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National Parenting Gifted Children Week Blog Tours...

SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) and NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) co-sponsor the National Parenting Gifted Children Week (NPGC) each year.  Find all the great blog posts from past years here!

NPGC 2012 NPGC 2011

National Parenting Gifted Children Week 2012

NPGC week 2012 ran from July 15 - 21, and the SENG NPGC Blog Tour 2012 resulted in tons of gifted blog posts from great bloggers nationally and internationally.  Check out all these great posts!

Sunday: Identifying and recognizing giftedness

bullet Parenting for High Potential: It's a Mindset
bullet SENG: Jane Hesslein: Parenting a Gifted Child is...
bullet Avant Parenting: The Role of Parents in Identifying Gifted Children

Monday: Challenges of parenting gifted children

bullet SENG: Vidisha Patel: On Parenting Gifted Children: Getting Stuck and Letting Go
bullet Chasing Hollyfeld: Parenting to Intensity
bullet Gifted in Wisconsin: Gifted in School
bullet Laughing at Chaos: How to parent a gifted child
bullet Avant Parenting: How Other Parents Add to the Challenge of Raising Gifted Kids
bullet Great Potential Press: Arlene DeVries: Technology and 21st Century Parenting
bullet Great Potential Press: James Webb: Spanking: An Ineffective Punishment With a Hidden Cost
bullet NAGC: Free Parenting Gifted Children Webinars: Sal Mendaglio, Sylvia Rimm, more...

Tuesday: Underachievement and twice exceptionalism

bullet SENG: Rose Blackett: Tips on Identifying 2e Students
bulletInstitute for Educational Advancement: Underachievement in Gifted Children

Wednesday: Special issues for gifted minorities, gifted boys and gifted girls

bullet SENG: Tiombe Kendrick: Advocacy Skills for Parents from Diverse Backgrounds
bullet Great Potential Press: Joy Davis: Exalting Our Children: The Value & Impact of Praise on School Achievement
bullet Great Potential Press: The Difficult Question of Gender Identity

Thursday: Misdiagnosis, depression

bullet SENG: Marianne Kuzujanakis: The First Duty of Love Is to Listen
bullet Real Learning Atlanta: Gifted? Learning disabled? Both?
bullet Da Vinci Academy: Why is my gifted child so anxious all the time?
bullet Barely Educational: Worrying, Over-analysis, and Parenting your Gifted Child
bullet Great Potential Press: Marianne Kuzujanakis: Misdiagnosis: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
bullet Great Potential Press: Carol Strip Whitney & Gretchen Hirsch: Understanding Twice-Exceptional Children

Friday: Advocacy for gifted children–teaming with educators and legislators

bullet Coppell Gifted Association: Advocacy for gifted children – teaming with educators
bullet Self-Advocacy for Gifted Teens: The Right Triangle
bullet Homeschool in Florida: Get Out of Your Own Way: How to Listen to the Needs of Your Gifted Child
bullet Thinking Ahead: TEAM means "Together Everyone Achieves More"
bullet Living the Life Fantastic: Using Social Media to Advocate For the Gifted
bullet GPS: The Digital Revolution … Why the Gifted Community Should Be Leading the Way
bullet Prufrock Press: The Boots-on-the-Ground Battle for Gifted Education

Saturday: Parenting supports and resources

bullet SENG: Carolyn K.: Resources for Parents of Gifted Children
bullet da Vinci Learning Center: game on! (using games to teach habits of mind and build connections in gifted families)
bullet Teach a Gifted Kid: Are we doing enough for our newly identified gifted child’s parent?

Other National Parenting Gifted Children Week Posts...

bullet Great Potential Press: See You In September...
bullet Great Potential Press: Joanne Foster: ABCs of Being Smart . . . F Is for Fit and Flexibility
bullet Hoagies' Nibbles and Bits: Optimum Intelligence: My Experience as a Too Gifted Adult
bullet The Maker Mom: National Parenting Gifted Children Week


National Parenting Gifted Children Week 2011

Celebrate National Parenting Gifted Children (NPGC) Week July 17-23, 2012 with the SENG Blog Tour. As a special thanks, Download SENG’s free NPGC Week ebook, The Joy and the Challenge: Parenting Gifted Children.

Sunday, July 17

bullet Creating Curriculum: Peer Support – Is it Time for a “Think Group” Phenomenon?
bullet Gifted Parenting Support: On Becoming a Gifted Parent
bullet Parents of Gifted Children Resource Group: The Challenges in Meeting the Social Needs of a Gifted Child : A Parent's Perspective  

Monday, July 18

bullet Life With Intensity: Living on a Tightrope
bullet The IMACS Blog: Nurturing mathematically talented preschoolers
bullet Laughing at Chaos: What I wish people knew about twice-exceptional kids

Tuesday, July 19

bullet Ingeniosus: 5 Reasons to Celebrate Parenting a Gifted Learner Today
bullet Building Wing Span: Disciplining My Gifted Kids: Small Talks, Consequences, and Proving me Wrong
bulletGiftedGuru: Finding Sanctuary in an Unsafe World

Wednesday, July 20

bullet Begabungs: Solution-oriented parenting of gifted children
bullet An Intense Life: Tips for working with emotional intensity
bulletAll for the Love of You: His Different Mind

Thursday, July 21

bullet Innreach’s Blog: A kaleidoscope of colours- One parent Looks back
bullet Dazzled and Frazzled: Parenting the Gifted in the Land of Saints and Scholars!

Friday, July 22

bullet Go Into the Story: Gifted children and the gift of stories

Saturday, July 23

bullet Everyday Intensity: Tips for Working with Emotionally Gifted


Last updated December 01, 2020

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