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My goal today is to provide all of you with some tips about excellent websites that have information about gifted students and gifted education resources.

The first and most important site to mention is the Hoagies site. Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page was first created more than a decade ago, waaay back when the Internet was still in its embryonic stage. This site is updated nearly every single day. It is nicknamed the “All Things Gifted” page because it literally does include information on just about everything out there on gifted education. You can find lists of resources (every imaginable type of resource), links to online forums about gifted education and gifted students, a very thorough section for parents of the gifted, details about the different methods often used for identification of the gifted, curriculum resources for teachers, a section for gifted kids, and multiple sections covering the various aspects of social and emotional needs of the gifted. Look for the site’s handy Search bar to help find whatever it is that you’re looking for. The Hoagies site is also a winner of an NAGC Community Service Award and a PAGE Neuber-Pregler Award. New to learning about gifted students? Check out Hoagies’ Gifted 101 and Gifted 102 links. -- Tamara Fisher, Unwrapping the Gifted

Your leadership in this important area is very much appreciated by folks from all over. You make a profound difference where it counts - in the lives of individual children and their families. You have my gratitude and admiration. -- Sheree

In her nomination of Hoagies' Gifted Education Page for the Surf Aquarium 2007 Top Online Educator Award, Robin says “Carolyn has had an immeasurable influence on (gifted) education in school districts, weekend programs, homeschool coops and homes across the United States and the world. She has provided information to help educate children appropriately and tirelessly supported many families with her work online. The information that Carolyn supplies is not easily available elsewhere, if at all.” -- Robin H.

Hoagies is home wherever we are.  Like a warm fire on a cold night, or cool refreshing, sparkling sea on a hot day. -- Trisha, in Canada
I truly enjoy your web site and appreciate all the information you list for our bright and unique children. -- Mari
I always end up checking with you when I need something and can't find it. -- Nancy
I just wanted you to know, that every time there is another advocate role for me to take on, your pages convince me to keep fighting for my son.  Thanks so much. -- Lynda

My daughter is very much into Webkinz stuffed animals. She just received a leopard, which she determined looked enough like a Cheetah to be named "Hoagie". She said, "That's where I find out about all those cool websites and toys!"

I just thought I would let you know how much EVERYONE in the family appreciates all you do. Thanks so very much for making a positive difference in all of our lives! -- Mary

I am sorry that you haven't been able to make much progress with changing your local district, be assured that your work in advocacy and Hoagies make a BIG difference form MANY people EVERY day. I keep going back to it, I keep sending other people there, I keep hearing good information that people here have gotten from it that I may have missed.

Personally, Hoagies was there when I needed to figure out HOW in the world to make my son do what I told him to do and try to figure out what made him tick - and HOW I could possibly get the district to change so that he could get an education. It may literally have saved his life. The understanding I gained from reading resources on Hoagies were a HUGE help to me in helping him. That understanding also enabled me to recognize when my daughter was descending into depression at age 7 and know what to do to try to turn her around. Homeschooling only one day a week has helped her tremendously and after 3.5 months, I finally have my happy, bubbly daughter back.

Without Hoagies, my entire family would certainly be MUCH worse off, and my local schools would still be badly damaging ALL the gifted students attending them. Now, we have the prospect of a middle school program for highly gifted students. We have much better, more targeted GATE pullouts. We have cluster grouping with differentiation in a few classes in several schools - and more to come. There was a small gathering of highly gifted kids from out state this past October, and there will be a well-publicized gathering the day before the state convention next year which may help dozens and possibly hundreds of highly gifted students from all across the state to meet others like themselves and feel less odd.

We now have an elementary talent search test site at the public high school 1.5 miles from our house. The site was finally announced two weeks after the initial deadline for registering for the talent search test, and in the two weeks since the announcement 21 students have signed up to test there. There were probably no more than 6 students from our town taking the elementary talent search test last year, so even 21 students is a huge increase. At least 21 local students will have scores showing that they are almost ready, fully ready for, or even beyond 8th grade work while in grades 3-6. The GATE coordinator has seen my son's scores, and will be able to interpret others more easily.

The help provided by your website has enabled me and other people here to make VERY significant changes and have the prospect of even more changes to come. If the impact has been anywhere near as great in other places, the good resulting from Hoagies is IMMENSE! -- Margaret

I have you to thank for my not only being able to recognize and accept that I have a gifted child, but understand why I always felt like such an oddball my entire life—because I too am GT. You could have knocked my husband and I over with a feather when our son was nominated for the school’s GT program in Kindergarten. We just thought he was like all the other children. He almost didn’t get to the testing phase because of the parent evaluation! We marked him low on some things. When a friend told me of your website, it was a whole new world for me. At nearly 40 years of age, I finally “got it”. Why things that seemed so easy to me, always amazed my friends. Why I could find 5 uses for something that everyone else could only use for one. Why I have such a quirky sense of humor.

Now, both of my 5-year-old twins have been nominated for the GT program. I wasn’t shocked—I’d been preparing for it since they were about 1. All the things I learned on your site, certainly made their preschool years much more tolerable. It’s amazing how the typical books on how to raise children really don’t apply to GT kids. When a friend was having discipline problems with her toddler that were very much what I had had, I sent her to your page. She was just like I was 4 years ago—totally shocked to learn the “cause” of why her son behaved the way he did.

So, thank you! Thank you for you site, and for everything to you do for GT children and adults! -- Sarah

Thank you for your quick response!  I believe I have found what I've been looking for, "A person" to point me in the right direction!  The Hoagies website is wonderful and you are simply the best, Thanks Again  Kathryn

I found your web site a few weeks ago, I can not thank you enough for the wealth of information you have on here. We are in the very beginning process of a gifted IEP in our county and your site has been invaluable to me as this is all new to our family. While reading about the IEP and what to expect with the administration we are better prepared to hold our ground and fight for the services our son needs and deserves.

Every time I visit your site I learn something new.  Thank you!  Jen

I just wanted to send you a great big THANK YOU from Australia.  About 5 years ago, in total frustration I sent in a couple of lines of text about my PG son literally being taught to twiddle his thumbs in 4th grade. Sensing my distress you wrote a lovely personal email to me validating my feelings about the lack of education my son was getting. Your website was a catalyst for us taking the leap into the last 4 years of homeschooling and it has been a joyous decision for our family.

A few weeks ago my 15 year old son started studying psychology at a University in Sydney after completing the educational requirements and interviews for early entry. He is now a fulfilled happy young man and I am eternally grateful to you as you gave us the knowledge and courage to create the educational environment our son needed.  Best Wishes.  Trish

We just heard that our child is accepted into the Davidson Young Scholars program. I am really, really excited. As I told a friend about it, she asked "Where did you ever hear about that?" and I realized if it weren't for Hoagies or this* mailing list, I would never have known about it. I just wanted to take a moment to say a really big THANKS to Carolyn for her work on Hoagies and for everyone on this list. Thanks for being here as I start on my long path of navigating the world of being part of a GT family - thanks for all of the ways that you provide info and help to those of us just getting our feet wet.  Thank you thank you!! -- Patricia

*GT-Families mailing list, see Gifted Mailing Lists, Message Boards, Blogs for subscription instructions.

Be assured that your work in advocacy and Hoagies make a BIG difference form MANY people EVERY day. I keep going back to it, I keep sending other people there, I keep hearing good information that people here have gotten from it that I may have missed. -- Margaret

Congratulations on the NAGC Community Service Award. I can’t think of a more deserving person! I have watched Hoagies grow over the past few years and am simply amazed at what you have created. When I first found Hoagies, my son was a little less than a year old but I was starting to wonder if he was more than “just gifted.” I must have done a Google search for “highly gifted” and found Hoagies which I quickly devoured and read every page you had and then bookmarked. It would probably take weeks or months to read every page and every article and visit every link there now!  Hoagies helped me find a plethora of information that has helped me be a better advocate for my son over the past few years.

I receive dozens and dozens of parent email inquiries each week in my role as Assistant Gifted Children's Program Coordinator, and the first place I send them is Hoagies because it really is so comprehensive and goes beyond what other organizations that specialize in giftedness or intelligence have for parents. I just want to say congrats and thank you again for all of the hours and love that you put into this for all of us out here. -- Keri

I want to thank you for Hoagies. If not for your website, I wouldn't have found the GDC, my daughter wouldn't have been tested, I wouldn't know about Nation Deceived, I wouldn't know that there are other kids much like her, and she'd still be on the edge of a total breakdown, miserable at school.

With resources from your website (and vast amounts of my time reading), we've managed to convince her school to provide two grade accelerations, subject acceleration, to accept our test results (with explanations found on Hoagies), even how to homeschool for several months when our options appeared so limited.

I now have the happiest 6-year-old I can imagine, great thanks to you and your efforts.

And I thought that was that, until my 5-year-old began school. So I am back at it...starting with resources you've gathered, of course.

With much appreciation, -- J. K.

Only on Hoagies would I find a link to buy my son a t-shirt from his newest favorite book (ender's game). I am sure he will be starting his first day of seventh-grade (at 10yo and 60 lbs) wearing his dragon army logo shirt. I had done a search just to find more info on the rest of the series, and there it was! -- Jodi

When I shared the link of your web site with my son's gifted teacher, here's what she said, "The “Hoagies” website has been invaluable to me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used that site in different graduate courses over the years."

..just let you know. Thank you for your hard work, Carolyn!. -- Anastasia

This is an amazing website, thank you! -- Meg

I first write to thank you for your tremendous website! This past year, I feel like I have passed through “Gifted 101” to “Doctoral Thesis in Gifted Ed!” Until last year, I had only “mythological” knowledge of the term “gifted.” I came into a situation where I felt compelled to advocate strongly for my oldest daughter. I know I could never have done so successfully without all of the wonderful information you offer on your site. -- A Mom from Pennsylvania

I don't know where to start - an unusual experience for me. Thanks for the link on Dabrowski's OE - fits my child like a glove - where the ADHD DSM criteria doesn't. From the gifted adult article - I loved the part about the Girl Scouts experience - the part about the badges, etc. I could have written myself. It is so unusual to find someone with experiences like mine - you made my year. I am not alone and neither is my very misunderstood son. -- Leesa

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