scales-Third Edition (GES), in Tests, Tests, Tests

September 28, 2015

bulletTeen Who Invented $25 Ebola Detection Test Wins Huge Google Prize, in Gifted Kids' Success Stories
bulletAlberta Parenting Gifted Kids (Alberta), in Gifted Organizations
bulletIn Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings...
bulletSENGinar, "If I'm so Smart, then why am I so Dumb: Understanding the Complicated World of the Gifted Adult" (online)
bulletNYC Gifted & Talented ‘Right Fit’ Symposium & Benefit (NY)
bulletCutting-edge Research on Talent Development (Germany)
bulletAccommodations, Strategies for Students with ASD’s, in High-Functioning Autism (HFA) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)
bulletLittle Zebra is Gifted, in Hot Topics! On Being Gifted
bulletYour Age on Other Worlds, in Math Links

September 27, 2015

bulletAngela Simms (GA), in Psychologists familiar with the Gifted
bulletAnurudh Ganesan Wins 2015 Google Science Fair Lego Education Builder Award, in Gifted Kids' Success Stories

September 1, 2015

bulletBlog Hop: Overexcitabilities (OEs) Recommended including...
bulletOEs IRL (Dabrowski's Overexcitabilities in real life)
bulletSo, What Are OEs?
bulletStories of the OEs
bulletIf Only It Were as Simple as “Naughty or Nice”
bulletOn Being “Too Much”
bulletOverexcitabilities: Love Them, Hate Them
bulletThe Bright Side of Overexcitabilities in Gifted Children
bulletSupporting your emotionally excitable gifted child
bulletEven Ramshackle is a Blessing
bulletOverexcitabilities are Super Powers
bulletOverexcitibilities and Why They Matter for Gifted Kids
bulletOverexcitabilities And Cartoon Characters
bulletHomeschooling and Overexcitabilities
bulletUnderstanding Overexcitabilities: The Basics
bulletMaking Use of Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities
bulletMay the Hypersensitivities Be With You
bulletOverexcitabilities, Dabrowski, and “The Rest of the Story”
bulletOE’s, Oh,No!…OE’s, Oh,Yes!

August 31, 2015

bulletHiccup Horrendous Haddock Explains Giftedness, in Blog Hop: Gifted 101

August 3, 2015

bulletGreat coloring options for older kids (of all ages!) in Smart Paper-n-Pencil Toys, Games & Puzzles
bulletColor Me Your Way: For Those Who Love to Color and for Those Who Didn't Think They Could
bulletOne Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun, also in Creatively Gifted
bulletThis fall's lineup in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings ...
bulletNebraska Association for the Gifted (NAG) fall conferences
bulletArkansas Association of Educational Administrators (AAGEA)
bulletAlabama Association for Gifted Children (AAGC)
bulletAlbuquerque Association for Gifted and Talented Students (AAGTS) (NM)
bulletNational Council of Women of Queensland (NCWQ) Parent's and Children's Conference
bulletFlorida Association of the Gifted State Conference (FLAG)
bulletGifted & Talented 2015 (Manchester, UK)
bullet9th Annual ECU Gifted Conference (NC)
bulletKansas Association for Gifted, Talented and Creative (KGTC)
bulletGifted & Talented 2015 (London, UK)
bulletMichigan Association for Gifted Children (MAGC)
bulletOregon Association for Talented and Gifted (OATAG)
bulletOhio Association for Gifted Children Annual Conference (OAGC)
bulletColorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT)
bulletIowa Talented and Gifted Association (ITAG)
bulletMissouri Conference on Gifted Education (GAM)
bulletPennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE)
bulletIndiana Association for the Gifted (IAG)
bulletNebraska Association for the Gifted (NAG) spring conference

August 1, 2015

bulletIn Blog Hop: Gifted 101 Recommended...
bulletGifted 101 for Teachers New to Gifted Students
bulletGifted 101, What You Need to Know
bullet101 Things I've Learned From Homeschooling My Gifted Son
bulletStarting School for Gifted Learners
bullet“Extreme Science, Extreme Parenting”…Extreme Giftedness
bulletGifted 101
bulletBeginning the Journey: Gifted 101
bulletTips for parents of gifted children: What most parents wish they had known
bullet10 Things You Need to Know About Teaching or Parenting Gifted Kids
bulletThe Kipling Method
bulletSo You Have a Gifted Child
bulletStormy Clouds, Deep Water: Time to Find Kindred Spirits
bullet4 Life Lessons To Teach Your Gifted Kids (and one for you to learn, too)
bulletYour Gifted Child's Education: When to Get Off the Bus and Leave Traditional School Behind
bulletThe Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Gifted Kids
bulletLearning About Giftedness
bulletThese are a few of my favorite books
bulletCarry On, Keep Learning, and Breathe
bulletOh, no, my kid might be gifted! Where do I start?
bullet7 Tips For Parents With Gifted Children
bulletGifted 101: The 6 Gifted Profiles
bulletNurturing the Gifted Child
bulletHiccup Horrendous Haddock Explains Giftedness

July 23, 2015

bulletGeocaching Toolbox, in Geocaching 103: Puzzle Caches

July 10, 2015

bulletMany Hands: Family Music for Haiti, in Music for Gifted Mind
bulletIn Hot Topics! Early Readers: First Chapter Books...
bulletThe 13-Story Treehouse
bulletThe 26-Story Treehouse
bulletThe 39-Story Treehouse
bulletNeurocomic, in Hot Topics! Science: Advanced Scientists and Hot Topics! Graphic Novels: Texts
bulletIn Schools for the Gifted Child...
bulletOak Crest Academy (CA)
bulletTalent Unbound (TX)

July 8, 2015

bulletMom's Graduation Speech Recommended, in Twice Exceptional Gifted Students
bulletWhy a C? in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletIn Schools for the Gifted Child...
bulletMy Spectrum School (NY), also in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletKaren M. Jordan (KS), in Psychologists familiar with the Gifted
bulletNAGC Parent Day and Parent Day Kids' Program, in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings
bulletColumbus City Schools, in Gifted Help Wanted!

July 4, 2015

bulletWhat the Tue Tells Me, in Metaphorically speaking: Metaphors for Gifted Education
bulletHouse of Secrets by Chris Columbus & Ned Vizzini, in Hot Topics! Science Fiction and Fantasy
bulletEXTagz, in GeoGear: Containers, Trackables, Personal Items and more!

July 1, 2015

bulletA Nation Empowered: Evidence Trumps the Excuses Holding Back America’s Brightest Students Recommended, in Academic Acceleration
bulletBlog Hop: Gifted Relationships Recommended including...
bulletRelationships Require Work
bulletFinding and Forging Gifted Friendships
bulletFriends and Relations
bulletIf I'm So Smart, Why Am I So Lonely?
bulletSisterhood Of Mothers With Gifted Children
bulletGifted Relationships. The Silver Lining in the Gifted Storm
bulletGifted adults and relationships: Ten patterns that may cause problems
bullet8 Tips for Successful Group Work: Relationship Dance Is Not Always Easy
bulletIntensity X2
bulletGifted Relationships
bulletFive Relationships Any Gifted Kid Needs
bullet7 Tips to Help Your Child Build Healthy Friendships
bulletGifted and Struggling with Relationships? The Virtues are a Good Place to Start
bulletThe Power of Special Connections: Gifted/Special Needs Friendships, by The Fissure

June 10, 2015

bulletTalking Stick Learning Center, in Schools for the Gifted Child

June 2, 2015

bulletMean Green Power Hand Scrub, in Geocaching Gear
bulletBlinkie, in Geocaching Acronyms and Terms

June 1, 2015

bulletUtah Gifted and Talented Conference, in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings
bulletMarcia McKinley (MD/VA), in Professionals familiar with the Gifted: Counselors
bulletBlog Hop: The Gift of Free Time Recommended including...
bulletThe Value of Free Time
bulletThe gift of free time
bulletFree Time: When Kids Take the Wheel
bulletThe gift of free time: Reclaiming the preschool years
bulletFree Time: Critical for Gifted Children to Engage in Philosophical Thinking?
bulletSigning Up For Sports
bulletThe Space Between: The Luxury of Discovering Your Own Happiness
bulletFree Time? What Free Time?
bulletSummer of Gamification
bullet4 Ideas For Children In Their Free Time
bulletFree Time, What’s That?
bulletSabbatical of Sorts

May 8, 2015

bulletIn Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings...
bulletBeyond IQ (BIQ) Boston

May 1, 2015

bulletBlog Hop: 2e Kids Recommended including...
bulletTwice Exceptional
bulletHelping 2E Children Thrive
bullet5 Tips to Conquer Homework with a 2E Kid
bulletTwice Exceptional Hatters
bulletConvergence Insufficiency and Reading Problems
bullet2E is...
bulletAdvocating for the Twice-Exceptional Child
bulletLet's Hear It For Special Ed
bulletIn a 2e Kid's Shoes
bulletHow to Parent a 2E Child
bulletTwice Exceptional or Misdiagnosed
bulletHomeschooling Twice Exceptional Kids
bulletTwice-Exceptional: Giftedness Served up with a side of Lagging Skills
bulletThe Danger Of Twice Exceptional Students Undiagnosed
bulletBeneath the Surface: Twice-Exceptional Students

April 9, 2015

bulletQuestbridge, in Contests, Awards and Scholarships
bulletIn Gifted Apps...
bulletDragonBox Algebra 5+
bulletDragonBox Algebra 12+
bulletDragonBox Elements
bulletGame About Squares Recommended
bulletIn Programming | Hoagies' Kids & Teens and Gifted Apps ...
bulletCodeAcademy: Hour of Code
bulletDaisy the Dinosaur
bulletHakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers
bulletMove the Turtle
bulletIn Gifted Kids' Success Stories...
bullet11-Year-Old Davidson Young Scholar Scores Perfect 800 on SAT Math Test
bulletMeet the 10-year-old maths genius who's just enrolled at college
bulletMeet the 11-Year-Old Kid Who's Competing on 'Jeopardy!'
bulletIn Curriculum Resources...
bulletBeast Academy 4C
bulletStatistics for Kids
bulletJessica Stone (CO), in Professionals familiar with the Gifted | Counselors
bulletAdBlock Plus Recommended, in PC Security: Safe Browsing

April 4, 2015

bulletMath Riddles, in Math Links
bulletChildren Above 180 IQ Stanford-Binet , in Gifted Books and throughout the site
bulletWhat It Feels Like: Auditory Processing Disorder Recommended, in Auditory Processing Disorder (APD / CAPD)

April 3, 2015

bulletAcera Summer STEAM Camp, in Summer and Saturday Programs | Massachusetts
bulletGet your own button!  Support Hoagies' Gifted Education Page!
bulletMcNaught School, in Schools for the Gifted Child | California

April 2, 2015

bulletSENGinar "Stealth Dyslexia: Flying Under the Radar" by Dan Peters (online), in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings

April 1, 2015

bulletBlog Hop: Anxiety Recommended including...
bulletWhen the Worry Gets Overwhelming
bulletGifted, Perfectionism, and Anxiety All in One
bulletAre gifted individuals really perfectionists?
bulletAnxiety About Her Education
bulletMake Your Own Worry Basket
bulletAnxiety in Gifted Children: 3 Simple Steps Parents and Educators Can Take
bulletAnxiety and Giftedness. What is the reality?
bulletThe More You Know, The More You Worry
bulletDriving Forward
bulletChildhood Anxiety from Adult Shenanigans
bullet12 Anxiety Issues Parents Of Gifted Children Face
bulletConquer Anxiety
bulletPanic Disorder: Anxiety at its Worst
bulletAnxiety: From Gordon Neufeld to Kazimierz Dabrowski and beyond
bulletTwo Anti-Anxiety Tips for Kids
bulletContagious Anxiety
bulletSENGinar "Gifted Children - Developing Talent & Advocacy" by Joy Lawson Davis (online), in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings

March 2015

bulletThe Mysterious Case of Extreme Giftedness, in Highly, Exceptionally, and Profoundly Gifted
bulletPanda Free or BitDefender Free antivirus programs, in PC Security
bulletMary Baldwin College, Director, Program for the Exceptionally Gifted, in Gifted Help Wanted!
bulletIn Geocaching 103: Puzzle Caches...
bulletUpdating geocache location
bulletWVTim's YouTube Channel
bulletMFTC, in Geocaching Acronyms and Terms
bulletIn Geocaching Gear...
bulletE. A. Young Academy (TX), in Schools for the Gifted Child
bulletIn Gifted Kids' Success Stories...
bulletThis Teen Runs a Six-Figure Business & Landed His Bow Ties in Neiman Marcus
bulletAnya Pogharian invents $500 dialysis machine with at-home potential
bulletTeenagers halve the time of crop germination
bulletTeen's Brilliant Invention Could Save Kids From Hot Car Tragedies
bullet17-year-old girl exploring algae as biofuel wins Intel science competition
bulletJack Andraka, the Teen Prodigy of Pancreatic Cancer
bulletGifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings...
bulletUniversity of Connecticut's Confratute
bulletBeyond Giftedness XXIII (CO)
bulletSENGinar "Issues surrounding Gifted Children, Marriage Difficulties, Separation, and Divorce"
bulletVirginia Association for the Gifted Conference
bulletVisionTech (CA), in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletPartnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), in Tests, Tests, Tests
bulletBenjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Summer Institute, in Summer and Saturday Programs | International
bulletSharon M. Barnes (CO), in Professionals familiar with the Gifted | Counselors
bulletKendall Hunt, in Publishers Specializing in the Gifted
bulletBlog Hop: Acceleration Recommended including...
bulletShould We Accelerate Our Gifted Child?
bulletAcademic Acceleration
bulletTo Each His Own
bulletThe Physics of Learning
bulletSlay the Stay-Put Beast: Thoughts on Acceleration
bulletOn Acceleration
bulletAll Children Can Learn and “All Children Should Be Learning,” Joan Smutny
bulletAcceleration: A (Not So) Simple Fix?
bulletSpeed Bumps To Gifted Acceleration
bulletAccelerating to What and to Where? Evaluating the Velocity of Gifted Learners in a System that Must Change
bulletA Pace By Any Other Name...
bulletAcceleration & Early College
bulletAcceleration: Noah's Story (guest post)

February 2015

bulletNYC Conference on Twice Exceptional Education, in Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings
bulletA sad day in first grade, in Ridiculous Things I Heard Today
bulletIn Gifted Kids' Success Stories...
bulletDavidson Fellows 2014
bulletTeen’s Awesome Invention Could Help Keep His Grandpa With Alzheimer’s Safe
bulletFlexible Pathways, in Gifted Education Mandates | Vermont
bulletColorku Recommended, in Smart Hands-On Toys and Puzzles
bulletTic-Tac-Ku, in Smart Strategy Games and Smart Hands-On Toys and Puzzles
bulletRush Hour Shift, in Smart Hands-On Toys and PuzzlesSmart Strategy Games and Smart Toy Companies
bulletRobot Turtles, in Smart Hands-On Toys and Puzzles and Smart Games for Young Children
bullet Pinterest!
bulletA Parent's Guide to MAP, in Tests, Tests, Tests: MAP
bullet We're a ThinkFun affiliate!
bulletIt's OK to be Smart! Recommended, in Science
bulletWindows and Mirrors: Reading Diverse Children's Literature, in Hot Topics! Classics | Classics from Other Cultures
bulletWechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI), in Tests, Tests, Tests
bulletCrashCourse, in Social Studies, Science, Space and Astronomy, and Books & Authors
bulletGroundSpeak's Containers Explained, Geocaching 104: Placing Your Own Geocache
bulletNew page Geocaching 101a: Using c:geo Android Geocaching app, in Geocaching: The sport for gifted kids of all ages
bulletBlog Hop: Testing Recommended, including...
bulletCeilings and Ceiling Tiles: A Call for Civil Disobedience
bulletGifted Testing: A Beginner's Guide
bulletGifted Testing In Singapore From A Parent's Perspective
bulletGiftedness: To Test or Not To Test?
bulletNot Everyone Hates Tests (Just Most of Us)
bulletTests for Tests Sake
bulletHow to explain IQ testing to your gifted child
bulletTo Test, or Not To Test -- That Is the Question
bulletKeeping Score
bulletTesting? How?
bulletGifted Testing… Elitist?… Limited?… Necessary?
bulletGifted Testing Dilemma
bulletTo Test or Not To Test Gifted Children

January 2015

bulletIn Gifted Kids' Success Stories...
bulletThis Colorado Teen Is Championing Gun Safety With One Innovative Idea
bulletXiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, 14, wants to save the world
bulletGeo Puzzle Checkers, in Geocaching 103: Puzzle Caches
bulletSo sad... in You Know You're the Parent of a Gifted Child When... | The Older Kids
bulletTeeSpring, in Geocaching: The sport for gifted kids of all ages and Nerd Shirts and Other Gifted Gear
bulletHow to Puzzle Cache Recommended , in Geocaching 103: Puzzle Caches
bulletMathworks Honors Summer Math Camp (TX), in Summer and Saturday Programs
bulletConfines (Spain, in Spanish), in Gifted Organizations
bulletWhat Do You Do With an Idea? Recommended in Hot Topics! On Being Gifted
bulletBig Hero 6, in Movies Featuring Gifted Kids (and Adults!)
bulletIn Gifted Conferences, Events, Gatherings...
bulletPlanning for and Measuring Growth in Highly Capable Students (WA) (2015)
bulletThe New Zealand Association for Gifted Children Conference (2015)
bulletInternational ECHA Conference (2016, Austria)
bulletIn Gifted Kids' Success Stories...
bullet13-year-old Indian-American boy builds Braille printer with Legos, starts his own company
bullet11-year-old who gained national recognition in Ferguson speaks at education summit in Colorado Springs
bulletThis 14-year-old will fix the planet before she graduates
bulletJoshua Colas earned the title of Chess Master making him the youngest African-American Chess Master in history
bullet10-year-old boy graduates from high school, aims to cure cancer
bulletAt The Head Of Her Class, And Homeless
bulletEmerson School (MI), in Schools for the Gifted Child
bulletSo you're gifted... Now what? A WebQuest, in Identification

Hottest Links and New Pages in 2014... 

New Pages on Hoagies' Gifted Education Page...

bulletSmart Collaborative Games in Smart Toys & Games (and Adults!) Just in time for the holidays!
bulletBlog Hop: Holiday Gifts: Bye-Bye Buy-Buy! Recommended, including...
bulletGift giving without the Buy! Buy! Buy!
bulletChristmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat
bulletGifts for Kids Who Have Everything
bulletHand-Made Holidays
bulletHoliday Traditions!
bullet10 Free Activities To Do In The Holidays
bulletTen ways on how to avoid the buy-buy-buy
bulletThe Gift of Love
bulletDOES 1 + 1 = 2??
bullet‘Tis the Season to be…Anxious?
bulletHoliday Gifts (Without the Buy Buy Buy)
bulletPinterest Board of Handmade Gifts
bullet101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers, in Reading Lists
bulletBlog Hop: Gifted Self-Care Recommended, including...
bulletOn Self-Care
bulletSix Ways to Refresh Yourself
bulletWhen Gifted Overexcitiblities and an Introverted Personality Collide
bulletMindful Self-Care
bulletSelf Care, Where Art Thou?
bulletSelf Care – Setting Physical and Mental Health Goals
bulletWhere Caring Becomes Self-care
bulletIf I'm So Smart, Why Am I So Stressed Out?
bulletStress management toolbox: Nine tips for parents of gifted children
bulletTeaching Kids Self-Care
bulletGifted Self-Care
bulletBe sure to adjust your own oxygen mask before assisting others...
bulletTurning to Pen and Paper
bulletPress Pause for Better Content Streaming
bulletWhere's Your Oxygen Mask?
bulletMommy Needs a Time-Out
bulletSometimes Self-Care is About Trust
bulletUndercover Agent Forever: Impostor Syndrome
bulletGiving Yourself Permission: Making Self-Care a Priority
bulletSudden-Onset Social Paranoia: What to Do When Your Brain Abruptly Tries to Eat You
bulletBlog Hop: Gifted Advocacy Recommended, including...
bulletAdvocacy... the story of my life
bulletOne Is Enough
bulletLet Your Voice Be Heard--One Shriek At A Time
bulletSave the Gifted
bullet7 Ways to Advocate for Your Gifted Child
bulletThe Comfortable Closets We Live In
bulletSpeak Up
bulletAre You an Advocate for Gifted?
bulletAdvocate is a Verb Too
bulletFearless Advocacy: A Day in the Life of the Gifted
bulletLet's Spark a Fire of Change
bulletGifted Advocacy: Owning His Story
bulletAdvocacy and the Gifted Teenager
bulletAdvocacy: Just Ask Sprite and Co.
bulletGifted Advocacy for Beginners
bulletStop. Listen. Know when and how to advocate
bulletA dozen bloggers chime in on September's Blog Hop: Gifted, How? Recommended
bulletA Gifted Memory
bulletMystery Squash
bulletDifferent Faces Of Gifted People
bulletParenting an Artistically Talented Child
bulletLike a Doctor at a Dinner Party
bulletGifted Shmifted--The Sequel
bulletIQ's, OE's and DP...Who Is Gifted?
bulletSpecial Kind of Brilliance
bulletWhat Does a Gifted Child Look Like?
bulletWhat is Gifted
bulletGifted, How?
bulletHackademic Living
bulletMore than 20 bloggers chime in on Blog Hop: Gifted Friendships Recommended
bullet5 Tips for Helping Gifted Children Make Friends
bulletHow school policy affects gifted children’s friendships (and what you can do about it)
bulletFriendship Among Gifted Students in High School, College, and Beyond
bulletMaking friends as a newly-minted adult
bulletGifted Friendships: You Are Not Alone!
bulletFriendship and the Gifted Child
bulletFriends (Enemies) Forever
bulletThe Gifted Teen Has Found His Peeps…er…Peers
bulletOverexcitabilities and Finding Tribe
bulletRetiring Special Friends
bulletFinding True Peers
bulletLonely Find Your Pips
bulletConnected Yet Disconnected?
bulletThe Search for Friends: Part 2
bulletDonkeys live a long time 4: Gifted Friendships
bulletIn Search of Friendship and Finding Peers
bulletFriendship Algorithm
bulletLike-Mindedness and Finding Your “Peeps”
bulletFriendship 101 for Smart Kids and Their Parents
bulletLasting Weirdness
bulletBlog Hop: Summer Reading Recommended
bulletAre All Gifted Children Early Readers?
bulletOur Reading Nooks: Perfect for Summer Reading!
bulletAuthors - Rock-Stars for the Rest of Us
bulletFull Steam Ahead
bulletThe Early Reading Myth and Gifted Achievement
bullet6 Book Series About Gifted Children
bulletVideo Games and Yellow Blankets
bulletFinding Your Summer Books
bulletSummer Reading
bulletSummer Reading Favorites for Young Readers
bulletMy Essential Children's Library
bulletBlog Hop: Gifted @Play Recommended
bulletGo out and play. Go Geocaching! Recommended also in Nature and Gifted Children
bulletLego and the Gifted Visual-Spatial Child
bulletPlaying with Game Theory: Altruism or Evil?
bulletLearning to Play at Nerd Camp
bulletThe Gift of a Friend
bulletOverthinking Play
bulletAre We Having Fun Yet?
bulletCarrot Vs Stick – Sticker Reward For Piano Playing
bulletDitch the Worksheets, Become a Picasso, a Kindergartener, and a Gifted@play!
bulletGifted Children Need the Gifted of Play
bulletGifted Adults at Play - 1 and 2
bulletCalculate your Leisure Profile
bulletLearning Through Play
bulletThe Games Our Children Play
bulletthis is our normal
bulletGarden of Your Mind
bulletOur inaugural Blog Hop: The "G" Word! Recommended including...
bulletOn Dropping the G-Bomb: Twelve Confessions from a Gifted Advocate
bulletMy Gifted Ambivalence
bulletThe Stickiness of the G-Word and the (2e) School Dance
bulletWarning. May Contain Something We Don't Talk About
bullet'Genius' vs. 'Gifted'
bulletThe G-Word
bulletThe G-Word: giftedness in kids and adults
bulletPull Over!
bulletAnd now for something completely different
bulletDisjoint thoughts on the "G" word, prompted by a friend's blog
bulletGiftedness and the Perpetual Struggle to Change the Label
bulletThe Myth That Hurts Gifted Learners
bulletClaiming my Gifted Identity
bulletNot Everyone is Gifted, Says Math (Ethics Agrees)
bulletGifted is Not Elitist
bulletWhy is the "gifted" label so threatening?
bulletSeparating individuals from the crowd
bulletAir on the ‘G’ String
bulletI’m not ‘G’, I’m Gifted
bullet‘G’ for Gifted is more than just a word!
bulletThe G Word
bulletGifted by Any Other Name...
bulletHoagies' Gifted Presentations, including...
bulletTesting and Assessment of Gifted Children
bulletAdded new and updated old Geocaching pages! Recommended
bulletGeocaching: The sport for gifted kids of all ages
bulletGeocaching 101: Finding Your First Cache
bulletGeocaching 102: More fun with Geocaching!
bulletGeocaching 103: Puzzle Caches
bulletGeocaching 104: Creating and Placing Your Own Geocaches
bulletGeocaching 105: Using Geocaching Premium membership features
bulletAll Kids Are Gifted, A Sports Metaphor Recommended, in Metaphorically Speaking and Myths, Arguments and Red Herrings

Best of new links...

bulletPrime Climb Recommended, in Smart Math Games...
bulletRedbird Advanced Learning Recommended, in Distance Learning Programs
bulletNGAkids Art Zone Recommended, in Art, Theater, Music
bulletIn Hot Topics! History...
bulletTop Secret Files of History: The American Revolution Recommended
bulletTop Secret Files of History:: The Civil War Recommended
bulletTop Secret Files of History:: World War I Recommended
bulletTop Secret Files of History:: World War II Recommended
bulletEnsuring Gifted Children With Disabilities Receive Appropriate Services: Call For Comprehensive Assessment Recommended, in Testing and Assessment and Twice Exceptional
bulletThe Asperkid's (Secret) Book of Social Rules: The Handbook of Not-so-obvious Social Guidelines for Tweens and Teens With Asperger Syndrome Recommended, in Asperger's Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism and Hot Topics Reading List: On Being Gifted
bulletStop Making Stupid Mistakes Recommended, in Mathematically Gifted
bulletIn Bullies and Bullying...
bulletJust Kidding Recommended
bulletMy Secret Bully Recommended
bulletTrouble Talk Recommended
bulletDare!, Weird!, Tough! Recommended
bulletGo out and play. Go Geocaching! Recommended in Nature and Gifted Children
bulletIn Kids & Teens: Links for Young Kids ...
bulletABCya Recommended
bulletHighlights Kids Recommended
bulletNational Geographic Little Kids Recommended
bulletNGA Kids Art Zone Recommended
bulletScholastic Family Playground Recommended
bulletSuessville Recommended
bulletWonderopolis Recommended
bulletBookopolis Recommended in Kids & Teens: Books & Authors | Bookworm Favorites
bulletIn Hot Topics Reading List: Science...
bulletThe Day the Universe Changed, also in Hot Topics Reading List: History
bulletGeorge's Secret Key to the Universe Recommended
bulletGeorge and the Big Bang Recommended
bulletGeorge's Cosmic Treasure Hunt Recommended
bulletIcarus at the Edge of Time
bulletThe Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True Recommended
bulletMisperceptions About Giftedness Diagnosis of ADHD and Other Disorders Recommended, in Twice Exceptional
bulletNow You Know (volumes I and II) Recommended, in Hot Topics Reading List: Potpourri | Knowledge
bulletThe Girl Guide: Finding Your Place in a Mixed-Up World Recommended, in Hot Topics Reading List: On Being Gifted
bulletWelcome to Lake Woebegon, where 100% of children are in the top 2.5% Recommended, in Myths, Arguments and Red Herrings
bulletInside-Out: Understanding the Social and Emotional Needs of  Gifted Children Recommended, in Social / Emotional Aspects of Giftedness
bulletPretending to Be Normal: Living With Asperger's Syndrome Recommended, in Asperger's Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism
bulletKids Are Writers Recommended, in Links For the Love of Words... | Writing
bulletOliver K. Brand...A Very Kind and Intelligent Little Boy Recommended , in Hot Topics Reading List: On Being Gifted
bullet Gifted Education Professional Development Package Recommended, in Professional Development, Gifted
bulletColumbus Cheetah, Myth Buster Recommended, in Myths, Arguments and Red Herrings
bullet30-year study reveals clues to the exceptional child’s journey Recommended, in Gifted Education
bulletIn Summer and Saturday Programs...
bulletAlpha: the science fiction, fantasy, and horror workshop for young writers Recommended (PA)
bulletUpdated listings for Challenge Camp (NY)
bulletExecutive Function Primer Recommended, in Attention Deficit (AD/HD) and Executive Function (EF) and Asperger's Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism

Last updated November 26, 2015

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