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Gifted Online Communities...

Mailing ListsSocial Networking Communities
Facebook GroupsTwitter and Twitter Chats
Communities for Gifted YouthBlogs
PodcastsOnline Conferences

Before you join any mailing list or internet community, for your own safety and that of others on the list, please follow the directions for PC Security.  Also read Writing sensible email messages for wise suggestions before you post.

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Davidson Gifted Issues Discussion Forum Recommended
share your experiences and post information about advocacy, research and other gifted issues...
Gifted Education and Twitter: How Social Networking Can Propel Advocacy & Learning by Deborah Mersino, author of Ingeniousus blog, also found @DeborahMersino on Twitter
If you’re a proponent of gifted and talented (GT) education, a parent interested in gifted issues, a teacher who believes in visionary methods, a charter school enthusiast, education reformist, private gifted school administrator, GT association board member and/or a university professor offering a summer program for gifted students, please accept my warm welcome! You are about to enter a post on the twitosphere... 
For a list of many Facebook and Twitter personas in gifted, read Social Networking - Impacting the World of Gifted Education Davidson Institute for Talent Development
Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF) Recommended
A non-profit, all-volunteer organization that works to educate and advocate for gifted homeschooling families.  Work includes a well-regarded website with resources and articles from parents and experts, an online community for support and advice, sponsorship of events with nationally known speakers, and a schedule of conferences, lectures and other opportunities...
GT-World Recommended
A world full of resources for parents of gifted children. Mailing lists: GT-Families for families of gifted children, GT-Special for families of twice exceptional children, GT-Adult for gifted adults, and GT-Talk for ... heated discussions moved from other GT-World mailing lists
The TAG Project Recommended
A support community for Families of the Gifted and Talented, including mailing lists TAGFAM for Families, TAGMAX for home education, and TAGPDQ for "more-than-just-gifted" families

Click for more Mailing Lists...

Social Networking Communities...

A2Z Homeschool Chat Room hosted homeschool chats on various topics... check the schedule
Gifted Talented Network international discussion group (LinkedIn)
NAGC Computers and Technology Network great technology resources for gifted kids, teachers, parents (Ning)
Our Gifted Online Conferences
Purdue's Gifted Education Resource Institute Social Network a Ning community
The community thinking the right Gifted Education (in Korean language, Korea location)

Facebook Groups and Pages...

Gifted Homeschoolers Forum for parents who are homeschooling their gifted children...
Highly Gifted closed support group for parents, families or any significant others of HG+ children
Highly Gifted+ NZ & Around the World parents of Profoundly, Highly or Exceptionally gifted children. From New Zealand and anywhere
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page Recommended interesting short articles and quotes for us, links for our kids (and us!)
My Gifted Girl Community of support & inspiration for gifted/talented girls and women
My Gifted Guy Community of support & inspiration for gifted/talented guys of all ages
NAGC - National Association for Gifted Children supporters of National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and giftedness
Our Gifted Online Community - OGTOC Educational, Social and Emotional Issues pertaining to gifted and gifted with disabilities
Potential Plus UK supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential regardless of their age or background (was NAGC Britain)
SENG Social emotional aspects of giftedness
Supporting Gifted Learners provides resources and information on subjects related to learning, with an emphasis on those topics that impact gifted children and adults
Twice Exceptional Kids (2E)  for family members or members of the 2e community, staff, friends caregivers, or any people who can relate to giftedness with a disability...
Twice Exceptional Children (2E)  find others who have been giving the Twice Exceptional diagnosis, who are just as wonderful, so that we can learn and grow together...

Twitters to Follow and Gifted Hashtags to chat with...

Twitter, or the art of discussion in 140 characters or less.  More valuable are the Twitter Chats, hour-long conversations with others educators, parents and others in gifted, designated by #name (hashtag name). 

bullet#gtchat is a gifted chat on Fridays (U.S. and international) 
bullet#evnerik is a chat in Norwegian 
bullet#gtie is the Irish gifted chat
Twitter Guide Introduction to Twitter and Twitter Chats, including @TXGifted's weekly #gtchat, by Dazzled and Frazzled 
Twitter IDs to follow for Gifted Education...
Twitter Once you have a Twitter account, follow these Twitters for more on Gifted Parenting and Gifted Education. This list is in no particular order, and far from an inclusive list; pick a few of these to get started!
@GiftedFunding@CTGifted@prufrockpress @GiftedBooks

Online Conferences  (Visit Gifted Conferences for conference schedules...)

Wherever you are, whenever it’s convenient for you, SENG Webinars bring you knowledgeable experts discussing issues related to the social and emotional needs of the gifted
UC Irvine Extension Gifted And Talented Education Online Mini-series 
A four-week series in February of each year, designed to help parents better understand and more effectively support gifted students. “Gifted and Talented Education Online Mini-Series” will be held online Wednesday evenings to arm parents with tools to meet the educational and emotional needs of these children despite classroom cutbacks
WoW! NAGC Webinars On Wednesdays
NAGC’s WoW Series brings high quality professional development to your desktop. Don’t let funding challenges or travel restrictions keep you from getting the training and information you need to be effective.  The live WoW sessions are presented via the Internet with the ability to listen, view slides, access handouts, and pose questions to presenters, as well as interact with other participants virtually. WoW offers occasional free Webinars for parents...


If you don't have a blog-reader, consider using Google Reader.  These readers keep track of all your blogs and feeds, and show you what's new since the last time you read each one.  And don't forget to subscribe to What's New on Hoagies' Gifted Education Page? RSS feed

Gifted Phoenix's Blog Gifted Phoenix is a UK-based consultant in – and commentator on – gifted and talented education... for a world-wide audience! Also visit Tim Dracup's Blog...
bullet2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter Recommended from the publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter
bullet2eeducator: Unexpected Gifts: Discovering and Nurturing the Strengths in Every Child Recommended by Cathy Risberg
bullet Ben and Me Delight directed homeschool plus reviews. Great entry to start with: Gifted 101
bullet Buns of Strudel's Nerd Notes This mother of 3 teens talks about daily life as, and with, nerds...
bulletByrdseed Gifted Gifted classroom ideas and lessons, by Ian
bullet da Vinci Learning Center blog — Aimee Yermish Thoughts on intelligence, creativity, psychology, education, and whatever else comes to mind...
bulletDazzled and Frazzled Irish Gifted Education Blog, great posts for gifted parents world-wide
bulletDeep Waters Coaching and Communications supports moms as they seek to identify their children’s giftedness and venues to address it; as they explore their unique mothering philosophies necessary for these unique children; and as they carve out their own place in their busy lives...
bullet Diary of a Gifted Girl middle school teacher and homeschooler of a gifted daughter shares blog is to share our experiences, good and bad, and hopefully help other people dealing with the process of growing up gifted
bulletDr. Sheard's Blog diverse topics related to critical thinking, curricular differentiation, educational technology, cognitive neuroscience, dyslexia, vocabulary acquisition, and universal design
Dyslexic Advantage - Famous People with Dyslexia Recommended devoted to promoting an understanding of the gifts and talents found in dyslexics of all ages...
bulletEide Neurolearning Blog Recommended commentary about new research and Internet articles related to learning, learning differences and disabilities, including gifted and visual learners, autism, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, sensory, visual or auditory processing difficulties and more, by Brock and Fernette Eide, authors of The Mislabeled Child Recommended
bulletThe Genius in All of Us by David Shenk, author of tentatively entitled, "The Genius In All of Us: Nature, Nurture and the New Science of Talent and Giftedness."  Where does greatness come from? A century-old nature vs. nurture debate has continuously flummoxed scientists and inflamed popular discourse.  Over the next few months, I'll be presenting research that fleshes out this new way of understanding the source of greatness...
bulletGifted Children Information Blog by Carol Fertig, Prufrock Press
bulletGifted Exchange by Laura Vanderkam, co-author of Genius Denied: How to Stop Wasting Our Brightest Young Minds Recommended
Gifted Parenting Support a blog by Lisa Conrad, gifted education consultant, teacher, and mom
bulletIngeniosus Recommended Strategic communications, gifted perspective.  Don't miss Ingeniosus's #gtchat Twitter conferences every Friday!
bullet The Gifted Parent Help Blog The Center for Gifted, Northern Illinois University
bullet High Ability A News Blog for Resources and Information on Gifted Education and High Ability Children
bullet Hoagies' Nibbles and Bits Recommended Thoughts and ideas on Gifted and other subjects. Soapbox ON! A blog by Carolyn K
bullet Innreach's Blog – Leslinks Ireland- Gifted, Talented & Creative Support/Edu Page Random thoughts on Gifted and Talented Issues and other Musings for meaning...
bullet "Intelligent" Insights on Intelligence Theories and Tests (a.k.a. IQs Corner) a blog by Kevin McGrew, Director, IAP
(Institute for Applied Psychometrics) including topics scores, NCLB & Forrest Gump: Run Forrest..Run and for your summer relief... Name that CHC ability
bulletKrumelurebloggen En blogg om evnerike barn, også kalt særbegavede barn (Norway)
bulletLaughing at Chaos... a mom's blog about life raising a gifted kid.  What more can I say?
bulletLibrary of Books, Links & More a collection of books and resources on topics from the History of Medicine to Pi Day to Book Lists and more...
bulletMath Mama Writes a community college math teacher interested in all levels of math learning... Read
bulletThe Math Mom Life is a puzzle.  Solve it with numbers.  Don't miss Are we sure it's OK to be smart?
bulletMicroscopes are Prudent Recommended Examining issues related to parenting, giftedness, and other topics...
bullet Mr. Curious and Miss Delightful Gifted homeschooling in the U.K.
bulletPrufrock's Gifted Education Blog by Joel McIntosh, Prufrock Press
bullet Ramblings of a Gifted Teacher Great insights into gifted children
bullet Real Learning Sharing education strategies in Western Mass... and around the world! Don't miss her excellent animated movie perspectives!
bulletThe Rhodes Project How does being a Rhodes Scholar affect women?
bulletSTEM-ology A gathering place for all things STEM
bulletTeach a Gifted Kid I’m a teacher passionate about advocating for the gifted...
bulletUnwrapping the Gifted Recommended Tamara Fisher's K-12 gifted education specialist discusses news and developments in the gifted education community and offers advice for teachers on working with gifted students.  An EdWeek blog... Don't miss The Echo in the Pipeline, Seeking Teachers for Gifted Children and GT is NOT...
bullet Virtual Math Club lessons, problems sets and more, challenge your brain and prepare for the AMC 8, AMC 10, MATHCOUNTS, or the middle school math olympiads
bullet WeAreGifted2 Recommended Rising Above the ‘Triple Quandary’ of Being Young, Gifted & Culturally Diverse: Celebrating the Strengths of Diverse Gifted Learners
bulletWIRED Geekdad includes cool field trips, science fair projects, lots more...

Communities for our gifted children...

Gifted Haven
Haven is exactly that; a refuge. More specifically, it is a refuge for youths and teens who have talents and gifts beyond their peers, but these gifts do not make them any happier.  They may feel left out, shut off, from the mainstream culture most teens seem quite content in.  Haven offers various discussion groups, including Muse (the arts), Live (humanities), Reason (general sciences), and Figured (general mathematics), plus a general forum...  Webmaster's note: Haven is hosted in Canada
Sheroes Central
Sheroes Central is about female heroes, "Sheroes", of every age, race, and country. Here we want adults, teens, and kids to talk about, discuss, and introduce others to women and girls who get out there and do it, females who kick butt and take no prisoners, role models who inspire women and men, girls and boys. (In other words, guys are welcome, too.)  While not intentionally for gifted teens and young adults... that's who ends up here.  Reading Tamora Pierce's books is also not a requirement, though references to her characters are common (older teens and young adults)


LD Podcast
A weekly podcast about parenting children who are struggling in school or have learning disabilities.  Lots of good advice for twice exceptional kids, too.  Don't miss the Archive of Past Shows 1-16, Shows 17-28, Shows 29-

Mailing lists and boards for supporters of gifted children...

Location Independent... Australia Belgium
Canada Denmark France
Flanders Netherlands United Kingdom
United States
Location Independent
bulletGT-World of lists...
bulletGT-Families - families of gifted and talented children. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe GT-Families firstname lastname" in the body to listserv@listserv.icors.org  
bulletGT-Adult - gifted adults. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe yourpassword" in the subject OR body to: gt-adults-request@mixolydian.org
bulletGT-Special - families gifted and talented children with special characteristics, such as LD, ADD, etc. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe GT-Special firstname lastname" in the body to listserv@listserv.icors.org  
bulletGT-Talk - a meeting place for discussions not directly related to giftedness per se, a home for all those off-topic discussions which get the debaters among us all excited. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe GT-Talk firstname lastname" in the body to listserv@listserv.icors.org  
bulletTAGFAMily of lists...
bulletTAGFAM - families of gifted and talented children. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe tagfam firstname lastname" in the body to listserv@listserv.icors.org  
bulletTAGMAX - home educating gifted and talented children. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe tagmax firstname lastname" in the body to listserv@listserv.icors.org  
bulletTAGPDQ - families of g/t discussing radical accommodations, for those "more than just gifted" kids. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe tagpdq firstname lastname" in the body to listserv@listserv.icors.org  
bulletAuditory Processing all about this disorder, run by a professional well-versed in gifted, too.  Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AuditoryProcessing/
bulletBrightKids for parents, guardians and others interested in raising and educating bright children, by American Mensa, visit to subscribe
bullet CGEP Network The Center for Gifted Education Policy (CGEP) provides a listserv for APA members and others interested in giftedness.  To subscribe, e-mail Latresa Stewart at lstewart@apa.org, including your full name and e-mail address
bulletDavidson Institute's Educators Guild Free national service for active elementary, secondary and post-secondary educators, as well as other professionals who are committed to meeting the unique academic needs of gifted students, including online community and more...
bulletDavidson Gifted Issues Discussion Forum Recommended share your experiences and post information about advocacy, research and other gifted issues...
bullet A Gifted Child discussion group bringing together parents and professionals who serve the gifted. Co-led by two psychologists. Send a blank e-mail to subscribe...
bulletGATE/AP ChatBoard - teachers.net chat board for teachers of GATE and AP programs
bulletGifted and Parenting discussing the needs of gifted adults who are parenting gifted children. To sign up, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/giftedandparenting  
bulletGifted but Learning Disabled - To sign up, send a blank message to gifted_but_learning_disabled-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit groups.yahoo.com/group/gifted_but_learning_disabled 
bulletGifted Children Being Home Educated - free e-mail newsletter for those home educating gifted children. For more information, e-mail FLAGNews@aol.com
bulletGifted Education 2.0 - Our place to ask, talk, and share successes, concerns, and questions!
bulletGifted-NLD-AS list is specifically for parents and teachers of gifted/NLD children.  Visit groups.yahoo.com/group/Gifted-NLD-AS
bullet Gifted-Teachers For teachers of the gifted, as well as administrators, counselors (caters slightly to Iowa teachers, but good for all). To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe" to gifted-teachers-request@list.uiowa.edu
bullet Guiding the Musically Gifted - a support group for parents of musically gifted children who are currently studying a musical instrument. To subscribe, visit Guiding the Musically Gifted
bulletHarry Potter homeschool group.  Imaginative parents send assignments via owl, etc.  To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/HogwartsSCS/
bulletHighly Gifted Support board - parents and teachers, visit, read and post, moderated board...
bulletHomeschool2CollegeLife - Home school families who are preparing their children to seek a college education during or after high school...
bulletHomeschool Zone TAG Discussion Group To sign up, visit Homeschool TAG Zone
bulletHomeschooling Gifted Children message board, international but descended from Ontario Gifted, visit members.boardhost.com/HSGifted/
bulletHomeschooling Mensans SIG - Mensans who homeschool their own gifted children, or anyone interested in homeschooling gifted children
bulletHomeSchoolingTaglets discuss resources and issues. Home schoolers of all persuasions are welcome to join, the list itself is secular and inclusive
bulletHyperlexia Discussion Group To sign up, send a blank message to Hyperlex-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Hyperlex/
bulletK12 Gifted for gifted users of the K12 curriculum
bulletMathing Off explores how math can be learned without "school" and how math is naturally all around us and how children (and adults too!) are doing math all the time, whether they realize it or not! Visit groups.yahoo.com/group/MathingOff/
bulletMichael Clay Thompson's Language Arts A users group for MCT curriculum. Visit groups.yahoo.com/group/MCTLA/
bulletMillersville's GIFTED-ATMU gifted discussion list - for all educators.  Visit GIFTED-ATMU
bulletM-Parenting - Mensans parenting their own gifted children, with an international flavor
bulletMy Gifted Life - peer support for gifted adults and parents of gifted children
bulletNational Network of Families with Gifted Children (NNFGC) Announcement-only listserv to support parents as advocates, and provide updates on federal legislation efforts. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe nnfgc" in the body to majordomo@scri.fsu.edu
bulletParents of Gifted Children board - visit, read and post, moderated board...
bulletSID - Sensory Integration Disorder. To subscribe, visit OneList - SID
bullettag-l - Talented and gifted education. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe tag-l firstname lastname" in the body to listserv@listserv.nodak.edu
bullet egpg-gifted Australian support group for parents of exceptionally and profoundly gifted children – identified or otherwise.  To subscribe, visit egpg-gifted
bulletGifted Families for Australians with an interest in gifted issues.  To subscribe, visit au.groups.yahoo.com/group/giftedfamilies/
bulletGifted in Victoria. To subscribe, send a blank message to vicgifted-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
bulletoz-gifted Suite of lists Teachers and parents of the gifted and talented in Australia, including lists for general discussion, educators, children, acceleration, plus electronic conferences. To subscribe, visit OZ-Gifted
bulletMailing list (in Dutch) for parents of gifted children, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/hbbk/ For more information, visit Hoogbegaafd
bulletABC Ontario Bright and Intellectually Gifted Children Bulletin Board - includes forums for all school boards, homeschoolers, private schools, preschool, and teachers as well as twice exceptional students, provincial advocacy, and educational resources for school, homeschoolers and afterschoolers
bulletHigher Ed for Home Learners - Ever wondered why it is so difficult for homeschoolers in Canada to be accepted at Canadian colleges and universities? A forum discussing the transition of Canadian homeschooled students into post-secondary education. To subscribe, send a blank message to higheredforhomelearners-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
bulletParenting Gifted Kids in British Columbia support network for parents as well to facilitate friendships for children in areas of closer vicinity across British Columbia
bulletOntario Gifted - Ontario parents message board, visit members5.boardhost.com/ontariogifted/
bulletTAG-Calgary a meeting place for connecting Calgary's gifted children and their parents
bulletDanish association of Gifted Children - public & private parents forums, private kids forums, activities and more.  To join, visit Danish association of Gifted Children website
bulletDouance - discussion in French, about gifted children and giftedness. To subscribe, send a message to join-douance@list.monaco.net
bulletDouance - discussion in French, about gifted children and giftedness. To subscribe, send a message to join-douance@list.monaco.net
bulletGifted in France an English-speaking activity and discussion group for gifted kids and their families in France
Netherlands, and other Dutch speaking countries
bulletmailinglist hoogbegaafdheid - (Dutch language) Discussion of high giftedness. To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/mhb/
bulletO-M-O- (Dutch language) Support group for parents of gifted kids.  To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/o-m-o/
United Kingdom
bulletGIFTED-CHI-L - Parents and educators interested in realising the full potential of gifted children. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe gifted-chi-l" in the subject and "subscribe gifted-chi-l YourFullName YourAge " in the body to gifted-chi-l@tutorcom.co.uk
bulletGifTEds - For the families of twice exceptional children.  To subscribe visit GifTEds on Yahoo Groups

United States

United States
(alphabetically by state)
  e-TAG-USA - National list to discuss advocacy efforts for TAG students. For subscription information, contact Monique Lloyd, mailto:monique@rtinet.com
  NEA GPS Network - Gifted Professional Learning Community. Subscribe here
  Bay Area Gifted low volume list for parents of San Francisco Bay area children
  California Gifted Homeschooling visit to subscribe
  CT Gifted Homeschoolers support group for CT families homeschooling their gifted children. Visit https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CTGIFTEDHOMESCHOOLERS/info to subscribe
  Fla-gifted-alert - timely legislative alerts of gifted issues in the Florida state legislature. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe fla-gifted-alert" in the body to majordomo@scri.fsu.edu
  Florida Gifted Network Yahoo Group - To subscribe, send an email to: floridagiftednet-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  Hawaii Gifted Associates - Gifted education in Hawaii. To subscribe, e-mail Hauulakaras@msn.com
  IdahoGT - Gifted education in Idaho. To subscribe, visit www.topica.com/lists/IdahoGT/?cid=4503
  Illinois Tag - Illinois home schoolers who also subscribe to the TAGMAX e-mail list.  To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/illinoisTAG
  Chicago Gifted Children Meetup - parent based support group for parents of gifted children in the Chicago area.  To subscribe, visit www.meetup.com/chicago-gifted-children
  Kentuckiana's Gifted - A gifted support group in Kentuckiana. To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/kentuckianasgifted/
  Maine Gifted Network - Parents of Gifted Kids in Maine.  To subscribe, visit  groups.yahoo.com/group/mainegiftedconnection 
  TAG Maine - Maine gifted discussions.  To subscribe send email to TAGME-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  GTAletters - Gifted and Talented Association of Montgomery County, MD, Inc. (GTA), for Montgomery County public school gifted families. To subscribe send email to groups.yahoo.com/group/GTAletters/
  MA Gifted - for statewide Massachusetts gifted discussions.  To subscribe send email to MAGifted-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  MA Gifted Homeschoolers - for those homeschooling gifted kids in Massachusetts.  To subscribe send email to MAGiftedHomeschoolers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  GTmembers - Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe gtmembers" in the body to subscribe@migiftedchild.org. You must be a member of the Michigan Alliance for Gifted Education
  MCGTdotnet - for members only of the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented.  To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/MCGTdotnet/
  Nevada Advocates for Highly Gifted Children parents, teachers and administrators who support the needs of highly gifted children.  To subscribe visit groups.yahoo.com/group/hglv/
  Vegas Gifted find and connect with other parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians, and caregivers of Highly Gifted children www.vegasgifted.com/
New Hampshire
  Greater Manchester Alliance for the Gifted (GMAG). Support and advocacy for NH parents/guardians & educators. Subscribe at groups.yahoo.com/group/AlliancefortheGifted or visit on Facebook facebook.com/AlliancefortheGifted or Twitter @giftednh
New Jersey
  Parents of Gifted Offspring - Northern NJ. To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/nnjpogo/
  New Jersey Parents Interactive Network for Gifted Education (NJPING). To subscribe, visit www.njping.org/ 
North Carolina
  Chapel Hill North Carolina PAGE - for families of AIG students in Chapel Hill Carrboro city Schools .  To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/PAGE-CHCCS
  Gifted Home Schoolers North Carolina (GHSNC) To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/GHSNC/
  Gifted Ohio Homeschoolers (GOHome) To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/community/GOHome
  OATAG - talented and gifted children in Oregon.  To subscribe by web, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/OATAG; to subscribe by e-mail, send a blank message to OATAG-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  XL-PDX - talented and gifted children in Portland.  To subscribe by web, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/XL-PDX; to subscribe by e-mail, send a blank message to XL-PDX-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  PEGS Talk - gifted advocacy in Pennsylvania.  To subscribe, click on link on top left of PEGS home page
Rhode Island
  RITAG-L - gifted education in Rhode Island. To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe ritag-l firstname lastname" in the body to listserv@ride.ri.net
South Carolina
  Gifted Homeschoolers in South Carolina - gifted children educated at home in South Carolina. To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/GHISC/
  giftedtn - parents of gifted children in Tennessee. To subscribe, send a blank message to giftedtn
  texastag - TAG education issues in Texas. To subscribe, visit OneList - TexasTag
  Home Education of Gifted Children in Texas - Texans who homeschool their gifted children. To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/Texashomeschool/
  Texas Association Of Talented and Gifted* AT HOME - Texans home-schooling gifted children, founded from the TAGT education committee . To subscribe, visit tagtathome.freeforums.net
  NWaccel raising, educating, and finding peers for talented and gifted children in Washington and bordering communities.  To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/grop/NWaccel or send a blank message to NWaccel-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted for teachers and parents.  To subscribe, send a message with "subscribe wisgift-l firstname lastname" in the body to wisgift-l@listserv.uww.edu
  UAGCNews - announce only Listserv for the Utah Association for Gifted Children - To subscribe, visit http://uagc.org/mailman/listinfo/uagcnews_uagc.org 
  UtahSENG – a service of the Utah Association for Gifted Children, announces Utah SENG Groups – If you are interested in participating in a SENG Parent Support Group, send an email with your name & city to UtahSENG@comcast.net
  Utah Gifted - To subscribe, visit groups.yahoo.com/group/UTAH_GIFTED

Listservs on Gifted Education at ERIC

Last updated December 01, 2020

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