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Smart Paper 'n Pencil Toys, Games & Puzzles

Pencil and paper games and toys are great for quiet times and travel, but these are fun for more than just that.  Check them all out, and don't miss the Klutz Books - pencil and paper projects with all the "stuff" right in the book, and Hot Topics Reading List: Puzzle Books - great puzzle books in logic, analogies, math, and much more!

Find fun paper 'n pencil games at Top Games and Toys, , MindWare and Discovery Store! and many more - all the links on Shop Hoagies! - are all Hoagies' Gifted Education Page affiliates. Purchase through Hoagies' Page links, and these stores give a small percentage to Hoagies' Page at no cost to you. Thanks!

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Art Fraud Detective: Spot the Difference, Solve the Crime by Anna Nilsen, ages 9-13
Neat puzzle book / mystery game, that doubles as a fine-quality art book!  Use the magnifying glass (attached) to spot subtle differences between the real paintings and the counterfeits...
Art Auction Mystery: Find the Fakes, Save the Sale by Anna Nilsen, ages 9-13
Another challenging puzzle book / mystery game, that doubles as a fine-quality art book!  Learn about famous masterpieces as you search for the forgeries before they're sold!
K - 7, with extra decks on America, Black History and more.  Each deck is packed with hundreds of intriguing questions on one side and answers kids can’t wait to discover on the other...
My First, For Threes, Pre-School, Kindergarten, Bedtime (ages 3-5)
1st Grade, 1st Grade Math, 1st Grade Reading, 2nd Grade, 2nd Grade Math, 2nd Grade Reading
3rd Grade, 3rd Grade Reading, 3rd Grade Math, 4th Grade. 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade
America, Hispanic America. For the Car, Black History, Presidents (all ages 8-12)
Canada (ages 8-12)
Bella's Mystery Deck and Bella's Mystery Deck 2 (or from Amazon, Bella's Deck and Bella's Deck 2)
13-year-old sleuth Bella is back!  Fun illustrations and fascinating characters will keep kids busy for hours, through 50 different mysteries, one on each card.  Solutions printed in mirror-image, mirror card provided
Left-Handed Calligraphy
Generously illustrated text offering full coverage of the art of calligraphy from the left-handed writer’s point of view, presenting every facet of the subject, from correct hand, pen and nib positions to composition and page layout...  It's easy to find a calligraphy book, but this one is for our left-handed kids
Color Me Your Way: For Those Who Love to Color and for Those Who Didn't Think They Could by Color Me Your Way
These art quality books are printed on acid-free paper, just waiting for older gifted kids (and adults!) to color them your way... and share, frame and enjoy your finished works! Color Me Your Way!, Color Me 2!, Color Me 3!, Color Me 4!
Coloring Books by MindWare
Not your average coloring books, but so much more! (Amazon links in parens)
bulletTransformations Hidden, Mirror, Nature, Scenic
bulletMosaics Aboriginal, Aztec, Celtic, Classic
bulletColor Counts Animals, Landscapes, Garden, Carnival
bulletModern Patterns (Moecular, Optical, Linear, Illusions, Botanical, Circular)
bulletCreative Camouflage (Hidden Features, Hidden Fur, Hidden Scales & Shells, Hidden Exoskeleton)
bulletAnimal Habitats Forest & Grassland Babies, Desert & Savannah Babies, Ocean & Wetlands Babies, Rainforest & Tropical Babies
bulletDesigns GeoDesigns, MicroDesigns, OptiDesigns, PrismDesigns, UltraDesigns, DecoDesigns
bulletScapes ArchiScapes, EnvironScapes, DesignScapes, MasterScapes
bulletLights Stained Glass AnimalLights, EcoLights, EuroLights, SpinLights, TesseLights, OptiLights all with translucent vellum pages
bulletIlluminations in Animal Art, Floral Art, Circle Art, Optical Art inspired by modern design
bulletAnd a great set of 24 Fineline Markers
Extreme Dot to Dots by MindWare
Build focus and concentration with puzzles ranging from 500 to over 1,400 dots—some even cover two pages. Once the image is complete, use your markers or colored pencils to fill in the designs...
bullet Animals, Explorers, Legends and Lore, Prehistoric
bullet Bundle of 5! (Animals, Extreme Animals, Animals 2, Sports, Pets)
bullet Animals 2, Sports
Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio
Comes with everything you need to create your own line of designer originals, from start to finish—design tips, sketch book, 12" black velvet mannequin, white satin “starter” dress to embellish, fabric, glue, and sewing basics including scissors, tape measure, needles, thread and pins...
Write and publish your own, illustrated book...
Interior Design Sketch Portfolio
Comes with everything you need to create your own line of designer originals, from start to finish—design tips, sketch book, 12" black velvet mannequin, white satin “starter” dress to embellish, fabric, glue, and sewing basics including scissors, tape measure, needles, thread and pins...
Ivan Moscovich's Mastermind Collection
Diabolical puzzles from the undisputed king of recreational mathematics.  Leonardo's Mirror, Hinged Square, Shoelace Problem, Monty Hall Problem, Fiendishly Frustrating Brain-Twisting Puzzles, and Deviously Difficult Mind-Bending Puzzles.  Get one title or all six!  Or order them all from Amazon, Knotty Number Problems, Leonardo's Mirror, Perplexing Pattern Problems, Perplexing Pattern Problems, The Hinged Square, Tough Topology Problems, Peerless Probability Problems, Brain-Flexing Balance Problems, Cunning Combination Problems, The Shoelace Problem, The Monty Hall Problem, and Loopy Logic Problems
Kids' Paper Airplane Book and World Record Paper Airplane Book and for a little more Pocket Flyers Paper Airplane Book.  For serious modelers, don't miss Aviation Legends Paper Airplane Book
All the materials and information kids need to make and fly great paper airplanes...
Kakuro Challenge 1 and Kakuro Challenge 2 by Alastair Chisholm
More challenging than Sudoku (also called Cross Sums), Kakuro are a mathematics crossword puzzle!
Klutz Books Recommended
From paper airplanes to Legos, marbles and jacks, from juggling to peg solitaire to desktop football, from knitting and sewing to watercolor art to thumbprint art... There are so many of these great books, they get their own Hoagies page!
Tissue Paper Flowers incredibly beautiful, yet incredibly simple, tissue paper flowers, no watering required
The Most Incredible, Outrageous, Packed-To-The-Gills Bulging-At-The-Seams Sticker Book You've Ever Seen filled with stickers, stickers, stickers, stickers, stickers and stickers
My Life According to Me A journal for girls, with inspiring little questions, fun quizzes, drawing and writing ideas, and plenty of blank space, all on jet-black paper. Comes with a silver pen
A Book of Artrageous Projects amazing collaboration with the venerable Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, comes with all the supplies needed for a hands-on artistic experience
Draw Thumb People (Fine Art at Your Fingertips) transform plan thumbprints into pictures of people of all kinds
Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered Complete with a palette of artist-quality watercolors, and the inspiration and encouragement...
Spiral Draw Book with dials and pens, and lots of white space (should I admit I got this for my birthday, and I still love it?)
    ...and more!  Click on Klutz Books to investigate them all

Lab Mice by MindWare
Connect the matching pairs of mice and cheese using vertical and horizontal lines to create the mouse pathways, but watch where you're going; none of the trails can intersect. 50 double-sided wipe-off card (100 puzzles in easy, intermediate or hard) and 2 dry erase markers...
Magic Arrow Tile Puzzles by Ivan Moscovich
Ivan Moscovich knows better than anyone how to create conundrums that are irresistibly attractive to puzzle lovers—and just like magic, these tricky games will have you hooked...
Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games
The entire collection of his Scientific American columns on one CD.  "Mathematical Games" column ran in Scientific American from 1956 to 1986. Here Gardner introduced hundreds of thousands of readers to the delights of mathematics and of puzzles and problem solving. His column broke such stories as Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman on public-key cryptography, Mandelbrot on fractals, Conway on Life, and Penrose on tilings. He enlivened classic geometry and number theory and introduced readers to new areas such as combinatorics and graph theory...
The Mathematics Calendar 2016 by Theoni Pappas
A problem a day, all year long!  Plus facts, curiosities, and challenging problems... 
Maze: Solve the World's Most Challenging Puzzle by Christopher Manson
Each page is a room, with doors leading to other rooms... use your logic and problem solving skills to find your way from one end to the other and back!
Morph-O-Scopes by Ooz and Oz
A fun-house drawing in reverse, inspired by an ingenious 16th Century Chinese mirror device called an “anamorphoscope.”  Curl a mirror, place it, and see what was hiding in front of you!
Noodlers Puzzle Box, Noodlers Eye-Bending Icons and Noodlers Elusive Illusions
Each puzzle contains a field of shapes; your job is to separate each icon into its own area using the wooden sticks. The catch? The instructions tell you how many—or how few—sticks you get to use. Challenging and addictive!
One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun by Backah Krahula
This beautiful interactive book teaching the principles of Zentangles as well as offering fun, related drawing exercises. Zentangles are a new trend in the drawing and paper arts world. The concept was started as a way to practice focus and meditation through drawing, by using repetitive lines, marks, circles, and shapes. Each mark is called a "tangle," and you combine various tangles into patterns to create "tiles" or small square drawings... or learn about Zentangle free at the official website!
WhoDunIts: Quicksolve WhoDunIts, Baffling WhoDunIts, and Challenging WhoDunIts, including author Jim Sukach and illustrator Lucy Carvino (ages 10+)
My favorite puzzles as a kid, WhoDunIts are short and sweet mysteries, that take careful reading and attention to detail.  Can you solve them all?
Sketch It! Draw Fast, Have a Blast! (ages 10 and up)
Artists, doodlers, and armchair critics alike will love Sketch it. With paper and pencil ready, draw a card and roll the die. Ready, set, Sketch it. Sketch too quickly, and the others will be baffled. Sketch too carefully, and you'll miss your chance to score big. You don't need to be an artist to excel at Sketch it! With a healthy mix of accurate sketching and sharp guessing, you will surely triumph...
Snowflake Seashell Star: Colouring Adventures in Numberland (kids through adults!)
Coloring books aren't just for kids! From fractals to repeating geometric shapes to cells and other organic designs, images made of animals, knots, and more. Designs range from simple to incredibly intricate. Plus instructions to create your own patterns and designs and includes several geometric based games and activities...  Also enjoy Patterns in the Universe!
Word Winks by MindWare
Find the common phrase in the word/picture...
Answer below...

Word Wink answer: three degrees below zero!

Mensa Select!

Last updated December 01, 2020

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