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Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia

"Once as a guest on a television show, I was asked about the "positive" side of dyslexia. As part of my answer, I listed a dozen or so famous dyslexics. The hostess of the show then commented, "Isn't it amazing that all those people could be geniuses in spite of having dyslexia." She missed the point. Their genius didn't occur in spite of their dyslexia, but because of it!" Ronald D. Davis with Eldon M. Braun, The Gift of Dyslexia: Why Some of the Smartest People Can't Read and How They Can Learn

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Alan Alda Talks with the Eides About Dyslexia Recommended (YouTube)
Dyslexia is a pattern of weaknesses and a pattern of strengths!
In the Mind's Eye: Visual Thinkers, Gifted People With Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties, Computer Images and the Ironies of Creativity Recommended by Thomas G. West
This book has strong implications for anyone who has ever considered autism, dyslexia, or learning difficulties to be horrible things that must be stamped out. It shows that the apparent "weakness" and "lack of ability" in some areas can really be an aspect of a major (but often unrecognized) area of strength...
Intel Reader Recommended from Amazon.UK or HumanWare in the U.S.
For those of us who find reading a challenge, it’s time to dream in a new way... Snap a picture, and it reads to you.  Point-shoot-listen.  Use on books, worksheets, menus, more...
Review: Intel Makes Leap in Device to Aid Impaired Readers in the Wall Street Journal
Overcoming Dyslexia: FORTUNE examines business leaders and artists who have gone beyond the limitations of dyslexia Recommended by Betsy Morris, in FORTUNE Health
One was spanked by his teachers for bad grades and a poor attitude.  He dropped out of school at 16. Another failed remedial English and came perilously close to flunking out of college. The third feared he'd never make it through school--and might not have without a tutor. The last finally learned to read in third grade, devouring Marvel comics, whose pictures provided clues to help him untangle the words.  These four losers are...
School Success for Kids With Dyslexia & Other Reading Difficulties Recommended by Walter Dunson (or from Amazon)
Provides parents and teachers with goals that will meet the needs of students who are struggling with reading, leading them to work through their difficulties and enjoy reading. Full of ready-to-use exercises and techniques to develop reading, spelling and phonic awareness.  Great for parents and teachers!
Take Control of Dyslexia and Other Reading Difficulties Recommended by Jennifer Engel Fisher & Janet Price (or from Amazon)
Unique guidebook written especially for kids with dyslexia and other reading difficulties to help them overcome their reading struggles and find success in school and beyond. Addresses the fundamentals of reading for elementary and middle school students, speaking to students directly in easy-to-understand language with charts, graphs, and illustrations...
What Does Dyslexia Look Like in a Gifted Child? - Stealth Dyslexia Recommended by Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide (YouTube)
A seven-minute excerpt from the Eide's online webinar on Stealth Dyslexia...
A Chance to Read: Twice Exceptional by Dennis Higgins, on LD Online
(Video) Dr. Dennis Higgins teaches seven twice exceptional boys in New Mexico who need some unique instruction. Higgins shows how he helps these boys succeeed...
Dyslexia by Sally E. Shaywitz, in Scientific American - *only available for $ in November 1996 issue in archives*
A new model of this reading disorder emphasizes defects in the language-processing rather than the visual system. It explains why some very smart people have trouble learning to read
Dyslexia by the Tomatis Method
Dyslexic people process language poorly, but that doesn’t mean they aren't intelligent...  These problems can occur in listening, writing, reading, spelling or handwriting
Dyslexia defined: New study 'uncouples' reading and IQ over time in PhysOrg.com
Contrary to popular belief, some very smart, accomplished people cannot read well. This unexpected difficulty in reading in relation to intelligence, education and professional status is called dyslexia, and researchers at Yale School of Medicine and University of California Davis, have presented new data that explain how otherwise bright and intelligent people struggle to read...
Dyslexia Not the Same in Every Culture by Joseph B. Verrengia
Chinese schoolchildren with reading problems misfire in a different brain region than the one used in reading alphabet-based languages like English. This demonstrates that the learning disorder dyslexia is not the same in every culture and does not have a universal biological cause, researchers said...
Dyslexia Therapy Gets Kids' Brains on Track in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
After only three weeks of intense, specialized reading instruction, dyslexic children started to exhibit brain activity patterns that matched those seen in normal readers...  Also read Scientists propose cure for dyslexia in the TimesOnLine on the same finding
A Dyslexic Child in the Classroom
37 Common Characteristics of Dyslexia
Brain Scans Show Dyslexics Read Better with Alternative Strategies
Let's get ready for School!
Advice and ideas from Dyslexia, the Gift
The Dyslexic Syndrome
Dyslexic? You're not alone...
A medical solution to the riddle of dyslexia and learning disabilities, from Dyslexia OnLine
Fact Sheets about Dyslexia and Related Learning Disabilities from The International Dyslexia Organization
General facts including Definition of Dyslexia, Testing, and Social and Emotional Problems Related to Dyslexia, facts for parents including Why Home School A Dyslexia Child?, facts for educators including Accommodating Students with Dyslexia in All Classroom Settings, facts for adults including Tips For Succeeding in College
 and At-Risk Students and the Study of a Foreign Language in School... 
Gifted & Math Learning Disabled: The Dyscalculia Syndrome by  Renee M. Newman, http://www.dyscalculia.org
There are a great number of students who have serious difficulties in learning mathematics, but find the rest of academic subjects easy. These students have high IQs, are excellent readers and creative writers, and learn quickly. They are frustrated by a paradoxical condition. When it comes to any subject that requires understanding and application of the language of mathematics, they fail miserably, to everyone's surprise. These students may become ill, disruptive, easily frustrated, and may use their creative abilities to avoid tasks involving mathematics...
The Gift of Dyslexia: Why Some of the Smartest People Can't Read and How They Can Learn by Ronald D. Davis with Eldon M. Braun
Although this is a sales site for this book, the synopsis is full of information on the curious, creative, and intuitive world of the individual with dyslexia
Graphomotor Skills: Why Some Kids Hate to Write by Glenda Thorne
Students with graphomotor problems are frequently called "lazy", "unmotivated" and/or "oppositional" because they are reluctant to produce written work.  Strategies for Graphomotor problems include...
My Name Is Brain Brian by Jeanne Betancourt
Brian and his fellow members of the Jokers Club hate school. To make it more fun, they create a secret game, winning points for making other people laugh during the day. Brian wins the first point when he writes his name as "Brain" on the blackboard. But it's no joke.  (fiction, grades 4-6) 

For more fiction featuring dyslexics, visit Hoagies' Hot Topics Reading List: On Being Gifted: Gifted & Dyslexic
Reading from Scratch (RfS/EL)
A program of science-based teaching techniques, trains the brain to read with the left side...
Show, don't tell: A CEO defies dyslexia by Terri Bowersock, in CNNMoney.com
A program of science-based teaching techniques, trains the brain to read with the left side...
Very Good at Everything: Social & Emotional Ramifications of Dyslexia and Other Atypical Learning Styles & Patterns by Joyce Steeves
Sometimes a single difficulty such as dysgraphia or a poor memory for math facts can impede a child's progress in school until he feels he is worthless. In demonstrating what they know, dysgraphic children seem to face the most frustration, especially if they possess a high level of intellectual potential...
What Does Dyslexia Look Like in a Gifted Child? - Stealth Dyslexia by Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide
YouTube video excerpt from an online webinar "Dyslexia and Writing Challenges in Gifted Children"...
The Writing Dilemma: Understanding Dysgraphia by Regina G. Richards
Strategies that work to help students who experience the frustrating problem of dysgraphia. Designed to be fun, practical, and easy to implement, strategies are appropriate for regular or special education teachers as well as parents (out of print)
Your Life in Comics: 100 Things for Guys to Write and Draw by YOU, created by Bill Zimmerman, artwork by Tyler Page
Great kick-start for reluctant writers, this make-your-own take on comic books will appeal to tweens—both boys and girls, and never mind the title... With oh-so-right topics—such as music, texting, and school lockers—the book offers lots of cool links for online exploration, too...

Last updated December 01, 2020

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