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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Utopian Fantasies

Utopian Fantasies. What does your Utopian Fantasy look like?  Would you be alone? In a community?  Would there be books? music? nature? cities? huge intricate libraries?? Or would it be the life you live today?

Does it look like something you read in a book, or something purely from your imagination?  Is it close to your reality, or a million miles away?

What is your Wonderful World?

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My Utopian Fantasy by Jen, repurposed genealogy
The setting may vary slightly. I am learning to find my center and align each chakra. Bare feet anchored to the mat, I twist my body to mimic the the Yogi's form. I am on a sailboat as the salty Greek air whips my hair. No matter where I am, I am usually alone. This is my Utopian fantasy.

I've always taken mental vacations as a way to cope with my daily struggles. The more challenging my reality becomes, the easier it is for me to retreat into a mental vacation paradise. I mutate the mundane. Scrubbing a sink is waxing a surf board. My shower is a grotto waterfall. The rising volume of my boys bickering is... well, I still haven't found a way to transform that...
Finding Your Tribe by Heather in WonderSchooling
There are robot clubs demonstrating their robots, engineering and math professors with cool demos, 3D printers and artists, a vegetable orchestra, violins cut in half so you can see inside, and lots of hands-on creative activities for the kids. While we were heading over to drive the submersible robot, some random kid started singing my kid's favorite song: the new Periodic Table Song by ASAP Science.

You should have seen my 7 year old. In that moment, he was normal, or at least not alone...
Help Your Gifted Teen Discover Their Gifted Utopia by Jill Williford Wurman, Director of Research, The Grayson School
I spent the summer before my sixteenth birthday in one of my favorite places in the world — on East Campus at Duke University at TIP, now known as Duke TIP. It was horrifically hot and humid and utterly un-air-conditioned, but I would have loved to stay there for the rest of my life, because when I was there, I could be fully myself. Everyone there thought it was fine to read Tolstoy because you wanted to, or that solving complicated math problems was fun, or that taking macroeconomics during the summer was a perfectly good, if not ideal, way to spend one’s vacation. None of those ideas was considered weird, and all of them would have been acceptable if not heartily endorsed.

At that time, TIP was absolutely my gifted utopia...
Utopian Fantasies by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
In a perfect world…

- gifted people are able to earn money for working on their passions. They are treated as equals with other groups and respected for their abilities and/or disabilities.
- population would be spread out over the land, so that everyone could be in touch with nature on a daily basis.
- humans would be educated in all of the areas of growth, develop to their highest potential, and live in harmony...
Schooling in an Imperfect World by Gift-Ed Connections
There’s this interesting paradox that I live out and I am not the only one. In as much as I see some fundamental flaws in how we educate, I just spent the last month, half of my summer break, in school. Going to school to figure out how to fix/improve schooling. It sounds a little like going to war to end war. But I was not alone. I spent many hours discussing the many ways in which the education system is struggling with other graduate students, each with our own particular set of lenses set on a particular question or problem that has caught our attention. And paying for the privilege. Of schooling. So, what did we figure out?...
An Ideal School by Gifts for Learning
Since kids can learn at their own pace, there is no set number of years a student is required to be in school. He is required to be school until he has mastered all that is required, however long it takes. A graduation ceremony is held each year for those students who are ready to move on to college or trade school, and the graduating "class" is made up of kids of all ages. Some kids choose to stay in school for a few years after they mastered the requirements. They use the time to learn as much as they can on all the topics they are interested in, and that includes art and

Ben's parents are as pleased with the school as Ben is. They don't have to fight to see that Ben's
needs are met. They don't have to deal with standardized testing or arguments about socialization.

They are never told that they need to stop "pushing" Ben, to let Ben be a kid. So just where is
this school Ben and his parents love so much? It's in a place called Utopia...
How to Do the College Search When Your Gifted Homeschooler is Looking for Utopia by Fearless Homeschoolers
For many of us, homeschooling is a wonderful fix. Our kids learn in meaningful and intentional ways. Their academic and extracurricular pursuits are personalized and deep.
But our kids still wait. For their Utopia. And many believe that their Utopia lies in college.

I have worked with many gifted teens. And they are right. Their Utopia can exist in college. As long as it is the right college...
To read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

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