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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Anxiety

Anxiety.  It's real.  It can be debilitating. How can we deal with it?  How can we help our kids deal?

Research tells us that gifted kids and adults are no more likely to struggle with these difficulties than other kids and adults. Some suggest that giftedness protects from Anxiety, while others suggest that it can create excess anxiety. What are the symptoms and side-effects of gifted anxiety in your life?

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When the Worry Gets Overwhelming by Homeschooling Hatters
I randomly get pinged by an awareness of how outside the norm Mad Natter is. It starts a spiral, leading me to wonder at the end whether or not I'm actually capable of raising and educating this child. I've managed to circumvent this cycle more often than not. I'm able to get in the logical thought that I should talk to a friend about this...
Gifted, Perfectionism, and Anxiety All in One by Adventures of Hahn Academy
I know we are not alone with having a child with this kind of asynchrony. However, what many people who do not have a child like this do not understand is this asynchrony leads to lots of frustration for him...
Anxiety by Jo on Sprite's Site
I know that it was not my intention to offend or fail to mention something important or to give a wrong impression. But other people could not be expected to know that and would assume that I had done it purposely...
Are gifted individuals really perfectionists? by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
But are gifted people really perfectionists?
Are they really more likely to be perfectionistic than anyone else?
And are we confusing perfectionism with a healthy drive to excel?

I raise these questions because I have not seen an overabundance of perfectionism in my psychotherapy practice with gifted adolescents and adults...
Anxiety About Her Education by The Common Mom
My bouts of anxiety tend to start out as worrying about just one thing and then like kudzu, the worry spreads to nearly every aspect of my life. I've described it as having at least two soundtracks playing in my head nearly all the time...
Make Your Own Worry Basket by Catie, My Little Poppies
“You wouldn’t want to do that to him.”

Do you know what I wouldn’t want to do to him, folks? I wouldn’t want to place him in a classroom Monday-Friday for an entire year where the teacher would be going over material that he had mastered in preschool. Yes, he already had a difficult time sitting still and focusing, but how on Earth would putting him in that classroom situation help with those issues?
Anxiety in Gifted Children: 3 Simple Steps Parents and Educators Can Take by Crushing Tall Poppies
1. AVOID SAYING, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT—Understanding that gifted children will be anxious about events and issues you may find groundless, unreasonable or even ridiculous is key here. For you, the gifted child’s fear is unwarranted, but for her, it is very real and concerning...
Anxiety and Giftedness. What is the reality? by Up Parenting Creek
The Transient Existential Crisis
Perhaps you can relate. It's late at night. The kids are in bed and you are just about to fall asleep. The footsteps on the staircase signal that a kid is awake and the knock on the door confirms that he needs your help. Patrick ponders heavy questions when he's alone in his bedroom. Sometimes the questions are too heavy to process on his own and we get that late night knock on the door...
The More You Know, The More You Worry by Paula Prober, Your Rainforest Mind
Your very active rainforest mind is able to dream up so many things to worry about. Less complex minds may worry less because there isn't as much thinking. With you, there's lots of thinking. And if you're highly creative? Watch out. Even more worries...
Driving Forward by Aurora Remember
For me though, in the end, a little anxiety can be a good thing. According to Kazimierz Dabrowski, "The theory of positive disintegration has it that most states of anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of psychoneurosis are necessary conditions for positive development of the individual"...
Childhood Anxiety from Adult Shenanigans by Wenda Sheard, J.D. Ph.D. Thoughts on Life and Learning
Instead, I’m going to talk about even worse childhood fears–those fears scary enough to do damage to children, and scary enough to warrant conference presentations, research dollars, and blog hop articles. Although some anxiety disorders are caused by children, the sad truth is that most anxiety disorders result from adult shenanigans, including family breakdowns, violence, and questionable education policies and practices...
Spooky by Braver than you believe
It’s coming. It’s coming again. And then you feel the familiar terror that turns your mouth to dry cotton, makes your stomach do somersaults, and heightens every sense. Your hands go clammy. Your scalp gets prickly. You can just feel eyes on you!
No, this isn’t the most recent horror movie trailer. It’s a nightly experience for your gifted child. No wonder she can’t sleep!...
12 Anxiety Issues Parents Of Gifted Children Face by Elgarmummy
Being a first-time parent is not easy, let alone being a first-time of parent of a young gifted child. While my husband thinks I am too zen-like about many things (i.e. don’t appear concerned enough), I am probably more like a duck paddling furiously in the water, unseen by the others. I worry about a lot of things...
Conquer Anxiety by Gifted Unschooling
We are all different but we understand our own needs and our collective family needs to set us up for success. Understanding one's triggers is similar to understanding one's overexcitabilities. My kids need to move. A lot. Being confined to an expectation of sitting still would never work for them and luckily, it is never a requirement. There are few "have tos" and a whole lot of freed...
Panic Disorder: Anxiety at its Worst by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
If you had told me that depression could become so severe that a person would stop sleeping, I would have laughed. If you would have told me that anxiety could fill the body of the sufferer with fear and dread, I probably would have thought you ignorant. After all, we all have anxiety at times and get depressed now and then. Most of my life, I thought little about anxiety...
Anxiety: From Gordon Neufeld to Kazimierz Dabrowski and beyond by Gift-Ed Connections
Seeing anxiety as natural and helpful can often go a long way in helping anxious children understand that there is nothing wrong with them for feeling this way. But when the anxiety becomes so strong that it interferes with quality of life, having support in overcoming them is necessary. From learning breathing exercises to setting up a step by step program, there are many tools available to work through anxiety...
Two Anti-Anxiety Tips for Kids by Planet Smarty Pants
We cannot do much about uncertainty, but powerlessness is a big contributor to anxiety. This is why we challenge our daughter to come up with practical steps to soothe her anxiety. Sometimes it can be as simple as cuddling with her favorite blanket or reading a book, sometimes we brainstorm ways to make the situation better. We also point to her all the ways in which we try to reduce risks in our lives...
Contagious Anxiety by Diane Hale, in Schooling the Gifted
Today I spoke with the mother of a child in our gifted program who helped me remember that we need to keep our anxious feelings in check for our kids. Her son scores high and does well in all subjects. I’ve known the family for years, and there is no question that this student is a very bright child. But today, his mother told me that through some additional testing the family discovered...
Helping Your Child Cope With Anxiety by Coleen, in Raising Lifelong Learners
Gifted children often put extremely high expectations on themselves. They want to do things perfectly, and exactly as they’re pictured in their minds. These expectations can cause stress and anxiety, oftentimes shutting kids down, paralyzing them from trying at all...

Updated December 01, 2020

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