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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Summer Reading

This month, we focus on Summer Reading.  Summer gives many of us extra opportunities for reading... the fiction we love but don't usually have time for, the non-fiction that we wish we had time to study during the year, or the boundless free time to read on the beach, at the cabin, or on the boat... or in your own living room. Don't miss the special reading (and Lego!) nook, or the struggle some kids have with reading.  Summer Reading is more than just a school reading list.

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For great summer reading lists, visit Hoagies' Hot Topics Reading Lists and Hoagies' Reading Lists!

Are All Gifted Children Early Readers? by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
True or False: You can tell if a child is gifted by how early he or she reads. Answer: True and False. It's true that many gifted children read at a remarkably early age, amazing family and preschool teachers alike with their almost eerie knowledge of language. But not all gifted children read early...
Our Reading Nooks: Perfect for Summer Reading! by Sunrise Learning Lab
My husband and I have always been fascinated with unique homes with secret rooms and cool nooks. The wardrobe in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe really appealed to both of us and became the inspiration for our reading nooks. We discussed the possibility of somehow creating a neat passage / room in our home. We came up with the idea...
Authors - Rock-Stars for the Rest of Us by Diane Hale, in Schooling the Gifted
We've all seen music lovers listen to their favorite rock bands while looking at the album cover. We know they are thinking about the artists. They admire their talent, their commitment to the art, and how the music seems to communicate with them in a way no one else can or does. As a reader, authors do that for me, and I know they do that for our students as well. Aren’t we missing a big component of the reading/writing experience by not highlighting the author when we really enjoy their written word?...
Full Steam Ahead by Braver than you believe
Such an innocuous word, isn't it? And yet SO powerful. Our oldest has decided that her most favorite thing to do is....wait for it...READING! She's a self-proclaimed reading junkie. Once she said that she absolutely could not stop her eyes from reading EVERYTHING. When she was four. She also said that I'd missed my turn two blocks ago. When she was three...
The Early Reading Myth and Gifted Achievement in Everyday Learning by Hand-in-Hand Homeschool
Some parents of gifted children who begin to notice less stellar reading achievement abilities start to get nervous. My initial answer to most parents is: No. More than likely, nothing is wrong with your child. Lower than expected achievement does not mean a child is no longer gifted. Still, a little at-home sleuthing can help parents decide if formal testing for potential learning disabilities is worth the time and money – OR – if a different approach to reading instruction may be needed.  What To Look For When Your Early Reader Fails To Academically Thrive. 1. Slow Reading Speed...
6 Book Series About Gifted Children by Planet Smarty Pants
Do gifted children read differently? Most of those that I know personally are truly voracious readers, but they are intrigued by very different topics. Smarty continues on her “I hate non-fiction” trail at the moment and reads almost exclusively fiction and comics. She defines her current reading interests as children like me who go on adventures and, apparently, she keeps developing their adventures further in her head...
Video Games and Yellow Blankets by Homeschooling Hatters
I have memories, beautiful memories, of a big yellow fleece-ish picnic blanket, it had satiny-lined edges with zig-zag stitching, and I'd go out in the summer, put out that big yellow blanket on the dark green grass, and park myself there all day. I'd have a drink, and a book or four, and that was the place to find me...
Finding Your Summer Books by The Grayson School
Is there anything better than long, uninterrupted days of beating the heat with a good book? We wanted to keep this post short and sweet so you can get back to your books! Finding books for gifted kids that are both challenging enough to be fun but still content-appropriate for their age can be difficult. For kids, we love...
Summer Reading by Elgarmummy
What exactly is summer reading? There is no summer in sunny Singapore, but we do have the June holidays, a month-long break from school. There is a book that I would like to read...
Summer Reading Favorites for Young Readers by Carolyn K., in Hoagies' Nibbles and Bits
Collected from gifted kids the world 'round, no matter what kind of books your kids prefer, you'll find titles they love here...
My Essential Children's Library by Suki Wessling in Avant Parenting
Our spring cleaning usually happens in the summer and is largely a culling of clothing the kids have outgrown, homeschooling materials we don’t need and will pass on to others, and books.  Despite our feeling that you can never have too many books, when you have kids who love to read, you can have too many books...

And another post on the subject of books and reading...

Book Review: Legendary Learning: The Famous Homeschoolers’ Guide to Self-Directed Excellence by Suki Wessling in Avant Parenting
McMillin's famous homeschoolers all achieved success not because they followed the rules that most modern Americans take for granted—stay in school, follow the rules, get good grades, be a high achiever. They achieved success because they followed their passions, didn't listen to naysayers, were diligent, and knew that they had something to offer the world...


Updated December 01, 2020

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