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Blog Hop: Forming Parent and other Gifted Groups

Forming gifted support groups, for young and old, for parents and individuals...so many questions along the way. Why do we need them?  How do we form them?  How can we maintain them, and keep them positive and forward-thinking?  Support groups.  They ARE all their cracked up to be!  What groups would YOU like to be a part of?

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Age Integrated Gifted Discussion Groups by Joy Navan, ongiftedelders
In coming to understand her own giftedness, [my friend] recognized giftedness in some of her elderly contacts and realized that they needed the opportunity to interact with others who shared their interests and intensities. Through participation in a gifted discussion group, they would learn about their own strengths and needs and assist each other in navigating elderhood as gifted individuals. While it is worthwhile to gather gifted elders together and promote their relationships with like peers, I choose here to share a different model, based on human history and experience...
The Value of Parent Support Groups by Adventures of Hahn Academy
Whether your child is gifted, highly gifted, or 2E you have special concerns and need more information. Parents of gifted children need help in any of the following: finding the right services, advocating for gifted programming, advocating for special education, understanding when acceleration is needed, after schooling, homeschooling, university gifted programs, talent searches, special programs, early college entrance, funding sources, asynchronous development, over-excitabilities, handling perfectionism or anxiety, and much more. Thus, many parents find it handy to belong to a parent support group. Sadly, they are hard to find for parents of the newly identified gifted...
One Person Can Make a Difference by Jen, repurposed genealogy
Most parents are like me, and want to provide their children with the best educational opportunities possible. Sometimes, it requires facing your fears to make sure that it happens.

You can make a difference by starting a parent group. Or maybe, you'll do something more dramatic like ignoring the naysayer in your existing parent group, and running for school board...
Power in numbers: How gifted advocacy parent groups can help you and your kids (Or how I went from perplexed parent to empowered advocate) by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
Then I stumbled upon a parent group that was starting. An affiliate of PAGE, Pennsylvania's state-based gifted advocacy organization, this local group formed to address problems within the district. Frustrated parents, discouraged after years of witnessing the schools' watered-down gifted programming, shared stories, concerns and eventually, strategic plans for change.

The group offered support, information, validation, and shared energy, with the overriding goal of improving gifted services...
Dear Gifted Parent: A Letter From An Educator by Gift-Ed Connections
Today I want to dedicate my post to you. I can't tell you what a privilege it has been to work with you and your child for the majority of my teaching career. The uniqueness of your child has often meant that we have had to learn together about the many facets of giftedness and through that process we've made a difference for the gifted students I have yet to meet...
7 Reasons to Team Up: Special Education and Gifted Needs by The Fissure
Parenting a child with special needs or learning differences can be a lonely job. Fortunately, in a parent group, you don’t have to be alone. Special and gifted education partnerships don't just benefit your own child: they create a community, they help teachers and schools, and they can improve awareness and education for all children with differences...
And My World Changed Forever: The Importance of Parent Groups by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, My Little Poppies
I would argue that all moms and dads benefit from parent groups. Parent groups help you to connect with others, to share a common bond. They become part of your support network. Its members help you to realize you are never alone.

And while I think parent groups are great for all parents, I think they are essential for certain populations. Whenever you are part of a group that differs from the norm, you are at risk for feeling isolated and lonely.

Families of gifted and twice-exceptional children are one such example...
Why Join a Gifted Parent Group? by Colleen on Raising Lifelong Learners
There were so many things that stand out to me when I think back on having my first baby boy – him locking his eyes on mine as he nursed moments after his birth, holding his head up to see what was going on at just a week or two old, staying up anytime someone else was awake just so he wouldn’t miss anything, understanding and following simple directions by 6 months old.

And never, ever sleeping. To. This. Day...
Academic Boosters Club (ABC) by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
AS a young girl, I loved math. I was good in math as were all of my family members. It wasn’t seen as something masculine or even special. It was just a characteristic of our family. I did well in math until high school. I took all of the math classes and got high grades in them, but the math called for in Physics was too much for me. I couldn’t figure out which formula to use in which situation. That was the end of my science classes. In college, I took Calculus, but got sick and missed three weeks of classes. My A dropped to a C, and I was place into Analytical Geometry. Since my weakest skills are in visual-spatial orientation, I only got a C and changed my major to German. Most of my life, I have regretted that decision...
What Is That Thing Called Community? by Planet Smarty Pants
How Are Online Communities Different? For some people the allure of online communities is about anonymity. They would rather share their challenges with total strangers than listen to well-meaning advice from their friends and family. For me, it's more about autonomy. I can join a conversation on the topic that interests me and I can drop it whenever I want it if I don't like where conversation is going. I also like "wisdom of the crowd" that can be obtained from online communities. You will have a different conversation in the community of people who love math or in the community of parents of gifted children than you would have with your neighbors and even with parents of other kids in your child's school. In other words, online communities offer some sort of mutual "common ground" that I have not been able to find in "real life" communities...
To your herd you must go! by Full Speed Ahead
Everyone needs to be part of a herd. Everyone needs to be part of the sea.
The sea is where answers lie deep below, the sea is full of questions and the sea moves slow.
Slow is where they can be if they ever learn how to drive fast at times. It is how things are.
Non-conformists stand out, like a sore thumb...
Schoolyards to Social Media: Supporting the Parents of Gifted Learners by Ann Grahl, Supporting Gifted Learners
Comradery. The business of parenting isn’t always easy, particularly when you’re parenting members of a population to which typical child-rearing books and resources don’t apply. When you’re the parent of a gifted child, you realize early on that, in order to find others who can truly relate to your experiences, you have to do some searching—often while simultaneously dodging accusations of elitism, zealous pride, or even an overactive imagination (yeah right, your kid didn’t really start speaking at 5 months...).
​​SMPGs: The Heart of SENG guest post by Kate Bachtel, Hoagies' Nibbles and Bits
“This group was SO badly needed for my family. Other families I know need a group like this too, but this particular time did not work out. I wish everyone with challenging gifted kids could attend this program!”

“I do not feel alone now.”

“I’ve learned to communicate better with my child, and it is working.”

“I honestly feel this group saved my family!”...
Three Reasons to Join a Parent Support Group by Institute for Educational Advancement
3. Open and Informed Discussion
Parent groups are a place where parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children can be open about their feelings and opinions with a group who understands the special needs and issues surrounding gifted children. Where else can you have such open conversations with parents who have been through the same situations? Even as an observer of these meetings, I can see the relief parents feel...

If you'd like to read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

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