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Smart Toys for Young Children

Gifted young children are sometimes hard to shop for... their minds are often far ahead of their bodies. Some young kids love thinking games that don't involve reading.  Others read at an early age, but they're fine motor skills are still age-level.  Try these games for your young gifted child...
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1-2-3 OY! and A-B-C OY! card games (numbers or letters) for the younger folks, multi-player or solitaire... lots of fun!
4 Way Countdown
Practice skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills by using the numbers on the dice. The first to flip over all 10 numbered keys wins the game... Also try 4 Way Spelldown
7 Ate 9 Recommended by Out of the Box
As easy as 1, 2, 3! Children add or subtract 1, 2, or 3 to the number on the top card on the pile to determine if they have a card that can be played next. Sounds simple, but with everyone playing simultaneously the options are constantly changing. The first player out of cards wins!
Animal Scramble
An electronic hand-held tagger shaped like a giraffe and four friends like the monkey, parrot, tiger and elephant... The giraffe calls out which animals the children should run to and tag. It tracks the amount of time taken to complete each course. In team mode, kids pass the giraffe to other players as they work cooperatively to achieve the fastest time...
Animal Upon Animal
A wobbly stacking game for 2 to 4 players! The animals want to show how good they are at making tall pyramids! 29 wooden animals, 1 die with symbols and instructions
Apples to Apples 7+ and Apples to Apples Junior (ages 9+, younger for gifted children) The Game of Hilarious Comparisons
This game receives rave reviews from our gifted community, for family or group fun!
Also check out... (And for a full list of the words in each set, visit Munching Apples fan site)
Apples to Apples, Party Box Edition Recommended the adult set

Architectural Building Blocks encourage kids' building extraordinaire!
Achiquest World Fusion or Archiquest Deluxe World Fusion
Archiquest Legends of Byzantine or Archiquest: Dragons and Pagodas
Archiquest: Kings and Castles
Melisa & Doug Architectural Unit Block Set or Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Blocks
Melissa & Doug Castle Blocks
Batik Kid
New classic wooden strategy game, with fun fish shapes...
For the older set, try Batik - classic tangram shapes
Card game for sharp eyes and fast hands, but with handicapping that will even the game for the most diverse 2 or 3 players... no reading required
Bloco Animals
bullet Dinosaurs or Wildcats
bullet Birds of prey or Scorpions and Insects
bullet Horses and Unicorns or Velociraptor and Pterosaur
bullet Dragons & Reptiles 
bullet Marine Creatures
bullet Savannah Animals
Construction kits create adorable 3-D characters built with durable high-density foam and unique connectors appeal to boys and girls alike, 300+ peices...
Blokus Jr.
Take turns placing as many of their geometric shapes on board as they can, but only the corners of their own pieces may touch. Blokus Jr. has less complicated pieces and a bigger board than Blokus, as well as 10 mini-games. Or take a new twist, with Blokus Trigon.  For older kids, try Blokus To Go or Blokus Recommended

Boggle Jr.
Introducing the ABC's with three ways to play...  Or try Boggle or Boggle To Go
Tap the floor, line them up as an oversized xylophone, bounce them off body parts; any way you do it, you're making music.  Octavator tube caps lower the notes one octave.  Brightly colored, 1' to 2' tubes...
K - 7, with extra decks on America, Black History and more.  Each deck is packed with hundreds of intriguing questions on one side and answers kids can’t wait to discover on the other...
My First, For Threes, Pre-School, Kindergarten, Bedtime (ages 3-5)
1st Grade, 1st Grade Math, 1st Grade Reading, 2nd Grade, 2nd Grade Math, 2nd Grade Reading
3rd Grade, 3rd Grade Reading, 3rd Grade Math, 4th Grade. 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade
America, Hispanic America. For the Car, Black History, Presidents (all ages 8-12)
Canada (ages 8-12)
Brio affiliate linkBRIO or from Amazon
Sometimes the old-style toys are the best.  Wooden trains are always a hit!  Imagination not included.  Kids build their track, and run their trains, creating the stories to accompany their play...
Amazon: Brio trainsStart with a beginner track set: BRIO Track and Stack City Set, BRIO Freight Yard Set, BRIO Wooden Zoo Set.  For the littlest engineers Brio My First Railway; for our computer generation
Add accessories: BRIO Polar Express North Pole, BRIO Adventure Tunnel, BRIO Collapsing Bridge, BRIO Lifting Bridge, BRIO Suspension Bridge, BRIO Grand Roundhouse and BRIO Mechanical Turntable, BRIO Light and Sound Ferry,
Add engines and cars: BRIO Mighty Red Locomotive, BRIO Steam Engine, BRIO Zebra Wagon, BRIO Tipping Wagon with Load, BRIO Car TransporterBRIO Polar Express Battery Train, BRIO Polar Express Caboose and Handcar, BRIO Shinkansen Train
Extra track expands the fun: BRIO Ascending Track, BRIO Short Curved Track, BRIO Mini-Straight Track, BRIO Beginner's Expansion Pack, BRIO Intermediate Expansion Pack
Amazon: Brio networkBRIO Network E-Mail Central an imaginative new spin on wooden train worlds - the world inside your PC!
BRIO Network E-Mail Central Set expands with BRIO Network Track Pack, add engines BRIO Network Lazie CD Burner or BRIO Network EMO's Transporter and accessories BRIO Networkers Pack 1, BRIO Network Turner's Tunnel, BRIO Network Mailbox and EMO, BRIO Bernie’s Flashing Network, and BRIO Network EMO's Mail Hub
Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Trains by Learning Curve
Start with a Thomas set: Roundhouse Set, Mountain Overpass Set, Water Tower Figure 8 Set, Conductor's Figure 8 Set, Sodor Rescue Team Set
Thomas engines can be added to any wooden railway set! Diesel, Peter Sam, Douglas the Scottish Twin, Donald The Scottish Twin Gordon The Big Express Engine, Giggling Troublesome Trucks, Annie & Clarabel, Chinese Dragon, Bill and Ben and many others...
Add Thomas accessories: Railway Coal Loader, Special Engine Shed, Sodor Engine Wash,  Bertie The Bus, and lots more!
Extra Thomas track fits with Thomas or Brio: Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack, Wacky Track, Up & Away Expansion Pack, Sodor Cement Works, Rescue Hospital, and more...
Amazon: Bucket Blast
Bucket Blast
A bucket full of indoor or outdoor fun for families and friends, with its own storage (back)pack
Bug Out by Out of the Box
Race to capture the bugs by covering each Bug Card with a matching Leaf Card–It’s a wild scramble to find each bug!
Camelot Junior by Smart Games (ages 5-9, 4+ gifted)
Build a bridge connecting the prince with the princess, with this wooden 3D puzzle. 48 progressively more difficult challenges encourage young minds to use multiple pieces to solve each challenge...
Can You See What I See? by Gamewright (ages 4+, 2-6 players)
Can you spot a seashell? A kangaroo? Find these and more in this visual game of hide and seek. Reveal a find Me tile and try to find the featured object among your set of Keep Me cards. Look carefully as objects may be hidden and you may have more than one match on your cards. Be the first player to collect all of your cards and you have one sharp eye...
Cartoona by Robert Burke (12+ on the box, but ages 3+ can play the tiles-only version!)
A tile-laying, creature-building game of strategy and chance featuring the whimsical pop art creatures of Robert Burke. The game encourages creativity, strategic thinking and social interaction. Players compete by building colorful, and sometimes hilarious, cartoon creatures from different body part tiles. For older kids and adults, add the cards, and vary the play and interaction wonderfully... Add expansions! Heads on Tails & Long Necks
Castle Logix by Smart Games (ages 5+, 4+ gifted)
Construct the castles in each diagram out of beautiful hardwood pieces.  Challenges start easy, but quickly make you think "outside the box"...
Chickyboom by Blue Orange Games (or from Funagain Games)
The chickens are hanging out on their colorful perch, but if one decides to move, everything starts to wobble! Get the chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales off the rocking roost before it's too late. A game of balance, laughs and fun where the roost goes Chickyboom!
Coloring Books by MindWare
Not your average coloring books, but so much more! (Amazon links in parens)
bulletTransformations Hidden, Mirror, Nature, Scenic
bulletMosaics Aboriginal, Aztec, Celtic, Classic
bulletColor Counts Animals, Landscapes, Garden, Carnival
bulletModern Patterns (Moecular, Optical, Linear, Illusions, Botanical, Circular)
bulletCreative Camouflage (Hidden Features, Hidden Fur, Hidden Scales & Shells, Hidden Exoskeleton)
bulletAnimal Habitats Forest & Grassland Babies, Desert & Savannah Babies, Ocean & Wetlands Babies, Rainforest & Tropical Babies
bulletDesigns GeoDesigns, MicroDesigns, OptiDesigns, PrismDesigns, UltraDesigns, DecoDesigns
bulletScapes ArchiScapes, EnvironScapes, DesignScapes, MasterScapes
bulletLights Stained Glass AnimalLights, EcoLights, EuroLights, SpinLights, TesseLights, OptiLights all with translucent vellum pages
bulletIlluminations in Animal Art, Floral Art, Circle Art, Optical Art inspired by modern design
bulletAnd a great set of 24 Fineline Markers

Colour Code by Smart Games
Layer see-through tiles to create different multi-colored shapes shown in the included challenge booklet. Simple challenges for beginners to complex puzzles that will challenge experienced graphic designers, a fun way to develop logical thinking and pattern recognition skills...
Connectagons (or from Amazon)
Brightly colored wooden circles can be connected in any direction to create a unique freeform sculpture. Children can exercise their imaginations while learning valuable spatial reasoning skills and basic principles of balance... Also Connectagons Geometry (or from Amazon), Connectagons Butterflies and Flowers, Connectagons - Under the Sea, Connectagons - Treetop, and Connectagons Heart-to-Hearts
Coo Coo the Clown
Learn about balance, while taking turns adding balls to Coo Coo's arms... but be careful, he wobbles on his big shoes!
Cranium Cadoo (7 and up)
The funky fusion of tic-tac-toe, general knowledge, sculpting skill, and scavenger hunt designed for kids
Cranium Family Edition (8 to adult)  players compete by building, flipping, sketching, sculpting, and guessing
Cranium Conga (7 and up) Fast-paced "guess what I'm thinking" game \will get your whole family acting, sculpting, guesstimating, and picking hilarious words
Cranium Bumparina (7 and up, much younger gifted child) Quick strategy game, no reading required.  Place your bumpers to head the balls your way, but watch out for you opponent - one twist of a bumper can wreck your plan!
Cranium Giggle Gear Mega Mask with Robot, Bug, and Alien Parts and Cranium Giggle Gear Mega Mask Fun Fairy (5 and up) Creating hilarious face masks and change your voice using a variety of eye, nose, ear, and mouth parts and voice morpher...
Balloon Lagoon (5 and up) While the merry-go-round music plays, compete thinking, matching, flipping and fishing as you collect balloons
Cranium Hullabaloo (4 and up) Twister meets Simon Says... Listen closely and think fast as you bounce, twist, spin, high-five, and dance to the music, sounds, and friendly voice of Hullabaloo. Rewards quick thinking, cooperation, and creative problem-solving.  Also Cranium Hullabaloo DVD Game: Amazing Animal Adventure
Cranium Cariboo (3 to 6 years) Teaches wee ones a few colors, shapes, numbers, and letters
Crowded Waters (6 - 8 years, 2 - 4 players) by Educational Insights
A strategy game of survival, and these waters can be treacherous! Take turns adding colored sharks to the board, tail to snout, trying to trap their opponents. The last player with room to swim wins the game! Great for visual thinking, planning, strategy, decision-making skills, and good sportsmanship...
Dizios by MindWare
A domino game with a colorful, dizzying twist. Tiles are placed down one by one to connect colors and create a flowing pattern...
Enlarge anything to 200 times its size.  Plugs directly into the TV - no PC, no software...
Double Shutter by Blue Orange
Combines basic arithmetic skills with strategy for great family fun!  Be the first to shut the box... Also available in wooden Vintage Double Shutter
Dutch Blitz Recommended A vonderful goot game!
Fast-moving family-friendly run-building game for 2-4 players, quick to learn and hard to master, perfect fun for gifted kids and adults alike! Or buy a double Dutch Blitz set...
Elementos by Tyto ← instructional video
Fast-paced two player strategy game, based on the theory of rock-paper-scissors. High-quality wooden game stores in its own box...
Extreme Dot to Dots by MindWare
Build focus and concentration with puzzles ranging from 500 to over 1,400 dots—some even cover two pages. Once the image is complete, use your markers or colored pencils to fill in the designs...
bullet Animals (Amazon), Explorers (Amazon), Legends and Lore (Amazon), Prehistoric (Amazon)
bullet Bundle of 4! (Animals, Explorers, Legends and Lore, Prehistoric)
bullet Animals 2 (Amazon), Sports (Amazon)
Folkmanis Puppets Some of the best wildlife puppets around!
King, Queen, Princess, Prince, Puppet Theater with Prince and Princess
Dragon, Three Headed Dragon, Sea Serpent
Unicorn, Pegasus, Snowy Owl, Emperor Penguin
Elephant, Lion, Horse, Black Labrador Puppy, Ladybug
The wild action dominoes game...  Also available in travel size: Pocket Fundomino with travel pouch
Gears, Gears, Gears! (or from Amazon)
Explore simple mechanics, and have fun!  I wish I had these when I was a kid...
Wacky Wigglers
Gears, Gears, Gears! Wacky Wigglers work alone, or with other Gears, Gears, Gears! sets.  Add googly eyes, light-up, glow-in-the-dark, motorized fun!  Imagination rules!  Don't miss these other Gears, Gears, Gears! sets... Dizzy Land Fun, Movin' Monkeys and Lights and Action
Gobblet Jr. and Gobblet Gobblers
A fun strategy game, as easy to learn as tic-tac-toe, challenging for chess players, fun for the whole family... Also available in 4x4 adult version, Gobblet (or from Amazon) and Gobblet Jr. On the Go
Granny Apples (ages 8 and up, or as soon as a gifted child can add and subtract halves!) (or from Amazon)
Quick counting game using 1/2's and wholes, addition and subtraction.  Watch out for the worm!
Hare & Tortoise
Features the legendary race between the hare and the tortoise, but with a twist... Great fun for families, but with serious strategy...
Head Full of Numbers
Players roll six dice out of the brainiac-shaped cup and combine the resulting digits using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Whoever comes up with the greatest number of unique, correct equations wins!
Hedbanz For Kids Everybody Knows But You
It's a race to see who can answer questions to determine what's on the card on their head before time runs out... Also Hedbanz For Adults
Highlights 100-Piece Puzzles (set of 2) (or from Amazon: Amusement Park and At the Beach Puzzles)
Highlights puzzles are double the fun! Amusement Park Maze comes with a die-cut roller coaster cart. Assemble the jigsaw puzzle, and then use the cart to find your way through the park. The double-sided At the Beach puzzle has kids search the completed puzzles for silly pictures like a fried egg at the beach or a surfboard that’s really a ruler...
Hi Ho Cherry O (ages 3-6)
Counting game in which players race to be the first to have 10 cherries in their basket. A spin of the arrow determines your fate. Pick one, two, three, or four cherries from your tree and put 'em in your basket. But don't land on the bird or the dog, requiring you to take two cherries from your basket and return them to the tree. And try not to land on the spilled bucket or--you guessed it--spill the contents of your basket or you start over...
Hisss the Colorful Snake-Making Card Game (2-5 players, ages 3 and up)
As each Hisss snake slithers its way across the playing area, it introduces color identification and visual logic: Does it make sense to have a snake with two tails and no head' Are those two colors the same or not' Even elementary counting skills come into play during scoring at the end of the game. No reading required...
Hyper Dash
Combine activity with colors, numbers, and simple addition and subtraction, and you've got Hyper Dash.  Radio Frequency ID tags in the targets are read by the unit, while players compete solo, up to 4 players head-to-head or 8 players in teams of 2, to figure out which targets to touch in which order.  Targets can be located close by, or far apart, making this a great physical activity, too!
Imaginets (ages 3+) by MindWare
Imaginaton + Magnets = Imaginets! Open the wood carry case to reveal a magnetic board surface that doubles as a dry-erase board. Brighly colored magnetic blocks can be arranged to form animals, faces, buildings - or try one of the 50 design challenge cards...

Jurassic Jumble Recommended from the makers of SET (or from Amazon)
Fun family game of switching and swiping dinosaur cards and bones, for up to 9 friends or family members of all ages!

Kapla Blocks Recommended by Kapla
"KAPLA" is from the Dutch "KAbouter PLAnkjes" which means "small planks". Its design proportions are based on the elementary progression of odd numbers: one, three, five. Unlike traditional cubes, KAPLA is long and thin. It is perfectly balanced between 2 ideas: building and sculpting. This single set can create an unlimited number of structures...  Fun for kids of ALL ages - you should see the college students buildings!  Add Kapla Color Squares in  Red, Orange, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, or Green - 40 planks in color in each Square, to mix and match with your natural maple Kapla blocks.  And try the Kapla Blue Book - Advanced for great construction ideas.  Or get two-color block sets (20 pieces each color) with suggestion book included: Red and Orange with Book, Light Blue and Dark Blue with Book, or Yellow and Green with Book. Now larger sets available! Kapla 280 Piece Building Set in Wooden Box or Kapla 1000 Piece Building Set in All Natural Box
Mix and match with Bamboo Collection Contina blocks, in lighter weight bamboo, vivid colors (and less expensive!) or Keva Planks, also hardwood maple.
Kids Of Carcassonne Recommended
On 14 July, the national holiday in France, the sheep, chickens and cows are set free in the town of Carcassonne. The children have big fun to catch the animals before dusk. Playersdraw a landscape tile and place it; unlike in normal Carcassonne, they always match. Whenever a road is finished, every player places one of his meeples on each appropriate picture. The first player to place all of his meeples wins... or for "bigger" kids, try Carcassonne Recommended and it's expansions, listed on Smart Strategy Games
The Ladybug Game (ages 3 and up) by Zobmondo!!
Once upon a time in a beautiful rose garden there were four ladybug friends. Although they loved the rosebushes, sometimes they wondered what lay beyond their world. Each ladybug had a different wing color with spots, Ella Yellow, Rickie Red, Tommy Teal, and Olivia Orange. Kids will fall in love with the characters and memorize the story of The Ladybug Adventure as they learn to count and read. Uses a clever combination of colors, numbers, words, and symbols to help even the youngest kids catch on quickly...
Lauri Toys Primer Pack
Create the ultimate home-sweet-home, whether it’s a cozy cottage, a towering skyscraper, a lighthouse or a castle. Set includes great building elements for added realism and charm: roof bricks, windows, shutters, doors, fences and pieces for landscaping...
Lego Home Designer Set (ages 6 and up, or younger gifted designers...)
Create the ultimate home-sweet-home, whether it’s a cozy cottage, a towering skyscraper, a lighthouse or a castle. Set includes great building elements for added realism and charm: roof bricks, windows, shutters, doors, fences and pieces for landscaping...
The Little Orchard Recommended (ages 3 and up, 1-4 players) by HABA
A cooperative color dice game with 3D cherry tree. The sweetest and juiciest cherries are hanging in Bertha Peartrees garden. The children help her to harvest them. But the cheeky raven also sneaks ever closer. Will the children harvest all the cherries before the raven has reached the tree?
Looping Louie Recommended (ages 4 and up)
Beware! The daring Louie is on the way in his glaring red flier. But instead of whizzing through the air in a straight line he flies in a circle and frightens all the chickens when he zooms too close to the farms. So watch out and quickly save your chickens by catapulting Louie up and perhaps turning him in a somersault....
Magnatab (Ages 3+)
A fun new way to draw with tablet and pen. The pen snaps into the tablet base for safe storage and easy transport. Use the magnetic stylus pen to create shapes, patterns, numbers or letters and feel the satisfying click as beads pop to the tablet surface to complete your drawing...
Music Blocks by Neurosmith
Great musical and sequencing fun for the youngest children (and some of the older ones, too!).  Includes Mozart, but don't miss the additional tunes, including Bach, Sounds of the Orchestra and Jumping Jive Jazz.  For more advanced play, there's Music Blocks Composer.  For the youngest child, Together Tunes and Jumbo Music Block.  Both use the same cartridges, plus some of its own, and does even more...
My Word Junior and My Word
Fast-paced word-building card game - Junior has more vowels and less difficult letters in the deck
No Stress Chess 
A simple way to learn chess!  Illustrated "move" cards explain the patterns and guide the learner, then flup the board over to play traditional chess...
The Original Rollercoaster  
Beautifully crafted, colossal maze of wood, beads, and wire..
Pattern Play Blocks
Pattern play blocks are fun and educational, introducing math concepts of patterns, symmetry, fractions and more!
Parquetry Blocks
Wooden blocks in 6 colors, with 32 pattern cards and a wooden tray - lots of fun!
Pengoloo by Blue Orange
Which penguin is hiding the egg?  A memory game for youngsters
Pentago (ages 6+)
The fast, mindtwisting strategy game. Be the first to create a row of five marbles: place your marble, then turn a section of the board. Fun and challenging for beginners and masters alike... Also try Pentago Travel
PigzUp! by Blue Orange Games
How quick and precise are your fingers? Find out as you build piggy piles in this lively stacking game. As soon as any 2 cards match, both players with matching cards race to stack up the requested number of piggies with the right color on top. Stay on your hooves, There is more than one silly way to stack up your piggies. Be the first player to get rid of all your cards to win...
Play Yourself Piano Mat
6" long 2 octave piano mat, dance, play and sing along! Play, record, playback & demo modes, volume control and 8 different instrument keys...
Quadrilla Marble Railway Basic Set and Quadrilla Twist and Rail
Wooden marble runs, with track pieces, accelerators, and fancy pieces, for tons of fun.  I remember these from my childhood!  And don't miss the Twist and Rail set, with curved track, and a funnel!
Qwirkle (gifted ages 4 and up)
A bit like dominoes with colors and shapes, Qwirkle is easy to learn, but hard to master.  Score big by matching both shape and color; the player with the most points wins...
Quoridor Kid
Get your pawn across to the opposite side of the board. But first decide: move your pawn, or put up a fence to slow your opponent? The choices don’t come easily in this carefully crafted game of mazes and madness for 2 to 4 players. Also Quoridor Classic by Gigamic and Quoridor Travel
Quirkle (gifted ages 4 and up)
A bit like dominoes with colors and shapes, Qwirkle is easy to learn, but hard to master.  Score big by matching both shape and color; the player with the most points wins... Try Quirkle Cubes!
Regatta (2-4 players, ages 5 and up) by Gigamic
Race your yacht around the course battling your opponents and the elements.  Each player has a hand of 5 cards. To move your yacht, you must pick up and then play a card indicating the direction your boat must take and the distance it will travel. If the wind is behind your sails, you can have another go. Or you can choose to get in the way of another player's boats. Winds, cards and other players are not always on your side: Navigate intelligently!
Robot Turtles (ages 4 and up) by ThinkFun (or from Amazon)
A fun way for little ones to learn to code!
Rock by Out of the Box
Race to capture the bugs by covering each Bug Card with a matching Leaf Card–It’s a wild scramble to find each bug!
Rumis ancient architecture meets modern strategy
Build a solid structure on one of four game boards inspired by Incan architecture.  Increases spatial awareness and critical thinking, as players try to have the most stones visible from above...
Run Wild by Out of the Box
Race to get rid of your cards by creating sets and runs in the middle of the table. Don’t have the right cards? No problem— grab from a set or run already on the table, or play your cards on any existing set or run...
SET Recommended The Family Game of Visual Perception
Purchase this great card game, or play the on-line version that changes daily, plus resources for teaching with SET
Quiddler Recommended word game, also from the SET folks, is good once they can spell three- and four-letter words - you'll be surprised when the little ones win, thanks to the bonus for the most short words!
Skeletons in the Closet by Learning Resources (age 4-8)
Learn the names, location and relationships of the major bones in the human body (skull, pelvis, tibia, rib cage and more). The first player to assemble their skeleton in the closet wins. Bones are labeled to help identify each one by name...
Skippity (ages 5+, younger gifted) by MindWare
Easy to learn and fast to play. Use straight-line leaps to capture and stack the skippers you hop over. Any skipper can be your jumping piece; they’re all fair game! Capture the colors you need while blocking your opponents from capturing the colors they need. When you have one of each color, it’s a set. The player with the most complete sets wins...
Small Worlds Jumbo Music Block by Neurosmith
Plush block with 6 fun-shape flaps that hide secret pockets, kids discover surprise activities and various zippers, buttons and snaps, includes 6 upbeat tunes and a peek-a-boo mirror...
Smart Easel
The RoseArt Smart Easel provides a sturdy work surface, handy access to markers and materials, a dry erase board and a roll of paper, in a lightweight, portable design that can easily be taken outdoors, on the road or stored away in the closet when not in use...
The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game (ages 3-7) by Educational Insights
Spin the spinner, squeeze the matching colored acorn with your Squirrel Squeezers and place it into your log. Be the first to fill your log with delicious acorns and you win. You could also spin “pick an acorn,” “steal an acorn,” or “lose an acorn,” so be strategic, little squirrel. Matching, sorting, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills...
Speedy Eddy
Master math and logic skills while you roll the dice to help your snail progress. Watch out for mole holes, dodge flying carrots, and beware of the strong winds as your snails may lost its shell! Without a shell on its back your snail goes slower, so use the two dice with a touch of ingenuity to get a shell back on your snail and get back in the race. And win the famous Speedy Eddy Trophy!
Splish Splash! by Gamewright (ages 3 and up)
Jump right into this lively game that’s sure to make a splash. Roll the die and then drop the wooden pebble into the pond. Did any colorful shapes splash out? If so, match them up to your playing board. Be the first to fill up your board and then dry off with a win...
Spot It Numbers & Shapes (ages 3+, 2-6 players) by Blue Orange Games
Packed in a travel-size tin, Spot It develops visual perception and matching skills. Practice quick mental processing and sharpen cognitive skills in a fun game. For the younger kids, also play Spot It Jr. Animals, Spot It Alphabet, and Spot It Basic English. Also available Spot It, Spot It On the Road, Spot It MLB, Spot It NHL or Spot It Golf. Holiday fun, Spot It Halloween! And for foreign language fun, Spot It Basic Spanish or Spot It Basic French!
Square Up! (ages 6+)
Race to slide the squares to match your cube shaker, before your opponent finishes! The winner slaps down the frame around the solution in Square Up! Fun, fast and exciting two-player visual thinking game...
Squint Junior
Build a picture of the item listed on your SQUINT card. Get one of the players to guess what you are building before time runs out, and you both score points!  Also try Squint
Stackability by Lolo Fun
Press start. Roll the die and stack pieces ton top of each other. Music and flashing lights add to the suspense, because nobody knows when Stackability will pop up. Knock over the stack or get caught stacking when Stackabiltiy pops and receive a chip. Break a tie with a "Stack Off"
Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit (ages 3+)
Stomp® on the Launch Pad and a blast of air propels the Stomp Rocket® over 200 feet in the air! Also Stomp Rocket for ages 8+
Stomple (or from Funagain Games)
Strategic marble stomping game. Outwit your opponents by stomping their marbles before they stomp yours. Outmaneuver by leaving their stomper trapped with no escape. Out stomp the competition and you win..
Tall Stacker Pegs
Great first construction set, with easy-to-hold pieces and simple peg-in-hole construction.  Tips nest inside each other, to build story upon story.  And bright colors are sure to please!  
Tangoes Jr. (ages 3+) (or from Amazon)
Tanagram puzzles, plus extra decks of puzzles.  Play solitaire or head-to-head. Big pieces and neat storage container built right in...
Tangramino by Fox Mind Games
Construct pictures from 18 shapes; each new picture contains additional challenge...
Tetris Link (2-4 players, ages 6 and up)
Enjoy this family strategy game Tetris Link of linking blocks. Win by building a vertical accent of Tetriminos to the top of the tower...
ThinkFun (was Binary Arts) great logic puzzles and games for all ages.  Special line for ages 4-8; the rest are labeled 8 years and up, but great for gifted kids much younger...
Snack Attack fast-paced picture game, match seven Snack Tokens to snacks already on your plate
Bug Trails 6-legged color matching domino game
River Crossing Jr. larger, easier to handle pieces, easier to solve challenges
What's Gnu? Smart Mouth for the younger set, ages 4-8, how many words can be crafted when you only know two out of three letters?
Rush Hour Jr. 40 junior challenges
Hoppers a new look for classic peg solitaire...
Zingo fast-paced picture-version of Bingo
Sudoku 5x5 hands-on Sudoku puzzles for the younger set...
Thryme, Jr. (ages 8 and up, age 5 and up gifted, 2-6 players) by Trhyme
Exciting new word game with the intriguing twist. You are confronted with three clues for which you must provide three answers within a specified time. And here's the twist... All three answers must rhyme with each other!  Or try the grown-up version... Trhyme
Tic Tac Chec
A fun strategy game, as easy to learn as tic-tac-toe, challenging for chess players, fun for the whole family...
Tic Tac Ku
An exciting new game of strategic planning and logic, based on everyone's old favorite--Tic Tac Toe--but with a great new twist...
Be the first to build 2 beautiful snowmen and you win! Each player chooses one set of hats blue or red. The winner is the first to place his or her hats on top of 2 snowmen. But be tactical as the bodies and heads of the snowmen belong to everybody!  If you'd rather think of the sand, try Topitop Beach!
Toss Up! (ages 8 and up, or as soon the child can sum to 100)
A pocket- or purse-size game of chance in it's own case, great for those unexpected delays... toss the dice, try to get as many greens as you can... but don't get stopped by a red!
Zigzag around the board, placing your Squiggle pieces strategically to form a path. Capture the purple pegs while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Surround a peg on at least four sides and it’s yours! But think ahead and choose carefully, or you'll end up with Squiggle pieces that are too long or short
Traverse 20th Anniversary Edition Checkers gone Wild! (ages 7+ (5+ gifted), 2 to 4 players) by Educational Insights
What do you get when you cross checkers and Chinese checkers with a hint of chess and some extra-wild rules for advanced players?  Traverse! 
Trucky 3 by Smart Games (ages 3-8)
Three happy trucks need to pick up a load of packages before they can depart, but will the haul fit? Can you help them stack everything properly, so it all fits in the back of the truck? Trucky 3 evolves... Toddlers initially play with the trucks, loading them up and emptying them, and driving them round like a toy car. Older kids play the game, working through the 48 exciting challenges that are easy at first, then gradually get more and more difficult...
Tsuro Recommended The Game of Influence, by Wizkids Games
Build your own path, without your opponents steering you in the wrong direction - or off the board!

USA Foam Puzzle Map
Soft, chunky states (plus the great lakes!), capital and landmarks on the back... 
WEDGiTS by ImagAbility
Stack, nest, link and even lock WEDGiTS together to create creatures, structures, mechanical levers, and more.  Kids and adults enjoy this unique new construction toys.  Build, balance, stack, lock, or nest them horizontally and vertically. Use your imagination or the design booklet to form amazing structures & shapes...  All WEE WEDGiTS are compatible with older sets; more kits listed on Smart Construction Toys
bulletFor our youngest builders... WEE Set - 5 Piece Set or WEDGiTS Junior Set - 15 Piece Set
bullet Deluxe 30 Piece Set and Starter Set - 15 Pieces
bullet Purple Set and Pink Set and Building Board
bullet Parent/Teacher Activity Guide and Design Cards and 100 Advanced Design Cards
Wig Out by Gamewright (2-6 players, ages 6+, gifted 4+)
Flip your wig for this fast and frenzied card game that will put your frizzy in a tizzy! Race against your opponents to get rid of cards by matching all kinds of colorful hairstyles. Put together a pair of Pigtails. Combine a couple of Cornrows. Match a Mullet or some Mohawks. The first player out of cards is a cut above the rest!...
Wobble Deck (or from Amazon)
The Electronic Balance Challenge! Works your muscles and your mind! Stand on the wooden deck and try to follow the game's audio commands without messing up-or wobbling! With three different games and multiple skill levels, kids will have hours of fun while building concentration, coordination and quick reflexes...
Word on the Street Jr. by Out of the Box
Hilarious Tug of Words Game! On each turn, one team flips over a category card. Team members frantically brainstorm words that fit the category while opposition tries to sidetrack them. The team must agree on a word one lane closer to their side of the street, all before the time runs out... Also try
Zimbbos (ages 3+)
Stack the pachyderms, but watch out for that tricky tenth elephant!  Counting and color, strategy, and balance are all required...
Zookeeper's Nightmare by Educational Insights (ages 6+, 5+ gifted)
Slide the runaway animals home, but watch out!  Don't let the leopards lunch on the rhino, or let the lion wave it's tail in front of the tigers, or...  A sliding puzzle with a twist!  18 challenges included, plus instructions to create your own
ZooLogic (ages 4-adult) by Fox Mind Games (or from Barnes & Noble)
An animal gridlock of cats, dogs, mice and their favorite foods: fish, bones and cheese lies before you. Can you arrange them while keeping each animal away from its rival and away from its favorite food? If that was too easy, hungry ants, angry bulls and fierce dogs are also introduced as the puzzle difficulty gradually progresses in this captivating and amusing logic puzzle. ZooLogic allows children from 4 to adult challenge their logical thinking skills!

Mensa Select!

Last updated December 01, 2020

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