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bullet2006 Year-End Google Zeitgeist most popular searches?  where is?  who is?  events?  milestones?  are you curious...?
bullet 20Q Recommended the neural-net on the internet - how do they DO that?
bulletThe Art of the Brick Recommended by Nathan Sawaya, amazing Lego brick sculptures!
bullet Baby Boomer Bus Songs Lyrics to old favorites, On Top of Spaghetti, and more
bulletBest Paper Airplanes 10 great designs, of varying difficulty
bulletBored.com "When you have nothing better to do" Links to the most interesting sites on the Internet...
bulletA Brief History of Type the developments and movements of typography...
bulletBy Kids For Kids recognizes the ingenuity and creativity that kids possess. We provide the support needed for kids to create great ideas and inventions for other kids to use
bullet CareerInfoNet's Occupation Profile check out occupations, with education, national and state needs, salary, and more!
bulletCheese or font? identify each name as a Cheese, or as a font.  Fun and funny!
bulletComfy Banana's Casual Lofa a sofa that does up to 87 mph!  Need prom transportation?  Check out the bog standard and street sleeper...
bulletCrazy Fads from Flagpole sitting in the 20's, to pocket bikes in the 2000's, all sorts of fads have marked our history!
bulletDance Mat Typing Learn typing from the home row on, with cartoon fun along the way...
bulletDelphion's Gallery of Obscure Patents From the unusual to the bizarre
bulletDid You Know 2.0 Recommended and Shift Happens 2008... see how fast the future is arriving!
bulletDiffen Recommended Compare, contrast and find the difference between any two things!
bulletDiscovery Channel Mind games, animal cams, and more...
bulletDM of the Rings Imagine a gaggle of modern hack-n-slash roleplayers who had somehow never been exposed to the original Tolkien mythos, and then imagine taking those players and trying to introduce them to Tolkien via a D&D campaign...
bullet Dynamic Einstein What would Einstein say to you?  How about Dumbledore?  What would the Dictionary say about you?
bulletFactory Tours USA What better way to appreciate those qualities than to visit and tour America at work?
bulletFitDay tracking your foods, exercises, daily life!  Yeah, its a diet site, but full of tons of great info. on everyday living!
bulletGE Interactive Whiteboard draw on your screen, or invite friends to draw with you!
bulletGeocaching Recommended the Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site - check the new wave in scavenger hunting!  Also visit Hoagies' Gifted: Geocaching: The sport for gifted kids of all ages Recommended and Geocaching 101: How to find your first cache
bulletGirls Go Tech discover careers and explore games in math, science and technology... especially for girls!
bulletGoogle Calendar Share your family's calendars, send appointments to family and friends, and get the big picture while staying on schedule with task reminders and even mobile phone notifications!
bulletGoogle Sightseeing Recommended "Why bother seeing the world for real?" The world will never be the same!
bullet Honda Accord Ad the most amazing Rube Goldberg machine, two minutes long!
bulletHouse of Cards Rules for all sorts of card games, including Hearts, Spades...
bulletHow Common is Your Birthday? check your date!
bulletHow Friday the 13th Works Are you paraskevidekatriaphobic?
bulletHow to build your own Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse from 1500 2-liter bottles!
bulletHow to Make a Hula Hoop Build and then decorate, or build a folding hoop, and then have fun!
bulletInstructables Recommended step-by-step collaboration: a venue for showing what you make and how others can make it
bulletInvention at Play Recommended from the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention...
bulletJuggleMaster Recommended download, and create your own juggling patterns!
bulletLetterboxing North America combine navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a charming "treasure hunt" style outdoor quest, for all ages
bullet Make: Technology on Your Time
bullet Lego domino row-bot
bullet Dirt Poster
bullet Klein Bottles 'r' them
bullet Paper airplane flight time record achieved
bulletMake-a-Flake Create your own interactive snowflakes - great art, great symmetry...
bulletMakeBeleifs Comix Create your own comic strips, with characters, emotions, conversation or thought balloons, and more....
bulletMinipop Culture 30 pixel tall ... artwork?  Read Mini Madness...
bulletMagic Eye stereograms, construction and more, plus great links!
bulletMy Home Library copy and print your own bookplates - lots of great choices!
bulletMy Pyramid the new food pyramid...
bullet NameVoyager Recommended where does your name rank throughout history?
bulletNova Online Five to ten minute video shorts, on subjects from Science to Space, Economics to History and more... (YouTube)
bulletOLogy OLogy means "the study of." Explore your favorite ologies here, and meet over 100 different Ologists, from Arachnology to Ornithology, and more.  Don't miss Bioluminescence, in Marine Biology
bulletPandora Internet Radio pick a single song or artist, and Pandora will create an entire radio station for you!
bullet Paper Flier This glider is the current king of the paper airplane world... (adobe acrobat)
bulletPlagiarism Checker ever wonder if your words are being "claimed" by others around the 'net??  Find out here!
bulletPumpkin Gutter sculpting into the rind, for an unusual effect and more interesting possibilities...
bulletPlaying With Time look at how the world around you is changing over many different time periods
bulletRopers Knots How to tie lots of knots, and where to find more knots
bulletRunning the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait Recommended contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics. Visit Chris Jordan's other collections...
bullet Schoolhouse Rock The lyrics to the series...
bulletScouting online campfire songs, Eagle project ideas, history, scout shop, more...
bullet Silicon Creatures Gallery Art only a computer geek will appreciate...
bulletsimCEO dynamic, interactive stock market simulation, where students create their own companies, research each others' companies, and trade shares to influence prices (free for a limited time)
bulletSnopes Myths debunked, urban legends destroyed...
bulletAbout Urban Legends and Folklore another good urban legend resource
bulletSociety of Young Magicians (S.Y.M.) a division of SAM for magicians ages 7 to 17...
bulletThe Straight Dope Fighting ignorance since 1973 (it's taking longer than we thought)
bulletWhy do wet things look darker than dry things?
bulletString Games fun step-by-step guide to string-on-your-fingers games and figures... (requires Adobe Reader)
bulletThe Story of Stuff How our lifestyles are part of a larger system. The story of bottled water, other stuff...
bulletTED Recommended Ideas Worth Sharing - an amazing collection of videos of "the world's greatest thinkers and doers"  Sortable spreadsheet of all the TED Talks to date...
bulletThinkQuest Library winning web sites (by kids!) on Arts & Entertainment, Science, Society and Culture, and LOTS more!
bulletToday I Found Out... history to grammar, TV trivia to how-it-works, what have you learned today?
bulletUNICEF Games Challenge yourself, while you learn about global issues today
bulletUnusual Hotels of the World Search by Wow! factor or Type: view, fantasy, trains, floating, underwater...
bulletUseless Information Stuff you never needed to know, but your life would be incomplete without...
bullet Virtual College Tours Virtual college tours, webcams, campus maps, college videos, movies and pictures
bulletVirtual Hot Shop Interactive glass-making!
bulletVirtual Perpetual Calendars Julian, Gregorian, holidays, zodiac, and more...
bullet What is D&D? by the Wizards of the Coast, inventors of the role-playing phenomenon that's captivated 2 generations already!
bullet Why do some countries drive on the right and others on the left?
bulletThe Why Files? Science behind the News... but it's more than just science, check it out!Wired "How To" Wiki Recommended Ever wondered how to read a barcode? Choose a sound system? Sync Google Calendar with your iPhone? Find out this and much more here!
bulletWikipedia Recommended the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit (this is a good and accurate thing, read more in Acronyms, Terms, and other things we need to know)
bulletXE.com Quick Currency Converter The world's favorite currency site
bulletxtranormal Recommended if you can type, you can make movies!
bulletZomepad Modeling Software Recommended with models to follow, examine and build a new challenge every month!
bullet Contributed Models great fun to build

Cooking for Fun

bulletCheese or font? identify each name as a Cheese, or as a font.  Fun and funny!
bulletCooking for Engineers Great recipes, in easy-for-engineers-to-follow format.  Don't miss the graphs and charts!  A college engineer friend just wowed his friends with Chicken Pot Pie
bullet Flying Spaghetti Monster treats with working (and edible!) googly eyes Recommended These look good enough to eat... and they are!
bulletGifted Ice Cream Making (requires parental supervision!)
bulletor use the Zipper Bag Ice Cream method...
bulletMathematically Correct Breakfast, or How to Slice a Bagel into Two Linked Halves the title says it all!
bulletSilly Dogs What can you do with hot dogs and spaghetti? Click their Kid Friendly Recipes for more...
bulletStore Wars Recommended Star Wars and Organic Food fans alike will love this!
bulletTrilobite Cookies the result of my most recent research into what ancient trilobites would have tasted like if primitive biochemical processes were based on jam/chocolate/cookie molecules...

Duct Tape

bulletDuct Tape Rose from Instructables... nerdy yet stylish!
bulletDuct Tape Projects
bullet Ductigami: The Art of the Tape by Joe Wilson
bulletDuck-tivities Duct tape club - how-to-make projects and more...
bulletMake It Yourself with Duct Tape easy step-by-step

Electronic Greeting Cards

bullete-Cards wildlife, flora, endangered species, and other greetings
bulletGoGo Cards another wide variety of free greetings
bulletHallmark wide variety of greetings
bulletYahoo Greetings even more electronic greetings...


bulletJapanese Fireworks Fireworks! "It coloring the night sky beautifully. This page filled in attraction and informations..."
bulletThe Spectacular Edo Fireworks Display Japanese display, plus links to Chinese, Italian, Russian, plus history, development, types and mechanics of fireworks

Last updated December 01, 2020


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