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Twice Exceptional Students in College

"Q: Are you aware of any formal programs that have been developed for use on college campuses to give group or individual support, especially in the social arena, to young adults with developmental disabilities? — Durango, Colo.
A: Yes, Active Minds is a nationwide student organization focused on mental health. And NAMI has local affiliate support groups on campuses. They provide great support, especially in stressful times."
 Q&A: Prepping Kids With Disabilities For College on NPR

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ADAAA becomes law, strengthens 504 & ADA Recommended COPAA, September 25, 2008
The ADAAA overturns a decade of jurisprudence that has barred the door to ADA eligibility for many people with disabilities, including epilepsy, diabetes, intellectual and developmental disabilities, muscular dystrophy, and cancer, among many others. The reforms in the law will apply to both the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act...  Read the full ADAAA (ADAAA requires Adobe Reader)
10 Tips For College Students With Disabilities on NPR (also on audio)
For college students who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or learning disabilities, staying organized and focused can be extra challenging.  These ten tips can help get a great start in college...
An Autistic Student's Journey To College on NPR (also on audio)
Roger Diehl, a college freshman who struggles with Aspergers and depression, along with his mom, give sage advice for families of college students with developmental and/or learning disabilities.  Strategies, resources, and more... 
Landmark College Take a Different Path
Landmark College offers associates degrees, giving their students the background and ability to succeed.  One of the only college programs specifically designed for students with LDs and AD/HD...
Learning To Thrive With Attention Deficit Disorder on NPR (also on audio)
Emily turned away from AD/HD medication due to its effects on her body.  She needed to find a different way to solve her problems, and found it in a group of psychologists who specialize in attention deficit coaching.  "We are very reactive to the environment, so we need to be careful of the environment we put ourselves in..."
More Students With Asperger Syndrome Going to College: Some Schools Have Programs to Help Autistic Students by Thea Trachtenberg, ABC News
As scores of autistic young adults enter universities for the first time, colleges across the country are trying to find ways to deal with the first generation of Asperger's students to hit campuses in large numbers. Marshall University has graduate students who work daily with the 14 students in its Asperger's program to review assignments and help with classroom etiquette...
Preparing for College: Tips for Students with HFA / Asperger’s Syndrome on Divison TEACCH
Characteristics that may be particularly important for students on the autism spectrum include a clearly structured academic program, a good disabilities services program (or its equivalent), willingness to provide modifications and support for learning needs, and a counseling center with support services...
Q&A: Prepping Kids With Disabilities For College on NPR (also on audio)
Roger and Sita Diehl, who runs Tennessee's National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI), answer listeners' questions about what their family did to help Roger, and offer advice on how to help kids with mental illness or learning disabilities get ready for college....
Reaching out to Students with Asperger Syndrome by Robin Warshaw
Enrolling in a large university and moving into a dormitory can be daunting for many students. But what if you’re highly sensitive to noise, have difficulty talking with other students and professors, and sometimes focus so much on what you’re doing that you forget to eat? Those are some of the challenges faced by students with Asperger Syndrome, a neurobiological condition that is part of the autism spectrum. ...

Last updated December 01, 2020

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