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Hoagies' Blog Hop: 2e Kids

2e kids. Twice Exceptional. Dually Identified. No matter what you call them, gifted kids with another struggle are more than twice the challenge; they're more like challenge squared. Can you imagine a gifted mind, trapped inside a body that doesn't conform to the expectations of school, family, or society?  As challenging as this might be for parents and teachers, the biggest challenge may be internal to the 2e child herself!

How can you identify the 2e child? What flavors of 2e kids are there? How does the 2e child fare in traditional school? In homeschooling? What tips and tricks help the 2e child, their parents, teachers, and other professionals, to accomplish all that they are capable of without frustration and struggle?

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For more on 2e Kids, visit Hoagies' Gifted: Twice Exceptional and the many pages under it, on each of a variety of 2e diagnoses, plus 2E (Twice Exceptional) Books and Twice Exceptional = Exceptional Squared! Recommended success stories!

Twice Exceptional by Adventures of Hahn Academy
The problem arises when in public schools because many 2e students aren’t identified due to misconceptions and gatekeeping. There are some in the educational world that believe a student can’t be both gifted and have a learning disability. I sat in a training of school psychologists and educational diagnosticians in the fall where many indicated this exact sentiment. We were outnumbered and couldn’t change their thinking. Sadly many implied it was district policy that any child with above average IQ could not be considered as having a specific learning disability.
I will make it clear, a gifted individual can also have a learning disability!
Helping 2E Children Thrive by Debbie, a guest blogger at Planet Smarty Pants
I am the homeschooling mother of an eight year old who is twice exceptional. She is very gifted and a self taught reader, who has a passion for science and animals. She is also autistic, which has brought many challenges in her life. Behavioral issues, anxieties, dysgraphia, and struggles with social skills. Now that we have a better understanding of the puzzle pieces that make her who she is, we are learning many techniques and ways of helping to meet her desire to learn as well as her weaknesses....
5 Tips to Conquer Homework with a 2E Kid by Up Parenting Creek
Learn how to avoid the homework headaches that often plague 2E kids. Check out these 5 tips for reducing meltdowns and improving success.
I'm serious - let your child fail. (Sometimes.) Stop rescuing them from their own missteps…I'm not suggesting that you set your kids adrift without any parental guidance, but the biggest gift we can give our kids is the chance to learn for themselves and that includes learning from their own mistakes...
Twice Exceptional Hatters by Homeschooling Hatters
These kids are often overlooked in the school system, as either their increased ability masks their disability, or the school's penchant for treating the disability first means the ability is never recognized. But, being homeschoolers means that I get to see the full spectrum of my child - his good moments, his bad ones, and what is more "normal" for him than not...
Convergence Insufficiency and Reading Problems by Alessa Giampaolo Keener in Everyday Learning
So, how do you know if vision therapy is going to help your underachieving kiddo? Well, the first step is to figure out if your child has a reading disability (they can’t seem to remember how to sound out words) – or if they have a problem with reading (they get distracted when they try to read)?

Reading disabilities are neurological in nature...
2E is... by Jo on Sprite's Site
I asked Sprite to tell me what being a 2E kid means to her and here is her response and links to some websites, articles and resources...
Advocating for the Twice-Exceptional Child by Lisa Conrad on Gifted Parenting Support
Advocating for the twice-exceptional child is like a never-ending story filled with disingenuous gestures from school officials and lack of respect for parents. Ask any parent who has walked this path and the tales reflect an eerie similarity. Few have happy endings. Perseverance, tenacity, and a thick skin become indispensable life-skills for these parents...
Let's Hear It For Special Ed by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
In 1995, the teacher of one of my children called. She had placed two of my older children in super-accelerated math and wasn't sure if my third should receive the same placement because s/he was on the cusp. I had noticed difficulty with this child when we tried to help with math. S/he could see the math concept if we used a diagram, but could not remember how the teacher said to do it. I decided to have psychological testing, which I could not really afford (insurance later paid me back). It turned out this child had auditory processing problems...
In a 2e Kid's Shoes by Braver than you believe
She can be infuriatingly frustrating when she refuses to push the button to enter her answer to an online lesson question because it might give her a gentle “no” buzzer and painfully poignant when she tries to explain why words just won’t come out in the order her brain wants them to.

And I’m at such a loss...
How to Parent a 2E Child by Catie, My Little Poppies
You are going to need heaps and heaps of patience, folks. These children are amazing, and brilliant, and brilliantly, amazingly exhausting. As I said, they can be tough to keep up with. They can be tough to parent. They can be tough to educate. Raising and homeschooling our son has been the most unexpected yet delightful and educational journey of my life so far...
Twice Exceptional or Misdiagnosed by Gifted Unschooling
What disorder didn't this kid have?

Actually, he doesn't have any pathologies but when stuck with a traditional schooling mindset, looking through a pathological lens, in a mismatched environment, he looked to have every disorder imaginable. Eliminating school was the first step toward enlightenment...
Homeschooling Twice Exceptional Kids by Coleen, in Raising Lifelong Learners
Twice exceptional {or 2E} kids tend to struggle in a typical school environment. Their superior intellect helps them compensate for (and mask) their disabilities. Their disabilities tend to “tone down” their intellectual gifts. They come across as class clowns, disruptions, lazy, or average. It is really difficult for the typical school setting to work for them.

That’s not to say that some 2E kids don’t do well in school...
Twice-Exceptional: Giftedness Served up with a side of Lagging Skills by Gift-Ed Connections
Try to imagine what it would feel like to be able to name all of Greek gods, their hierarchy and relationships to one another as well as the role they played in key myths and yet not be able to read when called upon to do so in class. To understand calculus yet struggle to write a sentence. To have a keen and exact sense of the rules of social order and then be the only one who gets punished when in your rage you point out when these rules are being violated. Now imagine that the only thing that gets any attention from the people in your world is the fact that you can't read, can't write a sentence or that you have tantrums...
The Danger Of Twice Exceptional Students Undiagnosed by Elgarmummy
Perhaps these three students did not do well in their primary school education, because of certain subjects. One is diagnosed with dyslexia, while the second is not diagnosed. The third one has ADHD and the last one has autism. However, I am inclined to think that they could be twice exceptional. The level of maturity in their discussions is far beyond many students in the first stream. They find lessons extremely boring, because due to the general weaknesses in the language of their classmates, they are forced to sit through hours and hours of lessons in skills they had mastered long ago...
Beneath the Surface: Twice-Exceptional Students by Institute for Educational Advancement
Twice-exceptional (or 2E) children – those who are both gifted and have a learning disability – are often rendered exhausted as they try to explain how they think and learn to “grown-ups”. What is going on inside of them may differ greatly from what other people, including their teachers, are able to see.

“I saw a very different child than the teacher was seeing.” – IEA Parent

Twice-exceptional students are seldom identified as gifted, as having a disability, or as twice-exceptional...

Updated December 01, 2020

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