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Hoagies' Blog Hop: March Math-ness!

Don't miss our March Math-ness! Math. The subject that excites or strikes fear, engaging our imagination or making our eyes glaze over.  Join us this month for a smorgasbord of Math, from our favorite curriculum and enrichment sources, to our most challenging math moments. Math phobia to Math frenzy, this month has something for YOU!

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Math is Fun! by Carolyn K. Hoagies' Nibbles and Bits
Some people cringe when they hear those words... Math is fun. Fun? Yes, FUN! Math is all about numbers and patterns and graphs and statistics. It's about fractals and computers and nature and ... life!

Our family's favorite parts of math are the fun and games...
For the Love of Math by Adventures of Hahn Academy
Math does not need to be boring. There does not need to be a math aversion. Math is a key part of the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) & STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) movement. In addition, many companies and universities are starting a new movement to get a mathematics mindset and growth mindset going...
Homeschool Math: 10 Ways to Keep it Fun! by Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, My Little Poppies
Nothing makes you reflect more on your own educational history than suddenly and unexpectedly homeschooling a gifted child. And nothing makes you more aware of your personal insecurities.

Me? I'm a reader. I love to write. I've always been fascinated by art and history and music. And, while I didn't think of myself as a science person when I was in public school, I adore the sciences now. But math?...
In Praise of Math by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
AS a young girl, I loved math. I was good in math as were all of my family members. It wasn’t seen as something masculine or even special. It was just a characteristic of our family. I did well in math until high school. I took all of the math classes and got high grades in them, but the math called for in Physics was too much for me. I couldn’t figure out which formula to use in which situation. That was the end of my science classes. In college, I took Calculus, but got sick and missed three weeks of classes. My A dropped to a C, and I was place into Analytical Geometry. Since my weakest skills are in visual-spatial orientation, I only got a C and changed my major to German. Most of my life, I have regretted that decision...
Math and the Gifted Learner by Gift-Ed Connections
It may be the nature of the discipline or the way it is taught, but math is one of those subjects where if a student is really good at it, it generally gets noticed. So now what? In my years of coordinating gifted programming, this is the area that has called for the most intervention and while the answer can appear simplistic, that is not always the case. There are several questions that we in our program to guide us through the process...
How to Keep Your Girl's Confidence in Math by Planet Smarty Pants
Have you heard the phrase that confidence is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets? So why are our girls losing confidence in their math abilities as they move through school years and is there anything we can do to help them believe in their math gifts and help them love math?...
What Keeps Women From STEM Careers? by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
What stops girls and young women from pursuing math and science interests in high school, college and in their careers? ...

3. Less practice with toys and games geared toward spatial skills...
Reigniting Math: Connections Over Corrections and the Embrace of Wonderment by The Fissure
This approach to Math, which I call "Connections Over Corrections" for its ability to incite curiosity and deepen our appreciation of an interconnected universe of beings, objects, and ideas, has a couple simple premises...
Mathematics Education Should Include a Strong Foundation in Logic by IMACS
Logic is the systematic study of reasoned argument. Why study logic? For students planning to take university-level math courses, which typically involve reading and writing proofs, the benefits are evident. But even for students heading in a different direction, developing strong logical reasoning skills has benefits too.

Logic Supports Learning Mathematics...
5 Ways to Help Your Child Love Math More by Jen, repurposed genealogy
I have been frustrated with math worksheets which appear to make something simple way more complicated than it needed to be. I love art, but I am skeptical that illustrating an equation will help my boys attend MIT someday. Rather than reminiscing about how I learned math as a child, I've attempted to understand and embrace the different methods my kids learn in school. I have had to swallow my frustration, and restrain my eye rolling on a few occasions.

Don't get me started about the parent letter telling us not to teach our kids to borrow the one...
Math and Football by The Common Mom
Figuring out your child is gifted and may not think like other kids doesn't hit you like a thunderbolt. At least it didn't for me. It was a gradual process with little clues along the way. Many of them ignored or just not recognized.

There was finding out she could read at age two. It was the daycare director who told us about that. I just thought she had memorized all those Dora the Explorer books but a trip to the library proved she could read much more than just Dora. Same way with math. She knew all her numbers and could even count in Spanish (thanks, Dora!) well before age two...
March Mathness Blog Hop by Benjamin Leis, Running a Math Club: My Experiences
I imagine you have some interest in mathematics especially around your children's individual progress. You're looking for interesting resources to enrich at home. Perhaps you're worried about the school curriculum and are considering after schooling etc. In many ways this was the position I found myself in a few years ago. I'm deeply interested in math and wanted to pass that on. So as my own children began entering school I started discovering what resources existed in my backyard.

And in many ways what I found was that this is a golden age for mathematics education and enrichment...
Aliens, Math and Jerky by Institute for Educational Advancement
How are aliens related to math? The answer is: in every possible way!

From science fiction, to popular culture, to UFO organizations, and even a famous jerky shop half way between Los Angeles and Las Vegas named Alien Fresh Jerky, extraterrestrial life pervades our imagination. The question is: if they are out there, where are they?

This is the foundation of the Fermi Paradox...
If you'd like to read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

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