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Homework Practices that Support Students with Disabilities
Research Connections
Spring 2001

Contacts and Resources

If you would like to know more about the research referenced in this issue, you can contact the following individuals and organizations by postal mail, telephone, or e-mail, or by using the URLs provided.

Research Connections was prepared with funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, under Contract No. ED-99-CO-0026. It is in the public domain and may be freely reproduced and disseminated. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of OSEP or the Department of Education.

We wish to thank the following individuals who assisted with the development and/or review of this issue: Bill Bursuck, Marjorie Montague, and Sharon Vaughn.


    Contacts Sue Abderholden, Leslie Sparks & Sharman Davis-Barrett
    PACER Center
    8161 Normandale Boulevard
    Minneapolis, MN 55437

    Tanis Bryan & Karen Sullivan-Burstein
    Arizona State University
    College of Education
    PO Box 872011
    Tempe, AZ 85023

    Bill Bursuck
    Northern Illinois University
    Department of Teacher Education
    147 Gabel Hall
    Dekalb, IL 60115

    Martha Fitzgerald & Pam Kay
    University of Vermont
    School Research Office
    88 University Heights
    Burlington, VT 05405

    Marjorie Montague
    University of Miami
    Special Education
    PO Box 248065
    Coral Gables, FL 33124

    Michael Rosenberg
    Johns Hopkins University
    Special Education
    100 Whitehead Hall
    Baltimore, MD 21218

    Sharon Vaughn
    University of Texas
    College of Education
    Sanchez Building
    Austin, TX 78746


    Bryan, T., Nelson, C., & Mathur, S. (1995). Homework: A survey of primary students in regular, resource, and self-contained special education classrooms. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 10(2), 85-90.

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    Jayanthi, M., Sawyer, V., Nelson, J., Bursuck, W., & Epstein, M. (1995). Recommendations for homework-communication problems: From parents, classroom teachers, and special education teachers. Remedial and Special Education, 16(4), 212-225.

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    O'Melia, M.C., & Rosenberg, M.S. (1994). Effects of cooperative homework teams on the acquisition of mathematics skills by secondary students with mild disabilities. Exceptional Children, 60(6), 538-548.

    Polloway, E., Bursuck, W., Jayanthi, M., Epstein, M., & Nelson, J. (1996). Treatment acceptability: Determining appropriate interventions within inclusive classrooms. Intervention In School and Clinic, 31(3), 133-144.

    Ryan, A., Kay, P., Fitzgerald, M., Paquette, S., & Smith, S. (in press). Parent-Teacher Action Research: An intervention for emotional and speech disorders. TEACHING Exceptional Children.

    Research Connections is a biannual review of research on topics in special education, focusing on research sponsored by the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs. This issue of Research Connections was developed by Warger, Eavy Associates for the ERIC/OSEP Special Project.

    The ERIC/OSEP Special Project is operated by The Council for Exceptional Children through the ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education.

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