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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Overthinking

Overthinking. The gifted girl who "fails" the school's IQ screener, because she over-analyzes the multiple-choice questions. The gifted boy who focuses on the "letter of the law" in each of the teacher's assignments, and then gets in trouble with the teacher for not following the "spirit" of the assignments. The gifted child who cannot get started on a long-term project because he can think of all the time and energy and complicated steps that might need to be taken, and cannot begin because of it. What can you do if you find yourself, or your kids, overthinking? How can you get away from it?

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Gifted overthinkers: What makes them tick? by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
Overthinking can stem from a need for control. In an effort to stay in control, these gifted overthinkers seek fool-proof plans to ensure that problems will not arise...or that their presumed flaws will not be discovered...or that they will perform perfectly. This fuels perfectionism, repeated checking. and obsessing about what might go wrong...
Over Thinking All the Time by Adventures of Hahn Academy
Here are some synonyms for “over-thinking:” Ruminating, worrying, evaluating, deliberating, considering, languishing, lamenting, brooding, over analyzing, pondering, inordinately contemplating, over theorize, being pensive, overly plan, introspective, obsessive, etc. If I thought longer or searched more, I’d come up with even more synonyms...
Overthinking: When Your Mind Won’t Turn Off by Nicole LaChance,  Institute for Educational Advancement
Overthinking. The irony in writing about this topic, is that I kept overthinking it. What direction should I take? What tips should I offer? Where can I find the best research? What if my post doesn’t hold up against the others? As a chronic overthinker, I wanted to explore the reasons behind overthinking, how it can hurt and what we can do to rein it in...
Overthinking or Superthinking? by Jessie in CounterNarration
Maybe the word overthinking is just as flawed as the word overexcitability. After all, with every curse comes a blessing, and with every blessing comes a curse. When it's fueling worry, overthinking sure can be a burden, but when that same intellectual excitability fuels creativity, superthinking becomes a superpower...
Overthinking or Contemplation? Dabrowski weighs in by Gift-Ed Connections
Overthinking can not only be agonizing, but it can stop us in our tracks as we perseverate over a decision, a seemingly insignificant incidence or a project that we must complete. But does overthinking always deserve the bad rap that it gets? If we look at the work of psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski regarding the role and importance of contemplation in self-education we get a different perspective on this topic as well as some unique insight into how to support the overthinker in your life..
The World Needs More Overthinkers by Paula Prober, Your Rainforest Mind
Thinking has gotten a bad rap. If you do a lot of it, which you know you do, you’re called an overthinker. And that’s something you’re supposed to avoid.

Personally, I know people who are under-thinkers. I bet you do, too. Don’t you just wish those under-thinkers would overthink once in a while? I know I do....
Overthinking by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
Problems with overthinking can occur in early childhood if children are empathetic and aware of what's going on in the world. With horrible news streaming in every day (and I am a news hound), children are exposed to horrible things happening all over the world. How are we going to help them cope with the seamy side of life?...
Excuse me while I overthink this post by Aurora Remember
For the last few years, I've participated in the Hoagies' Gifted Education Page Blog Hops, but rarely is there a theme so relevant as this month's topic of overthinking. The problem is, there's so much to say on the topic I don't know where to begin. This got me thinking about how we think, especially as intense, gifted and/or excitable women...
How to Help Your Overthinking Gifted Child by The Grayson School
“Overthinking” is a word that must have been invented by a nongifted person.

Ask an elementary-school-aged gifted child what that term means, and you are likely to get a quizzical look: “How can you think too much? That doesn’t make any sense.” They genuinely mean that, too; because they can spend so much time playing in/with their minds, they don’t easily understand the concept of thinking ever being a bad thing. In all fairness, their brains are very interesting places, and there’s a lot going on in there that is worthy of their attention...
Overthinking: Weakness or Strength? by Emily, The Fissure
Some children (and adults) seem prone to making quick, impulsive decisions. At the other extreme, some seem to be held hostage by choices, evaluating and reevaluating options long past the point most of us would consider helpful. Consider this: in some cases, what if a student’s tendency to “overthink” might be a sign of an unmet need…
Overthinking Causes Grey Hair by Jen Merrill, Laughing at Chaos
Overthinking. It's ironic, really, that I constantly harp on my flute students about thinking too much, for allowing the inner mental chatter to distract them. I am Queen and Empress For Life of The Land of Overthinking. It's both a curse and a gift. On one hand, I can dissect an issue or idea, chew it up, swish it around, and spit out several outcomes or possibilities; my husband of 20 years is still impressed and spooked by this...
To Quit Overthinking, think more by Jen Campbell, repurposed genealogy
100% of Jen is dedicated to whatever I'm into at the moment. I'm unable to find the balance that most people have and do several things at once, or to engage in an activity without going in full throttle.

While 100% extreme personalities make for good characters on reality TV shows, and my life gives me ample story material for writing and entertaining friends, my lack of life balance can have a serious downside- especially when it comes to overthinking. I'm 100% Jen there too...

To read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

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