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Hoagies' Speaking Appearances

Winner of 2005 NAGC Community Service Award,
2006 PAGE Neuber-Pregler Award,
2008 SENG Service Award
2011 Ingenious Award

Have Carolyn K. speak at your conference or meeting! Carolyn K. is available to speak at your conference or meeting, locally, nationally, and internationally. Presentations may be single session, half-day, or full-day length. Save the travel costs! Skype is a great way to present a 1-3 hour meeting--lunch-and-learn or evening session--for a small group. 

I can create a presentation for your group on one of many areas of gifted education, parenting or advocacy, or you may select from these topics:

bulletGifted 101: What Do I Need To Know About Giftedness?
bulletBeing new to “Gifted” can be overwhelming. Get an overview here, from Characteristics to Testing, Levels of Giftedness and Social/Emotional topics including Sensitivities, Underachievement, Perfectionism, and Personality Types. Learn about Twice Exceptional. Find Support in real life and virtual communities. Find internet resources, including Research, Curriculum, and lots more. Explore gifted books for parents, teachers, and kids. After Gifted 101, you'll be ready to master the advanced aspects of Giftedness!
bulletGifted 201: A Summary of Advanced Topics (minimum of 90 minutes)
bulletGiftedness is far more than just a lightswitch, either on or off, either you are gifted, or you're not. But what else do you need to know? Testing and Assessment, Academic Acceleration, Social and Emotional Needs, Overexcitabilities, and Underachievement... each is a topic unto itself. For a quick introduction, join this session.
bulletThe Perfect Gifted Enrichment or Family Activity: Geocaching!
bulletResearch shows that kids today need more time outside, exploring the world around them. But how can we drag them away from their electronic devices?  Geocaching starts on the computer then moves outside. It’s just what the gifted kids, parents, teachers and youth leaders love!  Girl and Boy Scouts (U.S.) now have badges on Geocaching, and there are even curriculum guides to include geocaching adventures into the curriculum.

Get started with Geocaching, an activity that challenges the mind, frees the sprit, encourages creativity and teaches skills, simultaneously. Investigations in nature, local history, geology, geography, map reading, GPS skills, problem-solving, environmental protection, exercise, creativity, and social connection with other gifted kids and adults...Geocaching offers these and more! Also learn about other outdoor challenges, including Letterboxing, High-Pointing, and more.
bulletBeyond Academics: Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted
bulletIs the gifted child different from other children? Yes and no! Social development, emotional maturity, friends, peers, introvert / extravert, and more. The gifted child's asynchronous development is not just academic. But their needs are not so different: they need to be accepted for who and what they are, and allowed to have the same social/emotional experiences as other kids. How can we accomplish this, both at home and in school?
bulletTaming the Digital Natives
bulletTeaching digital citizenship to our kids... and their parents!  Etiquette, law, rights and responsibilities, and lots more...
bulletOverexcitabilities, or Why are you screaming at me and this tag is digging into my back and my presentation isn’t perfect!
bulletGifted kids learn faster. But that’s not all… they also take in sound, touch, taste, and everything else faster, too. This leads to certain difficulties, also known as Overexcitabilities (OEs). Learn about Dabrowski’s OEs and how we can help our kids (and ourselves!) live with them…
bulletTesting and Assessment of Gifted Children: What Does It All Mean?
bulletWe talk about testing gifted children, but what do the tests really tell us?  Is it achievement or intelligence testing?  Individual or group testing?  Using standardized tests or curriculum based assessment?  What scores are reported, and what do they mean: standard scores, percentiles, grade-equivalents?  Is the test nationally normed or locally created?  Norm-referenced or criterion-referenced?  Does it matter?  YES!  Learn what various tests are (and aren’t), how they compare to each other, and how their results apply to the day-to-day reality of the gifted child in the classroom.
bulletThe Online Bargain Basement: Free Online High School Courses for Gifted Kids!
    Created with Kathi Kearney, review PowerPoint
Online Bargain Basement: Free High School Courses
bulletTeachers in low income or rural school districts, teachers with kids far beyond their class, students who need a little extra instruction on their class, and homeschooling parents, will all love these priceless resources - entire semester or full-year courses at the high school or college level, including AP courses... all completely FREE!  Courses include content, activities, and assessments.  Don't miss these great course resources, plus free online texts, classroom materials (posters, etc.), and free curriculum units for kids of all grades...
bulletTotally Free Gifted Program: The Online Bargain Basement Returns!
    Created with Kathi Kearney, review PowerPoint
Online Bargain Basement Returns: Free K-12 Enrichment
bulletThe online bargain basement returns with classes, curriculum units and enrichment materials for all grades K-12, plus graduate-level professional development in Gifted Education at all levels, all totally FREE.  Curriculum libraries, containing units from English to Social Studies, Science to Math, even the Arts, all organized and including the instructional standards met for each grade level.  Interactive enrichment materials supplement any subject, and free textbooks and classroom materials round out the Bargain Basement offerings...
bulletHow Do We Compare? A Comparison of our Brightest Students with Other Nations and What to do About it...
bulletAmerica vs. the World. Where do we rank? We may be lower than you think. Then the difficult question: What can we do? Learn other countries’ successes, starting from the same place the U.S. now occupies in world educational economy, and learn 21st century solutions to the 20th century framework of K-12 education. We can change the future!
bulletParenting and Educating the Highly Gifted Child
bulletParenting and educating exceptionally gifted children is very different from parenting the moderately gifted child. Yet these children can be difficult to spot. Sometimes they appear socially backwards, academically lazy, and generally un-gifted. Other times, they may appear perfectly normal or only moderately gifted. Yet their needs are vastly different. Using a case study approach and recent research, this presentation provides a parent’s perspective on raising and educating profoundly gifted children. Levels of giftedness, early behavior, appropriate assessment, and strategies for parenting and education are offered...
bulletGifted and the Internet: Resources @ Your Fingertips
bulletFind “the good stuff,” from identification to testing, enrichment to acceleration, twice exceptional to profoundly gifted, traditional school to homeschool, parenting and social-emotional, free curriculum, on-line support communities, and much more...
bulletPlus safety issues surrounding the Internet, “stranger danger,” unwanted publicity, social networking, viruses, spyware, popups, etc. How can we help our gifted children use the Internet safely?
bulletTwice Exceptional: Is it possible to be Gifted *and* Learning Disabled?
bulletWhat is "twice exceptional?"  Gifted and learning disabled is a tough combination to teach, to parent, and to be! Often, these children are identified as only one or the other.  They may be seen only as gifted, especially when they're young, and their gifts can mask their disabilities.  Or they may be seen only as learning disabled, and their giftedness ignored in favor of dealing with their disabilities.  Or worst: they may not be identified at all!  Learn about twice exceptional children, resources for identification, education, and more...
bulletUnderachievement: Enforced, Learned and Twice Exceptional
bulletEnforced, learned, or twice exceptional: underachievement can have many causes, and a variety of solutions.  Come learn about the differences, and similarities, and many of the possible solutions, to underachievement.  The first step to resolving underachievement is to figure out what's causing the underachievement - then we can begin to resolve it!
bulletResearch Meets Reality: the Exceptionally Gifted Child
bulletGifted is not a light switch that is either on or off, but a continuum that much gifted research fails to take into account.  Parents of exceptionally and profoundly gifted students struggle, wading through the research and “educationese” to find information that helps them understand the particular problems faced by their very unusual children.  In this session, share what I have learned through research and reality, about advocating, supporting, and educating for this special population.  Topics include asynchronous development, underachievement, twice exceptional, educational options, and more…
bulletFAQ: Frequently Answered Questions - what do YOU want to know about Gifted?
bulletSometimes, folks are more interested in asking questions at the end of the presentation, than in the content of the presentation itself.  From Identification and Testing, to Talent Search and Acceleration, to Exceptionally Gifted or Underachieving or both, what do YOU want to know about being a gifted child?

My presentation resume includes local parent and teacher gatherings:

bulletPennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE) chapter meetings across south-eastern Pennsylvania,
bulletBucks County Schools Intermediate Unit #22
bulletLancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13
bullet Delaware County Intermediate Unit
bullet Berks County Intermediate Unit

    State conferences including:

bulletPennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE),
bulletNew Jersey Association for Gifted Children (NJAGC),
bulletNew Jersey Education Association (NJEA)
bulletWashington Association of Educators of the Talented and Gifted (WAETAG),
bulletKentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE),
bulletCalifornia Association for the Gifted (CAG),
bulletNebraska Association for the Gifted (NAG) and others

    National conferences including:

bulletNational Association for Gifted Children Malaysia (NAGCM) (keynote),
bulletNational Association for Gifted Children (NAGC),
bulletSupporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG),
bullet William & Mary CFGE National Curriculum Network Conference
bulletBeyond IQ (keynote),
bullet SPLASH!
bulletThe Hollingworth Center for Highly Gifted Children, and
bulletGifted Development Center (GDC)

    And sessions each year in the University of Pennsylvania Leadership Certificate for Gifted Education Program.

Since 1998, I have written for gifted newsletters and journals around the world, including Our Gifted Children, Gifted Education Communicator (was the CAG Communicator), Hollingworth's journal Highly Gifted Children, SENG's newsletter, and a variety of state and local gifted newsletters. I'm now a regular columnist for the Gifted Education Communicator.

For more information, and to schedule your speaking engagement, please contact me at webmaster@hoagiesgifted.org

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Thank you.

Last updated December 01, 2020

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