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GeoGear: Containers, Trackables, Personal Items and more!

FTF: First To Find Magazine Recommended
The magazine for Geocachers everywhere!  Great stories, highlights on caching hotspots, and more... Also on Facebook as FTF Geocacher Magazine
Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK) Recommended
The "all in one Geocaching and waypoint management tool."  PC program to manipulate Geocaching.com PQs, download data to your GPS, log multiple caches simultaneously, generate statistics to confirm geocaching challenges, and lots more!
Mean Green Power Hand Scrub Recommended
With the same active ingredients as the high-priced pharmacy scrub, Mean Green removes Poison Ivy oils and prevents or reduces Poison Ivy infection.  The cheapest, best solution!
The Box That Watch Found by Gertrude Chandler Warner (Boxcar Children Mysteries #113)
One day in the park, the Aldens' dog, Watch, comes across a mysterious box with a note inside. "Congratulations!" the note says. "You've found it!" The box is part of a fun new treasure-hunting game...
Cache Me If You Can, the Geocaching Board Game (or from Amazon) (2-4 players, ages 8+)
There are an estimated 5 million people geocaching, and now you can bring that kind of fun to your living room. For those times when you and some friends just want to go on the hunt without going out, now you can. It's all here! Caches, geo-coins, hazards, multi-caches, puzzle caches, muggles, and even a Swag Store. Just like real geocaching, ther are surprise along the way! Never the same way twice...
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching by The Editors & Staff of Geocaching.com or for Kindle
Comprehensive, yet entertaining and easy-to-understand book for getting started and having fun with geocaching-the high-tech version of hide-and-seek for global positioning system (GPS) users. This second edition includes two new tools of the game-Waymarking and Wherigo...
The Essential Guide to Geocaching: Tracking Treasure with Your GPS by Mike Dyer
With the introduction of the personal GPS unit, people everywhere use these new devices to participate in what can only be called a high-tech treasure hunt. By logging on to a geocaching website, anyone can locate coordinates to a hidden cache, plan their route, and be on their way with map, compass, and GPS receiver. The hidden cache contains a logbook and a number of trinkets that can be traded by fortunate seekers. The Essential Guide to Geocaching provides outdoor ethics and safety information, including resources and product guides...
How to Puzzle Cache Recommended
Not a website tool, but a comprehensive book... all about how to attack and solve puzzle caches. Ciphers, enigmatic photos, nonsensical text, or just a blank page -- it often isnít clear what the CO wants or expects you to do, and even less clear how any of it will lead you to a cache. This book will help you ask--and answer--all the right questions...
Geocoin and Travel Bug stores
A variety of stores featuring both simple and amazing detailed geocoins and travelbugs, plus gear to hide your own geocaches, including cache containers, cache ID stickers, cache logs.  Also consider a Google search for "geocoins" or "travel bugs." (alphabetical order, no priority implied)
bulletCache Advance the original publisher of the magnetic car Travel Bug and other great caching gear, including kids gear!
bulletCache At Night Fire Tacks and other night caching gear plus Geo-Achievement Coins
bulletCachingContainers Just containers... and lots of them!
bulletCacheBox large selection of containers, travel bugs, geocoins, GPS, accessories and more
bulletCoins and Pins with inexpensive full-color Fun Coins
bulletCrake Productions unusual and translucent coins
bulletCrazy Caches Mean and devious containers, including GeoBall Golf Ball and GeoPOOP (cat)
bulletCreativelyEvil wonderful fun and evil hand-made geocache containers
bulletDLawArts handmade creative and waterproof cache containers
bulletGeocaching Stuff nanos, camo bison tubes, electrical plates, fence post caps, golf ball cache! nut & bolt cache, hollowed books for library caches, drain cache, other evil caches
bulletThe Geocoin Store many coins, including glow-in-the-dark coins and trackable Nametags to wear
bulletGeoswag Oakcoin geocoins and full-color inexpensive Traveling Tags
bulletGXProxy Caching gear and coins, trackable Name Tags, plus their signature Proxy coins to replace missing trackables or send out instead. Also self-inking stamp for logging, more...
bulletLandSharkz Canadian geocoin source, world-wide shipping
bullet My Geocaching Store cache containers plus lots of little details: micro-tweezers, neodymium magnets, replacement o-rings, and lots more
bulletRedHat the Geocaching Outfitter hats, shirts, jackets and bags, oh my!
bulletSouth Mountain Traders geocoins, cachekinz, travel bugs, t-shirts, and more
bulletSpace Coast Geocaching Store one of the largest suppliers of coins and geocaching supplies, including snake and bug bison tube caches, lots more
bullet TechBlazer Free Geocaching Log Sheets print your own at home!
bulletTeeSpring geocaching t-shirts, sweat shirts and more
bulletUSA Geocoins including vehicle travel bug decals, static clings and magnets, to make your vehicle trackable

Have personal geocoins made for a special event or club, or wooden nickels or pathtags to create your own "calling card"...
bulletEXTagz the other tiny personal items... and they're not just round any more!
bulletOakcoins design your own Geocoins!
bulletPathtags Recommended quarter-size personal signature and trade items, popular at Geocaching events...
bulletWooden-nickel.net wooden nickels, inexpensive personal signature items


Updated December 01, 2020

Barnes & Noble

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