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Free Online Text Materials

List compiled by Kit Finn
(editor's note: Thank you, Kit!)

Also visit Internet Investigations, Free Online High School Courses, free curriculum units right on the 'net, and (Free) Materials for Gifted Classrooms, terrific educational materials

Biology & Evolution Chemistry Physics Math
Astronomy  Geography Arts & Humanities Psychology


bulletMIT Open Courseware
bulletFree University Project – study guides to CLEP texts with online links to tutorials
bulletGuide to Fallacies
bulletTextbook Revolution
bulletWikiBooks Recommended a collection of free, open-content textbooks, also in a variety of other languages

Biology & Evolution

bulletRice University's Advanced Placement Digital Library - peer-reviewed AP and pre-AP content resources
bulletKimball's Biology Pages online biology textbook
bulletBecoming Human documentary
bulletPBS site on evolution
bulletComplete online biology text – college intro level
bulletTeaching About Evolution – online book
bulletLife Drop – life in a drop of water – partly in French
bulletSet of links on eyes and vision
bulletLarge variety of sample lessons
bulletSyllabus and reading list for college course on evolutionary biology
bulletHow Humans Evolved - webbook
bulletHyperlinked presentation on evolution and theology
bullet Kimball’s Biology Pages – says it’s a text, but presents more like a reference
bulletTree of Life web project
bullet Biodiversity and Conservation - hypertextbook
bulletAnimated DNA primer
bulletMolecular Biology Web book – and links to other online books by same author (click on home)
bulletMolecular Biology Notebook – includes beginning course on molecular bio
bulletIntroduction to Molecular Virology
bulletDrugs, Brains, and Behavior – text


bulletRice University's Advanced Placement Digital Library - peer-reviewed AP and pre-AP content resources
bulletChemMystery – high school chemistry
bulletOrganic Chemistry
bulletMolecules and Mathematics – k-12
bulletNuclear Chemistry
bulletChemistry Hypermedia Project – short explanations of key ideas
bulletOrganomettalic Hypertextbook
bulletGeneral Chemistry Virtual Textbook
bulletNational Academies Press – many math/science titles all readable on line


bulletRice University's Advanced Placement Digital Library peer-reviewed AP and pre-AP content resources
bulletCalculus-Based Physics – a free Physics textbook
bulletSpace physics text
bullet Math as a Second Language – math physics text
bulletMotion Mountain – modern physics text
bulletDoing Science – An Introduction to Physical Science
bulletLight and Matter set of Intro Physics texts – presumes Algebra, some calculus based optional problems
bulletDiscover Physics – nonmathematical intro Physics text
bulletSimple Nature – calculus based physics text
bulletIntro to physics – algebra based – for those interested in health science
bulletEssential Physics 1
bullet Crystallography 101


bullet A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra - requires one year of college calculus
bulletChaos Hypertextbook
bulletThe Hyperbook of Combinatorics – some broken links
bulletComplex Analysis
bullet Information Theory
bulletBasic Concepts of Mathematics
bulletMathematical Analysis 1
bullet Multivariable Calculus
bullet Statistics at Square One
bulletRice Virtual Lab in Statistics
bulletVisual Calculus Modules
bulletCSMP math – grade K-6
bulletElementary Algebra
bulletLinear Algebra
bullet Houghton-Mifflin Computer Tutor Center – computer support for several levels of algebra, designed to work with a text but can stand alone
bulletA Gallery of Interactive Online Geometry
bulletMathsNet Interactive Geometry
bullet Studyworks Online – geometry


bulletViews of the Solar System


bulletAn Outline of American Geography

Arts & Humanities

bulletArt, Design, and Visual Thinking
bulletThe Elements of Style
bulletThe Writing Center
bullet College Writing
bulletOnline Grammar Handbook
bullet Experiencing the Humanities
bullet Hegel by Hypertext
bulletGreat Books online – many many entries
bulleta number of classic texts in many categories as well as some odd stuff
bulletAlex catalog of electronic texts
bulletOnline books page
bulletIndex to the Thinkquest project
bulletFree University Project general humanities course


bulletEarly Childhood Development and Learning
bulletSleep Needs, Patterns, and Difficulties of Adolescents
bulletHow People Learn
bulletResearch Strategies
bulletClassics in the History of Psychology

Last updated December 01, 2020

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