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Smart Hands-On Toys and Puzzles

Hands on toys are great for our visual spatial learners, and the rest of us, too!  Don't miss the ThinkFun puzzles - these are my favorites!  And if you like Hands On Toys, don't miss our Construction Toys...

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20Q Version 2.0 or try 20Q themes 20Q Music, 20Q Sports, 20Q TV, 20Q People, Harry Potter 20Q, 20Q The Simpsons, 20Q Spanish Version or 20-Questions Junior
An experiment in Artificial Intelligence, this toy is fun for young and old.  The fascination for older kids/adults seems to be figuring out how it works!  (It works very well - a bit disconcerting at times...)
4D Cityscape Time Puzzles
bullet 4D Cityscape New York City Puzzle
bullet 4D Cityscape Washington D.C. Puzzle
bullet 4D Cityscape Chicago Puzzle
bullet 4D Cityscape Toronto Puzzle
bullet 4D Cityscape London Puzzle
Recreates famous city skylines not only in three dimensions using scale-model buildings, but also through time, spanning years of architectural history. These puzzles include plastic buildings that depict the cities as they appeared through time. Manhattan puzzle includes icons such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the United Nations, the buildings fit into pre-cut holes in a traditional 575-piece 2D jigsaw puzzle of the city’s streets and islands...
The Bio-Logical Game! Put your immune system to work andget rid of the virus before it can multiply itself. Anti-Virus is a sliding puzzle game with a new twist: tiles that only slide diagonally and can move in groups! 60 challenges in 5 levels, to keep your body and mind healthy. Contaoms game board with 11colorful pieces, rules, challenges, solutions, amd a handy travel bag....
Architecto (or from Barnes & Noble) and Equilibrio (or from Barnes & Noble) all by Fox Mind Games
Use the 18 precision-cut blocks to construct 3-D structures illustrated in the challenge booklet: 50 illustrations in each game, ranging from simple shapes, requiring only a few blocks to complex ones. As players develop stronger notions of perspective and geometric concepts, the challenges become more demanding...
Babylon by Fox Mind Games
Quick to learn, quick to play, but lots of room for strategy and challenge!  Stack the stones following simple rules, and force your opponent to run out of moves.  Even comes in it's own small carrying pouch - great to carry for travel and waiting rooms   
The Baffler by Chris Yates Studios
One of a kind puzzles, quite possibly the most unique jigsaw puzzle on the planet... also Baffler Spiral of Archimedes
Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices
Jump-start some healthy (and safe!) youthful experimentation around the laws of science, math and even thermodynamics with this step-by-step guide. Detailed diagrams and photos show how to build tennis ball mortars, potato cannons and more. A great way to get kids excited about engineering, physics and chemistry...
Also Whoosh, Boom, Splat: The Garage Warrior's Guide to Projectile Shooters
Ball of Whacks A Creativity Tool for Innovators by Creative Whack Company
Based on the rhombic triacontahedron, this ball consists of 30 magnetic pyramid shaped pieces that act as building blocks for an unlimited number of uses -- the masterpiece of mathematics.  Stimulate your creative genius with this magnetic toy on your desktop. Playing with this puzzle engages your mind, stimulates creativity and is just plain fun.  Now available in Six-Color Edition.  Also try the X-Ball, Y-Ball, and Star Ball, alone or along with the Ball of Whacks...
Beastly Body Bits Jigsaw
Take a tour of the human body with a little help from mad scientist Baron Frankenstein as you assemble this 300-piece jigsaw puzzle. Answer some torturous teasers and learn how the body works with the included Loony Leaflet...
Bedlam Cube Recommended 19,186 Solutions, and So Hard to Find Just One (or from Amazon Tetris Cube)
Thirteen bright pieces fit together to form a 4x4 cube.  Looks so deceptively simple...  I've never met a cube puzzle I couldn't solve, until now! Also Mini Tetris Cube, or from Bedlam Puzzles in U.K. you can order many varieties...
Block N Roll
Create parallel marble mazes and race your marbles. Works with Lego bricks, too!  Or try Block N Roll Basic Set
Bloco Animals
bullet Dinosaurs or Wildcats
bullet Birds of prey or Scorpions and Insects
bullet Horses and Unicorns or Velociraptor and Pterosaur
bullet Dragons & Reptiles 
bullet Marine Creatures
bullet Ogre & Monsters
Construction kits create adorable 3-D characters built with durable high-density foam and unique connectors appeal to boys and girls alike, 300+ peices...
Boochie by Gamewright (ages 8 and up)
Indoors or outdoors, there are so many things to love about Boochie: from the active-play element, to the unique 12-sided rolling target, to the amazing variety of throwing challenges packed inside. No two games will ever be the same. Take note that all of the wrist trackers have completely different sets of challenges so be sure to try them all. Get out and play...
Tap the floor, line them up as an oversized xylophone, bounce them off body parts; any way you do it, you're making music.  Octavator tube caps lower the notes one octave.  Brightly colored, 1' to 2' tubes... or try Boomwhackers Complete Upper & Lower Octave Sets and Boomwhackers Treble Extension Set
Bop-It XT
Colorful knobs, handles, and buttons to be shaken, twisted, and pulled, Bop-It XT keeps kids in the middle of the action, trying to react to the commands as fast as possible...
K - 7, with extra decks on America, Black History and more.  Each deck is packed with hundreds of intriguing questions on one side and answers kids can’t wait to discover on the other...
My First, For Threes, Pre-School, Kindergarten, Bedtime (ages 3-5)
1st Grade, 1st Grade Math, 1st Grade Reading, 2nd Grade, 2nd Grade Math, 2nd Grade Reading
3rd Grade, 3rd Grade Reading, 3rd Grade Math, 4th Grade. 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade
America, Hispanic America. For the Car, Black History, Presidents (all ages 8-12)
Canada (ages 8-12)
Amazon: Bucket BlastBucket Blast
A bucket full of indoor or outdoor fun for families and friends, with its own storage (back)pack
Cat Stax Recommended by Brainwright
Stack up the cats! Select a challenge and then arrange all of the cats on the card so that they fit perfectly within the grid. The cats come in all shapes and sizes, so you'll have to figure out how they precisely nestle together to solve each challenge. Paw your way through all 48 puzzles and consider yourself one clever cat....
Castle Logix by Educational Insight (ages 5+, 4+ gifted)
Construct the castles in each diagram out of beautiful hardwood pieces.  Challenges start easy, but quickly make you think "outside the box"... Then try Royal Rescue and build bridges between the castle towers to rescue the prince and princess!
ChickyBoom (ages 4+, 2-4 players) by Blue Orange Games
The chickens are hanging out on their colorful wooden perch. But if one of them decides to leave, the whole perch will teeter. Collect as many chickens, hay bales and wagon wheels before the rocking perch topples. Pieces have different weights, and different corresponding point values. The player with the highest score wins the game. Selecting a heavier piece receives more points but entails more risk of making the perch topple. If you cause the perch to topple, lose 5 points. An irresistible game of balance, laughs and fun!
City Square Off (2 players or teams, ages 8+)
Put your spatial thinking and strategic planning skills to the test as you try to fill your city grid in the most efficient pattern. Do your best to plan a few moves ahead, but beware: Shapes will be drawn at random, and not every tile will be used...
Clay Fun Airdry Clay Sculpture Kit (ages 4+)
Handcrafted pottery, no kiln required.  Includes 4 pounds of clays, paints, brushes, sculpting tool, glue, and mosaic tiles and crystals for decorations
Color Code by Smart Games
Layer see-through tiles to create different multi-colored shapes shown in the included challenge booklet. Simple challenges for beginners to complex puzzles that will challenge experienced graphic designers, a fun way to develop logical thinking and pattern recognition skills...
Colorku Recommended by Mad Cave Bird Games
Sodoku with colored balls instead of numbers.  High quality wooden board and balls, 104 puzzles from Easy to Extreme.  If you run out of puzzles, try the expansion packs: Pack 1 (easy levels), Pack 2 (harder levels), and Pack 3 (all levels)
Cornerstone Essentials by Good Company Games LLC (ages 8+) (or from Funagain Games)
3-D strategy game requiring a steady hand and clever mind in order to build, climb and race to the top before it all comes tumbling down...
Colorforms by University Games
Remember these?  350 brightly colored Colorforms pieces in an elegant, spiral-bound book, limitless possibilities.  Or try Silly Faces Stick-Ons Game...
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Recommended (or from Crazy Aaron's directly)
Choose your favorite color. You can use Thinking Putty as a toy, a stress ball, a squeeze toy, or as therapy putty. As an office toy, Thinking Putty will draw the jealousy of your co-workers. As a toy, you will never be able to put it down. I promise!" - Crazy Aaron
Super Magnetic Strange Attractor Northern Lights
Krypton Putty Amethyst Blush
Heat Sensitive Sunburst Super Magnetic Tidal Wave
Super Lava Reactive Razz
Super Illusions, Super Oil Slick  Heat Sensitive Hypercolor

Liquid Glass

Crazy Cheese by Blue Orange Games
9 pieces, all of the same size and color, only the holes are different. The goal is to match the holes so you’ll have a beautiful slice of cheese. Two levels of difficulty...
Cube-IQ by Westshore Logic
Tiny 2-inch cubes look innocuous... until you try them.  Find the hidden path from the top to the bottom.  It's not as easy as it sounds, but if you think it is... Try the next level!  Levels 1 to 8 available now; 9 to 12 coming soon
Cubulus (2-3 players, ages 8 and up) by Gigamic
Be the first player to create a square in your color on one side of the cube to win. Add a colored ball to the 3x3x3 playing area by pushing it into place, possibly pushing other balls out of the way; or change the order of balls in a completed row by pushing them one space then reinserting the ball pushed out of the row. With two players one color of balls is neutral. Keep your eyes on all sides of the cube to prevent others from squaring off for the win...
DaVinci's Secret: The Clue a series of 7 puzzles (ages 8+, difficult to expert) from FunAgain Games
Break the codes to uncover the secret scroll entombed deep within DaVinci's greatest mystery and reveal the clues to solving The Equation.  Arrange the puzzle pieces within the boundaries to establish the base. Then engage a piece of The DaVinci Secret to uncover the scientist's formulas and follow the signs to discover The Legend of the King. Then join the quest to free the legendary scroll and release the guide to explore The Enigmatic Temple. there is but one way to explore this sacred site. Sequestered within the ancient walls of the temple are the detailed blueprints needed to interpret the mystic Pillars of Atlantis.  Divide and align these fallen pillars for guidance towards Carta Blanca. Map your points carefully to expose Carta Blanca's mysterious hidden clues as these determining details will sustain you on your final approach to uncovering the greatest mystery of all, Secrets of the Pyramid...
Devil Sticks Choose from Genuine Devil Sticks, Master Lunastix, Mystix Juggling Sticks or Toysmith Spin Stix and the Stix Guru DVD
Use two sticks to spin and balance the third.  Easy to get started, and very impressive to master!!
Diablo Choose from Diablo Set (beginner), Beach Diablo (intermediate), or Circus Diablo (professional)
Juggling disks on a string. Sounds easy, right?  A different kind of juggling!
Dig It (ages 7 and up) by Fox Mind Games
You're a dog digging for bones, a creative, intelligent and determined dog, up for the challenge. Shift, turn and flip one patch of grass at a time until you have fully revealed the crunchy delicious bone...
DIY Drinking Straw (click on Caffeine Accessories)
The most fun you can have with your food!  For kids of all ages...
Discover with Dr. Cool
Great science kits to discover and learn!  Choose from...
Mine For Gems Kit and Discover Amber Kit
Basic Geode Kit and Ultimate Geode Kit
Explore Real Fossils Kit and Mine for Fossils Kit and Ultimate Fossils Kit
GlowRocks Kit and Mega Shark Teeth Kit
The Elements Puzzle: 1000 Pieces by Theodore Gray
Gorgeous and challenging 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Theodore Gray's photographic periodic table...
EuroGraphics Evolution The Tree of Life 1000-Piece Puzzle
Introduction to the major groups of organisms. Or the EuroGraphics Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh 1000-Piece Puzzle Art becomes puzzle...

Explorer Globe by Leapfrog
Packed with hundreds of facts, trivia, and useful scholastic information about every aspect of the geographical world. It electronically verbalizes everything from area population, capitol city/country, state/province, large bodies of water, currencies, high points, distance, music, and more...
Enlarge anything to 200 times its size.  Plugs directly into the TV - no PC, no software...
Fandex Family Field Guides between a toy and a book, and lots of fun! 
With topics from history to nature and more, shaped cards include pictures and facts...  My kids love these!
bullet Mythology, Shakespeare, Explorers,
bullet Presidents, First Ladies, Civil War,
bullet Mummies, Gods and Pharaohs, Composers, Painters: Masters of Western Art,
bullet Cats, Dogs, Birds, Butterflies, Trees, Wildflowers, Dinosaurs, Bugs,
bullet The Body, 50 States, New York City, Washington, D.C.,
bullet The Wonders of The World: 46 Monuments of Civilization, Africa,
bullet Star Wars, DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains
Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio (or from Amazon)
Comes with everything you need to create your own line of designer originals, from start to finish—design tips, sketch book, 12" black velvet mannequin, white satin “starter” dress to embellish, fabric, glue, and sewing basics including scissors, tape measure, needles, thread and pins...
Fashion Design Studio
Comes with everything you need to create your own line of designer originals, from start to finish—design tips, sketch book, 12" black velvet mannequin, white satin “starter” dress to embellish, fabric, glue, and sewing basics including scissors, tape measure, needles, thread and pins...
Finger Fidgets...
Mini Sand Animals
Glitter Frog Sand AnimalGlitter Gecko Sand Animal
Sea Turtle Sand AnimalSea Life Sand Animals Assorted

Colorful Glitter Sand Animals 3-pc Set: Turtle, Frog, Gecko

Sand Bag Animals Assortment: 2 bags of 12 animals (24)

Small (4" to 6.5") sand animals to quietly run around your fingers...
With 18 pieces interconnected, this twisty toy keeps your fingers good and busy...
Fire Escape by Educational Insights (ages 8+, 6+ gifted)
Navigate the corridors on both sides of the hotel to find fire extinguishers and put out the fire; a 3-D maze puzzle.  48 rescue missions included...
FlashMaster by FlashMaster, Inc.
A toy, a learning tool... both.  FlashMaster replaces flash cards for +-*/ math facts.   Use it with or without the timer (or make it longer, for kids who need some limits, but a little more time), with or without sound effects, problems that are missed can be run separately in "missed problems."  Change the format of the problems, putting the "variable" in any position.  This is a great tool, that's great fun, even for our twice exceptional friends... PC Magazine review
Flexi Puzzle (1 player, ages 8+ (ages 4+ gifted)) by Brainwright
Flex your mind with the bendy, stretchy brain-teaser that encourages spatial and 3D thinking. Deceptively simple puzzle consists of 12 colorful cubes, connected via an elastic string, that can be bent in every direction. Included challenge book offers 80 different challenges at four levels of difficulty from beginner to master...
FLY Pentop Computer by Leapfrog
Computer power on paper! FLY Pentop Computer's power comes from an optical scanner that sees everything you scan and write on special dot-matrix FLY paper. It's got a brain (a built-in computer processor) and it's got a voice. It's even got its own language. If you've got a math problem, FLY Pentop Computer can solve it. You can schedule anything and FLY pentop computer will remind you...  Also FLY paper: Notebook (8.5 x 11), FLY Catcher Case and FLY Recharger
Folkmanis Puppets Still some of the best puppets available!
Queen, Princess, Prince, Puppet Theater with Prince and Princess
Dragon, Green Dragon, Three Headed Dragonn, Sea Serpent, Octopus,
Unicorn, Pegasus, Snowy Owl, Emperor Penguin, Peacock, White Mouse, Brown Mouse,
Elephant, Lion, Horse, Black Labrador Puppy, Ladybug, Fluffy Cat, Timber Wolf,
Baby Orangutan, Hedgehog, African Elephant, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giant Sequoia Finger Puppet Play Set,
For a little fun, Mini Finger Puppets...
Mini Chipmunk, Mini Raccoon, Mini Barn Owl, Mini Red Dragon, Mini Beaver,
Mini Hedgehog, Mini Squirrel, Mini Spotted Owl, Mini Skunk, Mini Monarch Butterfly,
Mini Oppossum, Mini Unicorn, Mini Baby Emperor Penguin, Mini Praying Mantis, Mini Fox,
Fractiles-7 Recommended magnetic symmetry tiles by Fractiles
Make butterflies, snowflakes, optical illusions and more. Young minds will love learning about the different kinds of symmetry. Just start placing the tiles on the magnetic board.  Neat travel toy, too! Fractiles-7 Travel
Gamepuzzles Recommended for the joy of thinking, by Kadon Enterprises
Wonderful acrylic (and some wood) puzzles for kids and adults  - my kids loved them since 2 and 3, my husband and I still love them!
Roundominoes, Super Roundominoes and Grand Roundominoes 
Rombix Jr. and Rombix
Deka-Star and Kite Mosaik
Hexnut and Hexnut II
Quintachex the most beguiling checkerboard ever!
Haba Ball Track Construction Set and Tilting Bucket
Traditional wooden ball run like we had when we were kids!
Happy Cube Profi Cube Recommended the foam puzzle that forms a cube!
6-packs contain 6 different colors and 6 challenge levels. Build all 6 cubes, or combine different colors to form lots of interesting shapes... (previously called Snafooz)
Hexbugs and Hexbug Bridge Battle Set
Hexbug Nano and Hexbug Nano Habitat
The robotic creature that reacts to touch and sound, behaving like a real bug!  See Smart Construction Toys for build-your-own robotic Hexbugs!
Highlights 100-Piece Puzzles (set of 2) (or from Amazon: Amusement Park and At the Beach Puzzles)
Highlights puzzles are double the fun! Amusement Park Maze comes with a die-cut roller coaster cart. Assemble the jigsaw puzzle, and then use the cart to find your way through the park. The double-sided At the Beach puzzle has kids search the completed puzzles for silly pictures like a fried egg at the beach or a surfboard that’s really a ruler...
Hoberman Spheres
A fascinating sphere... Glow-in-the-Dark Sphere, Mini Rainbow Sphere or Mini Glow-in-the-Dark Sphere.  Also Brain Twist
Hugg-A-Planet (or from Amazon)
One of the "Best 25 Toys of the Past 25 Years."  Hugg the Earth, Moon, Mars, Stars, and now Hugg-America...
Human Body 4D Anatomy Puzzles
Human anatomy will no longer be a puzzle to anyone who solves these four challenges, each illustrating a crucial component of the human body. Incredibly detailed and realistic, the durable pieces snap and slide together securely, so that solved puzzles can be used for display and study...
Hyper Dash
Combine activity with colors, numbers, and simple addition and subtraction, and you've got Hyper Dash.  Radio Frequency ID tags in the targets are read by the unit, while players compete solo, up to 4 players head-to-head or 8 players in teams of 2, to figure out which targets to touch in which order.  Targets can be located close by, or far apart, making this a great physical activity, too!
iCoaster from Magnetix by MEGA Blocks
Magnetic balls follow the path, suspended against gravity, jumping looping, even climbing the tower without support... as you watch the lights and listen to the music of the built in rhythms mixed on the provided Sound FX Music Studio, or that of your own MP3 player...
Jungle Smart by Fox Mind
Use the set of commands (smaller set for more advanced play) to rearrange the animals from the start to end position, drawn from cards.  Can you figure out the series of commands in your head, before your opponent?  Or play solitaire...
Kanoodle Extreme Recommended by Educational Insight
Think Kanoodle was tough? Get ready to cross-train your brain with a brand new game board and over 300 new puzzle challenges! Features 2-D, 3-D, and NEW sliding 2-D puzzles - Kanoodle Extreme! Can you Kanoodle? Combine colored connected beads, complete colorful puzzles in two unique formats: 2D puzzles and 3D pyramids. Pick a design, place some of the puzzle pieces into position as shown…then fill the empty spaces with the remaining pieces. Sounds simple? It can be…or it can be deviously difficult! Try the original Kanoodle.
Kippit by Fox Mind (or from Amazon)
Two players compete to get rid of their cubes by balancing them on a seesaw.. but don't let it tip! 
Knock Your Blocks Off (ages 8 and up) by Gamewright
Stack ‘em up Knock ‘em down. First, race to build a structure by matching up the patterns on your blocks. Then use the battle die to knock off your opponent's crown. Depending on your roll, you may get to attack with an avalanche of boulders, a wall-smashing ogre, or even a fire-breathing dragon. Rack up the most victory points and crown yourself king of the block...
Two games in one: a fast-paced visual puzzle and a fine-motor dexterity challenge
Kosmos Physics Workshop
It's just like a chemistry set, except instead of using vials and solutions, kids get a hands-on demonstration of physics principles using pulleys, gears, levels, wheels and axels. This thorough physics kit includes everything needed to build 36 models including a windmill and a robot, plus offers 73 experiments that teach the fundamental laws of mechanical action...
I loved Labyrinth as a child, and it hasn't changed, and still delights kids today!
Laser Maze Recommended by ThinkFun
Single-player logic game featuring a real laser. Reflect and split the laser beam using mirrors and targets on a puzzle grid to reach the goal. 60 challenges from Beginner to Expert and eleven cool tokens to direct the path of the laser beam...
Leather Stamping Kit
Get creative with metal stamps in three designs, then stain pieces to make a wallet, coin purse, bracelet, bookmark and key chain. Includes illustrated instructions, 10"-long wood mallet, pre-punched leather pieces, non-toxic leather dye, sponge applicator, buffer, lacing cord and needle
Liberty Puzzles
Liberty Puzzles are a throwback to the golden age of jigsaw puzzles. Each one contains dozens of hand-drawn “whimsy” pieces intricately cut into the shapes of characters, animals, and geometric designs. They are works of art within art. The puzzles are made with 1/4” plywood and use advance print technology for eye-popping color...
The never ending puzzle game... three-dimensional pentaminoes puzzle, with tons of puzzle cards to solve, plus games, puzzles, and playcard of the week on the website...
Magic Kit (or from Amazon)
Ten easy-to-master maneuvers and illusions await within this professional trick kit! A wooden storage chest holds all the supplies, then magically transforms into a performance table with secret compartment. From the vanishing coin trick to magic number prediction, prepare to be awed and amazed...
Magnatab (Ages 3+)
A fun new way to draw with tablet and pen. The pen snaps into the tablet base for safe storage and easy transport. Use the magnetic stylus pen to create shapes, patterns, numbers or letters and feel the satisfying click as beads pop to the tablet surface to complete your drawing...
Magnetic Bumper Cars
Sounds simple - fit the cars into the track without any cars touching... but powerful magnets in the cars and guardrail foil your attempt!
Magnetic Mosaics (squares), Magnetic Dreamings (round)
More than 2000 colorful magnets, to create amazing mosaic drawings
Math Art Fun Creative combinations of math, art & fun!
Tessellations, Polyhedra, Fractals, M.C. Escher, Tangrams & dissections, Kaleidoscopes & symmetry, Paper folding and more... Buy your Tessellations products here, or visit the Gallery of mathematical arts!
Perfect for first-time pilots, this no-assembly-required chopper uses precision-balanced twin rotors for maximum stability. Dual function transmitter provides turbo and hover control functions up to 100 feet overhead, with navigational lights for flights day or night...
Meta-Forms Logic in Shapes (ages 4-adult) by Fox Mind Games
An introduction to logic.  Follow the clues to place the 9 wooden shapes on the grid.  Clues start simple, becoming more complex as you move through the challenges, until the highest levels, which often challenge adults!  Also available in travel form in Logix I.  When you get through Meta-Forms or Logix I, try Logix II - these start at a challenging adult level!
Microscope Kit and Book (or from Amazon)
created by the same manufacturer that supplies medical research laboratories, this high-quality microscope features cordless battery power and 40x, 100x and 400x magnification settings. Includes a 50-piece slide and accessory kit and 144-page, full-color Ultimate Guide with 40+ experiments. Also converts into a stereo dissecting microscope for studying 3-D objects like coins, clothing fibers and food in detail...
Music Blocks by Neurosmith
Great musical and sequencing fun for the youngest children (and some of the older ones, too!).  Includes Mozart, but don't miss the additional tunes, including Bach, Sounds of the Orchestra and Jumping Jive Jazz.  For the youngest child, Together Tunes Soft Musical Cube uses the same cartridges, plus some of its own, and does even more...
Nature Kaleidoscope Making Kit
Make your own kaleidoscope kit over and over again using elements from nature. Kit includes parts for an 8 1/2" scope, two nature drawings to color as wraps, colored pencils, dried flowers, polished gemstones, glass marbles and minerals...
On the Dot the Super Spotted Brain Teaser (1-4 players)
Try to arrange four transparent squares so they perfectly match the pattern shown on the dots card. Flip, rotate, and overlap the squares to create a "spot on" copy...
Oops Recommended by Fox Mind Games (or from Barnes & Noble)
Simple but complex logic game; move the hats to reassemble Simon, the scattered magician.  Dozens of challenges, tons of fun...
Origami to Astonish and Amuse
If you were an original origami model which would you rather be, a sad stationary model that has to sit idle on a display shelf getting dusty and neglected, or a happy action model that frequently gets to frolic in the hands of a folder and give moving performances that astonish and amuse?
Parafoil Kite (Rainbow) and Parafoil Kite (Prism)
Frameless, lightweight and ready to flying without assembly. "Take anywhere" kite, always ready to fly and has no sticks to break. Kite string and nylon carrying case included. 20"x24"
Parafoil 5, Wavy Gradient and Parafoil 5, Tie-Die
Strutless design is the most ingenious ever created for unlimited durability and maximum wind range. Unbreakable and require no assembly. Includes a nylon carrying case, 500 feet of flying line on a Yo-Yo winder and a 5-streamer tail. Winds 6 to 20 mph., 20" x 32"
Pathfinders Robotic Arm (ages 8 and up)
Build a working hydraulic arm with 66-piece kit from Pathfinders' Simple Machine series. Die-cut plywood kit includes tubing, (3) syringes and glue. You'll need a ruler and scissors. The finished arm will be approx 13-1/2" tall and will reach out over 16" and rotate 90° on an 8-5/8' x 6-7/8" base. Comes with a 12-page manual and uses water...
Perplexus Recommended
Maze game in a globe. Work with gravity and carefully shift, flip, and twist the sphere to guide the marble along the track through 100 challenges! Also try Perplexus Epic (125 challenges) or Perplexus Rookie (75 challenges)
Penguins On Ice by Smart Games
Can you pack the ice so that every puzzle tile can fit on the game board? Can you also make sure that all the penguins are in the right spot? Penguins on Ice is a unique game of logic with 5 'pentomino' playing pieces, with challenges from beginner to expert...
Photomosaics by Buffalo Gameses
Jigsaw puzzles, made up entirely of tiny scenes. Gifted kids (of all ages) often love jigsaw puzzles, and these puzzles add another dimension to the picture
Starry Night, Dolphin, Grey Wolf, Peanuts: Literary Ace, Eagle & Stripes, NASCAR II, Pig
Rockwell: Soda Jerk, Rockwell: The Runaway
Disney's Tigger, Disney's The Lion Kingng, Mickey Mouse, Disney Fine Art: Off to Home We Go (each about 1000 pieces)
American Flag (each 500 pieces)
Starry Night, The Last Supper, Neuschwanstein Castle (each about 2000 pieces)
3D Spherical Puzzle, also by Buffalo Games
3D Spherical Puzzle - Antique Globe, 3D Spherical Puzzle - World Globe
All About Puzzles, also by Buffalo Games
All About Puzzles are divided into scenes, each an illustrated part of a story. As you complete one scene, the puzzle tells you what pieces to look for next. Takes you on a fascinating journey into the history and legend of...
All About Coffee
World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles, also by Buffalo Games
What makes them so hard?  The same artwork is on both sides, but rotated 90°.  And they're even die cut once from each side, to make the front and back virtually indistinguishable!
World's Most Difficult: Balloons, World's Most Difficult: Cats, World's Most Difficult: ClownFish, World's Most Difficult: Dalmatians, World's Most Difficult: Goalkeeper's Nightmare
PigzUp! by Blue Orange Games
How quick and precise are your fingers? Find out as you build piggy piles in this lively stacking game. As soon as any 2 cards match, both players with matching cards race to stack up the requested number of piggies with the right color on top. Stay on your hooves, There is more than one silly way to stack up your piggies. Be the first player to get rid of all your cards to win...
Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker (or from Amazon)
Learn about heat transfer and freezing points as you make frozen treats. Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker has 2 compartments: one for ice and rock salt, the other for ice cream ingredients. Shake, roll and pass the ball, then scoop up scientific knowledge in the form of homemade ice cream!
Squish it, shape it, save it or smoosh it and start all over again, colorful foam sculpting material won't crumble, and it won't stick to skin or surfaces and it never dries out... Or try Creativity Kit, Giant Pack, 12-pack or Sparkle Playfoam 6-pack or 12-pack
Play Yourself Piano Mat
6" long 2 octave piano mat, dance, play and sing along! Play, record, playback & demo modes, volume control and 8 different instrument keys...
Pixy Cubes (ages 6+, 1-4 players) by Blue Orange Games
Get creative! Match the picture on the card using 16 colorful cubes. Play as a puzzle or game for 1-4 players...
Poi Spinning (DVD) with Mortal Poi, Cathedral Fire Poi, Satellite Poi, Oggz Glow Poi, Ball Poi, and Twinson Poi Pois 6 Pairs
The new rage for kids of all ages.  Juggling Poi is fun and relaxing, moving your arms in large sweeping circles to control the Poi.  And Poi comes in all sorts of great varieties!  Learn all about it in the Poi Spinning or Poi Technique DVD - Learn Poi Spinning Fire Dancing DVDs or
Q-Ba-Maze 50-pack in Hot or Cool colors
Modern marble run is "visibly cool."  Transparent blue and green cubes interlock for amazing cascades of marbles... also smaller Q-Ba-Maze 20-pack in Hot or Cool... Q-Ba-Maze Zoom Stunt Set
Q-bitz by MindWare (or from Amazon)
Visual dexterity, Cubed. Players puzzle over how to recreate the patterns on the game cards using their set of 16 cubes. Three fast-paced rounds of play require different skills each time, quick thinking, lucky breaks and memory muscle... also Q-bitz Expansion Pack with 100 new challenges!
Quadrilla Marble Railway Basic Set and Quadrilla Twist and Rail
Wooden marble runs, with track pieces, accelerators, and fancy pieces, for tons of fun.  I remember these from my childhood!  And don't miss the Twist and Rail set, with curved track, and a funnel!
Quadrillion Recommended by Smart Games
Click the 4 magnetic grids together in any order to create your personal game board. Fit the 12 colored puzzle pieces on the game board you've just created. All possible board configurations can be solved...
Quercetti Marble Run with Motorized Elevator Quercetti Super Marble Run Vortis or Quercetti Skyrail Marble Run Roller Coaster
Build grand and complex structures, including the double-entry Funnels and Spirals, double-length bridges, Multiple marble launchers, elevators, loops, paddle-wheels, short bridges and rails, and bell-shaped bases to make the structures steadier...
Ravensburger Puzzles
Beautiful, high quality jigsaw puzzles for all ages from the smallest to largest puzzler, all pieces unique shaped, hand-carved cutting tools, shaped puzzles, 3D globe puzzleballs, and more...
My First Mouse Puzzle, My First Duck Puzzle, My First Bunny Puzzle puzzle pieces attached by ribbons
Fire Engine, Fairy Princess, Bob the Builder, Sodor Friends, Traveling Around Sodor, Calling all Engines Thomas, Off to Work Thomas, Best Friends Thomas 24 piece shaped and shaped-box floor puzzles
Life At The Castle See Inside, African Animals 34-35 piece puzzle
The Magical Unicorn, Under the Sea, Lion Family, Cool Cats, In The Galaxy, Thomas The Tank Tells The Time 60 piece puzzles
Christmas 60 piece puzzleball
Building Site, Dream Land, Safari Look & Find 84 piece puzzle
Ravensburger The Solar System Puzzleball Special Set 8 globe puzzleballs from 24-144 pieces
Unicorns, Junior World Map, Dinosaurs 96 piece globe puzzleballs
Thomas' Midnight Ride (glow in the dark), Thomas at the Carnival (glow in the dark), Enchanted Forest, Outer Space, Building Site, Land of the Giants, Pirates' Treasure, Harley Davidson (shaped), Tropical Lizards, Dragon's Lair 100 piece puzzles
A Gecko Party, Pirate Ship, Soccer Action, Ballet Class, Amazing Unicorns, Thunder Horses 200 piece puzzles
Globe, Penguins, Ocean, Wildlife 240 piece puzzleballs
Room with a View, Rainforest, Formula 1 Racing, Cat Lover, Motherly Love (giraffes), The World Of The Dinosaurs, German Castles, One Autumn Afternoon, Boy's Best Friend, A Day for Brougham Ride 300 piece puzzles
Rush Hour (fish!), The Perfect Place (beach & lighthouse), Bears at Play, Neuwchwanstein Castle, Harley - Davidson 500 piece puzzles
Historical Globe, Celestial Map Glow in the dark 540 piece globe puzzleballs
Skyline, New York, Glow in the Dark - Times Square 1000 piece panoramic puzzle
Space Shuttle Fire Dragon, Sunsout Dragon Dreams, Earth Dragon, Ice Dragon 1000 piece shaped art puzzles
Santa's Christmas List, Christmas Market, White Christmas, Tropical, Family Time (dogs), Harley Davidson Classic '41, The Journey Glow-in-the-Dark, Toucans Can!, Harley-Davidson Freedom Riders 1943, Winner Takes All 1000 piece puzzles
Neuschwanstein Castle, Sunflower Bouquet 1500 piece puzzles
NYC - Brooklyn Bridge 2000 piece puzzle
Oceanic Wonders, 1665 World Map, Bombardment of Algiers Jigsaw, Horses In The Canyon 3000 piece puzzles
Views of Modern Rome 5000 piece puzzle
Astrology 9000! piece puzzle
4 Historical World Maps, Tropical Impressions 18,000!! piece puzzles
Puzzle Accessories - Stow and Go
Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Twist, Rubik's UFO, Rubik's 4x4 and Rubik's 5x5
The classic puzzle, and modern variations...  Try Rubik's Revolution
Simon Flash Challenge your recall!
Four new games: Simon Lights Off. Can you quickly line up the cubes in just the right order to turn off all the lights? Shuffle. When the cube colors scramble, can you line them up in their original order? Secret Color, there’s only one order that will show the same color on all four cubes. How fast can you unlock the code? Classic Stop shuffling. Start pressing. Can you remember and repeat a longer and longer sequence of colors? Challenge your friends or tune up your skills on your own. High-tech twist on legendary Simon game tests your memory and logic skills to the max... Also traditional Simon Carabiner Game
Skeletons Floor Puzzle by Learning Resources (age 4-8)
The skeleton is 4 feet, 3 inches tall, from skull to toe, making him more enticing to build since he’s the same size as the average 6-year-old. All 15 pieces are made of soft durable foam. The back of each piece is marked with the proper name for each bone...
Skeletons in the Closet by Learning Resources (age 4-8)
Learn the names, location and relationships of the major bones in the human body (skull, pelvis, tibia, rib cage and more). The first player to assemble their skeleton in the closet wins. Bones are labeled to help identify each one by name...
Smart Lab Squishy You Explore It Human Body
Enter the twisted world of the human body. Complete with removable squishy organs as well as representative skeletal, vascular and muscular systems, kids explore the complex inner workings of the human body and literally see how it all works. See how the nine vital organs work together to digest food; complete activities to help kids understand all of their body's functions. Sometimes, it's kind of gross!
Speed Stacks Cool Blue
Each set comes with its own nifty nylon and mesh bag along with our cool Stacker Training DVD, loaded with instructions, World Championship highlights, Sport Stacking techniques and competitions to help you truly "Stack Fast!".  Also in Neon Green, Really Red, Royal Purple, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Glow in the Dark Blue, Neon Yellow or Speed Stacks Elite - Shock Mat and Neon Orange Speed Stacks, Speed Stacks Elite - Raindrops Mat and Neon Green Speed Stacks
Square Up! (ages 6+)
Race to slide the squares to match your cube shaker, before your opponent finishes! The winner slaps down the frame around the solution in Square Up! Fun, fast and exciting two-player visual thinking game...
Stackability by Lolo Fun
Press down Stackability and press start. Players take turns rolling the die and stacking pieces ton top of each other. Music and flashing lights add to the suspense, nobody knows when Stackability will pop up. Knock over the stack or get caught stacking when Stackabiltiy pops an receive a chip. Break a tie with a "Stack Off"
Stomp Rocket and Ultra Stomp Rocket plus Ultra Stomp Rocket Refills (ages 8+)
Stomp® on the Launch Pad and a blast of air propels the Stomp Rocket® over 200 feet in the air! Also Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit for ages 3+
Tangoes Jr. (ages 3+)
Tanagram puzzles, plus extra decks of puzzles.  Play solitaire or head-to-head. Big pieces and neat storage container built right in...
Tangramino by Fox Mind Games
Construct pictures from 18 shapes; each new picture contains additional challenge...
Tantrix Colorful game of strategy and luck!
The object is to play all your tiles to form the longest line of your color. The challenge is to block your opponents at the same time. Or try building one of 25 solitaire puzzles. With nylon bag and zipper, Tantrix is perfect for school or travel.  I used to love this when I was young...
Tarata Balancing Animals or try Animal Upon Animal
From kiwis to jungle animals, koalas to whales, kids and adults alike can spend hours balancing these intricate wooden creatures......
Tavern Puzzles 
Great manipulative puzzles made from iron, originally used in olden days taverns... from easy to impossible, lots of levels, lots of fun.  Check out the latest and most difficult: Freedom's Ring!  Or from Amazon:
bullet(easy) Iron Heart, Conestoga Playmate, Painted Lady,
bullet(medium) Wise Guy
bullet(hard) U-turn<, Big Kahuna, Tri Again, Big Shot
bullet(extreme) Sneaky Pete, Matched Set, Freedoms Ring, Patience, Doozie
bulletDon't forget a Display Stand - Tavern Puzzles are works of art!
For smaller hands, try out Brain Bogglers
Tesselations Creative combinations of math, art & fun!
Inexpensive foam puzzles the fit together, from Colorful Connectables for the youngest kids, Tanagrams for all ages (and in large set!) to the Penrose Kites and Darts for older childroen (showing the Golden ratio) and lots of mathematical history and information... Check out In the Garden, Busy Beetles or Kites and Darts
A cross between Collect Four and Tetris.  Drop your tiles in, trying to touch as many of your opponent's tiles as you can.  But be careful not to leave holes!
ThinkFun (was Binary Arts) great logic puzzles and games for all ages (mostly labeled 8 years and up, but great for gifted kids much younger)
Gravity Maze gravity powered logic maze, colorful, translucent towers can be arranged in a plethora of visually stimulating structures but think carefully to build a path that will successfully carry your marble to its target. 60 challenges, ranging in difficulty...
Turnstile move the colored tokens through the maze to their respective corners. You must pass through turnstiles, shifting walls to form new pathways and new barriers...
Hot Spot hop your red robot over obstacles to reach the red spot on one corner of the game board
Zig Zag Knot The world's most diabolical take-apart puzzle...
Tilt Slide the green sliders through the center hole, without removing any of the blue sliders...
Math Dice Recommended Add, subtract, multiply, divide, square or cube to get closest to the Target Number
Swish Recommended Spatial card game that challenges you to be the first to make matches, or “Swishes”. Swishes are made by layering 2 to 12 cards so that every ball swishes into a hoop of the same color...
River Crossing Recommended Use tree stumps and planks, and try to cross the river
River Crossing 2 - more puzzles for your River Crossing
River Crossing Jr. larger, easier to handle pieces, easier to solve challenges
PathWords Recommended word search meets logic puzzle...
36 Cube How many towers can you place?
Cartoon It take 30 seconds to memorize a cartoon character with six specific features. When time is up, players draw their cartoon character from memory using hints from the Features Board...
Pete's Pike Conquer the mountain! Help the magic goats help Pete safely conquer the mountain by finding the right sequence of moves...
FlipSide line up the numbered tiles from 0 to 9. Sound simple? Think again!
Snack Attack fast-paced picture game, match seven Snack Tokens to snacks already on your plate
Bug Trails 6-legged color matching domino game
Chocolate Fix How many towers can you place?
Charoodles fast-acting game where players act out a person, place or thing using just four simple props...
Hot Spot Hop your Red Rover over obstacles to reach the Red Hot Spot on the game board...
What's Gnu? Smart Mouth for the younger set, ages 4-8, how many words can be crafted when you only know two out of three letters?
Robot Turtles a fun way for little ones to learn to code! ages 4 and up
Zingo fast-paced picture-version of Bingo, for our younger kids
Adam's Cube 6 puzzles in 1, each side offers a new challenge
Sudoku 5x5 and Sudoku Jr. 4x4 hands-on Sudoku puzzles for the younger set...
GRIDWorks place the pieces by visual logic clues...
TipOver Recommended Topple a path from here to there...
Spiderman TipOver if you prefer a web-swinging theme
Subtrax a new twist on classic peg solitaire...
Marvel City Crossing help Spiderman escape danger by positioning skyscrapers, buildings and magnetic webs...
Smart Mouth Recommended Stretch your vocabulary and quick thinking skills (or from Amazon)
Izzi use all 64 black & white tiles to build a pattern... not as easy as it sounds.  Also Izzi 2 in 4 colors... (or from Amazon)
Gordian's Knot just 6 interlocking pieces, but takes a whopping 69 moves to take the knot apart!
Treasure Quest Move aside all obstacles and push the gold masks out of the temple...
Brick by Brick, Block by Block, Shape by Shape, Square by Square 2D and 3D construction challenges
Cover Your Tracks cover your tracks on a journey through mud, sand, snow and cement...
Raging Rapids Fit the interlocking paddlers back into their raft, all facing in the same direction. It looks easy, but...
Charoodles players act out a person, place or thing using just four simple prop
Visual Brainstorms puzzle card with rich illustrations, teaches logic, deductive reasoning, and abstract thinking
Amaze Game a hand held maze that changes as you play, with 16 different challenges...
City Puzzle Classic metal puzzle blocks, fit back into the weighted metal frame...
Rush Hour
Rush Hour Card Set 2, Set 3, Set 4
Rush Hour Jr. 40 junior challenges
Rush Hour Shift 2-player game with shifting traffic grid! (or from Amazon)
Safari Rush Hour with animals - 2 exit choices, all new puzzles, and blocks that move in two directions!
Railroad Rush Hour Recommended 2 exit choices, and blocks that move in two directions!
Treasure Chest a new Rush Hour variation...
Toot and Otto two players each take on the personality of Toot or Otto... (ages 4-8)
Ducks in a Row a wacky version of checkers.... (ages 4-8)
Serpentiles combine selected tiles to form a continuous snake-like path...
Top This Players create identical shapes using different game pieces. Seemingly simple game is not only loads of fun, but can also be surprisingly tricky!
Word Sense take turns flipping letter tiles and racing to think up words that contain those letters. Be the first to correctly call out a word, and keep the tiles. Tiles and dice fit neatly into the travel case...
Laser Maze Single-player logic game featuring a real laser. Reflect and split the laser beam using mirrors and targets on a puzzle grid to reach the goal. 60 challenges from Beginner to Expert and eleven cool tokens to direct the path of the laser beam... (or from Amazon)
Tangram seven-piece Tangram puzzle is the world's oldest and most well known silhouette puzzle, pieces crafted in metal and filled with vivid blue enamel
Clever Castle follow the clues to seat the castle guests... (ages 5-7)
Scrambled Eg classic has been mystifying puzzle-lovers for over a century, nine colorful metal and enamel pieces carefully crafted to fit into a black frame...
SpinOut can you spin and slide the pieces, to release the slide?
Hoppers a new look for classic peg solitaire...
Hoppers Jr. junior version of classic peg solitaire... (ages 5-7)
Fifteen Puzzle Traditional metal sliding puzzle in case...
Aha Brainteaser Classics
Timberkits build musicians that really rock!
Cranks, gears, levers and more are precision-cut from finished wood, so all you need do is peg and glue each piece together to create functioning mechanical marvels... or from Amazon, Drummer Timberkit, Woody Blues Timberkit, Guitarist Timberkit, T-Rex Timberkit, Rower Timberkit, Ocean Motion Timberkit, Snappy Croc Timberkit
Toss Up!s Up! (ages 8 and up, or as soon the child can sum to 100)
A pocket- or purse-size game of chance in it's own case, great for those unexpected delays... toss the dice, try to get as many greens as you can... but don't get stopped by a red!
Triazzles deceptively simple...
Vivid sea life, sparkling dragonflies, arresting arachnids, and swirling salamanders adorn these triangular puzzles.  Also on Amazon, Toy Story and Beyond! Triazzle, Mountain Butterflies Triazzle Jigsaw Puzzle, Triazzle Adventures in Neverland, and Triazzle Pond Life plus Travel Triazzles Sky Pilot Planeslanes, Under the Sea and Rain Forest - fewer pieces, but just as challenging - on a magnetic board, so pieces don't get lost!
Tricky Two-Way Puzzles
Turn a square into a triangle?  How about a square into a pentagram?  Each of these tricky two-way puzzles...  Or try Tricky Two-Way Star Puzzles each square becomes a different star, or Tricky Tangrams four different traditional, or not-so-traditional tangrams.  All Tricky Puzzles are magnetic backed, for lots of frig fun...
Tumble Jumble Puzzles more deceptively simple puzzles, from the makers of Triazzles
Each glossy block has 4 images, each puzzle has 4 solutions, but each set has only 1 visual theme...  Tumble Jumble Pond Life, Creepy Creatures, Tropical Waters, In the Jungle
Tunnelz by Educational Insights
2-player tunnel maze game - tilt the cube, and plan your route...
Turbo Mind Twister (ages 8 and up) by FoxMind
Put your brain into high gear. Slide the cars and twist the sphere to put each car in their matching color spot
Uncover the Human Body 3-D book and model
Takes 3-D look inside the human body! Combining the best elements of a book and a model of the human body, this unique adventure guides you with each turn of a page to another body system. Explore the fascinating text and detailed model of vascular or muscular systems. Find out what is inside bones, how many pores you have, how long your digestive system is and other amazing facts. Then by closing the book, they see all the parts combined into a whole!
Van Gogh SmART Puzzle
So long, humdrum existence of snapping puzzle pieces into place for a brain workout. Hello, smART Puzzles, a clever spin on the jigsaw featuring overlapping cards that you have to angle just so to create a continuous image. SmART Puzzles contains 200 3"x3" cards printed with various sections of a well-known work of art. To add to the challenge, each side is printed with a different painting featuring similar color tones. Flip, rotate, and alternate which cards are on top to complete the puzzle...
Window Mosaic Butterfly and Window Mosaic Dolphin
Self-adhesive (cling) transparent tiles, turn your window into brilliant artwork!
Wobble Deck (or from Amazon)
The Electronic Balance Challenge! Works your muscles and your mind! Stand on the wooden deck and try to follow the game's audio commands without messing up-or wobbling! With three different games and multiple skill levels, kids will have hours of fun while building concentration, coordination and quick reflexes...
X7 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Car build musicians that really rock!
Assemble a working fuel cell car that runs on the ultimate fuel – hydrogen and oxygen gas! Discover how fuel cells work.  Learn about the potential alternative energies for automobiles.  Watch in amazement as water separates into hydrogen and oxygen, then use the stored gases to power your vehicle across the floor...
Yomega Yo Yoo by Yomega
The old fashioned yo yo has undergone a miraculous rebirth!  Try more than one... Power Brain XP Yo-Yo, X-Brain, Fireball, Xodus II Peg Pack, Saber Raider, and more.  Don't forget the Klutz Yo-Yo Boo!
Yikerz! Recommended by Wiggles 3D
Place your Yikerz pieces (magnets) down on the board and try to avoid attracting the other pieces already played. The object is to get rid of all your pieces. If Yikerz collapse together, those pieces are yours to add to your stack. Unique 4 piece interchangeable game board designs allow for many different configurations that create a variety of challenges and suits different skill levels...
Zookeeper's Nightmare by Educational Insights (ages 6+, 5+ gifted)
Slide the runaway animals home, but watch out!  Don't let the leopards lunch on the rhino, or let the lion wave it's tail in front of the tigers, or...  A sliding puzzle with a twist!  18 challenges included, plus instructions to create your own
ZooLogic (ages 4-adult) by Fox Mind Games (or from Barnes & Noble)
An animal gridlock of cats, dogs, mice and their favorite foods: fish, bones and cheese lies before you. Can you arrange them while keeping each animal away from its rival and away from its favorite food? If that was too easy, hungry ants, angry bulls and fierce dogs are also introduced as the puzzle difficulty gradually progresses in this captivating and amusing logic puzzle. ZooLogic allows children from 4 to adult challenge their logical thinking skills!

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