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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Relationships...

Relationships. Gifted relationship issues can occur in any and every generation. Are you struggling with gifted sibling problems? Parent / child relationship issues? How about parent/child issues, when both are adults and one is now a gifted elder? Gifted in-law issues? They really do mean well. And often the most difficult relationships, gifted co-parent issues. There are so many relationships in our lives. How can we do better with our gifted relationships?

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Finding Your Soul's Mate, Your Authentic Voice, and the Right Hair Products by Paula Prober, Your Rainforest Mind
During tumultuous times, it can be harder to be single. I can attest to this. And I'm a super-introverted, independent type with a sweet gaggle of girlfriends and an Argentine tango habit.

But still.

No one is tracking my whereabouts. There is no daily contact with one particular human. When I travel, there is no responsible person making sure I've arrived. If I were to meet my demise, it could be days before anyone started looking for me. Well, OK, my lovely clients would be concerned, when I didn't answer the door. And, you, dear readers, would start asking, now where the heck is the next blog post after about a week. Wouldn't you?...
Where can I find a friend? How asynchronous development affects relationships by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
Gifted children, teens, and even adults often possess social and emotional traits - both gifts and encumbrances - that sometimes interfere with establishing and maintaining friendships and relationships.

And the most formidable trait just might be asynchronous development...
Relationships in Inclusive Spaces by Gift-Ed Connections
"A teacher establishes, promotes and sustains inclusive learning environments where diversity is embraced and every student is welcomed, cared for, respected and safe" (p. 6). Given the rapidly changing demographics in our schools alongside a growing awareness of how our education system needs to address many of the inequities that continue to exist with respect to what knowledge has been valued and shared as well as an eye to a world that has the appearance of becoming increasingly polarized, establishing an inclusive learning environment would appear to be a necessary competency as we move forward. But what would a classroom like this look and feel like?...
The Need To Learn by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
For me, one area of difficulty in getting along with other adults is just plain conversation. I find that most people make small talk about what they did that day or how bad/good the weather is. Not me. I like to jump in on a deep conversation, philosophy, psychology, politics, science, technology or art (music, art and literature). I love to pick other people’s brains when they know more than I do. Not that I don’t like small talk. I have learned over time that it is small talk that binds our relationships daily. Where you got your haircut or that nice dress, how the family is doing, what has happened since the last time I saw you. These are all things that are important in maintaining a friendship. However, the friends I really enjoy are the ones who know the latest in news or their field of study.

One year, my daughter went on vacation with a friend’s family. She returned, saying, “I’m so glad you’re my mom. I missed our intelligent conversations.” Those who do not have a continual need for cognitive stimulation can’t understand that it is a need. I remember being told not to push my children when they were pulling me...
Relationship Rule #1 by Heather in WonderSchooling
We live far away from family, and the last couple months have been full of joyful visits. My kids' grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are amazing. They make my kids feel valued and appreciated, encourage them in their interests, and give them space to be themselves.

My kids thrive in these relationships. They are open, warm, friendly, and reciprocal. Outside observers, watching my kids interact with these family members, would not be quick to diagnose my kids.

The same is true with a few select friendships that we have nurtured over the years, people like family who have been part of our lives, seeing the good and the ugly, and still choosing to spend time with us.


In other settings...
Being in love while parenting a 2e Kid by Heather, The Fringy Bit
My husband and I were required to have 3 premarital counseling sessions before getting married. 3 sessions of talking about the big questions. 3 sessions of filling out questionnaires and considering how we envision dividing household chores. 3 sessions of being told that marriage is hard work, and 3 sessions of believing it won’t be too hard for us, because “we’ll be different”. We’re in love. Ha! To be young and naïve again.

Of course, like all marriages, our nearly 18 years has not been all wedded bliss. We’ve argued. We’ve had years where I fantasized about packing a suitcase and just taking off. My husband has chewed too loudly and left his shoes in the wrong places. I’ve left cookie dough bowls filled with soaking grossness in the kitchen sink even though he’s asked me about a bazillion and one times not to. And there’s been the bigger hurdles, too, that have required far more grace and forgiveness...

To read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

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