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Hoagies' Blog Hop September 2014: Gifted, How?

Gifted, How? The different faces of giftedness. Folks talk about how gifted the child is, but let's turn the tables and talk about how the child is gifted. The creative gifted, the math gifted, the chess kid, the 2e child, the introvert, etc. All gifted kids (and adults) don't all look alike!  What does the face of giftedness look like to you? 

Don't miss all our previous Blog Hops, including May: The "G" Word, June: Gifted @Play, August: Gifted Friendships and more!  If you'd like to join our next Blog Hop, visit Gifted Blog Hops.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our excellent graphics!

A Gifted Memory by Crushing Tall Poppies
My youngest gifted son has, at times, astounded, as well as frightened us with his incredible long term memory. Events, people, smells, emotions, names, places and even peripheral factors such as the air temperature or background noise at the time of the original situation and setting - can all be recalled by our son. And it amazes us how far back in his childhood his memory goes and how much of his earliest years he can remember. This has been an incredible and useful, but sometimes frustrating gift...
Mystery Squash by Braver than you believe
We got some seeds from people when we built the greenhouse. One person put seeds from their own garden together in little baggies and labeled two "mystery squash." We're really having fun trying to figure out what these mystery squash are.

Gifted people should really come in little baggies with the label "mystery gifted." And we should really have fun trying to figure them out...
Different Faces Of Gifted People by Elgarmummy
There are many more people who are gifted, and some who never knew they are gifted, just because they did not fit the narrow definition provided by the Ministry of Education. Some may not have gone to top schools and top classes, but you cannot deny they are different.
I have met artistes, who can play the piano and sing at the same time, have astute sense of comic timing, are great at improvisation and memorising lyrics and lines.

I have met people who could unscramble letters in seconds...
Parenting an Artistically Talented Child by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
What happens, though, when parents realize that their child is artistically talented? How do they react to this, support their child's artistic growth, and make the best choices for their child and family? At first, parents may be flooded with a range of feelings, both positive and negative...
Like a Doctor at a Dinner Party by Diane Hale, in Schooling the Gifted
As a gifted education expert, I'm approached by parents, grandparents, and teachers about as much as the proverbial doctor at a dinner party. Interestingly, I am often asked about what seem to be outliers of giftedness such as the twice exceptional gifted child (one who is both gifted and learning disabled), or a gifted child with anxiety, or a gifted underachiever. After 25 years of experience in gifted education, I find that my free advice is more the same than it is different for each case.....
Gifted Shmifted--The Sequel by Paula Prober, Your Rainforest Mind
After thirty+ years hanging around with gifted kids and adults, first as a teacher, now as a counselor and consultant, I still stutter when I try to define g-g-giftedness. There's so much confusion, complexity and controversy over what giftedness actually is. It's pretty overwhelming.
People often talk about it in terms of achievement or talent. I'm not going there. Instead, I'm talking about it in terms of traits...
IQ's, OE's and DP...Who Is Gifted? by Gift-Ed Connections
In a nutshell, Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration is a theory that attempts to explain personality development through a combination of psychological tension (anxiety to neurosis), emotional reactions (overexcitabilities), expressive talents and abilities and a drive toward individual growth and autonomy. It is the journey of someone who is committed to becoming their own person in a world where many are comfortable ascribing to an unquestioned belief system. It can be a journey fraught with...
Special Kind of Brilliance by Aurora Remember
I was placed in a gifted program in school, but I was identified late and almost got kicked out for underachievement. At this point I was a little resentful of the high achievers in my class. Of course, as an adult, I've come to realize that hard work will get you much farther than some idealized notion of potential. I think that people tend to think of inteligence in two ways, achievement and IQ. Having extensively tested both for the last 12 years I can say that there is so much more to it than that...
What Does a Gifted Child Look Like? by Colleen on Raising Lifelong Learners
If Einstein didn’t speak until he was four, and Walt Disney was once fired because he had no good ideas, how is it even possible to answer the question I’m most often asked – What does a gifted child look like? Can there be a definitive answer if Louis Pasteur was rated as mediocre in chemistry as a child?
What is Gifted by Planet Smarty Pants
10 characteristics of my own gifted learner... 1. My gifted child is different and knows it... 4. My gifted child craves challenge...  6. 6. My gifted child loves to talk...
Gifted, How? by Jo on Sprite's Site
Psycho Motor Dabrowski had interrupted our discussion about Animal Farm to remind me that I should write a blog post on the topic ‘Gifted – How?’ for the Hoagiesgifted September blog hop.
“Some people say that everyone is gifted in some way. Do you think that is true?” Sprite asked me...
Hackademic Living by A Voracious Mind
I am pretty sure most people wouldn't last more than an hour around my family when we are at home in our normal state. We are intense every moment of the day. There is no downtime when the house is dominated by family members who are overly verbose, high in intellectual and psychomotor overexcitabilities and everyone is supercharged at once. It is a cacophony of bizarre chaos and it is relentless...

Updated December 01, 2020

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