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Research Connections
Fall 1997

Contacts and Resources


If you'd like to know more about the research referenced in this issue, you can contact the following individuals and organizations.

Bob Algozzine
College of Education
Charlotte, NC 28223

Doug Cheney
University of Washington
Department of Special Education
P.O. Box 353600
Seattle, WA 98195

The ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
The Council for Exceptional Children
1920 Association Dr.
Reston, VA 20191

Tim Knoster
Interagency Support Project, CSIU
P.O. Box 213
Lewisburg, PA 17837
717-523-1155 (ext. 213)

Tim Lewis
Department of Special Education
University of Missouri
313 Townsend Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
4340 East-West Highway, Suite 402
Bethesda, MD 20814

Michael Rosenberg
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Special Education
100 Whitehead Hall
Baltimore, MD 21218

George Sugai
Behavioral Research and Teaching
University of Oregon
231 College of Education
Eugene, OR 97403

University of New Hampshire
Institute on Emotional Disabilities
New Hampshire Statewide Systems Change Project
10 Ferry Street, Unit #14, Suite 318
Concord, NH 03301

Utah's BEST Project
Utah State Office of Education
250 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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Research Connections Contents


Cheney, D., Barringer, C., Upham, D., & Manning, B. (1995). Project DESTINY: A model for developing educational support teams through interagency networks for youth with emotional or behavioral disorders. Special Services in the Schools, 10(2), 57-76.

Colvin, G., Kameenui, E. J., & Sugai, G. (1993). Reconceptualizing behavior management and school-wide discipline in general education. Education and Treatment of Children, 16(4), 361-381.

Jones, V. (1993). Assessing your classroom and school-wide student management plan. Beyond Behavior, 4(3), 9-12.

Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education. (1995). Guidelines: Effective behavioral support. Harrisonburg, PA: Author.

Reavis, H. K., Kukic, S. J., Jenson, W. R., Morgan, D. P., Andrews, D. J., & Fister, S. (1996). BEST Practices. Longmont, CO: Sopris West Publishers.

Sugai, G. & Pruitt, R. (1993). Phases, steps and guidelines for building school-wide behavior management programs: A practitioner's handbook. Eugene, OR: Behavior Disorders Program.

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ButtonERIC/OSEP Special Project Page
ButtonCEC Home Page

Taylor-Green, S., Brown, D., Nelson, L., Longton, J., Cohen, J., Swartz, J., Horner, R., Sugai, G., & Hall, S. (in press). School-wide behavioral support: Starting the year off right. Journal of Behavioral Education.

Thomas, A., & Grimes, J. (1995). Best practices in school psychology - III. Silver Spring, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

Walker, H., Horner, R., Sugai, G., Bullis, M., Sprague, J., Bricker, D., & Kaufman, M. (1996). Integrated approaches to preventing antisocial behavior patterns among school-age children and youth. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 4, 193-256.

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