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Hoagies' Blog Hop: Ages & Stages, Redux

Ages and Stages of Giftedness, Redux. Two years ago, we discussed many of the stages; today we discuss a few more. Gifted kids give us a run for our money, no matter how old they are, or what stage they're in...this week. Whether you're dealing with the toddler "little lawyer" who doesn't miss a trick, or the high schooler looking towards dual enrollment, middle-age however you define it, or gifted elders, the Ages and Stages of giftedness are never boring.

Don't miss our previous Blog Hops, including Ages & Stages of Giftedness, the original, and Gifted Social Issues.  Also visit Hoagies' Gifted Online Communities...

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Get your gifted boy through middle school by Gail Post in Gifted Challenges
Why is middle school so difficult?

Ideally, middle school should usher in a period of self-discovery, personal and academic growth, and identity formation, rather than a time that must be endured. But it is more typically a difficult phase for most students, who struggle with peer pressure, hormonal swings, and ambivalence about their newfound independence from family.

Most gifted middle school children face similar struggles, often compounded by gifted "traits," such as...
Meeting the Needs of a Gifted Preschooler by Jill Williford Wurman, Director of Research, The Grayson School
Gifted children, who thrive in an environment specifically designed to challenge them at their level and to teach them at an accelerated rate, of course have come from somewhere, and have not suddenly ďbecomeĒ gifted overnight just before beginning Kindergarten.

Rather, having been gifted since birth, they have been busily feeding their hungry minds ó and, most likely, exhausting their parents ó with their bottomless curiosity and thirst for novelty and for ever more knowledge. Seeking an environment attuned not only to their intellectual capabilities, but also to their unique social-emotional development is important. For these youngest learners, these two developmental trajectories are especially tightly-linked...
Pursuing My Directive by Jessie in CounterNarration
I've always known what I wanted be a writer when I grew up. Sadly, the roads they said to travel to become that grown-up didn't end up getting me there. Now that I'm 35, I'm quitting my stable and respectable job to try another approach. I can't deny that there's risk involved. But for a chance of getting where I was aiming when I set out as a child, I'm willing to accept that risk...
Kids Don't Skip Stages by Heather in WonderSchooling
We have asynchronous kids. They do things on their own schedules. Some things happen very fast, and they fly past their same-age peers. Other things take more time. Itís okay. Itís part of the gifted game, and I am learning to accept that.

Somehow, though, in my mind, the stages that my kid seemingly skipped over had nothing to do with the behavioral issues we were currently dealing with.

Now, Iím not a psychologist. I took a couple undergrad psych courses about 20 years ago, but all of this started to make sense to me...
Gifted Growing Pains by Ana Maria, Gifted Culture Project
But in these moments, there he stands, at the painful crossroads between the things his body and brain are ready or able to do right now, and the things that the world is asking of him. And there I stand, heartbroken at seeing his pain, worried that someone will say or do something unkind because they donít understand whatís really happening right now.

And then I remember... this is what it looks like for my gifted, intense child to learn about the way the world works. These moments are gifted growing pains. And gifted growing pains are as important for me as they are for him. Sacred, even...
This Midlife Stage is Killing Me: A Gifted Adult Looks at Her Forties by Kathleen Casper in One World Gifted

Some days I wonder if I need many more years on Earth. Thatís morbid, I know. I donít mean I want to die. But I would be at peace if that happened. I have had a full and amazing life. The problem is, it seems like it may be mostly downhill from here.

Some very notable people in our history have had issues with middle age...
The 23rd Mile by Jen Merrill, Laughing at Chaos
I am in no way a runner. Not even a little. If you see me running, I recommend you give serious thought to joining me, as I am very likely running from something with fangs or a creature moaning braaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnsssss. I thought about wanting to be a runner a few years ago and gave that up when my lungs and knees flipped me off, and the overall sense of EVERYTHING HURTS AND IíM DYING took over.

But by god I know marathons; parenting a twice-exceptional kid is a marathon at a sprinterís pace. It also has the added excitement of......
Life and It's Many Stages by Linda Wallin, Living with Geniuses
As a teacher, I have taught every age group from preschool to grad school. I can honestly say, I love them all. I have also read Gail Sheehyís books and helped my aging gifted parents in the twilight of their lives. As an elder myself, now, I can look back and see how each stage of life has characteristics that are true for most people. I am also a fan of Dabrowski, who clearly delineated different levels of psycho-motor development. For the gifted individual, however, many problems are similar throughout life. In childhood...

To read all our past Blog Hops or join our next Blog Hop, visit Blog Hops for our past and future topics.  Special thanks to Pamela S. Ryan for our striking Blog Hop graphics!

Updated December 01, 2020

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